ERGObaby Original Collection Baby Carrier, Black/Camel

ERGObaby Original Collection Baby Carrier, Black/Camel

The Ergobaby Original Carrier has evolved to make it more comfortable than ever. Made of durable cotton canvas with high-density padding and straps that adjust for the perfect mutual fit. Ergobaby carriers keep baby safe, close, and comfortable.

Main features

  • Baby’s weight is evenly distributed between the wearer’s hips and shoulders
  • Baby is ergonomically cradled in a natural sitting position
  • Front, back, and hip carry positions
  • The only carrier you’ll ever need
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Get a Beco Gemini for Versatility

I have a lot of carriers–the Hotsling Adjustable, the Moby Wrap, the Baby Bjorn, the Ergo, and the Beco Gemini. If I had to do it over again, I’d go with just the Beco Gemini, and maybe the Hotsling.The Beco Gemin is superior to the Ergo because of its versatility. I will say that I like the hood on the Ergo better than the pop-up collar on the Gemini, especially for privacy when nursing (I’m sorry I waited so long to try nursing in the carrier…once I was brave enough to do it, it was so easy!) or when the baby is sleeping. I also miss the Ergo front pocket on the Gemini. The buckle for the Ergo is easier to unlock one-handed. But the cons of the Gemini stop there, and are far out-weighed by the fact that I can do front-facing or inward facing with the Gemini.My son loves facing outward, especially now at 13 months, but even when he was much younger, if he was awake, he wanted to face out. The Ergo was only okay for him if he was taking a nap or nursing–then it was great–but the Gemini does the same thing, and does outward. Before I bought the Gemini, I was toting along the Baby Bjorn (incredibly uncomfortable and not ergonomic! but does outward facing) or the Moby (don’t love it for outward facing–getting my son to sit lotus-style was hard, and if I didn’t tuck his feet up, it didn’t feel as secure, not to mention the incredible amount of fabric that dragged the floor while I had to set him down to put it on…to much work!). I already tote enough with the stroller and diaper bag…two carriers is too much.I loved the Hotsling far more than the Moby when he was a newborn, but he did outgrow it. I never found the sitting position on the side for the Hotsling to be easy or secure, but maybe I just never mastered it, once he was too big for the sling. But the Moby did not get much use at all. I got the Ergo around when he was 4 months, and from that point on, it was my preferred carrier–if I’d had it when he was younger, maybe I wouldn’t have loved the sling so much.We did a lot of baby carrying in the early months, as he was not a good sleeper and slept only while being worn or on the go, so I got my use out of the Hotsling and the Ergo…but once he was older, and he was awake for longer periods, it was hard that I couldn’t rely on the Ergo…and that’s when I found the Gemini. I invested in it even though I already had the Ergo because I knew I’d get my use out of it, assuming it was comfortable.Comfort wise, the Beco Gemini is absolutely just as comfortable as the Ergo. I can do without the pocket, and I can use a blanket if I miss the hood for privacy while nursing, but I don’t have to carry a second carrier anymore, and for that, I love it.I will say the Gemini and the Ergo are both great for air travel–you can’t wear the baby in a carrier during take-off or landing, which means you have to unhook the baby if he is sleeping. Fortunately, with both the Ergo and the Gemini, you can unhook the buckle behind your neck and slip your arms out while still holding the baby close, so he won’t wake….or at least that worked for me! Love both for air travel!

Susie Eagle Creek, OR

bad for babys knees

This product is not safe!!!!this carrier is horrable! Its cozy for the adult but bad for a baby. I doesnt truly fit infants. the insert only smashes, and contorts the babys legs, and maks baby unconfortable. if you try put the legs out, it pushes out on babys legs in a way to slowly injure there knees. this carrier will not work until your baby is practly old enough to walk on his/her own! Its also to hot with the insert, your baby could get heat stroke. I wish i kept the reciept so I could get my money back.

Gertrude Cassandra, PA

GREAT for someone other than me

This carrier definitely is easy on the back and shoulders!! I felt like I could carry my son around for hours, unlike the Bjorn where after 15 minutes I was dieing. HOWEVER, my son is too used to the Bjorn where he faces out and did not like the Ergo AT ALL – he tried turning around the whole time. And there was NO WAY I could put him on my back alone – I needed the help from my husband to put him on my back – and unfortunately, I am alone with my son most of the time so I could never put him on alone. This is an awesome carrier if you have a newborn or a child that is already used to facing inwards.

Lilia Hummels Wharf, PA

ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier (camel color)

Let’s be honest and clear about all baby carriers. They are HOT as heck for the baby AND user in the summer, essentially making them unusable during that season (you both will sweat like stuck pigs). And in the winter, the baby carrier is impractical to use it over a coat. So that just leaves spring and fall.Next. Anyone who says they can easily and quickly “suit up” with a baby carrier is lying. It’s a major pain in the neck. And for the baby, an accident waiting to happen. You quickly realize why the stroller was invented. My lightweight First Years Ignite umbrella stroller (superb product) is half the price of the Ergo baby carrier and ten times more comfortable for both my child and me. Why in the world would I use this nightmare baby carrier?For any number of reasons, many babies don’t like baby carriers (They’re already smarter than you think).Putting the baby in and keeping the little one from falling out to the left or right while you pull on one side shoulder strap, and then the other, rivals a circus act. And if you aren’t over this baby carrying concept at that point, there’s more fun to come when you have to reach behind your neck with both hands and fumble for the chest straps and attempt to snap the connectors together, naturally using the spare pair of eyes in the back of your headThe only aspect I like about the Ergo baby carrier is the camel color.So that’s about it. I’ll be using my Ergo baby carrier on LIMITED occasions during April, May, September and October.Rather than bringing this with me when traveling, I’ll be pushing my lightweight First Years Ignite umbrella stroller, doing my child a BIG favor while I save my back.

Alberta South Mills, NC

BUYER BEWARE!! FAKE from Good Products LLC!!

Very disappointed with this purchase and with Amazon’s customer service. I bought this item for my baby after hearing how wonderful it is. I purchased it from Good Products LLC and realized something was wrong when I received the package. It’s a fake! To those that are wondering how to tell, here’s a quick list of differences on the fake:1) The packaging is different2) Image quality on box and instruction manual is very poor3) No DVD included4) Logo is slightly different in color5) Large waist buckle says “warrior” instead of “stealth”6) Warning label on inside is in 5 different languages instead of 27) Poor stitching (especially noticeable looking at edges on front waist belt)8) Thinner padding on shoulder strapsQuality control and safety standards are NOT what makers of fake items care about! If you have one, please make sure it is the correct one! I’m going to purchase it at a big box store, just to be safe. Yes, it will definitely be more expensive, but worth every penny for my baby’s safety!

Dorothea Formoso, KS

The most comfortable carrier I’ve tried

I was skeptical about all the hype surrounding the Ergo and resisted getting one because it seemed pricey. But after trying on an Ergo at a store and comparing it to the other carriers I’d used, I was sold. It is the most comfortable and supportive carrier I’ve tried. I liked the look of the sporty Ergo models but after reading reviews that the shoulder straps weren’t as padded I went with the ‘original’ model, because for me comfort is the main thing. I think the original might be hotter in the summer than the sport models, because the fabric is different. For me that’s not an issue, I don’t get overheated easily. But if I lived in a really hot climate I might order both types and try both out to see which I liked better.I was concerned that my baby would resist facing inward, because she was used to facing out, and the Ergo does not have that position. But it hasn’t been a problem at all. She has plenty of space to turn her head from side to side and see what’s going on, and I think she likes being able to put her head on my chest when she’s tired or when there’s too much stimuli. It’s actually much more snuggly, and I think we both prefer it. Some times the only way I can get her to fall asleep when she’s really fussy is to put her in the Ergo and walk on our treadmill (this is handy when it’s cold outside) and she settles right down and drifts off. The Ergo is easy for me to unsnap and then I can lay her down without waking her.I like the pocket on the front, it’s very roomy. I also like the sleeping hood and how it snaps to the shoulder straps. It provides head support and a little bit of a cocoon for the baby, although there’s still spaces on the sides of the carrier to provide plenty of air circulation. Mainly though I just like that it is so COMFORTABLE for my back and my shoulders. I can carry the baby all day in this, and I do.*Update*I’ve used this carrier pretty much on a daily basis since buying it months ago and if I could only have one item of baby gear I would choose this over a stroller, baby swing, jumperoo, bouncer, even a crib any day. It’s the ONE item we bought that has continued to be useful over time and it’s the ONE thing my baby hasn’t grown tired of. It’s invaluable when traveling and even just going to the store. I’ve also found that if my baby is fighting a nap I can put her in it and vacuum for a while and she falls asleep. Still comfortable for my back as she gets bigger. I’ve washed and dried it multiple times and it looks good as new. Fantastic product.

Deirdre Kingston Springs, TN

I don’t understand the ERGO love fest….

EDIT: I’ve now seen the new version of Ergo and it responds to a lot of my complaints (below). The straps no longer slide off and you can get a back pack for it. And, I must say, I’ve tried about every pack and Ergo is the only one remotely comfortable (there is an Ergo-like pack, that is probably as good and I have not tried it). Thus, my final verdict is: get a Bjorn for an infant, then get an Ergo when your kids can hold on to you as you throw them in the backpack. You can get used Bjorns or Bjorn knock-offs cheap at your local kid consignment store or on ebay.NOTE: This is re: a 3-year old carrier. The new generation may have improved things, but do try it on to check these issues!This was given to me, and all my friends love it. I just do not understand what people see in this carrier.The pros:Yep, it is comfortable (in 2 of 3 positions).The cons:I have a pretty good reverse namaste,but in any position except as a backpack, the straps are absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to reach or adjust.The carrier effectively requires two people to get it on. In the side position, you need someone to adjust the over shoulder strap. In the back position, until the kid is 2, you need someone to help you get kid in if you don’t want to risk a brain injury (I’m athletic, thin, and flexible, I’ll add. If you aren’t any of those things, don’t even think about this carrier). In the front position, there is NO way you can reach and adjust the sternum strap (necessary to keep shoulder straps from falling off) by yourself.The sternum straps constantly fall off the shoulder straps when you are changing them around. No amount of tightening will keep them on the shoulder straps.There is a gap when baby is done facing in on front but is too small to move to back. During that time, shoulder side carry works, but a) is incredibly painful on your shoulder and b) the strap runs right in front of baby’s face.My kids HATED the sleeping head rest (but, I admit, are comfortable in the carrier, but only in backpack position.)The bjorn is brilliantly designed for easy use but is very uncomfortable (I have big babies).There must be something out there is that is intelligently designed AND comfortable. This is quasi-comfortable, but the numerous design flaws make it untenable as a carrier. It becomes a great carrier for travel once kids hit about 2 – it works very well as a
• carrier. But as a
• carrier, save your money.

Roberta Holcomb, MO

Saves your back! Better than Bjorn, worth the extra $

We have a Baby Bjorn, a Snugli and an Ergo Baby. The Ergo Baby is the one we use, the other two we donated to the salvation army. We also had 2 slings.The big advantage the Ergo has is the waist strap. This shifts a significant amount of weight to your hips. Otherwise the entire weight is held on your shoulders, which gets to be quite uncomfortable after a while.By putting the weight on your hips, the Ergo Baby makes it possible to carry a child who weighs more and for a longer period of time. I wish we’d found this with our first child, as it would have saved us money (for the other ones we bought) and our aching backs!!!!There’s also a couple of pockets – one with a zipper. Good place to put your cell phone, wallet, etc. The Snugli had a pocket with snap, while the Bjorn had none. The Ergo is not as sleek and attractive as our navy blue Bjorn. Our Ergo was a gift and it came in a pale turquoise. I think the black Ergo looks better, but it’s still not as sleek and stylish as the Baby Bjorn. Frankly, after a few weeks of a newborn crying at all hours, looking hip comes way down the list after comfort, convenience and sleep…. Just saying…The only complaint would be that it takes some practice to use the side carry and rear carry positions. The DVD does show how it’s done, but it really helps to have someone who is familiar with the process or have someone spotting you the first time you use it in these positions.If you’ve found this review helpful, please let me know!

Vicky Los Angeles, CA

Hate this thing

Everyone kept raving about the Ergo so I went a head and got one with the infant insert. I cannot get this thing on properly. It takes an experienced playground mom to get it adjusted properly and I can’t get the clip in the back of the shoulders clipped without assistance. I find it hot, and my newborn is not real fond of the newborn insert. Maybe when she gets older I will be able to use this, but for now, I wish I had saved my money or tried it first.

Judy Mccutcheon Field, NC

SO great, but a few drawbacks

PROS:-SUPER comfortable. Perfectly distributes weight to your hips like a good mountaineering backpack-Lasts much longer than other carriers thanks to higher weight rating-Sleeping hood encourages baby to sleep by blocking out the world while also supporting her head while you move freely about-Dads think it’s as cool as Moms-Carrying your baby in the Ergo is like holding your baby in a secure bear hug for hours – but with no arm fatigue!CONS:-Canvas material is not breathable, so heat/sweat can really build up with parent & baby pressed so tightly together-Baby might get frustrated at times (like mine) at not being able to have a full view of the worldThe pros obviously outweigh the cons. This carrier really is awesome, but we also have a basic ring sling for hotter days and those where we want my daughter to get to see the whole world around her. Both have their different advantages, and I’d highly recommend having one of each (and skip the Baby Bjorn type carriers altogether – not worth the price for how quickly they’ll be outgrown).

Hattie Manzanola, CO


Got this item from TOYS INC. When it arrived I noticed a informational DVD was missing from the box so I called the manufacturer. They warned me that I had bought a counterfeit product.The problem with this is more than just not having a name brand item- IT CAN MALFUNCTION AND CAUSE INJURY TO CHILDREN!! We were able to return this item and got a full refund (Thanks Amazon!). Got a real ERGO baby and like it- better quality although a bit confusing/difficult to use, especially when putting child on back. Great for older children who love to be carried!!

Melissa Ringsted, IA

Great Design

I use my carrier all the time when I am out gardening or going on walks. My son loves it, since he gets to cuddle! The color and design of this is also a little more gender neutral, which is nice since my husband also occasionally wears it. I have been very impressed with the straps as well, my husband is a very large person (over 6" and 290 lbs) and he is able to make this carrier fit comfortably.

Rosario White Marsh, VA

Best for 15+ lb babies

When my baby was under 4 months old he hated the Ergo. He absolutely detested being smooshed awkwardly up against my chest, so we used an original bjorn carrier for his first few months. Then when my son passed the 15 lb mark and was able to straddle my torso we switched to the Ergo. It takes most of the weight off your back and it’s very easy to take on and off. Bottom line: There is no perfect baby carrier for all ages and stages of development; but I think the Ergo is the best carrier out there for older babies.

Dorothy Quantico, VA

Love this Carrier!

Most people buy this carrier for an infant, and I wish I had! I actually purchased this for one of my twin girls. She’s very shy and attached to me, so when we go places with strangers she won’t let go of me. She’s even clingy at family events. She’s almost 2 years old, but she’s tiny, so she still fits in this and it works great! I can carry her hands free and get some rest for my arms.

Concetta Nerstrand, MN

Another Fake!

I ordered this and while it is a good carrier, it is definitely a fake Ergo. I compared my carrier to a boxed carrier in a store and they are very different! I am so disappointed. The pockets are different, the sizes of the straps are different, the material is stiff and not as high quality as the real Ergo. I paid the full price of the Ergo carrier, I expected the real deal. If you are looking to buy an Ergo don’t order it from Amazon. When I read the reviews from other people about receiving fakes I thought "what are the chances I’ll get a fake too?" and bought it anyway. I wish I had not. I wish I could get a refund. It is by far the worst Amazon purchase I have made out of hundreds of purchases.

Leonor Charleston, MO

Heavy duty carrier!

This carrier is rugged! It is heavy duty and I feel like it’s going to last a long time! The shoulder straps are wide and help distribute the weight a little more evenly. I will admit that my lower back does start to hurt while carrying my newborn son in it (side note I do have a back that starts to hurt easily). The only thing I don’t particularly care for is the sun canopy. I wish you were able to zip it into a pocket or something other than what is provided.This carrier definitely beat out my old carrier that my first son out grew in no time and provided no back support.

Kendra Chemult, OR

Great for me and my husband.

I own a bunch of different kinds of baby carriers, and this one is the best as far as sharing with my husband goes. We can both use this very easily even though our heights and weights are quite different.Pros:-I love the color and pattern, and my husband finds it to be pleasingly unisex, so he doesn’t feel dumb strapped into it.-It is great for long trips because once you get it all adjusted, the baby’s weight is spread out evenly so you don’t get back pain or points where it tugs.-It has a little pocket that is perfect for a diaper and few wipes, along with an ID and cash.-There are a whole bunch of matching accessories so you can kind of customize it.-The wide, padded hip belt is super comfortable, as are the padded straps.-Keeps your baby close, which I am finding to be very helpful now that it is getting colder.-Nice heavy-duty but not to heavy or rough-feeling material.-Durable, well-made.-If you take care of it, you can usually re-sell it for a pretty good price.Cons:-It can be hard to get on without help. Maybe I am missing something, but my arms do not bend that way, so I have to clip the chest/back strap first and then pull it over my head, which is not the most comfortable maneuver. But it gets the job done, so whatever.-When doing the back carry, the hip belt digs into my belly. OK, Ergo people, chances are if we are wearing a baby then we JUST HAD a frigging baby, so maybe a little help here? It is not at all flattering and a bit uncomfortable.-Adjusting can be a pain in the butt, but I guess that is what you get for a very adjustable one size fits all- so one of my cons is actually a result of my main pro, that fact that I can share it.-My baby loves being in it.-It holds your baby close, which does suck a little when it is hot out, but this will happen with pretty much every carrier, so I guess it is a con about babywearing in general, not about this particular one.-I can’t wear my diaper bag on my shoulder when wearing this because the bag slips off, so perhaps a backpack style bag, a matching Ergo bag, or a servant (*ahem* husband) to carry my bag around is required.-It is not cheap.I do really like this carrier. Did it exceed all expectations and make me dash out and burn all my other carriers? No, but I do like it enough that it is in heavy rotation. I don’t really use it for fast trips, but I use it for anything longer than like 15 minutes, and I use it instead of my stroller to take walks around town and stuff. Also, I hated it for the first hour or so because I couldn’t figure it out and the directions that are packed with it suck. Then it clicked and it was all OK, so give it a chance and try not to give up in frustration.

Miriam Park Ridge, IL

Baby hated it

I liked the Ergo, but the baby hated it. For some reason he just did not feel comfortable in it, so had to return it.

Lottie Roan Mountain, TN

Not for facing forward

I bought this because my son has reached twenty pounds and I dont feel secure carrying him in a sling. That being said, he likes to face forward being carried in the front and I didn’t really notice that wasn’t really possible with this carrier. I think I was mesmerized by the aesthetics and the stars…lol. Either way, it does work great back-packing him and he does seem to like that. The carrier is easy on the back which is another plus.

April Wakenda, MO

Easiest Carrier out there!

This is my 5th carrier, and by far my favorite. I have a peanut shell, new native, chicco, and a moby. I bought this one because I found the sling carriers to difficult to position my newborn so his chin wasn’t touching his chest (to avoid positional asphyxiation). The chicco is a front carrier that was ok, but it started hurting my back after 10 minutes (and it was hard to slip him in and out). This carrier is perfect! Its SUPER easy to slip on and off, with the insert my son is safe and secure and we both can feel comfortable for much longer periods of time. I’m taking a plane trip with my newborn alone, and I needed something that would be easy for me to navigate the airport easily by myself and with luggage, and this fits the bill. I can see myself using this for a long time to come. I also like that my husband can use it too (with the waist extender belt)–if he can pry it from me 🙂

Sherri Mountain Home A F B, ID

Size Matters

I would whole heartedly give the Ergo 5 stars if it were just a tad bigger. Like others said, you have to be a size 10 to wear this and no I am not going to pay more for an extension piece. I am returning this one and got the Ergo Performance instead. We purchased the Ergo Performance because of this problem and I would give that 5 stars, it has a bigger waist strap. Also the Ergo Sport has a longer strap. Like all the other reviews on here, we do use the Baby Bjorn and Snugli now that she’s little and will switch to the Ergo when she can easily straddle us. Ergo is definitely worth the investment…save money on other items that you can easily get second hand.Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining

Robert Dunnellon, FL

Good, but still looking for the perfect carrier

I bought the Ergo Baby carrier after using the Baby Bjorn; I liked the Baby Bjorn but it was killing my back and I was getting tired of having to drape a light blanket over my baby’s head to keep the sun off her face (hats weren’t staying on when she moved her head). I read a lot of great reviews for the Ergo Baby but I have to say I was a little disappointed 🙁 It is pretty darn tricky to clasp the back clasp; I usually get it on by leaning over a bed, having the clasp already closed, putting my baby in the carrier, and then trying to snake into it. It kept her so close to me that every time she turned her head it knocked her pacifier out of her mouth so I was constantly stopping, leaning forward, and putting her pacifier back in. It would be soooo much better if there was a way to have them face out in this thing. Also, the head rest/ sun shade thing covered her ALL the way up so she couldn’t see what was going on and that would frustrate her so as a sun shade it really didn’t work for me. It did provide great back support, but it was so hard to get into plus the pacifier maintenance and lack of sun shade made me stop using it. I ended up just putting my baby in a stroller for our walks 🙁

Michael Bricelyn, MN

Not for tall parents

I have what some books would consider a high needs infant. She needed to be held ALL THE TIME the first 8 weeks or so. She’s getting better about it, but still needs a lot of cuddling. We were given a Bjorn Synergy from a friend of ours which saved my sanity in the first few weeks. I loved how quickly she was quiet and if I went for a walk with in minutes she would sleep. I was able to get some things done around the house as well. It was also easy to get her in and out of, but my back and shoulders were killing me! I knew I needed to explore some other options. I read many review of carriers and the Ergo had so many great reviews I chose to order it.I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the carrier. I also ordered the infant insert b/c she was only 6 weeks at the time. First — I HATED the infant insert. Its so bulky and just uncomfortable for us both. I watched many you tube clips to make sure using it correctly, but still something wasn’t right. I tried it without the insert b/c I read some other people didn’t use the insert with their infants and had no problems. I tried using a blanket under her as some readers used as well. Even adjusting the straps many times I just couldn’t get it to work for me. I waited as close to the 30 day return policy as possible to try it when she was a little bigger, but still something just wasn’t working for us. I finally realized the problem was I was too tall for this thing! The website says it works for people up to 6’3″. At 6’1″ I figured it would work for me, but I was wrong. I was too tall to have the carrier sit on my hips appropriately and the length of the carrier itself was too low. My daughter ended up with her head just beneath my boobs. Because she was so low, Her nostrils had limited air to breathe and she just cried.My final thoughts — if you are above 6 ft or maybe even a little shorter than 6 foot, I try to find a store to try it on first before you order it. My search for a good comfortable carrier for a tall woman continues. I gave it one star b/c I couldn’t give it more considering it claims to work for people even taller than I am.

Valarie Hamlin, IA

Best baby carrier ever!

From the moment I first tried on a friends, I knew I would love ts carrier. I barely even feel like I am carring my baby – it is SO comfortable! I wore my other carrier briefly the other day and what a difference. I had to take it off after just a few minutes – it was so uncomfortable. I love that my baby can nurse and sleep easily with the hood up, and that she can look around with it down. I look forward to being able to carry her on my back when sheis a little bigger.

Etta Shelby, MS

Great buy

Bought this over 3 years ago and used it for as long as i could. The only down side is the straps are kind of bulky but other than that i used it everywhere i went. I like that it is washable with little wear and tear. Its made with really good material and is durable. My carrier is still as good as new and glad i didnt give it away because i will have baby number two in less than two months. I recommend this 100%. I love love love it. Im in a colder climate now so it will definitely be even more comfortable and used this time around.

Marcy Pleasant Mount, PA

Wish I had it for baby #1

Where has this been all my parental life?? This carrier and the Bjorn are like night and day. I love wearing my babies, but with the bjorn, it got to the point (around 8 mos or so with my oldest), that it got uncomfortable to wear him. The ergo is SO much more comfortable. I love the fact that the weight is dispersed so evenly between shoulders and hips and that you can wear them different ways. My LO can even nurse in it. I even managed to carry my 3yo on my back while I was pregnant and it felt fine. I’ve also gotten lots of compliments on the zebra print! I’d recommend this to any new parents.

Denice Placida, FL

Difficult to put on

Clipping the strap in back is like putting on a bra, only in an IMPOSSIBLE place to reach! My husband and I both end up struggling to fasten the shoulder clip and it is even harder if you try doing it with the baby already in place. The straps are also really bulky and make my diaper bag slides off my shoulder. Also, I have a hard time seeing my baby’s face when she’s in there. I can’t tell if she’s breathing which sort of freaks me out and I constantly have to pause to check for signs of life!On the plus side, it does distribute the weight more evenly on your hips and doesn’t cause your back to ache like the Bjorn; and the Galaxy is a super cute design.

Sonja Kathleen, FL


ERGO is the best on the market! No one can touch the quality or safety of ERGO. Wouldn’t think of using any other brand.

Adriana Bernice, LA

Most Used Baby Item

I could go on and on about how lovely this product is and how much easier it has made my/our lives. I do however want to include some frustrations I had with the product to be fair.I’m going to list my pros/cons to help you decide if this product is for you.PROS:1. We have been using this carrier since our son was 5 months old.He is 22 months old and although we don’t use it everyday like we used to, it is still getting a lot of use. I have used this carrier while grocery shopping, running errands around town, hiking, at the beach, while traveling, while working, getting my son to sleep every night for many many months, cooking, doing dishes, cleaning. Its really helped my son stay content while I have 2 hands to go about my daily life!2. It feels effortless carrying my son in this carrier. I’m very petite but still manage to carry my son’s 26 pounds very easily. Great back support. I have worn my son in the carrier for hours on end with no pain whatsoever.3. My son loves it. He loves the front carry especially but also likes the back carry. The hip carry helped me put him to sleep very easily when he was under a year old. I love having him close to me. It feels wonderful!4. I was able to and still can breastfeed in it very easily and very discreetly on the go. The hood feature is wonderful for that. It allows you the freedom to run errands easily without having to worry about your little one getting fussy. My son preferred this carrier hands down over sitting in a grocery cart.5. No need to lug around heavy cumbersome stroller. Its incredible freedom.6. Pocket in front pouch is just enough room for cell phone, wallet, keys.7. Backpack accessory has enough room for a couple diapers, a snack, and drinks and is nice to have. However, I find that I don’t really use it that much because it feels a bit bulky.8. Son slept in it peacefully and comfortably in the front position and back position with the hood.9. Front position very easy to learn, hip position easy to learn, back position takes a practice and patience to learn (but worth it). Initially, until I felt comfortable getting our son in it myself, I had my husband just put our son on my back.CONS:1. We couldn’t use this carrier until our son was 5 months. He just never tolerated the infant insert which he outgrew at about 2 months but was still too small for the carrier until he was about 5 months. It was frustrating initially, but I think as long as you don’t count on using it initially you won’t be disappointed.2. Like I said, the infant insert was not useful. Our son hated the cradle carry. I don’t know about the new heart to heart insert since it wasn’t available when I purchased the carrier so I can’t say if its been improved upon.3. The back carry was VERY frustrating initially. I just wanted so badly to use it for the back carry but my son didn’t like being on my back until he got a bit bigger (at about 10 months old). Until then, I primarily used the front carry. However, once you get the hang of the back carry, it really becomes second nature.4. The product is made in China. I don’t like that. I worry about the fabric and the safety of the fabric. Of course, this I never considered initially, but only after hearing other parents talking about it. I wish the company would manufacture this in the U.S. I would gladly pay more to make sure it is safe and that it hasn’t been sprayed with anything on its way over from China. I have even heard that the Organic line is sprayed too. Again, I don’t know this for a fact, just something I heard others talk about.5. This is minor but an annoyance nontheless, when I use the carrier in the back carry position, the straps dig into my hips and create an ugly “muffin top” look. It also tends to pull down on my jeans to the point of having to wear a belt with some of my pants or risk my pants falling down (again minor but annoying). The front straps tend to also push my bust up making it look like I’m going to spill out of my shirt (and I’m an A cup!). I can imagine this might be a real problem for others. However, with a little wardrobe adjusting or selection this is a non issue.Finally, I would buy this product again with no hesitation. It has been wonderful and useful and continues to be used and enjoyed by our family. Hope this helps!

Jerry Mass City, MI

My favorite carrier by far!

I LOVE the Ergo Baby carrier! I have used it with my daughter since she was about 1 month old. I also had a wrap and while it was OK in the newborn stage it just didn’t have the support the Ergo did for me or my baby. I had a large baby (10+ lbs at birth) and never used the infant insert. It seemed to be a waste of money in my opinion. We just positioned her so she was “frog-legged” inside which kept her head up above the fabric so she could breathe and see easily. My husband even loves this and wears her in it all the time. My one complaint is that I wish there were some longer tabs on the back strap so I could more easily reach to tighten it when I don’t have someone to help me. But this is super comfortable for both baby and me, provides great back support with the waist band and back strap and my baby loves it – hardly ever cries once we put her in it! That’s definitely worth the money! 🙂

Gale Coventry, CT