ERGObaby Original Collection Baby Carrier, Mystic Purple

ERGObaby Original Collection Baby Carrier, Mystic Purple

The Ergobaby Designer Series combines the durability of Ergobaby Carriers with iconic and exclusive prints, so you can carry your baby responsibly, in style and comfort.

Main features

  • Baby’s weight is evenly distributed between the wearer’s hips and shoulders
  • Baby is ergonomically cradled in a natural sitting position
  • Front, back, and hip carry positions
  • The only carrier you’ll ever need
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


ERGObaby Original Collection Baby Carrier, Mystic Purple

I had a Baby Bjorn when my son was born in 2010. I did not like the way he just hung there so we used it a handful of times (maybe less). I wanted something more versatile and easier on my back. It was always my plan to try an ERGObaby for my next child. I was pleased to find this color and design. It’s beautiful, looks just like the picture and really does work well.I only started using it recently now that she can hold her head up on her own. Once I got the hang of putting her in and taking her out, it’s a breeze. I forego the stroller sometimes when going out for a walk or shopping. I love it. Wish I had used it with my son.

Carlene Granite City, IL

A necessity

I love the Ergo carrier. The only complaint I have about it is that I wish the tightening strap went from left to right, rather than right to left. I think it would make it a lot easier to tighten up when baby is inside. I hate having to reach around.Other than that, it is something every mother should have for carrying their babe.

Eula Middlebury, CT

It took me a while

It took me a long time to love the Ergo. There are things I don’t adore about it (it’s really warm, which is great in the spring but is going to get more uncomfy as we move into summer). I can’t, for the life of me, where my baby comfortably on my back. I think this is because the chest strap doesn’t cooperate with my chest.Otherwise, this is a very comfy carrier and doesn’t destroy my back the way the original Bjorn does.

Laurie Mineral, CA

Very highly recommend but there are some drawbacks…

I didn’t purchase this through Amazon here in the USA, but I thought I’d put the review up on here for anyone trying to decide whether or not to purchase. I highly recommend this, but there are a couple of flaws in design. I have tried just about every wrap on the market with several babies in 6 years, and have made and sold my own brand for several years now, so feel that I am in a position to offer a valid review.Pros:1. Very nice looking. Once it is on and baby is in it, it looks lovely, and I never cease to get complimentary remarks from others when out, and frequent requests as to where I got it. The colour is lovely, and the little patterned part for the hood makes a nice contrast. (although it doesn’t look as vibrant a purple colour as the picture shows…more of a pinkish purple)2. VERY sturdily/ruggedly built. This is not going to fall apart. I do not worry that anything is going to come apart or rip. It very easily takes the weight of both my 10 mos old baby and my 3 yr old. It would probably hold my other children (all 6 yrs and under) but I’ve never actually tried it.3. VERY nice, comfy, well padded shoulder straps. Pictures do not do it justice. They are very nicely padded and your shoulders will not get sore using this.4. The waist support is excellent. Provides much needed support, especially if you have back problems (which I do).5 Pocket on front is fantastic. Features zippered pocket which will hold just about anything that can fit in it, and doesn’t seem to affect baby’s comfort…she can’t even feel the items, due to well designed product and high quality materials.6. Features head support hood for when baby is sleeping. I didn’t think I’d really care if a carrier featured this or not, but it really does make a difference when baby is sleeping! Very lightweight fabric means I don’t have to worry about her breathing (some carriers have really thick, non breathing fabric…don’t ask me why). Easy to snap and unsnap without disturbing sleeping babe. I really like this element – even worked well for us during slight rain showers on holiday, as a shield to keep her dry. Also, keeps strangers from touching your baby’s face, as they are prone to doing, if you don’t want anyone touching your child.Cons:1. Does not feature any sort of middle back support at all. A lot of the baby carriers out there feature an "X" strap across the middle back, which gives needed support and relief when carrying. This does not. It only has the straps that go over the shoulders, backpack style. This causes quite a bit of discomfort for me, if I am wearing my baby longer than an hour or two. The straps feature a clip that keeps them from falliing off the shoulders, which I frequently place at the bottom of the strap runner to sort of create a high middle back support. However, the problem with that, is that then it is impossible to clip shut yourself, so you need someone to help you clip it shut.2. Clip to keep straps on is difficult to do alone. There is no good position for this, except at the top (just under the neck) that allows you to easily clip it shut once baby is in the carrier. I find this annoying when out and about alone. It is very sturdy, so won’t come undone, but it is not easy to do alone.3. Doesn’t come with carry case or bag. Unless you want to lug around the (big) box it comes in, there is nothing to actually store it in once opened. This means that it usually ends up on the car floor in front of the car seat. Not great, if you want to keep it clean. Should definitely come with some sort of bag for the price of the item4. Expensive. I will never understand why baby products of this nature have to cost so much. I make and sell baby wraps (in the style of the Moby wrap), and actually started to do this because it disgusted me to see how much Moby and Sleepy and the like were charging for what is essentially a long piece of cotton fabic. I knew I could make the same thing and offer it to parents for a much more reasonable price. (Moby were not happy with the competition, and actually hassled me for a long time, but that’s another story!) There is no excuse for charging such high prices for a parent to enjoy being close to their child, when it costs nowhere near what is charged. This alone made me not want to purchase, but after trying multiple cheaper options, we bit the bullet so to speak and invested in this. It is a negative for me, though. If it weren’t for these drawbacks, I’d give it five stars…All in all, I highly recommend this item, and you will not regret purchasing it. I would, however, recommend purchasing via Amazon, as they usually have better prices and selection, and an unbeatable return policy (and no, they did not pay me to say this, lol).

Marguerite Lane, SC

Wish I had bought one sooner! My new saving grace!

We had used a Bjorn a friend let us borrow for our first baby. Never used it much but never was the right fit. Wasn’t very comfortable for long periods of time. Plus baby just seemed awkward in it. With our second I was determined to get a different style. Many people I asked raved about this carrier. Wish I had this with the first! So comfy with the very padded straps the waist belt takes all the weight so my shoulders don’t hurt. My daughter loves being right up against me. Works awesome for fussy time, 10 minutes and she is asleep!The little cover is awesome. I used a receiving blanket with my first but it always had a habit of falling or just being bulky. Totally plan to buy this as a gift for any future momma I know.

Sonya Archibald, LA

Gorgeous and feminine but impractical

Gorgeous and feminine carrier that is suitable for a baby that is under 6 months or those that can not yet walk. Definitely feels and looks like quality.The problems with this carrier is:1) too HOT for baby if you are not using it in cold weather. I used this once or twice with my baby in the Caribbean and it was punishment for her.I just had to take her out. She was boiling and so was I. I was born and raised in that climate and don’t have a problem in the heat but trust me, this is not for warm weather.2) this has a design flaw where it clips in the back and is very awkward and almost impossible to do on your own once baby is in this carrier and you CAN NOT clip it before baby is in there. Not a problem when you are at home if you live with someone and can ask them to help you clipping it in the back. But keep in mind that you will have to take your baby out at some point and you will need someone to undo he lip for you and then clip it back again when you are out in public. So not recommended if you are usually out and about without a companion capable enough of helping you with this function. Stupid design flaw.3) the reason I said this is better for a baby under 6 months or a baby that is not yet walking is because your baby can only sit PARENT FACING in this carrier. A bigger baby is more curious and needs to be visually stimulated and enjoys seeing the world in front rather than staring at your chest the entire time he or she has to sit in this carrier. A baby that can already walk wants to be moving. Being able to sit facing the world gives them the ability to kick their feet and feel like they are moving as you walk in a forward motion. They get to see everything. They get to be entertained. Because of the "parent facing position only" my 9 month old was incredibly frustrated in this carrier and hated it.For the 3 reasons I just explained, this was a very expensive waste of time and money for me. I tried with this a handful of times but it just wasn’t right for me and my baby. I really wanted it to be because I spent so much on it. Scared to waste money on another carrier, I just ended up carrying my baby on my hips.There is a version of this carrier that is both PARENT and WORLD FACING and I would suggest you buying that version if you can afford it. I have not seen or used that version but I read about it. I do not know if the back clip mechanism is the same or if they use a thinner, more breathable fabric for warmer climate/weather. But just remember to consider these two elements and how it will fit into your life while deciding if this is the carrier for you.

Juana Bondville, IL

Great product, a pain to put on and off.

We chose to baby-wear instead of lugging car seats after reading the benefits of the former. The product itself is well made and looks to be genuine. I was worried of ordering this carrier since a lot of reviewers on amazon have been complaining of fake ergobaby being sold. So I went with a more non-popular color, though my husband who wears the baby more often did have his reservations. However once it got to us, he loved it. It’s not very girly, and the purple is a very flattering color even on a lot of men ( well, my husband atleast. Lol)Love the small pocket in the front for keys and money : maybe a quick run at the grocery store or a long walk around the block. And the sun-shade is a nice bonus.However the carrier itself is a pain to put on and off. If you have another person with you, then it’s easy, but if you are doing it alone, I suggest you to sit in the car next to the car seat, wear the baby and step out. juggling your baby and trying to get her in the ergo on the street may even be dangerous.

Erma Sinton, TX

too hot for tropical weather

It is very comfortable to use, just that for our tropical weather both my girl and me will be soaked in perspiration.

Alisa Westerlo, NY