ERGObaby Original Doll Carrier, Galaxy Grey

ERGObaby Original Doll Carrier, Galaxy Grey

Give kids the chance to mirror the care they’ve experienced being carried by donning the child sized Ergobaby Doll Carrier. 100% cotton canvas body construction. Padded shoulder and waist straps.

Main features

  • 100% cotton canvas body construction
  • Padded shoulder and waist straps
  • Machine wash and dry, gentle cycle

Verified reviews


Yes, Virginia, there is a chest strap!

Just ordered two of these – pink and purple – for my girls. As of this review you will find pink cheaper from cloth diaper natural mom type sites. Just fyi. Purple is sold out almost everywhere with restocking being dicey before January. If you find it odds are it will be priced high but if you want it that’s what you’re gonna have to pay if you want it for Christmas.I was a little nervous reading reviews that some have the chest strap and some do not – the purple seems to be a new color so I am assuming all purples have the chest strap, but I think pink is being discontinued which makes it something of a wild card. Are they all old stock? Are they still being made? I don’t know. Our pink came today and it has a chest strap! Still waiting on the purple, as well as Christmas to come to actually give these to the girls. It seems to be well made and it’s very cute. How much use your child gets out of it will of course depend on how much your child likes it, which no one can really predict. My girls are 3 1/2 and really getting into caring for their dolls lately, plus they have a little brother who I carry in a real-baby Ergo, so I am thinking they will enjoy these a lot. Everyone’s mileage will vary but it is well made and newer versions DO have a chest clip.Updating to say purple has arrived and it has a chest strap as well. Now I just hope my girls like them and I don’t find them trying to carry their brother around! :-DI had thought about getting these last year but I think they were too little then, and I am glad I waited because I like the new color. One girl likes purple and the other likes pink so it works out perfectly for me.

Angelita West Columbia, TX

My daughter loves it!

My daughter turned three in August, a month after I had our second child. Since I had been carrying him in a Baby Bjorn, she wanted something to carry her dolls in. I found the Ergo and thought it would be perfect for her. It is almost perfect, but there are a couple things I wish I knew before buying it.1. It is a little big on my daughter. She is average size for a three year old, but it is a little long on her torso.2. She cannot put it on by herself. It requires help from me, which I don’t mind, but my independent daughter doesn’t like.I think this product would be perfect for a 4/5+ year old, but is a little difficult for my 3 year old.

Dionne Goddard, KS

Got this for my 4 Year Old – It’s a little odd to see her as a little mommy

We got this for my 4 year old for her birthday a week ago. She wore it immediately and started walking around with her little baby like a full grown mommy… which was weird. I’m happy to see her happy but it was weird for me – this better not cause her to be one of those "pregnant at 16" actors on tv. geesh.

Katina Farmington, WV

great birthday present

I gave this to my daughter for her 3 year old birthday, and she loves it. I agree with the other reviewer that it’s a bit large–my daughter is tall, though, and it fits her fine with clearly plenty of room to grow into the adjustable straps. She can’t put it on by herself, so I have to help her with that, but she can get her Corolle doll in and out by herself, which has been more important. It does help that the doll has a soft body. The back strap (chest strap? whatever it is) is definitely necessary. The straps have never slipped on her.The purple is a vibrant, fun color.Overall, I’m pleased with my purchase and glad I got this instead of the Corolle brand one.

Nancy Roy, NM

Just like mommy

My 3 year old kept wanting to try my ergo on since she always sees me wearing her baby sister in it. She was so excited to get her own to wear her “babies” just like mama. It made her feel special and I’m glad I could find her a gift to make her feel special especially during this time she’s still adjusting to not being the only child. My only complaint is its expensive but it is good quality and I’m kind of cheap so lol

Adeline Dixie, WV

Great for pretend play

I am an avid baby wearer and my kids have been tucking their toys into their shirts pretending to wear them as well. So I looked into making them a carrier but realized I have three kids. I have no time! A friend of mine actually has this in purple and her 7 year old daughter uses it daily, so I knew I had to get one. I love the gender neutral of the galaxy gray. It’s pretty adjustable as well. My 4 year old is super petite and it’s a little droopy on her, but a much better solution than her shirt! Ergos are also one of my favorite carriers so I’m happy to be able to have one for the kids to play with!

Katherine Williamsburg, MI

Great doll carrier

This is a great doll carrier and works very well for my 4.5 year old daughter. It is almost exactly like the adult version for real babies. The only difference is that it has an extra fabric piece on the inside that can hold the doll (you can slide the doll into it and the doll will not fall out when your child takes the ERGO carrier on and off. You do not have to put the doll in this part and can use just as you would the regular ERGO carrier, but I actually find it nice if the carrier will be on and off as it keeps the doll in place.

Christy Traverse City, MI


Very cute, fits my 3 year old well, and should for several years. My only disappointment – she’s not quite as into it as I thought! She has a sling that she has been using for about a year and a half and I thought it would be nice to upgrade her to an ergo and a mini moby (especially since I don’t wear slings, thought she would want to look like mommy) but she’s not too into either of them yet.

Ila Saint Petersburg, FL


My daughter sees me carrying the baby in the Bjorn. When she got this she was thrilled and immediately wanted to put her doll in there! She was so proud carrying her baby doll!

Joanna Solon Springs, WI

Very very cute! Just like Mom’s.

This is even cuter than I had expected. It’s very very similar to the one I own, and with another baby brother coming thought that this would be a great gift. My daughter (6) needed a little help putting it on at first, but once we put her baby in it, she was quite happy. It looks very durable, and even has room to grow on my 6 year old daughter (and would probably fit a bigger 3 year old or 4 year old at its tightest setting.) Two thumbs up. 🙂

Tommie Yorkville, NY

my daughter can be a mini me

So cute that it matches my galaxy Ergo. A little big and bulky for my 2 1/2 year old but she loves to look like mommy

Katina Bonita, CA

gift for my niece

Love that Ergobaby made with for little kids. Now my niece can can look, "just like mommy" when she is carrying around her baby dolls. Great quality just like the real thing! Spend the extra $10-15 and get a toy that lasts!

Sylvia Melvindale, MI

Gift for my 4 year old…

I got this for my son and he was so happy to have a matching baby carrier like mine. I helped him put it on and he loved that it had options to wear his baby Grover in the front or on his back! This matches my Ergo perfectly. It’s made JUST like it, same materials. I am sure we will have this for a very long time. 🙂

Maria Oak Forest, IL

A favorite toy for little mommies and daddies

4-year-old son loves this! He carries around his stuffed animals, just like Mommy and Daddy carry around the baby. Easy to put on and take off, but FYI child can’t do it alone, and it snaps in the back.

Jill Rio Vista, CA

Adorable, very well made

I researched every doll carrier out there, literally, before going with this one primarily because my 3 year old wanted a carrier just like mine. My Ergo is maroon so this one is actually cuter but close enough :)It is made just as nicely as a real Ergo- padded straps, pocket in the front, nice shoulder and waist clips. It also has a large pocket on the inside so that you can tuck the doll or stuffed animal into the carrier and no matter what it won’t fall out. It has little leg openings. The child can have their doll facing in or out, and can wear this on their back or front. My daughter prefers to wear it on her back because her doll gets in her face a little if she wears it on the front.She primarily puts in her little cloth baby doll from Pottery Barn which is almost exactly like a Rosy Cheeks doll, if that gives a size comparison. She is tallish (75th percentile) so it fits fine in height but she is very slender so we have had to pull the straps as tight as they will go and it’s still a tad loose on her shoulders and waist. However because of the pocket within the carrier the doll never falls out even if the carrier gets a little loose. I would think this could fit anywhere from 3-8 easily. She likes to wear it when she rides on her plasma car- that way she can take her dolly with her on a ride! She has a little difficulty doing the clips herself, and I was worried that might be annoying for me but it’s really not a big deal, most of the time we’re heading outside to play and I just snap it on for her. Absolutely adorable, worth the money.

Edwina Whitingham, VT

Well-made and realistic toy

I bought this for a boy and girl to share. Soft, well-made, beautifully stitched, and with a pocket to make loading teddy or dolly easy for little ones. Exactly like the adult version!

Bobbie Hammond, WI

Like mother like daughter

I bought this for my 2-year-old to help ease the transition of baby brother’s arrival and it has served us nicely in addressing typical toddler jealousy issues. She loves to wear her various dolls especially when I have the baby in my carrier. My daughter is on the petite side of average, so this still runs a little loose even when on the tightest adjustments. Still, that only means there’s plenty of room to grow.

Nicole Canton, NC

Doll Carrier

This is a great present for any little girl who’s mother is having a baby. My daughter loves this carrier as it matches the one I have. Same great quality as the bigger ergo baby carriers

Dee Overbrook, OK

So fun and same great quality as my Ergo baby carrier

My 14 month old daughter loves to carry her baby in this all around! It fits her great now and probably will till she is 5 or 6! Such an awesome baby doll accessory for a little one 🙂

Deidre Fairport, NY


This thing is adorable. I use the full sized on for my 1 year old and when I showed this to my 4 year old she just about fell down with joy. Now we both go around with our "babies". 🙂

Deirdre Artemus, KY

Very cute and true to life!

My 9 yr old stepdaughter loved this as a birthday gift! She was super excited to see that she could carry around her dolls like I carry around her halfsister. It is the same material reaL Ergos are made with and fits much like a real Ergo. I know this will also last to be handed down to my toddler!

Allyson Spelter, WV