ERGObaby Original Heart 2 Heart Infant Insert, Galaxy Grey

ERGObaby Original Heart 2 Heart Infant Insert, Galaxy Grey

This soft, Ergobaby Infant Insert cushion works with any Ergobaby Carrier and must be inserted to support growing babies ranging from newborns to 4-5 months.

Main features

  • Cushioned shell is used to ensure they are seated correctly and have the head and neck support
  • Provides Ergonomic support for growing baby bodies
  • Machine wash cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle dry on delicate cycle and remove when seams are still damp

Verified reviews


Not Necessary at All

I have read a lot of reviews saying that this is absolutely necessary for newborns who can’t hold their heads up but I disagree. I bought it and found it completely useless. Now, it may be that with a really tiny baby or with a different body type than mine, it could be useful, but I don’t think so and I’m only guessing at that because I am trying to imagine why so many people would think this is necessary.My daughter was 7 pounds at birth and I used the insert once before I realized I didn’t need it. The baby carrier is easily adjustable and the baby doesn’t need to be able to hold her head up to fit snuggly, safely, and comfortably in it. You just adjust the carrier so that she is held snug against you and she is sitting perfectly comfortable with her head exactly where you put it, with no danger of her falling out or becoming uncomfortable.If, for some reason, the baby’s head wouldn’t stay where you put it (I didn’t have that problem at all) then a receiving blanket could be tucked into the right position to correct the issue (without the potential of blocking an airway of course), but you definitely don’t need to spend $25 to fix the problem. You could even stick a receiving blanket under baby’s butt to keep her higher up on your chest if you wanted to (it would pretty much do the very same thing this does).. but I never needed to do anything like that. I just put her where I wanted her and adjusted the carrier to hold her there and it felt very secure. I had no worries at all.Again, I don’t know if this would be somehow different if she had been under 7 pounds or if I had a different body type. I am kind of average in terms of height and weight. Maybe if someone is very large or very small, or if their baby is very tiny, they might not be able to adjust the carrier with the baby in it as well I am able to, but I don’t really think it would be a problem — just suggesting that it might the reason for other reviewers saying that this is necessary.Aside from being unnecessary, I found this to be too big, bulky, and uncomfortable for use(this is why I decided to see what would happen if I didn’t use it, and ended up finding that it wasn’t necessary at all). Even if it had been necessary, I probably would have just waited to use the backpack again until it wasn’t.I definitely recommend trying to use the backpack without the insert before you spend the $25 and if you need to give your infant extra support, see if you can do it using other means before you decide to buy this product. If all else fails, I would even suggest just waiting until your baby is 7 pounds. If the baby isn’t 7 pounds already, it won’t take more than a month before he or she reaches that milestone in most cases.. and why spend so much money for so little use.

Theresa Springville, PA

Waste of money

I have no idea why anyone would need this. Its a gimmick, plain and simple. Basically, if you put a neatly folded, or even not neatly folded swaddle blanket in ANY carried, you can safely raise your newborn up to kissable level. This is overpriced and has such a short time to use it, seriously, maybe 4-8 weeks, tops. Also, I thought is might work in other maitei carriers, but its really just for Ergo. Which is great I supposed, if you only use Ergo carriers. But it seems like more people have more than one, and more than one brand. So again, that makes it all the more useless.

Cindy Dallesport, WA

Love this!

Ergo Baby products are wonderful!!! My little baby will fit so snug in this infant wrap :-). It’s perfect

Magdalena Dearborn, MI


awkward for the newborn. It’s weird the way they sit in this. It’s just easier to wait until they can hold their head up. Don’t waste your money.

Concetta Pembroke, KY

Tried the Ergo Baby Without, THIS was necessary for US.

I almost didn’t purchase this infant insert because of some of the bad reviews. A lot of people say it’s useless and that you don’t need it. So, here’s what I did. I tried using the Ergo Baby without it before I actually purchased it. The Ergo Baby was not so rider friendly without it, truthfully, for my 7.5 lb baby. She really needed to be propped up, and she needed something to hold her head so that she didn’t rest her head under the strap.I ordered this infant insert, and tried it out. Right away I was glad I bought it. It has a nice little boxy pillow at the bottom that her butt sits on. It cinches up in the middle to keep her in. the top of the insert is stiff enough to where she can lie back and her head is supported. She is now almost 9 lbs and we still really need the insert. Sure, you’ll only use it as long as your baby needs it, and depending on your baby you may need it a while or not so long. Our daughter is 6 weeks now, and I’m still getting great use out of it, so I think it’s worth it!I’d recommend doing what we did: try the Ergo without; if it doesn’t appear comfy, buy this thing! 🙂

Tracey Encinal, TX

Must have for little ones

I was hesitant to order this on the recommendation of some other reviewers of the insert (see reviews for other patterns). Some had said it wasn’t really necessary or that they never used it. I got the ergo 2 days before the insert and I tried the ergo sans insert with my 12lb 6 week old son. The ergo worked ok, but I didn’t know how perfect it would be till I got the insert. Once I had the insert, he fit in the ergo perfectly, not just ok. He wasn’t sliding around, I didn’t have to keep checking his head and moving it into place (the insert kept it from shifting to one side or the other too much), and overall, we were both more comfortable. So much so that he fell asleep in minutes (without the insert, he fussed a lot because he couldn’t quite get comfortable though he did fall asleep eventually).I agree with the other reviewers, it does get a wee bit hot in there.

Lucile Kankakee, IL

If baby is happy, everybody’s happy!

A must have if your infant is the type that must be held constantly!This insert is easy to use. It’s like a padded taco shell for your baby, with a little pillow at the “down” end that supports the infant’s butt. There is an adjustable strap that can hold it snugly against the baby, or you can leave the strap undone. The insert basically stabalizes and “bulks up” the baby so they can be held securely in the Ergo baby carrier without sliding out. It’s like a soft baby splint. I like how it puts the baby’s head up against my chest where I can see her clearly, and her head is well supported even when I bend forward a little.Best of all, my infant loves to be held all the time and there are periods where you cannot put her down without her crying. With this, I can easily “hold” her and still use my hands, walk around, even cook and do housework. She usually falls asleep after a few minutes. Later I can transfer her to a swing smoothly by removing the baby, still in the insert, and setting baby and insert into the swing. A great way to get fussy baby to sleep!

Faith Wingate, MD

Really good product!

I bought the insert because I would like to use the Ergo carrier with my newborn daughter, and it was perfect for her!Very easy to use, comfortable, I am very happy with it!

Vonda Osceola, IA

Must for newborns

I saw a few reviews of people who just used towels for their newborns instead of ordering this and I think that’s crazy – I tried and it just seemed so uncomfortable for my daughter. I bought this to go with my black Ergo Baby organic and it looks great. I washed it a few times, mainly because when I got it there was a slightly funky smell to it. It held up really well and I gave it to my sister in law, since she has an Ergo Baby carrier too and plans on having another baby soon.

Lorie Alviso, CA


It works great, though you don’t need it for long. Maybe until they are 3 or 4 months old? It’s adorable, seems comfortable, and is very easy to use.

Ofelia Burlington, IL

Works great with ergo carrier

Since my little one was only a month old, I had to use this insert with the ergo. It’s soft. Have no issues with it. No complaints. Matches my ergo carrier nicely. It was a bit awkward at first to put on, but you get use to it.

Lorna Breckenridge, MO

Gotta have it for baby carrying your newborn!

We LOVE our ergo and this is the only way you can safely use it with a newborn, so it was a must have for us. It is rather hot to use int he summer, but we were able to make it work.

Fannie Gilmanton Iron Works, NH

Waste of money

They are trying to make it so you can use your newborn in it. Well, floppy newborns need more support than this. My son wasn’t happy in there. And still, I was afraid of his head flopping around when I did put him in there. Now he is older and doesn’t flop, but he doesn’t need this. So it was a waste of money for me.

Gussie Okeana, OH

Great for colic

I have owned an Ergo for years and recently had my 3rd child. This insert gives me the freedom to use my Ergo with my newborn. She has developed a minor case of colic. I put her in the insert and she’s a happy baby until she comes out. I’m able to do dishes, laundry and clean while using it. I definitely recommend this product!!

Deann Satanta, KS

Not for me

My daughter wants to be held all the time, so I invested in and eventually bought an ERGObaby carrier for her shortly after she was born. I didn’t realize that a baby under four months would need an Insert, and I was happy to find one that would match her carrier. I loved that the insert had an adjustable strap and the way that its made to fit baby. At first it was difficult getting her into it alone. I would to re-read the instruction manual and watch several demonstrations (by ERGO) online before I felt comfortable. Once I finally got the hang of things, I began to familiarize my daughter with being in the insert before using it with the carrier. My daughter would tolerate the insert, but as soon as she was in the carrier all ready to go, she would begin crying. I would check to make sure she wasn’t caught, pinched, or slouched too much. She was fine and I was stumped. As my daughter got older and no longer needed the insert, we noticed that she would go into any carrier without crying. That’s when it dawned on me, as a new baby she absolutely hated being swaddled. I guess the insert/carrier combination felt that way to her. Every baby is different 🙂 Even though I’ve had minimal use out of this insert, I don’t regret my purchase and I would recommend this to a friend.

Josefa Kokomo, IN

Works well.

At first I was unsure that I liked this insert. It seemed bulky and like I could not get my newborn comfortable in it. It took a few times to get the hang of it and find the perfect way for my baby to sit in it. After we got the hang of it, it was wonderful. I’m so glad I bought one so I could use my ergo from the start. My baby fit in this until he was about five months old.

Delores Greensburg, LA

It Works

I bought this to match my galaxy grey ergo. This insert worked well when my son was a smaller than average newborn. It was awkward at first figuring out how to use it and then feeling comfortable putting my son in it, but once I got it figured out it worked great. My only issue was how warm my son would get in this insert. I had a mid summer baby and it was still too warm for him in September when he was a couple of months old.

Marie Millston, WI

It works

I used this for my son until he was about 5 months old (he is a little guy). He seemed very comfortable in it, and would always fall asleep. It was very easy to undo the carrier, and take this out with him still sleeping. Easy to wash. Insert is very warm. I would not recommend this product if you live in a warm climate.

Janna Hensley, AR

Did not Really Need

I like the concept on the infant insert, and the fabric is really cute. However, I only used it a few times before my son outgrew it. In the long run I think I could have been fine just waiting until he was big enough to use the carrier without the insert.

Vanessa Mattituck, NY

works great for our baby

without this insert our baby girl was swimming around in the ergo…a lot of people in other reviews say to use a towel, but this is a much better solution than a towel, especially for only $25. the insert has nice and thick padding, and the little pillow insert under her feet helps keep her positioned correctly in the ergo. once she is wrapped in the insert she passes right out, nice and cuddled.

Ina Naugatuck, WV

Ergo Baby Infant Insert – wouldn’t go without it!

We have a newborn and the Ergo Baby Carrier. It helps to push him up from his bottom to fit correctly in the carrier. When I take him out of the carrier he will stay asleep as I place him in his bassinet.

Alison Eunice, NM

Great for newborns

Definetly nice for a small newborn, however I my 8 lb 1 month old I think has already out grown it. That could just be because it’s winter so she’s bundled up in thick clothes. Either way I’m sure you could still use the Ergo without it with just a blanket/wrap or just extra clothes. Nicely made though, and seems like the price of $25 is about right for it, I would pay much more for it though

Lorna Maplewood, NJ

Not necessary to me

I LOVE the Ergo. I had a Bjorn with my first daughter, and it was fine and uses daily. I decided to try and Ergo with my next one and literally cannot live without it. My 8 month old still uses it. However, I found this insert to be unnecessary. I read the directions and did it correctly, but it just felt cumbersome. My daughter didn’t like it either. She fit much better in the regular Ergo, even as a newborn. She weighed 7.5 at birth but lost weight and has been the 5th percentile since. So, she wasn’t a huge newborn. I just don’t think this is necessary. The regular Ergo is amazing enough on its own.

Gladys Bath, NH

Great for newborns!

When my daughter was born she loved to be wrapped up in this and stuck in the Ergo. Well, let’s be real- she hated the actual process of wrapping her in this. But once she was in the Ergo, she would fall asleep (some days that was the only way) right away. Once she was asleep, we could take her out of the Ergo, but leave her in this insert and put her down and she wouldn’t wake up.I do wish the button on the side was sturdier- a lot of times it would pop open before we got her in the Ergo. But we loved everything else. And the print is cute but not so girly that my husband disliked carrying it around. The only other con is that the insert makes it even sweatier to use the Ergo, but once we figured out she wouldn’t wake up in the insert we were sweating a lot less!

Rosetta High Bridge, WI

too hot!

super sweaty, we had an august baby and it was waaaay too hot for this. i then figured out i could just tuck baby into the ergo anyway without the insert, just fine like that for the first month or so.

Debra Welaka, FL


this is one of the best things I got as a gift. my son could be screaming his head off and I put him in this and put him in my carrier for a few minutes and he calms right down and goes to sleep. It’s awesome

Roxanne Cedar Grove, WI

Used w/boba

I could not use the full insert,just the pillow insert.It worked great to swaddle too.I would recommend to friends and family.

Edwina Concordia, MO

Difficult to use

This insert is a tricky to use. It is designed in such a way that the babys legs will be inside the carrier, but it is very uncomfortable to have the babys legs inside, squished between your body and your baby. It can also get very hot in the summer. The best thing to do is wait for your baby to be old enough to use the ergo carrier without the insert

Maribel Dinwiddie, VA