ERGObaby Original Infant Insert, Galaxy Grey

ERGObaby Original Infant Insert, Galaxy Grey

This soft, Ergobaby Infant Insert cushion works with any Ergobaby Carrier and must be inserted to support growing babies ranging from newborns to 4-5 months.

Main features

  • Cushioned shell is used to ensure they are seated correctly and have the head and neck support
  • Provides Ergonomic support for growing baby bodies
  • Machine wash cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle dry on delicate cycle and remove when seams are still damp

Verified reviews


Happy I bought this extra piece

I originally bought the ERGObaby Galaxy Grey carrier by itself. I had debated whether to purchase the infant insert because I wasn’t sure how long it would be useful and whether it would be worth the expense. I am now so happy I purchased it! My baby is 9 weeks old and 12.5 lbs and fits in it comfortably. Because it is the beginning of winter, I like that I can carry him against my chest and inside my open coat when we go for walks (this keeps him warmer than if he was bundled in the stroller), and it has made our first shopping trips easier: he does not like to be in the car sear carrier, so I can strap him into the ERGObaby and do what I need to do, with no fuss — he falls asleep and stays asleep until we get back to the car! As a first-time mom who is still a little anxious about running errands, this gives me a little more confidence knowing he is happy and secure and less likely to get upset, and I can get done what I need to without an issue.

Lynnette Walnut Creek, CA

Great for propping baby up!

I bought the insert because my son is so tiny. It works well for propping him up and gives him good hip positioning. It is also winter here so it helps keep him warm, however I do not recommend using it in summer months as it can get hot. Overall I really like it.

Savannah Elsinore, UT


I found this insert to be too hot, floppy, and uncomfortable for me and my baby girl. Tula makes an infant insert that is far superior.

Ella Plymouth, NH

Much needed

Even though my four month old son is 19 pounds, we still needed this insert. It pads where his thighs come out and where his head hits as well. He also needs that boost in the bottom to sit higher and be more comfortable. Works well and we’re still using it.

Paula Joliet, MT

Great product – little tight

We really like this carrier over the bjorn, however I feel that our newborn gets a little lost in this insert. We have been worried aboutt covering her face a few times and I find myself constantly checking to make sure her nose is clear for breathing. I think once she is a little larger and can support her neck, this issue will no longer be a concern

Krista Los Indios, TX

We couldn’t figure out how to use this.

Even after watching the videos online, we couldn’t figure out how our newborn son’s legs were supposed to fit into this. So we waited a few weeks and tried again, once he was a little bigger and didn’t require the booster cushion. The bottom of the insert has a confusing strap that doesn’t seal the bottom of the insert. You can’t put the baby’s feet in the bottom, because they slip through the holes on either side of the strap. You can’t put their feet outside when they’re still tiny, because they’re not big enough to straddle you yet. So we had to wait until our son was big enough that he didn’t need the insert, and we basically never used it.

Tammi Oakland, AR

Baby not into it.

My baby was never into this. I think she would overheat too quickly in it.

Margarita Chatsworth, IA

Did not work for my child

The product is of good quality and design, it just did not work for our child. She hated it every time we tried it. We eventually sent it back. Again, this is a good product, my child just hated it.

Arline Moosup, CT