ERGObaby performance baby carrier – Charcoal Black

ERGObaby performance baby carrier – Charcoal Black

BCP02500 Color: Charcoal Black Features: -Product Type:Standard -Color:Blue -Distressed:No -Material:Fabric -Number of Items Included:1. Dimensions: -Overall Height – Top to Bottom:12 -Overall Width – Side to Side:10 -Overall Depth – Front to Back:4 -Overall Product Weight:2.8

Main features

  • Carrier body: Durable high-performance Ripstop water-repellant polyester outer layer ideal for outdoor activities. Carrier lining: 98% polyester lycra CoolMax mesh lining for extra wicking (Blue and Charcoal) for increased breathability and moisture wicking; Cotton lining (Green and Gray).
  • Carrier weight: 1.21 lbs / 550 grams. 1/3 lighter than ergobaby Original Carrier. More breathable and lightweight.
  • Sleeping Hood: Integrated Ripstop water-repellant fabric with elastic edging and snap-to-strap attach. Supports baby’s head while sleeping and protects from sun and wind. Adjusts in length with 5 snap levels for growth of baby.
  • Shoulder straps: Padded with 1″ high-density premium foam expanding from 27″ – 49″. Waist strap belt: Padded with 1.4″ high-density EVA foam expanding from 23.6″ – 51.18″ / 60cm – 130cm an additional 5.9″ / 15cm over the ergobaby Original Carrier
  • Small zippered pouch fully hides Sleeping Hood when stuffed. Large zippered storage pocket holds your wallet keys and mobile phone

Verified reviews


better for my back

This baby carrier works wonderful… We have Moby wrap and Baby Bjorn, but Ergo works the best especially for our back as our baby gets older. The down side is we cannot flip the baby facing forward using this carrier.

Adele Roosevelt, NY

NOT FOR SMALL BABIES – a review for the 1st time mom

I bought this carrier when I was pregnant with my 1st daughter along with the newborn insert, after reading that you shouldn’t carry your baby facing forward.Big mistake: if you want a happy child who enjoys her strolls, look for a carrier that goes both ways.1st problem: In a warm climate, there is no way you can use the insert, it’s like a down comforter.2nd problem: My dughter did not accept being wrapped in the insert at all. Hysteric crying every time I tried (even with the air conditioning at full blast).3rd and biggest problem: This carrier will allow your baby to slide down to your waist. The bottom of the carrier is very wide – just look at the picture. This means your baby will have to keep her upper legs wide wide open around your body, paralell to the floor, dangling from the knees.4th problem: even with her legs wide open, a small baby’s knees won’t reach the opening, so she can’t bend the knees and her head will be pressed against your breast and covered by the carrier unless you use some sort of cushion. With a cushion, she kept moving sideways, looked uncomfortable.Finally, when she was a bit bigger, I managed to get her in the carrier fir a few minutes without crying and I fell sorry for her. The whole time she was struggling to turn her head and look at what was going on around her.I finally gave up and bought a much cheaperInfantino Flip Front 2 Back Carrier, Blackand my duighter loves it as long as she’s facing forward. I can uderstand that it may be bad for her back if she’s carried that way for too long, but it’s even worse for my back, so this is something I don’t do.This may be a good carrier if you plan to take your 1yr old trekking but not a good choice for the urban mom of a small baby. I will give it another go when my daughter turns 1.UPDATE: AND MAYBE NOT FOR SMALL MOMS EITHERNow my daughter ir 10 months old, 7.7 kg (17 lb) and 70 cm (27 inches)and has outgrown the Infantino. So I gave the Ergobaby another try and it didn’t go so well. Even with all straps adjusted to the minimum, her bum would still sit lower than her legs, like she was hanging. We did get to go for a nice stroll with her on my back (difficult to put her there on my own, but I guess that’s expected for any carrier), but i felt I had to keep pushing her up to keep her comfortable. There was nocrying, but I feel there must be a better option, one that keeps her sitting tighter.I could guess this may work for larger parents – I’m small 1,63 cm (5 ft 4 in)/ 53 kg (116 lb. If other small parents are happy with their carriers, suggestions are welcome, since I love to carry her around and I’m still looking for a carrier that works until she’s too heavy for me.

Florine Moatsville, WV

The first carrier that my daughter actually likes

This is the first carrier that my daughter actually likes. (We have tried some slings and the baby bjorn carrier). We used it to walk over a mile in San Francisco this past weekend. My daughter is 10 months and about 20 pounds and I am happy to say I had no back pain after. She was completely comfy and did not complain the whole walk.

Angelique Brunswick, TN

So far so good.

This is the only carrier I bought I love it. I can carry my baby anywhere in this carrier without hurting my back.I can’t compare with any other carriers because I don’t have experience using them.My baby is only 8 weeks, we have to use an infant insert. We live in Hawaii, the infant insert makes me and baby girl very hot. That’s my only complaint.

Hollie Destin, FL

Great carrier!

This is an awesome carrier, but everyone already knows that. I have tried multiple carriers trying to savwe some money and nothing worked as well as this one.

Maria Narragansett, RI

best carrier

I tried everything out there. Bjorn is good for bigger frames. I’m 5’4 and this is fits just perfect. but it also fits my baby’s Dad who is 6′ tall. So much more comfortable and provides more support since it uses back & hips to spread the weight. My absolutely loves it. I also tried Moby-D. Infantino front carrier, and Playtext Hip Carriers. Don’t waste your time with those.

Fern Hillsboro, TN

So comfortable

This is by far the most comfortable carrier out there. I own a Moby, K’tan, and Bjorn. I used the Moby when my son was a newborn and it was so comfortable, but takes so long to get on it wasn’t worth the trouble. I bought the K’tan since it was similar but easier to get on, and I enjoyed it while my son was younger. Once he got older we had to use the Bjorn which he really enjoyed because he could face forward, but it killed my back. So when we were headed to NYC on a trip we decided to get the Ergo so we could wear our son everywhere and not mess with a stroller. My son was 9 mo old, 22 lbs, and in the 100th percentile for height, and I feel like I could wear him in this forever. It’s so comfortable and easy to get on. I love to wear him while I’m shopping or anywhere out and about with him. My husband prefers plopping him in a stroller, but I’d rather wear him when I can and with this I can pretty much anywhere for any length of time. I haven’t worn him on my back much, but imagine I will when it warms up again and we’re outside more, but I’ve tried getting it on my back with him in as practice and found it very easy. I wish I’d bought this earlier!

Vanessa Weesatche, TX


Both me and my baby love this carrier! I was hesitant to spend so much on a carrier but figured if I was going to use it for a while I should spend the money and get one I would be happy with for a while.1. Our first trip out we went to the fair. He was in it for about an hour and was so calm and relaxed. He is five months old and so immediately started chewing on the straps. Glad I got the teething pad covers.2. Our next outing in it was at a 5K race. I normally run the races but ended up with no baby sitter last minute so I had to take him with me. This is a big race (24,000 people) so I figured it would be hard to do with a stroller and he would probably feel more secure next to me in the carrier. We got to the race and he was hungry. It was easy to feed him while still in the carrier. He fell asleep about half way through the bottle. At about the first mile he woke up, poked his head out and looked around and then snuggled back into the carrier and slept the rest of the race. He was in the carrier about three hours this time. He slept longer than most morning nap times.3. Next time we used it we were at my sister’s house for a super bowl party. This ended up going past bed time but he was in the carrier already and ended up falling asleep again. He was in it about four hours this time.Normally when I would hold him for a long time he would be squirmy or I am adjusting positions so many times because it is hard to hold any kind of weight in one position for any length of time. However when he is in the carrier he is never squirmy. Matter of fact if he is fussy and I put him in there he calms right down. The way he is positioned in there is a comfortable seated position. I wanted a carrier where he could face out but decided his comfort was more important than him being able to face out. I mean what is so great about facing forward if he can only stay in it for a short amount of time because he isn’t comfortable? Glad I got this one. He is obviously comfortable in this one. He has spent hours at a time in it and never squirms to get out. Also, I have worn him in it for hours at a time and never was I uncomfortable, no back strain, no uncomfortable straps digging anywhere, etc. The way I figure it if I can walk a 5K race and have him in it for three hours than it is a great carrier. That was definitely a test and it passed with flying colors for both baby and I.Also running errands with this carrier is so much better. He never likes to stay in his car seat and is not stable enough to just sit in the cart so it was always a race through the store to get it done before he fussed to get out of his seat. I would forget things or end up carrying him and trying to push a cart and it was just a mission. Now I have him in the carrier and he just looks around and takes in the sights and I get my shopping done stress free.Soooo much nicer. I wish I had bought this carrier sooner but at least I bought it soon enough so we will have many outings in it. I have nothing bad to say about this carrier. It is great quality, it is comfortable for both of us, it is not overly bulky, it is easy to put on and put him in it, … like I said we LOVE it. I would have to say out of all my baby supply purchases this is my absolute favorite one.

Queen Premont, TX

Not great for a young infant, possibly better as baby grows

So the verdict is still out on the Ergo. Baby is 8 weeks old and we’ve managed to use the Ergo a handful of times. I have a feeling we may like it better once the baby is older, but for a newborn/young infant, it’s not been ideal for us. Using it with the infant insert is a bit tricky and it becomes incredibly bulky. Baby seemed OK, but it was very hot and uncomfortable for me as the person wearing it. I stopped using the infant insert once baby had more head/trunk control, but even then she didn’t really care for it and it never felt terribly secure. It works, so maybe it’s just my baby. That said, the carrier does a great job at distributing weight on your hips, so is pretty comfortable for the user. I also really like the little hood and storage pockets.If you’re going to get this, get it with the intent of using it once the baby is a bit older and can spread his or her legs around your body. I would NOT recommend the infant insert with this product as it’s just not comfortable or functional.

Frances Fredonia, AZ

Love this for a my lil one!

I bring this to the mall and use it while doing chores at home. Great way to free up both hands! My lil one likes it and can usually sleep well in it. I check on him to make sure e doesn’t get too warm. You definitely need a partner to fit it and get used to donning it a few times. Took me a little bit especially putting it on with my baby and no help. But we are pros now. Love the pockets! The material is definitely lighter than the original ad we got that first then returned and got this. I do think the material is lighter too. Must have!

Magdalena Morrowville, KS


OMG I can’t say enough how much I love this carrier. I love that the ergo goes all the way towards baby’s knees for him to sit comfortably. I love the durable design, with HEAVY use its not even showing signs of wear. I love the little bands to roll up the slack in the straps. I love the color and it makes it easier for my husband to wear also. I love the mesh on this one and how lightweight it is and breathable. I love the pocket and being able to tuck the hood away also. And I also love how much easier it is to adjust the chest straps than it is on the regular ergo carriers. Makes it waaay easier to adjust comfortably by myself weather I’m carrying him on my front or back. I am VERY glad I went with the performance model!My baby loves this and so do I. I really does help to distribute the weight evenly also, except in hip carry naturally. I have a neck injury from a car accident and many carriers irritate it. I can carry my son in this for hours with no problem to my neck.

Marsha Cayuse, OR

Love this, but a little long in the torso

I’m 5’4" and I have short legs and a long torso. I LOVE this carrier – the weight of it, the material, the breathability, the storage options – but it goes a little far down in the front for me and I have to adjust it frequently. When I wear it, I end up pulling the front up and the back down pretty often. Why is that little curve piece there? I have to imagine it’s for people wearing it on their backs? I haven’t worn it that way yet.

Sophia Tyler, MN