ERGOBaby Performance Baby Carrier with Attached Sleeping Hood, in Spring Green

ERGOBaby Performance Baby Carrier with Attached Sleeping Hood, in Spring Green

Made of durable, lightweight, and breathable fabric, the ERGObaby Performance carriers are made to accommodate all active moms and dads. The Performance carriers feature a high-performance nylon exterior, ideal for outdoor activities in all climates; a breathable mesh lining, keeping babies and parents cooler and more comfortable; and a CoolMax panel for extra wicking. This sleek, streamlined design offers a smooth, supportive fit for parents and babies of most sizes, and can still be used to carry babies from newborn to toddler on the back, front, and hip positions. Of course, ERGObaby’s Performance line supports the correct ergonomic position for both babies and parents.

Main features

  • The ERGObaby Performance carriers are made to accommodate all active moms and dads
  • Made of durable, lightweight, and breathable fabric
  • High-performance nylon exterior, ideal for outdoor activities in all climates
  • Breathable mesh lining, keeping babies and parents cooler and more comfortable
  • ERGObaby’s Performance line supports the correct ergonomic position for both babies and parents.

Verified reviews


Not Good For Older Babies

We bought this hoping to carry our 7 month old son. Everyone had raved about Ergo carriers, so we decided to give it a try. Upon receiving it, I noted that the instruction manual recommends that you only use it as a front carrier up to 6 months old. Turns out that’s for a really good reason. Our 19 pound baby was WAY to heavy for me to front carry in this carrier. We were both uncomfortable.So, I tried adjusting for a hip carry. It’s a horrible hip carrier. The straps aren’t straight, they’re angled. They dug into my neck, and put all the weight there.I wasn’t interested in carrying a baby so young on my back, so I had to return it.As a side note – I had picked the Performance carrier because I wanted to carry him during the summer, and it’s quite hot here. Well, when I opened it up, I realized that wasn’t going to happen. The material is really thick, and the lining is black. There’s also no lining between you and the baby, so I knew we’d be sweating all over each other (just like with another carrier we’d tried).

Kristine Chappells, SC

not my favorite ergo AT ALL.

i live and work on a farm, and i have a (currently) 16 month old toddler. The ergo is imperative. I had an ancient, albeit very comfortable one (one of the first editions) but it finally lost its integrity and began to rip at the seams (they’ve fixed this in later years, of course).regardless, i sure do miss it. i miss the velcro straps and the chest strap you could place anywhere – on the Performance, especially, it’s really really high up on the chest with no options for moving it up or down – therefore, i can’t exactly get a proper fit on my very average frame.i’m a little bummed i bought this model, frankly. i’d hoped that it would be better for working on the farm and hiking, since in my lines of work and play, you can work up a sweat pretty quickly and performance materials are the way to go.but so far, this mesh is so rough it’s unbelievable. makes me wonder who was thinking when they designed this thing – we’d be wearing this IN THE HEAT, y’all, and those straps? like so many other reviewers here, i must agree – they are ROUGH and they hurt and make tank tops a pain (literally).as well… i miss the old size of the canvas “flap” hood. Again, on the performance especially, the snaps on the new hood seem really, REALLY stupidly placed. man those velcro straps sure were handy… in addition, the hood is black (hello again PERFORMANCE – we hike in these, we work in these – black clothing = heat). it might look great on some urbanite out for a park stroll, but for people who actually put this thing to use on a regular basis, black = hot on my kid’s head. maybe it’s better that it really doesn’t do much for her. seriously tho, folks – don’t you live in hawaii? isn’t it sunny and hot there? what were you thinking?i dunno, whatever. i’m honestly terribly bummed i bought this model – i’m really close to putting it on craigslist and just going for another cotton one, one with a lighter-colored hood. it will get filthy and be much hotter, but at least it will be comfortable.i’m giving this one a two, only because the rest of the ergo, minus the rough-meshed shoulder straps, still provides the standard ergo comfort. but the rest of it? back to the drawing board, folks. there are an AWFUL lot of complaints about this one here. add this one to it (incidentally, i posted a much nicer review on their facebook page, but that disappeared pretty quickly).

Autumn Miracle, KY

Better than the Original

I purchased the original Ergo, then returned it and purchased the performance instead. This one is lighter weight and more breathable making it easier for my little one on a hot day. She has no troubles moving her head around as stated as a problem in someone else’s review. The waist strap is about 5″ longer than the original so no need for waist extensions as with the original (this was my main reason for returning the original).It is comfortable for me and my little one. She sits happily bouncing along inside. I have a Snugli and Baby Bjorn…both of which are great for when your little one is small. You do need something like this so that it distributes babies weight to your hips when baby gets heavier. This one does have the sleeping hood and pockets but not able to have attachments like the Ergo Sport Model. Definitely recommend for babies…just remember that baby’s legs must be able to wrap around your waist in order to use this or you will need the infant attachment (would not recommend the infant attachment, just get another carrier until baby is bigger).Join Amazon Mom:

Melinda Anthony, KS

We have used many carriers……..

I like each carrier, for a different reason.We have a HOTSLING, and love it cuz i can fold it in my purse and i Have the mesh like breathable fabric and its so perfect for hot weather. Its amazing for the hip carry and newborn hold. Love it,. Have had it for 4 yrs and w/ two kids.I haev tried on the bjorn, wow is it easy to put on! but it doenst really support the lower back at all on the version I tried on at target. I think the newer ones have lower back support now though….but i “THINK” it dangled the baby and thats not good for its hips while they are developing. I loved how baby would face foward though, but we didnt purchase based on the lower back support/danging legs.I really like this ergo baby. The front and back hold are very easy to do (i am flexible though and thin, not sure about other body shapes so, u kinda have to reach between ur shoulder blades to snap/unsnap it and i could see how alot of people would have trouble w/ that). I dont like baby cant face foward but our baby seems to do ok regardless and still turns her head and looks around. My very petite 4 yr old is 28 lbs and she fits very well into it also, even though she is tall. When i am wearing the ergo, i dont feel any part of my body working harder than the next. very balanced unlike w/ the hotsling or other slings. I could see how someone could wear this for hiking or something, very comfy. But i still do love our hotsling for its conveneince, air flow material (the version i got at least) and is so foldable .I would reccomend this to anyone but i wish it was more breathable, very hot here and might have to get baby down to just a diaper when we are going to bed outside.

Jeanette Somerset, IN

Beautiful but we can’t use it 🙁

I love this, its great looking, durable, and easy to use. Sadly my baby is not a fan so I can’t use it. He is so uncomfortable in it and squirms and cries whenever I try to put him in.

Jill Basile, LA

LOVE LOVE LOVE this carrier!!!

I cannot say enough how much I have loved having this carrier. It has been a life-saver. We have a dog I walk 2-3 times a day out in a wooded area by our apartment (not stroller friendly). It allows my arms to be free while I throw the ball for the doggy or pick up things. I carry a diaper in the pouch at all times and poop bags for the dog. It has been perfect for living in a large city and needing to be more compact on the streets. I have absolutely love this purchase.

Latonya Boyers, PA

needs more head support and air circulation

well constructed and durable, but the parts that rub against the baby’s head, neck, and ears should be much softer (though i haven’t seen a specific skin irritation). both mom and dad have been using it at least a couple times a week from birth to 9 months, often on 4-8 mile hikes w/steep hills, and the baby becomes kind of a squished sweaty ball. some kind of plastic frame insert that supports the baby and gives them room to move around and have some air circulation would be ideal.she doesn’t seem to mind being in there, but usually goes straight to sleep, i think to avoid the boredom of having nothing but a chest to look at and no room to move. her head lolls backwards badly, and the hood can’t be tightened enough to support’s great that she can easily nurse while walking, but still have to manually support the breast.much easier on the back with trekking poles (Pace Maker Expedition Trekking Poles– cheaper direct from […]

Millie Kirkwood, IL

Washes well.

I love this Ergo Performance over cotton Ergo because it washes well and dries almost instantly. The color (I have green) is so nice and I get compliments all the time. Compare to my friend’s original Ergo, Performance seems to have a higher back panel, so the baby seems to sit deeper inside the carrier, which gave my baby a nice neck support longer.

Lana Waltham, MN

Almost perfect. Almost.

This beat the Bjorn and Moby hands down for us. You know you are using it right, because it is so simple (the problem with the Moby is the lack of physical structure), the baby sits more naturally in it, and it is good up to 40lbs (problem with the Bjorn is the hip support is lacking because that is what allows you to wear the baby facing out, and it maxes out at 25lbs). You will need the infant insert for months 0-3 until their hips develop enough to be worn without it.The only drawback is if you have a big baby (born at 9-11lbs). In which case your only option is the Bjorn for those first few months. Our big baby was just too big to be comfortable in the insert (same with the newborn position with the Moby) and not developed enough for either to be used without them (hips too fixed, no neck control). We thought about getting a used Bjorn for the first few months, but it was still too pricy for something he would grow outgrow in a few months, so we just waited the 3 months to use the Ergo.10-Month Update: We love this carrier, and so does our boy. The shoulder straps are ergonomic in both front and back positions and evenly distribute his weight (27lbs!) on our hips. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t make a 27lb baby feel like a feather, but it makes carrying him around for more extended periods of time possible. My only complaint with the performance model is that the material of the shoulder straps is not comfortable on bare skin, a flaw so irritating I had to knock off one star.

Hillary Lochgelly, WV