ERGObaby Teething Pads, Cream

ERGObaby Teething Pads, Cream

From experience we know that teething babies tend to turn to ergobaby carrier straps. So we created reversible, 100% cotton ergobaby Teething Pads that snap to fasten right where they need them and simultaneously preserve your ergobaby carrier’s colors and form. One pair included. Features 100% cotton terry cloth. Snaps attach the pads around the shoulder straps of the carrier. Reversible. CPSIA compliant. Machine wash cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle. Dry in low heat.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Teething Pad that’s perfect for teething gums, is easily washable and keeps the carrier in top form
  • 100% cotton terry cloth
  • Machine wash cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle; Dry on delicate cycle and remove when seams are still damp

Verified reviews


Meets expectations

I’ll come back later after my grandson starts teething and I can actually rate this based on usefulness. They seem to be sturdy and well made.

Brooke Cromona, KY

Its ok

These are great but my daughter who always chews on stuff has barely chewed on these. I wear them on the carrier, they fit perfectly but I didn’t really need them :/

Tara Blue Mountain, AR

Works great for Boba 3G carrier too!

I recently purchased the Boba 3G carrier and I was looking at the Boba teething pads, because my 7 month old has been teething like crazy lately and I didn’t want her to destroy the straps of the carrier. I was all set to purchase the Boba pads when I noticed that these pads were half the price, but looked like the exact same thing. I figured I would give it a shot and hope they fit. They fit on the straps perfectly! My daughter instantly started chewing and sucking on these when I put her in the carrier. The pads are nice and soft and wash up well. I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend that even if you don’t have the carrier they are made for you give them a shot.

Eunice West Point, PA

Love them!

My 5 month old was chewing on the straps of my Ergo carrier and the straps were also leaving some marks on her under arms when her arms were out. Both problems were solved with these. I love that I can take them off and wash them without washing the whole carrier. They also help keep my carrier looking nice so I can resell it when I’m done without stains from teething.

Jodi Rolesville, NC

functional & easy

i have a boba carrier and these fit. bought the ergo baby ones because they were cheaper. now baby slobbers all over these instead of gnawing on the carrier. 🙂

Michelle Fairview, NJ

If you have the carrier, you need these.

You’re supposed to wash the carrier itself as seldom as possible. If you’re careful with it when you’re not wearing it, the parts that gets the dirtiest are the straps where your baby sucks and chews. These pads protect that area. They’re soft and the snaps are strong.Bottom line: If you have anERGObaby Original Baby Carrier, you need these. Not only do you need them, if you use the carrier a lot and your baby is very mouthy, you need two sets.

Nellie Millington, MI

They Think of Everything

I bought these to go with the ERGO baby carrier and didn’t think they were necessary, but within minutes of me putting the kid in the carrier, he was chewing on the teething pads. So there you go. And they can be taken off and washed, so how great is that?

Ofelia Kenton, OK

So handy for washing

bought these to go with my ergo carrier. Love them, so much easier than putting the whole carrier in the washing machine. Plus they are reversable, so if one side is dirty, let it dry; and then flip so you get more use out of the pad. definatly a must if you have the ergo.

Alba Gallman, MS

Great for a teething baby

I initially was hesitant to spend so much money on two small pieces of cloth. I still feel that these are overpriced, but they do save me from having to wash my ergo carrier after each use, and they are much softer for my baby to chew on than the ergo carrier straps. They are easy to throw in with the wash, and snap easily onto the carrier. Still, a very expensive buy especially after the cost of the carrier.

Lee Scranton, NC

Immediately served its purpose

As soon as I strapped these onto our new ERGO carrier and loaded baby in, she immediately went for the pads to suck and chew on. They are sturdy and soft enough to chew without reaching the strap underneath.

Sara Hermosa Beach, CA

A must have!

For anyone with a teething baby, these are a must have. My baby spends much of her time in the Ergo chewing on these pads. I just pull them off and toss them in the washer every now and then.

Jamie Seneca, SD

Works great!

I wasn’t sure if I should get these based on the reviews but I’m glad I did. My little dude is teething and likes to chew. These sit in just the right spot so he just turns his head and there they are!

Bernadine Waverly, KY

Great teething pads!

They are bit pricey but definitely a great purchase. They are easy to snap on and off to wash. They are still durable after multiple washes. My baby loves to nibble on them and not only do they serve as great teething pads it helps from the straps to rub against her face.

Lilian Seaboard, NC

Great addition to the Ergo!

I resisted ordering these for several months after my baby started teething because I thought they were not necessary. I ended up with drool-covered straps on my Ergo that were hard to clean. These pads have been totally worth the money. They are easy to clean and I feel better having my baby chew on these instead of the regular Ergo straps. I think they will also help my Ergo to last for a long time.

Lorraine Altadena, CA

Great invention

These do exactly what they’re supposed to do and my baby loves to gum and gnaw them. They are little drool-covered pads and they’re great because I can wash them and not the whole carrier. I also don’t get wet when he drools all over them like I do when he gnaws on the actual carrier. I wish they came in more colors.

Brandy Santa Fe, TN

Probably could have done without

So far my 5-month-old, who pretty much chews on everything, has largely ignored these when he’s been in the Ergo. Maybe when he’s a little taller and they’re more obviously mouth-level he’ll notice them more? I also feel like I probably could’ve just wrapped a terrycloth washcloth around the strap and gotten the same result, for less money. Oh well – not a bad purchase, but not really a necessary one either.

Lottie Waterloo, IN

Great time saver and keeps my ergo straps clean!

Love this. So easy to use and my baby can chomp and suck away at the teething pads and I don’t worry about the dirt or saliva getting all over my ergo straps. I just go home and wash and reattach. When traveling, I have turned the pads to the other side and re-attached so that I can continue to use for a few days until we are home. Definitely recommend this not only to keep my ergo straps clean but so that the baby will teeth on something that is soft for his little gums.

Marietta Archie, MO

Wonderful teethers!!

Well, I initially used these for suck pads but they quickly turned into a teething toy after i forgot to bring a toy and baby was happy. I use them for both my ergo and Tula and I’m sure they will fit just about any structured carrier or Mai tai.

Mavis Roland, AR

Good buy

Our girl is still to young to use these on the carrier but I’ve been using these on the car seat as an extra cushion around her neck! Super soft and comfy!

Johanna Rydal, GA

Lots easier to wash than the whole carrier!

My 6 month old has been teething for a while, and when we have her in the Bjorn, we just stick a burp cloth across the front for the inevitable gnawing. With the Ergo Baby, we wanted something for the shoulder straps so we didn’t have to wash the whole carrier every couple of wearings. The 3 plastic snaps are secure, but open and close with just enough effort that I know the baby won’t be able to take them off. The pads have been through a handful of washings and still look new. I would buy again!

Araceli Lesterville, MO

If you get the Ergo, these are a must!

Once my daughter entered that oral phase (around 3 months), EVERYTHING went into her mouth. We love our Ergo, but without these pads, the whole thing would be covered in baby drool. These are very soft and perfect for little baby gum munchers. I can easily remove them (they have plastic snaps) and wash every few days. Great for keeping the Ergo dry and baby happy.

Beatriz Ah Gwah Ching, MN

A must have if you have a drooly/teething baby who is in her Ergo 24/7

These are great for babies who are in their Ergo constantly and who are drooly/teething. My daughter doesn’t really "chew" on them, but they help keep the straps dry and clean as she tends to rest her chin right on these straps.

Celia Eagle Grove, IA

Perfect companion to the most amazing carrier!

If you’re looking at these teething pads, then you don’t need any convincing to buy an Ergobaby carrier. But just in case you need a little more persuading, they truly are awesome. I’ve had mine for about 6 months and it is SO worth the money.Now about the teething pads… Buy them! I noticed quickly after I purchased my carrier that I would need to wash it often since my son liked to chew on the straps and they would get soaked. This was a great solution. They’re very soft and absorbent. It’s super easy to take them off, throw them in the washer, and stick them back on.I would definitely recommend to buy the teething pads if you have the carrier, or plan to get one.

Sherri Bancroft, WI

Must have

This works and easy to take it off to wash. It does stay in shape after a few wash. Other than $ part it is great. I still think it should come with the carrier.

Tiffany Winnett, MT

Great for chewing

Our daughter is starting to teeth and every time she is in her ergo she munches on these teething pads. They are easy to wash and are holding up well.

Polly Saltillo, PA

Necessity for your sanity!

works on other carriers, too. Helps keep me from needing to wash the whole carrier frequently because of drool. So, my carrier fabric will look less worn!

Jane Firebrick, KY

Work great

These are great for my ErgoBaby carrier. I think they are a little overpriced for what they are, but at least I have them now. If they "wear out" I can easily sew up a pair from here on out. I think you pay more for the name than anything, as with the ergo carrier, but we love the ergo with our 5 month old, so it was worth the money spent.

Betsy Bullhead City, AZ

Good for teething baby

These are good for babies who are teething – they save the Ergo somewhat from being chewed on. They’re easy to wash, and easy to put on and take off the Ergo.I would have preferred if they were available to match the color of the Ergo (we have black, and I didn’t see any black ones.)

Lillian Adams Basin, NY

Great addition to the ergo baby carrier

The carrier itself is pretty expensive and took me a while to decide whether to invest more money into the carrier. I think it is definitely worth it especially my baby is teething right now. These are much easier to wash and clean. And he loves teething on them when I carry him.

Tanisha Bigler, PA

thick and soft

i love these pads; they are thick and soft, and clip on securely to the ergo straps, protecting the parts where my son loves to chew on most!

Fanny Rosebud, TX