ERGObaby Teething Pads

ERGObaby Teething Pads

Ergo Baby Teething Pads – Cream – Set of 2 The ERGObaby sucking pad was created for your baby’s teething years. This reversible pad will not only extend the life of your carrier due to less frequent washings, but will give you peace of mind knowing that your baby is teething on 100% cotton. One pair enclosed.100% cotton terry clothVelcro attaches the pad around the shoulder strap of the carrierReversiblemachine washable, gentle cycle ?

Main features

  • Comes in a pack of two
  • 100% cotton terry cloth
  • Velcro attaches the pad around the shoulder strap of the carrier
  • Reversible
  • machine washable, gentle cycle

Verified reviews


Soft for munching

My baby loves munching this sucking pad as well as the shoulder strap.These pads prevent frequent washing of the carrier itself. However, I still think they’re too pricey for what they are.

Agnes National Mine, MI

what do you say…it’s a suck pad…

It’s nothing spectacular, but if you don’t want your baby chewing and sucking on your carrier these are great! I recommend…

Florence Sayre, PA

A must buy

I am so glad I bought these. The first thing my baby did the first time in his carrier was start chewing on the straps. He is five months and teething and he loves to chew on the straps. With these it gives him something to chew on and I can just take these off and not have to wash the carrier so many times. Much easier to just wash these.My only complaint and it is a very small complaint is the buttons on it are a little hard to do and so I usually only get one or two of them buttoned. Still works with just one buttoned. Just wish they were more like the buttons on the onesies instead. But definitely not that big of a deal.

Debbie Edgarton, WV

Toy Review???

This isn’t a toy but for some reason it is categorized as such. This is an ergobaby accessory, and a much needed one at that. Please buy it for your child (or design your own)! the babies love to put everything in their mouth and mine are a cream color which get stained/dirty. easily. BUT it keeps them happy! it is soft, clean, and easy to clean up. it has a different texture which is soft on your baby’s mouth (+ for us moms who worry about it cutting up their mouths). i dont like that it stained so easily, but obviously there are more important stains to worry about than a sucking pad on your baby’s carrier. my child simply loves this thing. i think it is really soothing. he doesn’t like most of the available cloth items to suck on, so word to the wise, use cotton terry cloth (or cotton in general they seem to like it). i’d rate this as a must-have because it will save your carrier from unnecessary wearing away, but you can also easily sew these up yourself at home, for low cost, or none if you have the right materials laying around (baby washcloths, and so on). great idea for whoever thought these up. (also worth the one time fee, if you arent handy enough to sew or dont have stuff to make these yourself)

Olivia Plain, WI

Saves washing your Ergo

My child likes to mouth everything, including the Ergo straps closest to his mouth. This saved me having to constantly wash my Ergo.

Kathy Hidalgo, TX

Great product, but…

I wish they came in black to match my Ergo! That is my only complaint though. SOOOOO much easier to deal with rather than having to wash the whole Ergo.

Sandra Warren, PA

Definitely a necessity!

These should be included with every Ergo purchased, in my opinion. Our son is teething (and drooling) like crazy, and when we wash ours and forget to put them back on our Ergo it starts to look stained very quickly. I definitely feel that the sucking pads will extend the life of our Ergo since we won’t have to wash it nearly as often.I do find that when I wash the pads the velcro will often stick to something, no matter how well I think I closed it. I would recommend washing them in a laundry bag to prevent that problem. That said, I’ve washed mine several times and they’re holding up very nicely.

Robbie Parks, AZ

Great Product

I really find these pads to be a must-buy if you have an ergo. My son loves to bite and chew the straps of the ergo and it’s nice to have these pads that I can easily launder after my son was slobbered all over them.

Tamara Griffin, GA

Must Have for Ergo

I’ve been using the Ergo with my son since he was just a few weeks old and we both love it. Once he turned around 4 months old and started putting everything he could get into his mouth in his mouth I got these sucking pads. Now he’s 5 months old and we still love the ergo — I like the ease and comfort and my son likes to eat it. The sucking pads are great because I can let him suck and nibble away while he looks around at the passing scenery and then I just take off teh sucking pads and throw them in the washing machine when we get home. That way we’re both happy.

Shari Wheeler, TX

Perfect for tiny mouths

I bought these as soon as I noticed my son was mouthing the Ergo straps.I ordered the Mocha colored ones because I was concerned about stains showing.However, the vendor in charge of fulfilling the order sent me the cream ones. They show EVERYTHING, but I got over it because it’s a baby thing.They work beautifully and make my little one very happy.

Mai Blount, WV

Must have unless you make your own

I found that my baby was always sucking on the sides of the Ergo and would get red around his mouth so I started looking up products to go along with the Ergo and found these. Should have had them from the beginning.

Robert Liberty, IN

Wonderful accessory

These sucking pads are a little pricey (could make them myself for much less),but they are worth it! My son can gnaw to his heart’s content and I don’t have to wash the entire carrier. They also catch spit-up and drool quite well. Nice and stretchy 100% cotton terry, then can also be used for a “sweatband” when wearing the carrier with a tank top. Overall a wonderful accessory for your Ergo carrier!

Charmaine Hartford, AR

They work

They suck up the drrol and keep my babys face from the rough material of the carrier

Candace Camden, MS

Baby teething

When babies chew on the straps of the ergo, the drool tends to soak and sometimes even stains the carrier. You can put these on to protect the carrier. Soft and great quality.

Maude Oshtemo, MI