Ergobaby TPONPNL Organic Cotton Fabric Teething Pads, Natural

Ergobaby TPONPNL Organic Cotton Fabric Teething Pads, Natural

The safest place for your baby to teethe, these organic cotton fabric teething pads help keep your carrier cleaner, longer. They easily snap around the shoulder straps of any Ergobaby carrier and are reversible to give baby a fresh side to teethe on between washes. One pair included in box. Made of 100% organic cotton fabric, machine washable.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Protect your carrier straps and give baby a clean place to teethe
  • Compatible with any Ergobaby Carrier
  • Snaps easily around shoudler straps
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Works Perfectly

Works perfectly with my Ergo Performance. I was worried that the baby drool would soak through the pads, since there’s no waterproof barrier anywhere on/in these pads. However, even with an excessively drooly baby, she has still yet to soak through the pads to the Ergo straps. My only wish is that they came in a greater variety of colors. I think black would have complimented my particular Ergo much better.

Vilma Fernwood, MS

Peace of mind

Baby chews on straps so nice to have during her first year of life to know she was chewing on organic cotton versus polyester coated in who knows what. Made cleaning much easier as well as could quickly wash versus having to spend lots of time cleaning straps. Works on car seat and ergo straps.

Earnestine Samuels, ID

Great little item

I like this item so far. I bought it to go with the carrier because my baby just started teething. He has chewed on it a few times, but he seems to prefer to eat the actual straps. Since I put on the pads, he has chewed on a few times, but he does not seem to like it much. Which is ok with me! I just wanted something to save the straps from being chewed through. It seems like it will work. I got it cheaper from another site though…So look around!

Doris Wakonda, SD

They get the job done

I waited to get these, but I ended up washing my ergo much too often due to drool/spit etc. They work great, launder well. My only regret is that I wish they were a bit cheaper (or that I was handy enough to make some)!

Magdalena Chaumont, NY

good purchase

Got these with my ergo baby carrier. Definite necessity. He chews on the straps while I’m carrying him. They can be removed from straps and washed easily.

Lolita Black Diamond, WA


Keep the ergo clean, washable. Baby loves to chew them, safe and doesn’t scratch. Really nice addition yo the ergo.

Margie Clinton, NY

Great product

My little man likes to chew on material and loves these. They’re very soft and easy to put on and take off. This makes it easy to clean the straps without without washing the entire Ergo. Definitely recommend if you use your ergo.

Fanny Marion, TX

Soft and Color Coordinates

The cotton is so soft and the mocha color coordinates with my chocolate colored organic cotton Ergo Baby carrier. No more drooly straps!

Anne Belvedere Tiburon, CA

Great for a teething 6 month old!

These are a must for a teething 6 month old! Worth every penny so the Ergo and I aren’t soaked in drool!

Queen Oakhurst, OK

Super soft and putted

Great product. Made extremely well.I love the fact that it is organic. I would not want my baby to chew on anything but natural/ organic.The fabric is soft and fits well on straps. Definitely a great buy. My baby always chewing on straps and that way I feel perfectly fine him doing so. The teething pads are washable.

Lizzie Carlisle, NY

Great Idea!

So this is the best idea ever! My daughter is teething like CRAZY! She can’t use a teether to well in the carrier, but she sure chews the heck out of these! Keeps her happy, keeps me happy! Before I got them she did not want to stay in the carrier! Now she will because she has teething relief!

Robbie Tunnel Hill, IL

If you own an Ergo…buy this! It’s worth it!

We have been using our pads for months now and they work well! They are easy to take off and clean instead of having to wash the whole carrier. They help protect the carrier from chewing which happens often. I’m so glad we got these!

Marie Sanders, AZ

Ultimately worth the price

Simple product, kind of pricing, but ultimately worth it. We ended up getting a second set for our carseat as well. Simple, functional design. No complaints. If you have already spent the money on the Ergo carrier, you might as well get these too and save some laundry.

Priscilla Prescott, KS

Wonderful addition to any ErgoBaby carrier

Not much to say here. These are a great idea. My daughter loves chomping on fabrics and this keeps me from having to constantly wash the whole carrier.

Lillian Wahkiacus, WA

A little bulky, but soft

Definitely worth the buy. My son was chewing on the straps of the ergo and I was afraid he was going to ruin in. He’s a little short for it to, so depending on how he’s sitting in the ergo, he’s still able to chew on the straps under the bottom edge of the teething pads–he’s 26" so these will be better as he gets a little bigger I’m sure. They are very soft, but I did wash them first–mostly because you should, but also because they had a little chemical odor on them (ironic) when they arrived. They are a little bulky, but that’s also compared to my son’s size so it’s probably okay with a bigger child.

Madelyn Rock River, WY

Wasn’t sure I needed these but sure glad I bought them

My son recently starting chewing the straps of our carrier and I was surprised just how wet and slobbered the straps became. These will be a great help and like that I can snap them off easily and run them through the washing machine.

Kathryn Halltown, WV

Made for Each Other

These pads were definitely worth the purchase. My husband and I opted for the organic versions, and they are excellent. Baby is teething and she instinctively went to knaw on the straps of our Ergo. These are great. Easy to remove, wash, and reinstall. The snaps are strong. The pads don’t move or shift around as I thought they might. Overall, this is worth it if you have a teething baby/toddler on your hands.

Sharron Hart, TX

Very happy

For the amount I use my ergo (daily), I definitely wanted something a little more substantial (and easily washable) for my baby to chew on. She also rests her head on them when she falls asleep in the carrier so I like that they add a little cushioning as well. Overall very happy.

Carissa Rutherfordton, NC

Great idea

Purchased these after seeing a link when I purchased theERGObaby Sport Baby Carrier, Blue. These have worked great for the teething baby.

Nellie Dugspur, VA

Good for teething baby

I bought these because my baby would soak the straps of my Ergo when on grocery trips. I love that they are organic, and baby loves them because it’s something soft to chew on!

Denise Brill, WI

Soft and easy to wash

I wish I had purchased this when we got the carrier. Much easier to wash. Super soft, it doesn’t leave marks on baby’s cheeks when she chews. Just as pictured.

Margie Cloverdale, AL

Excellent addition to great carrier

I’ve been using our ERGObaby carrier for a few months now, and it is the most comfortable carrier for the wearer and appears to be very comfortable for our baby. As our daughter has started teething (i.e. drooling and sucking on everything), we stumbled upon these teething pads. They are perfect for her to drool and suck on and save us from having to wash the carrier every few days. Instead, I just wash the pads. I highly recommend the ERGObaby carrier and these teething pads!

Georgina Lumpkin, GA

Good quality, easily washable

Very well made, easier than washing the entire baby carrier and work great. I don’t mind if she puts them in her mouth–awesome that they’re organic.

Katy Bynum, TX

Wonderful addition to the Ergo

Don’t get an Ergo baby carrier without buying teething pads. They save me from having to wash the Ergo because I can just unfasten the pads and wash them. They have prolonged the life of my Ergo.

Naomi Stony Point, NC

Great protection for the straps

I got two pairs of these so that I could keep them clean. We had to wash frequently because of problems with thrush. These are also important in keeping the straps dry when baby starts to gum/gnaw on them. (Think mold or having to wash frequently.)I’d give five stars if Ergo would make them cheaper. (I paid $20 for each pair, and honestly, they aren’t worth that much.)

Jacqueline Jodie, WV

Easy to use.

Great product. Easy to use and wash. Baby seems to appreciate something to chew on.

Consuelo Rockfield, KY

Great for teething baby

Great material for teething babies to chew on. I would recommended this product to go with your ergo carrier for sure.

Marian Fort Garland, CO

Much needed and hold up well!

I have the performance ergo and the straps were very attractive to my baby, so I ordered these pads. They are easy to use (just snap them around the ergo straps) and washable and he doesn’t seem to notice any difference between chewing on the ergo straps or chewing on the pads. It would be great if they were included with an ergo, but I’m glad I purchased them to go with it!

Sonja Morristown, NY

So handy!

Got these after my son started chewing on the straps. So handy to protect the straps and makes it easy to wash.

Deanne Ector, TX