Especially for Baby Roller Shade

Especially for Baby Roller Shade

Protect your child’s delicate little peepers from the sun during car travel with this rubber mesh roller shade. Easy to install, the shade clips onto the top of your back window and pulls down to block out UVA and UVB rays. A suction cup at the shade’s bottom secures it to the window so you can adjust it to just the right amount of coverage. A quick-release button on the sunshade’s end rolls the shade back up to an “open” position. The shade measures 14 by 18 inches and fits roll-down as well as automatic windows. The shade is purple on the interior side and displays a purple Babies ‘R Us logo on a white background as the outside view. –Cristina Vaamonde

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Pretty good

I really wanted sun shades for my car. This was nice, but expensive. I found a twin pack made by the First Years for about a buck more at another store.They do a decent job, especially if you have a smaller car. I have a mid-size sedan and they just aren’t wide enough for the rear door windows.

Connie Sims, IL

If you can get it for free, get it.

I received this shade for free when I bought other products from Babies R US.My windows in the back have a curved edge to them. You have to place the shade high on the window in the straight area. Well you miss the whole lower corner of the window. The sun shines in through this lower corner. When I tried to move the shade lower on the window I could not fully close the window.If you can get it for free, get it. Do not purchase this item.I just recently went out and purchased new shade for my car to cover the corner this shade misses.

Paula Hinsdale, NY

Warped in Sun

I bought one of these and one of another brand, and put one in each car. The other one worked great, but the bar at the bottom of this one warped in the sun within the first week. It simply wasn’t worth anything, since the other brand cost about the same and was more durable.

Luann Belvidere, TN

Love it

We’ve had several other brands, got this for free with a coupon, and like it best. The retraction spring lasts longer than the more expensive brands. Yes, it’s annoying that it’s free advertising for BabiesRUs, but this shade has stood the test of time, so it gets our vote.

Marquita Willard, MO

Worst shades ever

Got these for my baby shower & installed them in my car…they do not block the sunlight at all from the car–might as well have nothing there for all the good they do. And the worst part is that the support on the bottom of the shade is flimsy plastic & bent within a month from the pressure of being attached by one suction cup so that there are “wings” pointing into my car. Terrible product & I am replacing them with a better brand. I will definitely read the reviews first this time!!

Marina Mulberry, AR


I bought this as a 2 pack with a coupon and got it for free, but it is not even worth it for free. It is a terrible product. The suction cups are constantly coming off and the whole shade falls off which does not seem too safe if baby is sitting under it. I threw them right in the trash. First years makes a better product.

Kara Mackville, KY

Not good at all

I had recieved this as a promotional item at Babiesrus so I didn’t have to pay anything for it. Well, I got what I DIDN’T pay for!!! This thing does not stick to car windows and even if I made it stick, it would fall down before we even got out of the garage. Looking at the price of this item, it’s better to just spend a few extra $$$ and get something that will actually work..

Eleanor Brewster, NE