Evenflo 1-2-3 Tea for Me Exersaucer

Evenflo 1-2-3 Tea for Me Exersaucer

The Evenflo Pink ExerSaucer is designed especially for little girls. A cute tea party theme provides baby with everything she needs to host her own tea party, featuring a variety of toys that help baby reach 10 developmental milestones such as hand-eye coordination, cause and effect understanding, and fine and gross motor skills. The three-height adjustments accommodate the growing baby and Rock, Spin, and Bounce actions help baby get plenty of exercise. With ExerSaucer’s status as a safer alternative to walkers, you’ll feel confident that you’re providing what’s “best for baby”.

Main features

  • Variety of interchangeable toys
  • Rocks, spins and bounces
  • Removable, machine-washable pad
  • 4 height adjustments
  • Safer alternative to walkers

Verified reviews


Baby likes it

Baby enjoys this exersaucer. She is 7.5 months, 27 inches, 20 lbs. The toys are great–there are three that stick up high enough for baby to chew on, plus little plastic items for banging. The seat openings are also easier to get baby into than other exersaucers so her legs don’t get smushed underneath her when I’m trying to put her in. It is very sturdy, but it was difficult for my husband to put together. You really have to force the legs into the base. It also comes with springs that go into the legs so it has some bounce to it (not nearly as much as a jumperoo but more than the baby einstein exersaucer). I have the baby einstein exersaucer in the kitchen and this one in the master bedroom. Baby plays longer in the baby einstein without fussing, but this one is a close second. (I get maybe 20 minutes on the baby einstein and 10-15 minutes on this one.) I have to say that I really like the way it looks. It’s nice to have a pink toy instead of all the green and yellow.

Audra Damascus, GA

Good enough for Grandma’s house

I bought this for my 6 month old to have at grandma’s house. We have an Evenflo Ultrasaucer that she uses at our house and I was tired of breaking it down and setting it back up everytime we visited grandma. It is kinda cheaply made compared to the one we have and my mom had it all but a week and the birthday cake on the top was recalled. So if you have that item make sure you call evenflo and get a replacement. This exersaucer is fine for the 1 or 2 visits a month that we take grandma’s house and it was only $40.00 when we purchased it with free shipping.

Leah Norwalk, OH

Great buy

My daughter loves this exersaucer. We bought it for grandma’s house because the price was so good. She’s interested in all the toys – more than I thought she’d be, as there are no bells or whistles. I’m sure she’s reaching the end of her interest in exersaucers, but it was totally worth it for the months that she did use it.

Jayne Albertson, NY

Perfect for a baby girl!

So pretty! and lots for a baby to do. One thing though… I do wish it had something that lit up and a little music. But still very pretty!

Christina Gideon, MO

Fun Times

i bought this for my 4 month old because she loved to lay on my chest and bounce by pushing against my legs which wasn’t very comfy for me. The item came extremely fast which was a shock because I live in japan at a military base and everything normally takes over 2 weeks. She LOVES it. She is a little short yet so we just put a folded blanket under her feet so she could reach and bounce. it took her no time to figure out how to roll the spinner and play with the other items. I would suggest though buying the switch a roo tea pot at least because this saucer comes with nothing that makes noises or lights up which my daughter loved so we just got the tea pot (which does both) and she has a little of everything she likes now. its great for when i have to vaccum or have to do something and cant watch her on the floor with the dogs as closely.

Anna Granada, CO

Great way to entertain baby!

We bought this when our daughter was 4 months old, and she is now 9 months old and still plays in it. I would recommend it for a younger baby, however, because now that she crawls she does have less interest in it. It is a great item, very well made. We bought some more toys for it to switch out, but you don’t have to, it’s still fun with the toys that come with it. A very cute, fun toy!

Joan Kettle River, MN

Fun for my girl!

I bought this because I wanted a fun learning center for my little girl. I am also a HUGE tea fan and thought how fun. I was disappointed only in the fact that it really didn’t have any tea pot(s) toys on it. However, my daughter loves being in this and it keeps her attention.

Petra Bessemer, MI

Daughter loves it

So much stuff to do on the saucer and now she figured out she can bounce in it. She has a blast.

Charlotte Oakland, MN

The cake is recalled!

We bought for christmas for our daughter only to find out the cake was recalled on it. The candle light is a choking hazard. I really liked this toy so did my daughter but I decided to take it back to the store.

Aida Ellenburg, NY

My little one’s favorite toy.

The Evenflo 1-2-3 Tea for Me Exersaucer is officially my little one’s favorite toy, at least for now. My wife told me that she was loving the ones at daycare, so we purchased this since it’s one of the cuter ones available and was made with a baby girl in mind. Assembly is a breeze. I put it together right before going to bed in no more than 10 minutes (no tools are needed, but it’s still sturdy, so no worries there).The next morning my wife woke me to the sound of my baby daughter laughing and squealing with delight. She was just laughing and bouncing about in the chair, playing with all of the varied attachments and basically having a grand time of it. I wasn’t sure if the Exersaucer would have a height setting that was going to work well with her (was afraid it would either be too high or too low), but the lowest setting was just right for her. There are three adjustable height settings, so I can see her having fun with this for a good while to come (especially since Evenflo has so many different toys that can be purchased and used with this, if she happens to get bored with the ones that it came with).This was probably the best “toy” purchase I’ve made for my daughter thus far, and a practical one for my wife and myself as well. It’s great to be able to have her sitting in this and having fun when we need to be able to put her down. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about it. The Evenflo 1-2-3 Tea for Me Exersaucer is great.

Lakeisha Rosendale, NY

Very cute and fun for little ones.

We got this when my daughter was just turning 5 months. She loved it right away. I like that the toys can be switched out. My daughter is a chunky 7 month old now and still fits in it with room to grow. It entertains the baby and gets me enough time to make a sandwich is worth every penny.

Abby Alsen, ND