Evenflo 2 Pack Classic Anatomic Nipple, Slow Flow

Evenflo 2 Pack Classic Anatomic Nipple, Slow Flow

The Classic Winged Nipple is a soft winged nipple for less gas and fussiness. The winged shape helps fit the corners of baby’s mouth which reduces air intake and helps keep milk in. Micro Air Vents help to prevent or reduce nipple collapse by balancing air in the bottle. The nipples are made of soft, flexible silicone and are BPA Free.

Main features

  • Soft and Flexible, anatomic nipple conforms to baby’s mouth to help keep air out of baby’s tummy
  • Micro Air Vents to help prevent nipple collapse
  • Recommended for babies that are 0 to 3 months old

Verified reviews


tiny nipple great for newborn

This nipple is very small and had “wings” along the side of it. At first I was not happy because I didn’t know what the deal was with the shape of the winged sides–but I was at a large family gathering and had to give my 4 week old baby a bottle for the first time, I tried the regular Evenflo, the Medela and this nipple and she was able to latch and eat 2 bottles with this nipple the best. It is small and so is she :)Fit with a medela bottle ring and medela bottle.

James Deford, MI


No fuss, little gas, rarely spit up. I like these better than Medela, and would definitely recommend these to others!

Kimberly Jenkinsburg, GA

My son….

Since he was a lil one he prefers the nipples to run slow. He couldnt deal with the increased flow. If he could I think he would have been much happier with these,

Patsy Crane, OR

anatomic nipples should not have wings

I ordered these but the wings are too large. I do not think they should attempt to call this product Anatomic, clearly this product was invented by a male. Nipples do not have wings look closer, my baby knows better and can tell the difference.

Caitlin Annapolis Junction, MD

Fit the Bottles I Had

I bought a bunch of glass evenflo bottles at a thrift store years ago because I always wanted to use glass for when I had a baby. Well, the time has come and I was so grateful to find that Evenflo still makes nipples to fit their older products! They’re pretty straightforward but they worked for me with no complaints.

Tameka Springfield, LA

OK with cereal

These nipples are good if you want to put a little bit of cereal in your breastmilk, my only complaint is that they keep collapsing even if I don’t over tighten the cap.

Rosie Oakland, OR

Funky looking, and the actual ‘nipple’ part is pretty small…

This review will be worthless for someone with an actual human baby.I’m using them for ‘reborn doll’ faux formula, and they do work for that if silicone nipples are acceptable to the authenticity of the way the dolls are dressed (silicone is pretty recent; latex is more common for vintage- or latex colored).These are some weird nipples. They remind me of the vintage Curity nipples (1950s, 1960s).I know this isn’t of any value for those with actual babies…. but for reborn accessory makers, here’s my breakdown for that: They do work. The formula does get ‘stuck’ in the narrow ‘wings’ even when it’s shaken to re-blend it… better for juices or recipes that completely mix and don’t need to be shaken. They do seal easily with silicone to make them leakproof. They work for the preemie dolls, but NOT for the ‘Middleton’ shaped open mouth.

Noreen Collinsville, MS

won’t latch

my child will not latch onto this type of nipple. he lets the milk dribble all down his chin because he doesn’t like the way this product is shaped. unfortunately i did not notice before purchasing that this item was not a normally shaped nipple.

Morgan Arp, TX

good for breastfeeding baby w gag reflex, fits other bottles/pumps

I needed to get my 5-week-old used to taking the occasional bottle (started trying at 3 wks), and she’s really been resisting. Tried my old Medela bottles, Tommie Tippie (nature something line, breast-like shaped), and a few others to no avail. After reading some forums on the LLLI website, it occurred to me that she may be gagging and refusing because the artificial nipples are too large, rounded, and hard for her liking after nursing on my relatively small nipples!Tried this nipple (with Evenflo’s standard newborn bottle) today–the cheapest bottle by far!–and she actually latched on and finished the bottle with no gagging.Great value, and worth a try for babies with strong gag reflex or who are transitioning from moms with smaller nipples.Bonus: Fits Medela bottles, so I can put the nipple and connector ring right onto a bottle I’ve pumped into. Sweet.This gets 5 stars if she keeps it up, and mom can go out for a night with the girls!

Alissa Rickman, TN

good product

very good product grandson does not get a lot of air and he drinks better without gulping on his bottle

Sherry Hamberg, ND

Not a good buy!

My little one has really bad colic, so I was willing to try anything! As soon as I received these I sterilized and was ready to use. The slow flow nipples poured out more like x cut nipple! The tip of the nipple is also very small! Waste of money!

Corinne Cocolalla, ID

Hate it

Our twins hated these nipples. I bought these based on other reviews hoping this would help slow down my son since he keeps wearing some of his bottle. He would not even take his bottle with these nipples.

Ora Alpha, KY

Good for newborns

I ordered these for my baby as soon as I saw she was having trouble feeding using the big regular nipples, she was so tiny and I think her mouth would get tired from sucking out of the big regular nipples then she would start crying. These nipples were small and perfect, she seemed more comfortable during feeding and didn’t get upset at all.

Geri Ihlen, MN