Evenflo 3 Pack Classic Clear Bottle without BPA, 8 Ounce

Evenflo 3 Pack Classic Clear Bottle without BPA, 8 Ounce

Hex shape for easy grip Recyclable Sensitive response nipples with micro air vents ncludes slow flow nipple (Pack of 1 Only)

Main features

  • Hex shape for easy grip
  • Recyclable
  • Sensitive response nipples with micro air vents
  • Includes slow flow nipple

Verified reviews


IChange of price

I’ve a little store in Bogota (Colombia)and their cost last November was $2.99 the pack of three. Yesterday, in the Prime Recommended was $12. Why the change? I’ve offered this nursing bottle to my customers in $2.99. One star for the seller.

Lina Merrittstown, PA


I have the glass bottles, all i need is the top EVENFLOW PLEASE SELL TOPS ALONE WITHOUT HAVING TO BUY WHOLE SET!

Hallie Cardiff, AL

I’d pass on these

I have twins so I needed some simple bottles to start with. These leak, no matter whether the top was too tight or too loose, even with travel cap. The 0-3 flow is too fast for my 7 week olds, and they constantly gag and choke. I’ll be looking for new bottles soon to see if that helps the problem. I was hoping to go the cheap route but these aren’t worth it…I used the simple Gerber ones with a previous child and they didn’t leak.

Anita Bethlehem, IN

The best bottles

I am a super picky momma and actually purchased Dr. Browns and Avent bottles initially for my baby. I learned very quickly that Dr. Browns were a pain to clean. Avent was actually pretty good. But then baby girl entered daycare and I needed to pump at work thus I had to purchase a lot of bottles to send her with and to use with my medela pump. These are great! They clean really well and they attach to my medela double electric pump. Plus they are super affordable so I bought 15 bottles so I didn’t have to do dishes all the time. I would have had to pay way more if I sent her in with Avent bottles. I love that they are BPA free too! I have never had a problem with leakage and I heat the breast milk inside the bottle (sitting inside a cup of hot water) These are the best.

Susanna Kansas, AL


These bottle are very economical. Much cheaper then other fancier bottles. My baby likes them. They are easy to clean.

Susanna Locust Hill, VA


I gave these as a gift to a friend who formula feeds and she says they are great and loves them

Bridgett Dell, AR

These are the best

I like that these are small and light. They attach to the Medela pump-in-style which makes pumping at work and feeding the following day easier. My baby hasn’t had trouble with the nipple. The bottles don’t leak and clean easily in the dishwasher or by hand.My husband likes the different colors too because it helps color code which bottle to serve first.

Luisa Latta, SC

Babys favorite bottle!

Bought many fancy and pricey bottles for my newborn and she ended up loving these the most! These did not give her gas like the other fancy bottles. We used the enfamil nipple with these bottles & she is still using this combination right now at 4.5 months. Save your money and give these bottles a try. Also very easy to clean.

Deena Waverly, MO


These are not my favorite bottles. I have purchased various brands of bottles and these, I find, to be leaky when shaking to mix formula. On a positive note, the circumference of these bottles are narrow enough that my baby is able to easily hold them with her little hands. If I were planning to purchase bottles again, however, I would not buy this brand.

Letha Wells, VT

Light weight and simple

My only issue was that my son got used to the hospitals Enfamil soft nipples, so I was not able to use the nipples that come with these bottles.

Selina Wayne, IL

Chep and functional

They do exactly what you need…store milk. I use them for storing pumped milk and they are perfect. My twins don’t love the nipples, but they are spoiled with Dr Browns I think. Cheap and functional

Rosalyn Newton, NC

Great bottles, cheap!

I love these bottles for my daughter. We tried this brand and walmart brand and we just like Evenflo better. Evenflo makes great nipples also that she did the best with. The poor thing would stress out every time she ate if she didn’t have an evenflo nipple on her bottle because she just could not get her food fast enough. (And we all know a hungry baby is not a happy baby!)

Francis Homedale, ID

Nice, cheap bottles…

The Evenflo Classic Clear Bottles without BPA work perfectly with our two twins. We’ve had issues with a lot of the more expensive bottles (Avent, Breastflow, which our first daughter used successfully, etc.) before trying these, and they’ve worked without a hitch (no problems with gas/colic/spit-up). The included Slow Flow nipples work well and the twins are able to latch onto them easily (born as preemies, so that’s a big deal for us). The Evenflo Classic also comes in a 4 ounce glass bottle, which we greatly prefer, but these aren’t bad and the nipples are interchangeable with those. They’re cheap, but they do the job that bottles three to four times couldn’t do for us.

Tina Osterburg, PA

Love it

These bottles are excellent. I love that it has multiple measurements which makes it easy to make sure my son is getting the right amount

John Vader, WA

This Bottle Proves Simple Is BEST

These bottles are as simple as they get..but they get the job done. I have purchased at least a dozen of the expensive designer bottles with all the gimics, bells, and whistles. Most of them were a waste of money. This no fuss design blows the pricey stuff out of the water. In fact, when I try one of the expensive brands, I keep one of these next to me in the event that I have to switch midfeeding to this bottle because the expensive one was a bust. My only criticism is that the cap is a little tight and hard to get off and the colors I received were purple, pink, and yellow. The picture showed neutral colors.Also, my son has reflux and does not have any worse issues with this bottle then the “anti-colic” systems that the other brands are selling.

Stephanie Ettrick, WI

Great bottle despite being plastic

I don’t like plastic bottles but our DC requires plastic. We love our glass Evenflo bottles so I bought some plastic bottles for DC and they work just fine. No issues with venting, gas, colic, etc. Great affordable bottle!

Dona Newry, ME

No complaints, such a great value

We bought these just to experiment with different brands, since I already has a couple Medela bottles when we started out. We also had a couple of Dr. Brown’s and the First Years Breastflow. The Evenflo was hands down our favorite, and by far the cheapest. The flow on the nipple was perfect for our son (he choked and gagged on the Medela slow flow nipple), and we’ve since moved up to the medium and fast flow nipples now that he’s older. We’ve never had an issue with leaking. I like that I don’t have to clean any extra parts. The bottles themselves are plain jane, not fancy but not tacky either. They attach easily to Medela breast pump parts. Again, they’re super cheap. What’s not to love?

Hester Springhill, LA

Right Size

these were nice for my daughter to receive because when going out, you don’t have to take too much with you.

Joann Bolton, CT