Evenflo 3 Pack Classic Glass Bottle, 4-Ounce

Evenflo 3 Pack Classic Glass Bottle, 4-Ounce

Evenflo Classic Glass Nurser Evenflo Classic Glass Nurser provides a sensitive response nipple that senses baby’s pressure and dispenses just the appropriate amount of liquid. The nipple also has Micro air vents that help keep air out of baby’s tummy and reduce fussiness and colic symptoms. This feeding bottle has a glass body with custom flow silicone nipple for controlled flow. It features an EvenPace nipple system that’s based on age and flow rate needs. Why You’ll Love It: Evenflo Classic Glass Nurser promotes an even flow of liquid and also prevents nipple collapse. Age: Newborn to 3 months Features Nipple with Micro air vents for controlled flow of liquid Soft silicone nipple BPA-free Prevents nipple collapse Has soft flexible silicone Easy to view liquid in bottle

Main features

  • Sensitive Response Nipples Respond to Baby’s Pressure
  • Micro Air Vents Promote an Even Flow of Liquid to Keep Air Out of Baby’s Tummy
  • See-Through Glass Bottle
  • Inclueds Slow Flow Nipple – 0 to 3 mos
  • 3 pack

Verified reviews


good, classic standard

no plastic-leaching worries from these bottles due to potential dangers of #7 plastic bottles that most plastic baby bottles are made of. i was also surprised at how affordable they were. the item was shipped quickly. my only slight complaint is that i wish these came with silicone nipples instead.also, my opinion is that there’s no need to buy a 4oz bottle since babies will quickly grow out of that stage. if you’re short on money, just get the 8oz ones – you’ll be holding the bottle when feeding a baby who can only consume smaller amount of milk, so no need to worry about the larger size for the baby.

Ada Uxbridge, MA

Solution to feeding my baby

I had trouble getting my breastfed baby to take an Avent bottle (which my first took beautifully) so I called the lactation consultants at the hospital to ask their advice. They suggested the Evenflo classic bottles which are like these except plastic with the clear nipple. They worked great. After swearing by Avent with my first, I never imagined the solution to feeding my second would be an “old-fashioned” type bottle. It works though so I will stick with them.

Elda Lairdsville, PA

Not for Colicky babies

I bought these glass bottles after reading all the articles about bispenol A. My daughter was used to the Dr. Brown’s bottles and could not get used to this classic bottle. She got so much air when she sucked on the bottle, we could not use it.

Heather Nome, TX

Good size, good material

We didn’t want The Boy drinking his milk out of any leechy, plastic-y material so we bought these. The size is right and they feel strong and secure. These are not the type of glass bottles that will break when your baby squeezes their little hands around the bottle. Those are not the kind of glass bottles you would want to buy.Lucky for you, this is not that kind of glass bottle. You’ll be happy you got these and so will your baby.

Marta Stevinson, CA

Great price! Safe & Timeless Bottles!

These bottles are great! Bisphenol-A chemical free, unlike most plastic bottles. Much healthier for babies, less expensive, and easier to clean than plastic bottles. My son refused to drink from the latex nipple, so I purchased some replacement silicone nipples from Target for about $3. Glass bottles are hard to find in stores, so this is a great Amazon find!

Janelle Berthoud, CO

like it

Even flo is a good product but there are other brands out there. This is what we chose and will try something else for the next baby.

Britney Drew, MS

Not the best for pumping

I use a ghetto-rigged method to allow me to pump hands-free without shelling out the $$$ for a hands-free bra… I loop pony tail holders over my bra straps and then around the horns of my pump. I find that these bottles are too heavy to use this method. They might be OK with a real hands-free bra… maybe one of these days I will buy one and see. 🙂 (These do fwiw screw onto my medela pump – so if hands-free is not an issue or you have a real hands-free bra, these may work well for you)Another problem with these, though, is if you store breast milk in glass bottles for less then 24 hours, certain components of the milk adhere to the glass and won’t be released to the baby. They will un-stick after 24 hours – so if you use these to store milk, you will need to use that milk after 24 hours.So these bottles are ok as far as functionality – the nipples work OK for our babies and they are cheap, sturdy, not easy to break – but I prefer the plastic ones (Evenflo and Gerber both make a BPA free plastic version very similar to this)We got these with silicon nipples, not latex – they are available! It’s a boring looking skinny nipple but seems to be my babies’ favorite – we tried some pricier bottles as well as different nipples for these, but the nipples these came with work best for us.

Willie Webb City, MO

A great (but heavy) BPA-free option

I was among the parents who were really upset by the news about BPA in children’s bottles — especially because I exclusively pumped milk for my son, which meant that his milk was not only served but also stored in plastic bottles. We switched to glass shortly after the news broke.The Evenflo glass bottles are certainly a great buy — the price is fantastic! I wasn’t wild about the rubber nipples that came with the bottles, but I just pitched them and used the nipples we’d been using. (Just about any standard-size, as opposed to wide, nipple will fit these bottles.) I also feel like glass just gets “cleaner” than plastic … that’s probably not true, but the glass doesn’t get scratched and cloudy like plastic, so the bottles seem more pristine to me!Of course, the best part about glass bottles is that glass is inert. So there are pretty much zero worries about anything leaching into the milk (or formula).Now, the downside … these suckers are HEAVY! We almost never used the larger bottles, because when filled, they just weighed a ton. And if you’ve never been smacked in the face with a bottle by a toddler … well, let’s just say these ones are way more painful than the plastic ones!And, unsurprisingly, glass can break. These are quite solid, though, and I think we only ever broke two — one at home (it was dropped on a hardwood floor) and one at an airport (my son threw it onto a chair with a metal arm … whoops!).Since my son is no longer drinking anything from bottles except a little water at bedtime, we’ve switched to BPA-free plastic, just for convenience (and this co-sleeping family’s safety!). But when our next baby is born and I’m pumping at work, we will DEFINITELY be storing the milk in my glass Evenflo bottles.

Jami Clinton, AL

Good bottle – great price

These are good basic bottles. Going to the baby store and shopping for baby bottles as a new parent was daunting. There’s a litany of choices and every imaginable variation on design. How do you choose? For us, it became simple when we decided to stick to glass bottles. There aren’t many choices out there in glass, and those that are available are usually very expensive. Our daughter has had no problems eating whatsoever so I can’t say anything about any of the specialty bottles on the market, but for most babies, I can’t imagine needing more than a basic bottle. These are more or less the time tested glass baby bottle. Basic and no frills, but solid and sturdy. We like them a lot, and the price is very affordable.

Charlene Waco, GA

BUY THESE for feeding and/or storing

I use these to pump into and then to store the milk in the fridge. If I’m pumping to freeze, then I store in the Dr. Brown’s bags. Glass bottles are fantastic- they’re the absolute best for preserving your milk, easy to boil and sanitize, great price, and they can go in the dishwasher. I would definitely have directly bottle fed my daughter with these, but she absolutely refused any bottle, that didn’t look and feel more like mama. However, my best friend has EBF three babies for a year and all three took to this bottle no problem, when she returned to work each time. So, I’m hoping that when my daughter’s older she may take to them (she’s only 3 months) but in the meantime, I use the lansino moMMa bottles for feeding, and she has no issues with those. Also, if you’ve ever had coca cola in a glass bottle versus coca cola in a plastic bottle, you can definitely appreciate how glass preserves the flavor- ijs

Cathleen Estill Springs, TN

Great little bottles

These little bottles are surprisingly strong and light weight for what they are, which is a glass bottle. While they can shatter, it takes a lot to get them there thanks to their compact build. On top of that, you don’t need to worry about BPA.The only problem with these bottles is that they have to be screwed down just right to allow airflow into the bottle and prevent baby from gulping air. This can be solved with a nipple that Gerber puts out made of brown silicone that has a cross cut in the side of the nipple. It’s absolutely perfect for these little bottles.

Janelle Linville, NC

Great bottle, great price!

We used Avent with our first child, and had that for our daughter too. However, she had a lot of issues with gas so we tried different bottles. After asking around we landed on these, and were thrilled. She uses a medium flow nipple at 10 months, and she hardly has gas issues anymore. That being said, if you can check out local stores as they were half the price of what they are here on Amazon. I love you Amazon, but your prices are getting steep.There has been one bottle that got a crack in it, but I even dropped a bottle on to our concrete floor and it did not break. Also, for formula these bottles are very narrow in the neck. I ended up making my own funnel with an old breastpump attachment, which makes it a lot less messy.

Doris Lakeview, OH

Love these bottles

We love these small glass bottles. They are thick glass so we haven’t had any problems with breakage. They also hold up great in the dishwasher. The smaller size is also more comfortable when feeding the baby. The nipples and rings work well, no leaking. It’s nice not to have to worry about chemicals with these old school glass bottles.

Gloria La Ward, TX

good but the nipples flow too fast

I am usually against things made of plastic, even though those without BPA. So I choose these bottles for my baby and so far so good. The only downside is that the slow-flow nipples flow too fast for him and he chokes on them. I had to purchase nipples to fit these bottles and it’s hard to find the right ones. I ordered some Dr. Brown standard nipples, hoping to fit the bottles well.

Elisa Sears, MI

great bottles

these are good quality, and do not leak (as long as the nipple is positioned properly over the bottle opening, which is so easy to do). I take them out of fridge and put under hot water and so far (3 months of use) no cracks.

Nita Goodland, KS

Classic, Sturdy

These are great bottles. I used them from day one until 6 months old. The only reason I don’t use them anymore is my daughter is interested in holding her own bottle sometimes now and plastic is easier for her to hang onto because it’s lighter. I love the glass bottles though because they keep the milk cool longer, important when pumping at work and using one of those little coolers. And they heat the milk up faster when placed in a warm water bath. They’re very sturdy – I’ve dropped them several times and they haven’t cracked or chipped. These come with nipples and the covers. I highly recommend these.

Florence Peckville, PA

Strong flow

REALLY FAST FLOW. It chokes the baby. Please dont use it with newborns as its too much flow and air and it creates colics

Tabatha West Columbia, TX

Great Bottles and well made

I purchased these bottles for our new baby. I like how durable and easy to sterilize they are also replacement nipples are very affordable also. I like the idea that because the bottles are glass we will be able to use them for future children with the minimal cost of nipple replacement. I am happy with how sturdy they are and have no fear of breaking the glass at all.

Florence Greenville, UT

Nice product but with some cons to pay attention.

The bottles are nice but as it is warned in the product, the temperature difference along the cleaning process can make the bottle to brake down. This has happened to me in two out of the three bottles. It is true that I have not been careful enough, waiting for the necessary amount of time for the bottle to cool off before filling it with with cold milk. Nevertheless this problem makes it a little unpractical when you have a little baby and you need to feed him as quick as possible and you are in a hurry. The numbers in the bottles also are difficult to be read.

Latisha Crystal Bay, NV

Love the glass!

It’s inexpensive and glass – EXACTLY what I was looking for! Don’t have to worry about scary plastic chemicals. Great product!!!

Bernadine Tram, KY

No BPA, Great Price, IM SOLD!

I was concerned about all the BPA fuss and considering that according to studies ALL plastic bottles can be harmful, I decided to find an alternative.. Although, I still use the playtex drop ins once in a while, when I’m giving my baby water or we’re on the go, because its convenient. Anyway, back to the point, these bottles have been great! I noticed that with my plastic bottles (NUK- although I love NUK nipples) would still smell funky after several washes AND having them in boiling water. These however, are very easy to clean and SMELL clean! I didn’t like the nipples it came with, so I bought NUK regular nipples to go with them, it fit perfect and my son liked it ! I saw reviews that said the medela nipples went along with it too, but I prefer nuk since I have found it is less confusing for my son (since I Breast feed and bottle feed)I got the 4oz pack of 3 for about $5 at target and that’s enough for me, I recently purchased the 8oz 3pack from babiesrus for 6.99… GREAT BUY OVER ALL!

Nina Lemoyne, NE

I love these little bottles

My baby still has a tiny tummy, so these small bottles work well for the amount of pumped milk he can drink at night. Sturdy bottles, bottle nipples work well too.

Marisol Hudson, ME

Nice glass bottle, terrible nipple

I like that these are glass bottles, but the nipple that is included is way too small. My son’s mouth fits completely over it, and he still has a shallow latch. He’s only 10 weeks old! I decided to keep the bottles and use them for storage. You could try pairing the bottles with another nipple as well. Also, Target sells this pack for $5.

Tina Elmwood Park, NJ

Glass is better than plastic!

I don’t know why people are still buying plastic bottles for tiny babies, it’s not like they are going to hold the bottle, they are too young! Do yourself, your baby, and the environment a favor and use glass bottles for as long as possible!

Ava Beetown, WI

Nice old-fashioned bottle

I bought these at Target for my 9 month old. We were using the disposable liners in a bottle holder. I got to thinking about all the plastic in her life, and the lack of plastic in mine. I know it’s super easy to buy plastic bottles, toys, cups, even some lotions have plastic in them. I think a little “safe” plastic here and there is O.K., but I’m trying to avoid extreme exposure. I’ve read some literature on plastics, and it seems like no one really knows for sure if any of them are 100% safe. I just didn’t want everything in her life to be wrapped in plastic.These bottles are great. I paid $9 for 3 bottles and 3 fast nipples. The liners I usually have to buy every month and dispose of are $8! I thought we’d give these a try. My daughter is not a picky gal, she’s extremely easy going, so it didn’t surprise me she took to these just fine. Yes, it’s feeding in a vacuum. But at this point, it’s either that or have her eat out of plastic all day. It took her a few tries to figure out how to let the bubbles out but she’s doing great. They clean up nicely in the dishwasher, and I just bought a large glass “milk” bottle for mixing and keeping extra formula in.They’re solid bottles, heavier than her plastic ones. I wondered if she’d be able to hold it, but she did! She just took a few breaks during feeding time. Great purchase for an older baby, I’m not sure how a newborn would do with the feeding in a vacuum, especially if breastfeeding…but we didn’t go that route, so I can’t say.Oh, and no leaks for us so far.

Estela Bush, KY

Love these bottles!

I was very happy to find these, and at such a good price, after looking for glass bottles at several retail stores. I have not had any issues with these bottles. I have not tried the nipples that came with them, as I was given specific nipples to use that mimic natural. The outer ring and bottle work with all of the nipples I have. Great product.

Madeleine Taylorsville, GA

No plastics!!

I knew even before I was pregnant that I wanted to use glass bottles- I don’t believe that BPA-free means “safe,” so I wanted to use something I could trust. These bottles are great (they come in two sizes; this review is for the larger, 8oz size). I freeze milk in them and defrost them in warm water and we have never had a crack or break yet. They wash better than plastic bottles because you can see the fat from the milk left on them when they are still dirty- it’s hard to see that in the plastic bottles. They are easy to clean and not too heavy, but still strong enough to freeze/thaw multiple times. My daughter was able to hold them herself (of course we hover while she does that) and drink a bit when she was just a few months old, so they are not these huge and bulky bottles. Good quality and better safety.

Julie Confluence, KY


These are ok, thick glass so thats great but its so hard to read the side. I think if they redid their molding it might be a little nicer to read. Other then that they serve their purpose. I purchased this so that the breastmilk could sit in the fridge a couple of days. Mine was getting an odor from the plastic bottles. Problem solved with glass. So I pump into the plastic so I can easily see a measurement then I transfer it into here.

Celia Ludell, KS

I LOVE these bottles

These bottles are super good quality. I recently switched to them and it’s so nice to be able to leave my baby’s water in the car and not have it get plastic in it from the bottle. My baby loves these bottles. I bought some nipples for older babies but didn’t have to use them because she likes the ones that came with these bottles even though she’s 20 months old. I just use them for water (I don’t like sippy cups). I don’t know why someone said these bottles leak because I’ve never had a problem. It’s great that they are making glass bottles again these days- finally the world is wising up and getting healthier!

Adrian Argenta, IL

best that money can buy

best bottles for your money these old school bottles are not expensive and work better than plastic all the time

Debora Tyonek, AK