Evenflo 4 Pack Classic Silicone Nipple, Medium Flow

Evenflo 4 Pack Classic Silicone Nipple, Medium Flow

Soft and flexible, CustomFlow nipples sense baby’s pressure and respond with the right amount of liquid. Micro Air Vents prevent nipple collapse and keep air out of baby’s tummy. 4 Silicone Nipples Medium Flow (for babies 3 6 months)

Main features

  • Does not contain BPA
  • Micro air vents reduce gas
  • Sensitive response nipples respond to baby’s pressure
  • Medium flow

Verified reviews


Collapse during feeding with Evenflo bottles

Not sure how they would work with other bottles (if they fit other bottles) but with the Evenflo Classic glass bottles, they collapse during feeding, requiring them to be removed from baby’s mouth to re-fill with air.

Chelsea Bridgewater, NY

does not seem to be a medium flow

I don’t know if it was just the ones i bought or if they’re all like this but the flow was way too fast to be medium it seemed to always choke my son he also drank way too much way too fast with these medium flow

Coleen Mathews, AL

Inexpensive and work great

My son really fought taking a bottle, so I tried all the expensive nipples thinking they would work better. That was a waste of money. He liked the cheapest nipple the best!

Aurora Wheeler, MS

HORRIBLE Quality Assurance

I bought a set of these medium flows back in Aug and they are the perfect flow for my baby (now 8 months old). Then I bought another pack and they are completely different. First of all, the holes aren’t even in the middle of the nipple, they are randomly punched off to the side on most of them. Also the holes are way smaller, it is more like a slow flow nipple. And finally, the silicone is thicker than the other batch. My baby REFUSES to drink from these. What a waste of money! I already threw out the packaging or I would have returned these.I have triple checked that I ordered from the exact same vendor before writing this review. There is another vendor who sells the nipples in a 2-pack, I’m going to order one pack and see if they are better. LAME, evenflo!!!

Elva Loring, MT

These nipples work great

These nipples work great. This is my first child and I was hesitant to buy the Evenflo bottles because they were so cheap. I thought there had to be a reason that most people buy more expensive bottles. Lucky for me my son loves these bottles so I upgraded to the evenflo medium flow nipple and kept my cheap dollar bottles. I can not think of one reason to spend more money buying bottles. Also, this company shipped the nipples quickly and for free!

Lou Fishertown, PA

They are ok, but no markings on them

They do not have any markings to indicate which are slow, medium or fast. So don’t get them mixed up unless it does not matter to you what size you have. My daughter has problems swallowing and we have to go with specific instructions from the occupational therapist and have been working to get her able to consistently swallow without aspirating. So we cannot afford to have the wrong nipple. The only way to tell is put liquid in it and compare them. So if you have more than one speed, its best to mark the bags and keep them seperate that way. Dont mix them up.

Janice Champlain, VA


I bought these to replace Stage 1 nipples that came with our Evenflo Classic Glass bottles. They are exactly as pictured and working well. There are no differences, apart from the opening size, from the Stage 1.

Janelle Mountain View, OK

Love these!

Like I had said in another one of my reviews for these nipples, they are the best and only the best.

Leann Ontario, NY


I bought these through prime to avoid a trip to a box store. I like these. They are not fast flow, which would choke my son. They are perfect for 3-8 months (give or take a couple of months).

Tamara Williamston, SC

My baby is somewhat ok with it

The nipple is very hard and the medium flow is too fast compared to the Dr Brown level 2 ( supposedly the same flow). It will probably work for an older baby.

Gretchen Bountiful, UT

Inconvenient product, does not identify level of flow on nipple itself.

Our son doesn’t like these nipples at all. Not sure why. Every baby is different and I would not give a 2 star review just because our baby doesn’t like it. However, I don’t like that there is no way to determine from the nipple, whether you have slow, medium or fast flowing nipples. Heaven forbid you have more than one speed in your home you will be reduced to counting the drips that are coming out of them.Evenflo’s website is equally unhelpful. There is no "m" or any other distinguishing mark that I could see, though the nipples are numbered in what appears to be some random fashion.

Elva Delta, OH

Work with medela bottles too!

I love it when you buy something and it has multiple uses! These nipples can be used with medela bottles as well!

Malinda Norborne, MO

Durable, good flow

Use these with the Evenflo glass bottles. Use all the speeds as baby grows and they clean easily and hold up over time.

Elaine Spavinaw, OK

I like better than Dr Brown

I have both dr brown nipples and evenflo nipples on hand. I purchased the dr brown ones thinking they would function well for my bottles. Unfortunately they kept collapsing while baby fed and I constantly had to keep turning bottle to keep the flow going. I then purchased evenflo bottles and the standard nipples came with them. No collapsing! I was so thrilled to see that i didn’t have to keep turning bottle and they are a lot cheaper then other brand which was even better. I then ordered these medium flow ones once she turned 3 months and they’ve been working great!

Adrian Powers Lake, ND

Great for little babies

These are perfect for little babies, 0-6 months old. My daughter is 4 months old and we’ve actually started using the next step up for during the day because she gets distracted when the milk comes out too slow. But we still use these in the evening when she’s calmer and they were great all around for the first 3 months.

Ernestine Norphlet, AR


I prefer these to other nipples. I have Evenflo glass bottles which fit many different bottle caps. I’ve used the Medela nipples which I really just don’t like and have also used Evenflo winged nipples which I didn’t like, they collapsed and leaked when we used them. These are simple and get the job done. My son is never very gassy and rarely spits up.

Alma Mission Ridge, SD


These were ordered with my pump, and bottles. I have to say I was quite pleased with the results. My daughter absolutely loves the design of the nipple. The nipple is designed so well that my daughter has no nipple confusion. She enjoys the product as must as I do. It is definitely a useful thing to have around, I will definitely be buying more. I will also be suggesting it to friends and family.

Eileen Bondurant, IA

like it

What works for one infant may not work for another. You have to find what is comfortable for your baby and go with that style.

Kristina Jay, FL


No leaks! and my grandson like them since they don’t leak. Made for a great gift to my daughter . Thanks

Tanya Moores Hill, IN

can be leaky

I purchased two packs of these and one pack seems to work great, while the other are all a bit leaky unless you get them tightened a bit extra which can cause them not to vent very well. I’m not overly concerned since we’ll probably phase them out in another several weeks when baby is ready for fast flow instead.

Bridget New Salisbury, IN