Evenflo 4 Pack Classic Silicone Nipple, Slow Flow

Evenflo 4 Pack Classic Silicone Nipple, Slow Flow

Evenflo Classic Silicone Nipples – Slow Flow, 4 Pack This soft silicone nipple is designed to be used with Evenflo’s Classic Glass Nurser Bottle. The elongated shape makes it easier for your baby to latch on.

Main features

  • Does not contain BPA
  • Micro air vents reduce gas
  • Sensitive response nipples respond to baby’s pressure
  • Slow flow

Verified reviews


For use with the Evenflo glass bottles

I used these with the Evenflo glass bottles. They work great.Evenflo Classic 4 oz. Glass Nurser – 6-Pack

Lauri Maplecrest, NY

My son loves it!

So far my son doesnt have any issued with this nipple! they are very durable and doesnt cause any leakage! 🙂

Jade Fairfield, ND

like it

Ok, what can I say. Bought these for my niece and these are the nipples she decided to use. It is a personal choice.

Suzanne Posen, MI


The price was great. However these are very bad for compatibility, and they are very leaky. Even on Evenflow bottles these leaked liked crazy. I ended up throwing these away after two weeks trying to find the right combo that didn’t drench my kids neck. I tried evenflow, medela, gerber, and parents choice bottles. LEAKED In all of them. This is a great price for nipples, and you might think you should stockpile ( I did, I bought a dozen) but it’s not worth it, you get what you pay for. My choice for standard nipples is Playtex ventaire nipples. Since we began using those nipples NO LEAKS. In fact, we noticed no gas too, we switched to using almost allPlaytex VentAire Advanced Standard Bottles 9-Ounce, 3 Pack (Colors Vary)as our main bottle. The nipple ring is tight and the nipple is stiff, the bottle design prevents nipple collapse and makes airflow work in the perfect combo so that he never got a gassy tummy again. Spend the money, buy the good stuff.

Germaine Trenary, MI


They work well. It’s always nice to have extra nipples for your bottles. They are easy to clean. I recommend them.

Marina Richmond, KS

So glad to go with the “classic”

I was initially hesitant to go with Evenflo, we had used Dr. Brown’s with our first child (they were pre-BPA scare bottles so we trashed them). I’m pleased to say that these nipples (and the glass bottles) work just fine and don’t seem to give my little guy any trouble with air. Highly recommended for a budget conscious family!

Mellisa East Amherst, NY

I really like these

The only thing I wish was a little different about these is the shape. They are the same shape as the slow flow nipples, and I have to stare at the tops of them to try to decide if the hole is larger (making them fast flow). Otherwise, they work very well.

Louella Rome City, IN

I love Evenflo bottles

Nipple flow rate is just right for babies older than 6 months. Easy to wash. Good value. Be sure to separate the nipples! Slow, medium and fast are indistinguishable!!!

Jewell Quemado, NM

good quality

so far 3 months of use and still no problems: boil them or steralize in microwavable bags and still haven’t had to replace any

Aida Portal, ND

Great product

Like it a lot. They are great made material. I change this silicone nipples for 4 months. Only works for evenflo bottles. Highly recommend.

Mattie Waterfall, PA

Works great.

These work great with standard bottles. I like that I can order them online with amazon prime so it avoids a trip to the store just for 1 small item.

Brittany Chinese Camp, CA

Does the job..

I’ve had no issue with it yet. I just needed some nipples and locally the stores were to expensive and I didn’t feel like traveling to target. Good stuff.

Jasmin San Antonio, TX

They leak – not using Evenflo bottles

We used lvl 1 nipples on our evenflo, avent, and Medela bottles with no problems. These level 2s leaked in all of our bottles. We aren’t using the evenflo bottles anymore since she drinks more than 4oz at a time now. At any rate, they’re leaking and I’ve thrown them out. :o(

Natasha Smith, NV

Good, basic nipples

My baby has always used Evenflo nipples. At 3 months, he was having a hard time getting the milk to flow through the 0-3 month nipples, so we bought some of the 3-6 month and 6+month nipples. The 6 month nipples flowed too fast even at 5 months, but now that he’s 6 months, they work perfectly for him.

Earline Lowden, IA

Not really a slow flow

I ordered these because they said slow flow, and they really are not in my opinion. I was expecting them to be a bit slower.

Susan North Salem, IN

This are okay

These nipples are not bad but still did not slow down my son from eating too fast. My daughter does like them but they are not a favorite.

Alma Grindstone, PA

Great product

These nipples worked perfectly and wore well. Easy to use and easy to clean. Never developed any stains either. It helped that they came in different sizes for varied flow.

Ollie Roseland, NJ

NOT slow flow

I have the nipples given to us in the hospital and they are slow flow. These nipples allow milk to flow out when the bottle is upside down unlike the other slow flows I have.

Nita Richardsville, KY

7 mo likes these the best.

We have a drama-queen in the house. She is 7 mo and she requires her milk to be given to her in Parent’s choice bottles with Evenflo nipples… no idea why, but that is the only way she takes her milk; took us some time to figure this one out, but got there eventually. These can be sterilized in water in the microwave. They last well (we change all the nipples once every 2 months). They are reasonably soft, but last long enough. Good product.

Gail Rio Vista, CA

They work good

These are very good. Only problem I would say is that there is no way to tell which are fast, medium or slow – there are no markings. So you have to keep them organized in seperate bags. When you have Dr. instructions on feeding your baby (as I do, she has swallowing issues), you need to have different nipples and these are a drag without having a system of telling which are which. To figure out which it is, you have to put liquid in each one and see how fast it comes out. Easier to just keep them seperate all the time!

Ollie Terra Ceia, FL

Affordable nipple

These work great for the Evenflo bottles. Affordable and they fit well so the bottles vent but don’t leak. My daughter had no issues with these nipples.

Loretta Claunch, NM

Hard to find and excellent.

These low-flow nipples helped both my grandchildren when they were newborns until about 5 months. They had much less colic and gas when using them. I’ve always used them with the old-fashioned evenflo glass bottles and, recently, they have become very difficult to find. I’ve stocked up to have them for future grandchildren, because I haven’t come across another type or brand of nipple that works so well.

Wendy Liberty Hill, SC