Evenflo 40 Count Simplyabsorbent Nursing Pad

Evenflo 40 Count Simplyabsorbent Nursing Pad

Evenflo Simply Absorbent Nursing Pads Simply Absorbent Disposable Nursing Pads have soft inner layers that draw moisture away from skin. A moisture-proof, breathable outer layer lets air reach the skin. The absorbent core provides protection against leaks and offers a discreet contour fit that cannot be seen under clothing. 40-pack. Why You’ll Love It: These nursing pads are soft, ultra-thin and discrete. Features Soft, comfortable inner layer Ultra-thin absorbent core Breathable moisture barrier Slip-resistant outer layer Contoured shape moves with the body Offers superior absorbency Four layers of protection Discrete and comfortable

Main features

  • Polyethylene 60%/Polypropylene 40%
  • Imported
  • Independent lab tested & proven to be one of the most absorbent in the marketplace
  • Soft inner layers draw moisture away from skin
  • Outer layer lets air reach the skin
  • Discreet Contour Fit
  • Slip resistant material

Verified reviews


prefer johnson brand

Thought of trying a different brand after being loyal to johnson nursing pads for a while. This doesnot have the sticky tape and also confuses which side is the inner curve. i am back to johnson brand and will highly recommend it.

Pat Holladay, TN

Nice and absorbant

These worked well on keeping me dry and the fact that there was no ‘nipple’ on them was awesome (who would want to walk around with THO??). My only complaint is that they slide around a lot in my bra so at night they had a tendency to slip off and if I leaked there was no protection.

Sue Powers Lake, WI

The BEST Nursing Pads

I have tried many different brands of disposable nursing pads, as well as reusable ones, and these are by far the best! I never have any leaks with these, and they quickly absorb the moisture so my skin isn’t wet. I will definitely buy these again and again!

Janis Shook, MO

Good absorption

I used these in the beginning of my post partum days. I ended up switching to the cotton reusables, but these were great. I felt as if I was being wasteful. These fit nicely in my tanks with shelf bras, and weren’t obvious. My baby began sleeping through the night at 8 weeks. Most mornings I would wake up really full and obviously leaked through the night. The pads felt full but never leaked out. Highly recommend if you are looking for disposable nursing pads.

Corrine Bethel, OH

Gets the job done…that’s about it

I have tried several brands of nursing pads and these are my least favorite. They don’t have tape to stick to the bra, therefore, they stick to you. If you are just leaking a little, they get wet and dry to your skin, which hurts when you’re trying to remove them. I get them wet again to remove them. I won’t be purcahsing another box of these.

Johnnie Forest, OH