Evenflo 60 Count Nursing Pads

Evenflo 60 Count Nursing Pads

Evenflo Nursing Pads have soft, comfortable inner layers that draw moisture away from skin. Moisture proof breathable outer layer lets air reach the skin. The ultra-thin absorbent core provides protection against leaks and offers a discreet contour fit that is comfortable to wear and cannot be seen under clothing. Slip resistant material allows the pad to stay in place. Pads are wrapped in packs of two for convenience. Easy to use and disposable.

Main features

  • Superior absorbency ? independent third party lab tested
  • Soft comfortable inner layers draw moisture away from skin
  • Breathable moisture barrier allows air to pass through
  • Provides protection against leaks
  • Discreet contour fit that is ultra thin and cannot be seen under clothing

Verified reviews


Good, for the price

I found these nursing pads to be affordable and a good value. They’re not the best I’ve tried, and certainly not the worst either. They are soft and absorbent, which is a definite plus. They also are packaged in pairs, which means less time spent ripping open wrapping and less waste. Given the cost, they’re good, but they could be better. They have no adhesive so they move around a bit, though not that much. When they are fresh out of the package they’ll lie nicely so they’re not too visible through a shirt, but they bunch up after an hour or two and have to be straightened out. Some adhesive might help prevent the shifting that causes the bunching.

Bobbi Girdler, KY

Best I tried!

These are not fansy but they do the job! Super soft and reliable! Great value! Try those! And absolutely Dont but those Simplisse thin ones- hated them!

Jerri Assaria, KS


Not very soft, and rather itchy. The right side is difficult to differentiate from the outer side unless you put them on and are miserable.Advertised as contoured, but they aren’t! Very bulky and show through quite a bit. They do hold quite a bit of moisture, and don’t allow wet spots to show through (wick/distribute the moisture well).Not a great purchase.

Antoinette Ransomville, NY


I’ve tried several brands and types (disposable vs. reusable) and have to say, these are the best. Even when I first started nursing and was leaking all the time, these were super absorbent and never leaked through. I also think they hide better than most "contoured" breast pads.

Zelda Eglon, WV

Best yet

Hands down better then the medela brand – which bunch, crInkle, and just don’t fit right. This brand is very thick. Looks great under tops ( aka you don’t notice them). And absorbs like it should. Wish I started with these first. Live and learn 🙂

Elnora Marrero, LA

Not breathable

If you develop thrush and are using these to protect your clothing from yeast/medication…it will make the infection much worse because they hold in moisture. This led to large acne-like rashes next to the areola and a foul smell. This was without added moisture from lactation. If these were used solely for leakage, still wouldn’t buy them. The plastic is very hard to open, I had to cut them open with scissors daily. For clothing protection I much prefer Nuk ultra thin pads. They aren’t wrapped in additional plastic, the price is great and they don’t cause moisture buildup. They worked well fir lactation also. And they were not noticeable under clothing. Johnson’s and Medela are also preferable to this brand.

Marva Gibson, NC

pro: softest con: no adhesive

I’ve tried many brands. This is by far the softest and also the least conspicuous – though still detectable if the bra has no lining. The con I see is that there is no adhesive, so you need to keep putting it in place.

Colette Union Grove, AL

prefer Johnson’s brand

These were the least expensive option I found, so I bought them thinking there wouldn’t be much difference among nursing pads. Decided I much prefer the Johnson’s brand I had been using. These are larger and flat vs. contoured, so they feel a bit bulkier despite being thinner than Johnson’s. They also don’t have the small adhesive strip on the back, so they move around more. I also don’t like they they come individually packaged in sets…seems like an unnecessary waste/use of plastic.

Phoebe Mize, KY

Great pads

slightly contoured, so even with only a camisole on, they dont make your boobs look completely lumpy lol. I have never leaked through these pads. Price is decent for the number of pads you get.

Beatrice Sag Harbor, NY

Not so sticky

They are definitely absorbent but they don’t stay in place so well for me and I’m on the large-chested side. Still looking for the right pad.

Susanna Bowling Green, MO


These pads are very absorbent and come wrapped in plastic which I like. However, when I had latch issues which made my breasts tender and sensitive these pads really irritated me, they felt rough and itchy. I switched to the Nuk nursing pads which were much more comfortable.

Kerri Wareham, MA