Evenflo 60 Count Simplyabsorbent Nursing Pad

Evenflo 60 Count Simplyabsorbent Nursing Pad

Evenflo Simply Absorbent nursing pads offer comfort and outstanding protection for nursing moms. Featuring a breathable protective cover, each pad is contoured to the shape of the breast for added comfort.

Main features

  • Polyethylene 60%/Polypropylene 40%
  • Imported
  • Independent lab tested & proven to be one of the most absorbent in the marketplace
  • Soft inner layers draw moisture away from skin
  • Outer layer lets air reach the skin
  • Discreet Contour Fit
  • Slip resistant material

Verified reviews


soft and strong!

I love these nursing pads. I find them to be soft and comfortable to wear. They stay in place without any problem. They are very absorbant and strong. Even when they are full of milk (like some mornings), the area against the breast seems to stay dry, which I think is excellent for comfort and hygeine (reduces risk of thrush, etc.) They have a liner layer around the cotton core, kind of like a stay-dry maxi pad. They come wrapped in pairs, which I like. I feel they are clean and more sanitary being wrapped instead of being open to the air/dust and touching the box. If I only need one I put the other one back in the wrapper for another time, no big deal. They are a good size, thin and not too small. I tried the Nuk pads since they were slightly cheaper, but hated them. They weren’t wrapped, they were smaller and were just plain cotton, no lining on them. They also slipped and leaked. The Evenflo pads are worth the extra dollar for sure!

Shelby Riegelwood, NC

Just OK… buy the LANSINOH brand instead!

I got these the other day at the local Wally-World because they were out of the Lansinoh ones! :(Anyways, first off. IF you DO actually like these, I would suggest opening the box in the store, as they have a .50 off coupon right in the top… Just a little savings there for you…I read the reviews for these and they seemed really well, so I thought why not try them.Here is my problem’s with them…They do not have the little sticky tape on the opposite side. I do not use this on my nursing pads, however, in the middle of the night when you’re nursing your baby and take the pad out to put back in afterwards, countless times I am putting these in backwards and they FAIL… this is really a design flaw, as you cannot really “tell” which side is which… I often do this even when just using them fresh out of the shower.They also are not perforated as the others are. Its just nicer how the lansinoh’s have a certain type of cupping to them. I am REALLY large busted. A 40G to be exact. Yes, G like GEORGE… lol!I have found them to be soft, which is nice. However, not more absorbent as the Lansinoh brand. I will use them until the box is empty, since I have a box of 60 of them… but will never buy again…ALSO ladies, SKIP the Medela brand, they’re like a cheap version of the Lansinoh!I might even just keep the rest and use them as coasters since they’re flat and work well enough for that, but for their purpose, not so much.The price on amazon for these is NO deal… they were the exact same price in the stores, sorry amazon… I love you, but this time, this isnt any deal or discount off…

Florine Jeffersonville, KY

Softer than regular Lansinoh & NO ADHESIVE

They are softer than reg Lansinoh but not as soft as the Ultra Soft.I can tell the back is the rougher side w/o any issue. I prefer no adhesive b/c some of my bras are smooth nylon and adhesives don’t stick on them.I would flip the Lansinoh nursing pad onto itself when nursing since the pads still slide on smooth nylon bras. I usually ended up w/ the pad sticking to my sore nipple when I tried to get it flat again- very painful. These I can easily remove, place on the bed in the middle of the night when nursing, and put back in again b/c I don’t change after only 2-3 hours of wearing them when they are also completely dry. They stay put in my nylon bras too. I wish they were a little softer like the ultra soft Laninoh.

Ruth Mount Jewett, PA

these are the best

I have tried lots of diff nursing pads – cotton, lily padz, and diff disposable brands. These look the best under clothing and they do a great job of keeping the moisture of leaks away from your skin. Never had one leak thru (which the cotton ones do if they get too wet).

Abby New Florence, PA

Thin and confortable

I personally like this pads because they are thin, so they dont show thru your clothes. I used the avent brand before and they are to small and very thick.y

Ashlee Midlothian, VA

These are the BEST!!! VS The First Years – Lanolin Disposable Breast Pads

I started out using The First Years – Lanolin Disposable Breast Pads, but found them to be VERY itchy and kinda pricy compared to these.I purchsed these evenflo’s and although they were not Lanolin treated (I didnt feel the need for lanolin after the first 2 weeks of Breastfeeding) Its all about the latch…your breast will not hurt if baby is latching correctly.Anyhow…I have been breastfeeding for 6 months now and I LOVE these Evenflo’s! They are so light & yet absorb sooo much.Not itchy at all.Perfect product for the price!

Marisol Palo Alto, CA

Pretty good

Used these only for after giving birth since I didn’t breast feed but they served their purpose. Absorbent and works well.

Sonya Pontiac, IL