Evenflo ABC SmartSteps ExerSaucer

Evenflo ABC SmartSteps ExerSaucer

Features: Portability! Folds significantly smaller than non-folding models in the marketplace Age-appropriate toys help babies achieve 10 important developmental milestones Variety of songs Rock, spin and bounce! Landscaped tray surrounds child 3-position height adjustment 3 flip-down feet for statioinary position Seat locks in multiple positions Removable, machine washable seat pad Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) For infants 4 months to walking age (30″ maximum height)

Main features

  • Variety of interchangeable toys
  • Rocks, spins and bounces
  • Removable, machine-washable pad
  • 3 height adjustments
  • Folds down for easy storage and portability

Verified reviews


Fun Activity Center … Worth It

I was stunned at the pricing of the various exersaucer’s on the market. I couldn’t believe that paying almost $100 or more would be worth it. These things: Worth It. Admittedly, the particular exersaucer I have (the model just before this one) was an older hand me down, but looks almost as good as new and keeps my 4 month old occupied and interested. It is easy to clean, has a lot of bells and whistles to pull, push and spin and is light enough to be moved around the house if you want to keep an eye on your baby. Also, your child can grow with this exersaucer… the bottom legs can be adjusted to the correct height as he/she gets taller.If I had to buy this outright, now having had one, I would. It is fun to watch your baby’s little wheels turning in his/her head as they try to figure out what to do with all of the brightly colored gadgets. Very nice! I love it and so does my child.

Marci Deer Lodge, TN

My baby seems to like it

My baby seems to like it. The bright color seems to catch her eyes. She was less than 4 months old when I put her in ExerSaucer (a bit too early), so I had to put blanket around her body to keep her body straight, but she was doing okay in there. I was amazed how fast she learnt how to control her hands there.Overall I like this ExerSaucer. But there are 2 minor things I found:1. When you pull the monkey, the audio says “the triangle is blue”. But under sunlight, that triangle is green.2. When you press button on the small vechicle, sometimes the audio is some “laughter from children”, but personally, I think that is a little bit scary. But my baby has no problem with that.

Lynette Sardis, OH


Great product shipped quickly a little confusing to put together used image on box rather then instruction booklet..it was alot easier but other than that a piece of cake. My son is 4 months old and he loves it but only for about 15 min or so when he gets older im sure he will want to stay in it longer. You should only use if your child is old enough to hold their head up very well alone and has strong enough legs to stand up my son was pretty early with this so he already is spinning around in it slowly I wouldnt recommend it for any younger than 4 months. Has alot your child can hit and play with just uses alot of AAA batteries.On the play area there are 3 oval shaped plactic things with stars or something like that on them. u will see when u buy it that has to be put on with a spring i left the spring out because i was nervous that when he banged on it the spring would pop out..even though the instructions say to may sure everything is lined up and on right i still didnt like it and it wasnt necessary those parts was still able to fit on without the springs..overall great product for the price cheaper than toys r us

Elizabeth Clifton, TN

Beloved toy of ours

I don’t know what I’d do without this awesome toy. My son is 6 months old now, but has been enjoying it for almost 2 months. He loves all the toys, noise & lights. It’s made his body really strong and gives me a hands free moment now and then. It folds up great (as we travel a lot) and seems very sturdy & well made. I am very very pleased with this product.

Jimmie Melrose, MT

Baby really loves it!

I got this item twice. The first one arrived at an earlier time than scheduled, but had some parts defected(two parts didn’t sound and light even when I put the appropriate batteries). So I returned it, and asked for a replacement.Amazon.com was great! They sent another one quickly and even without additional charges for Saturday delievery.My wife and I am totally satisfied with the company’s service. And the item is working properly. My four months old baby really loves it, and is enjoying while I’m writing this review.

Nikki Little Switzerland, NC

Love this!

This is an excellent exersaucer! It has a nice variety of toys and we love the fact that you can switch them out! I also like that it plays music too! The few times we’ve had spit-ups or accidents, it was pretty easy to clean up. Our son could sit in this easily for 20-30 minutes which is great because it gave me time to get some things down around the house. I do like the electronic toys, but it takes a lot of batteries. We highly recommend this though!

Trina Clayton, MI

Very good, but may be a little overkill

My parents brought this for my son. My wife and I probably screwed up by introducing it too early. He’s 9 months old and is a little bored with it. However, he loves pulling himself up next to it an playing with the toys. When he loved it, it was a tremendous life saver because you good get your chores done while he played.This is very well made and easy to put together. It takes a lot of batteries, but surprisingly it doesn’t eat them up quickly. My physical and occupational therapy friends swear by this toy – not necessarily this model.You could probably save a few bucks with their less expensive model. If the price is not an issue, but this one.

Dale Page, ND

You can remove the toys!

These things have way too many toys on them. We chose this one because you can easily remove all but one o the toys. We’ve started our 4 month-old with just two toys, and she loves it. As she gets bigger we’ll change/add toys. It takes a bit to get assembled, but it’s really very nice.

Gladys Midway, KY

a MUST for busy parents!

I got this exersaucer at BabiesRUs when my twins were a couple of months old. We actually bought 2 different ones. My twins loved this! They were so occupied by it that sometimes they fall asleep there – and I have to move them to their beds. 🙂 It allows me some time to cook and tend to my oldest.I actually started my twins on this pretty early. They developed plagiocephaly (flat head) at about 8 weeks. I needed for them to stay upright as much as possible in order to give their heads a chance to round up. I can’t hold them all the time, and since they didn’t sit up by themselves yet, I couldn’t just leave them anywhere. The Smart Steps exersaucer helped a great deal keeping them up and occupied.They used this for a long time too. Even after they started walking, it was a great place to put them without getting into too much trouble (for much needed potty break, or in order to cook dinner).My twins are now 3.5 yrs old and are too old for this but I am using it for my 7 month old who is equally occupied and happy to be there. It’s been in the attic for a while before my baby could use it and it has held up pretty well. It’s also been moved around and we’ve had no problems with it. With a quick wipe to clean off the dust and spot cleaning the fabric covered toys, we were good to go.It’s very sturdy, too! My 5 year old and 3.5 year old twins now occasionally steps on it and bounces on it, yet it’s still holding up.I highly recommend this!

Jeannette Brillion, WI

great for pre-walkers

There is so much to do. It kept my daughter entertained for at least 20min at a time. She would laugh and smile everytime we put her in it. You can adjust it for three heights. We used it for about 6 months, maybe more. The seat swivals 365degrees. It’s easy to assemble and only takes about 30min or so. It does take quite a few batteries but there is a piano, a car that makes sounds, a cell phone and the lights/sounds on the arch. We use regular duracell or energizer and didn’t even have to replace all of them.

Christie Wray, CO

Not too happy with this

As a reference, our Son is 5 months old. He weighs 20lbs 15oz and is somewhere around 28 inches tall.We started off with a fisher price jumperoo. Our son really loved to jump around in it but it lacked toys. One of the three springs was also faulty and so we have mailed it off to Fisher Price for a refund.We purchased this exersaucer as a replacement for several reasons. The first being that it could be used for a longer period of time; our jumperoo was already at the 2nd setting and our son was getting close to maxing out the weight limit. After setting up the exersaucer the boy is already at the highest setting so it looks like it won’t be useable for that long either. The second reason we purchased this was the extensive amount of toys. There is a ton of stuff on this thing. After setting it up it looks like there might actually be too much stuff on here. Even after you remove a few of the removable toys it is still a bit much. The objects that you can pull down on to make noise are mostly smooth plastic with no handles. Our son gets a hold of them but I don’t know why they didn’t make them easier to grab. This toy does not bounce, especially not like a jumperoo. The jumperoo, while it has less stuff, had a single on/off switch and volume control. It also made noise when the baby jumped, not just when he interacted with something. This is probably more amusing for younger kids who haven’t quite figured out how to grab, pull, and hit things to make noise. The exersaucer is loud! Some of the toys are unsettling. I accidentally hit the car toy in the middle of the night and the disturbing laughing children was creepy.When you add in the fact that this thing feels like it might tip over with a good bump (we have a 160lb newfoundland who is clumsy) we will be exchanging this for another jumperoo. It looks like the jumperoo might last him another 2 or 3 months where this thing won’t last another growth spurt. The newer jumperoo has plenty of stuff on it and since it was the same base as our old jumperoo, we know that it will be more stable.

Frankie Comstock, WI

Not worth the money

I searched the internet for the “best” and thought this would be it. It wasn’t. First the springs were missing. Evenflo sent them out within 2 weeks but still it was annoying. Second, it just wasn’t all that entertaining. Her parents had purchased the Bright Starts brand for their home and it cost 20.00 less than this and she likes it better than this one. I guess that says it all!

Victoria Ralston, OK

Everyone LOVED it!! Big hit!!

This exersaucer is worth every penny!! 3 kids of the same age were all able to play on this because it has sooooo much!! Sturdy, easy to clean!! Can easily be used for all your kids!!

Margarita Wright City, MO

My daughter LOVES it!

We got this exersaucer as a baby gift. Let me say first off, it appears excessive. There are toys all over this thing, and as some one who doesn’t feel the need to have EVERY single baby toy ever made, I thought this seemed like overkill. HOWEVER, when I put my daughter in this at 4 months old (with a towel roll for support) she loved it immediately, because no matter where she flung her little arms, she hit something. Now, at 6 months old, she is still entertained in this for up to 15 minutes. She loves spinning around and using all the toys and she can now reach the overhead toy bar and play with those toys. There are a lot of batteries, but so far none have died. Lastly, perhaps my favorite feature of this exersaucer is the dog light up toy- you can easily take it on and off and it makes a great travel toy by itself (it has buttons the baby hits and it lights up and sings- also has a spinning piece and beads on a bar). I would definitely recommend this exersaucer!

Janis Whitehall, MT

Keeps baby entertained!

My daughter (5 months) loves this! We started using it when she was about 3 1/2 months old. We liked this one b/c she loves to stand, and this one was low enough that she could stand in it. At first she was only interested in one of the toys, but now has grown to love all of them. As she’s gotten taller, and loves to jump around in it. This is very sturdy, and easily colapses so you can take it with you. There are plenty of toys, so she doesn’t get board quickly. There is also a little room to set other toys to keep her standing and entertained. Great toy for an active baby that loves to stand

Cecile Brownfield, TX

Fantastic Toy- Worth every penny!

I bought this when my son was 5 months- but that was a little ambitious even though that age was mentioned in the description. But by the time he was about six and a half months, he loved his exersaucer. He is now nine months and starting to outgrow it, but he still crawls to it and asks to get in. I am going to have to put it away soon, and although he is going to miss it I actually think I’ll miss it more!!! It is great to have him stationary in one place for about 15 minutes at a time while I run around and clean without having to worry about him following. And he loves for us to put it near where I am washing dishes or working in the kitchen- that way he can still see me but he plays on his own. And he loves to jump, chew all the toys, etc. I was convinced as he got older that the toys would break off as he was pretty persistent in trying to put them in his mouth- but they have lasted and still have their shape. I don’t know if it really is that portable or space-saving- but it does fold up into a smaller size for storage. Also, it cleans easily and I have thrown things into the wash (even though I believe the instructions say to just wipe) and they are still beautiful and bright. The best thing about this is that it has grown with him- when he was younger he couldn’t reach the hanging toys- but just the other day he was getting a real kick out of the vibrating one (and yes, that does take quite a tug to get going but they figure it out). I researched several of these before I bought and this was one of the best priced, and I am so glad I purchased it. 🙂

Rosanne Kinards, SC

Love It

The Good1. My 5 1/2 month son loves it. He just moves around to each toy.2. You can add new toys in place of toys that have lost their appeal.3. It is height adjustable4. You can fold it up when taking it places. GREAT OPTION,,, also there is a built in handle to carry it by when it is folded up.5. It has tons of sounds, and music.6. One of very few that has an arch that hangs over babies head that has toys hanging down. Our son loves swatting at them, and each toy when pulled on makes a different sound or plays a different song.7. We love the colors and so does our son8. Has tons of learning everywhere. Letters, numbers, words, shapes and such9. Easy to clean seat and toys. The learning pad can be removed to clean underneath and can be removed and attached other places like the tray of a stroller.10. Our son, his four month old cousin, and 12 month old cousin love it. All three are in it daily and there are no complaints from them, although the year old is learning to walk and he is starting to complain when he is confined whether it is in the saucer or in a lap.11. The hard bottom is great when you bring it outside so that it keeps things out and away from babies feet12. The little kick stands on the bottom are great when you want to keep it stationaryThe Bad1. A pain to put together. I am mechanically inclined and I had a hard time getting this one together.

Margo Westbrookville, NY

A heavenly light shines upon it!

We LOVE this excersaucer!It fabulously folds down for travel or moving it from room to room with a handle and everything.We put our daughter in it at 4 months of age (with blankets around her) and it was an immediate success. She has so much fun in it! She’s 6 months old now and still loves every minute. We also purchased a few of the “Switch-a-roos” for it. The tall fish teething switcharoo and the crinkly bee switcharoo are big hits with our baby girl and the switcharoos are very reasonably priced.She loves all the sounds and lights. They aren’t too annoying. (As for someone’s comment on the creepy laughter, I kinda agree – it is slightly creepy, but my daughter actually smiles and laughs with the sound!)Oddly enough, one of my daughter’s favorite things to play with on it are the star-domes that cover the springs!!!Love the gender neutral, yet bright and fun colors and designs.Easy to clean. Evenflo switcharoos are great to change the toys up a little bit, even though she loves the toys it comes with!This is an item we could not live without!! Great for some hands free time for parents!! Our girl has a blast in hers!****** UPDATE! *******At 10 months old, this is STILL a hit with our daughter! Couldn’t be more pleased with all the use we have gotten out of this! I’m wondering if there are replacement parts, like another cloth seat, just so I can have a spare for when I wash the original!

Aline Saint Stephens Church, VA