Evenflo AMP Graphics No Back Car Seat Booster, Retro Flowers

Evenflo AMP Graphics No Back Car Seat Booster, Retro Flowers

The AMP Graphics Booster is cool and comfortable. The graphics and cool colors will allow your child to express their individuality while you know they are safe. Everybody wins. Appropriate for children 4 years and older. Protecting children is our core mission at Evenflo. For almost a century we have been a leader in safety, innovation and education. Knowing that one in four automobile accidents are side impact collisions, we believe it’s important to go beyond the current government standards when designing the next generation of Evenflo car seats, including the AMP Graphics. Designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately 2X the federal crash test standard Cool Graphics. AMP seats come in a variety of colors and designs. Convenient, always accessible elastic dual cup holders for drinks easy cleaning. Pad removes for machine washing.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately 2X the federal crash test standard, Always accessible elastic dual cup holders for drinks, Easy cleaning – pad removes for machine washing

Verified reviews


Looks too simple to be functional, but this is a great little booster!

I originally purchased the Evenflo Amp Backless booster to loan to my sister as a “spare.” It was never intended to be used as full-time booster seat. However, it is now being used as my niece’s seat in one vehicle and I am thrilled with how well it fits older children.This booster is simple– it has no LATCH attachment and is not “installed” in any way. It merely sits on the vehicle seat and is used to boost the child up so that the adult seatbelt fits. It does come with a belt-positioning strap that can be used to better position the shoulder belt if needed. The shoulder belt clip is very easy to slide onto the vehicle seatbelt.The way the armrests are positioned and angled makes the lapbelt rest where it is intended to rest– across the LAP (upper thighs/hipbones), not across the abdomen.Although the pad looks thin, it is adequate and has garnered zero complaints from its occupant. That’s always a good thing!There are two “cupholders” built into this seat, but they are just an elastic strap across an indentation in either side of the seat. While a cup does easily fit in the cupholder, the cupholder cannot be used to hold other items (snacks, small toys, etc.) unless they are placed in a cup first.I do have two warnings about the cupholders. (1) Only SOFT cups should be used in the car so they do not become dangerous projectiles in an accident. (2) The elastic straps on the cupholders apparently CONTAIN LATEX, so if you have a latex-sensitive child, BEWARE!A few other reminders:~ Booster seats are for big kids. If your child cannot sit in position for the entire trip, without playing with the seatbelt, he/she is not ready for a booster. Most kids aren’t ready for a booster until somewhere between age 5-8 (needing a 5-point harness until that time).~ Backless boosters such as the Amp REQUIRE that there is adequate vehicle head support behind the child’s head.~ Again, boosters are for big kids. Many children need a booster seat until they are 9-12 years old.Overall, this is a a great little booster seat!

Tracy Bloomington Springs, TN

Second One

Daughter loves this seat. It’s our second one – we’ve been happy with the style and quality. Price is great, too.

Muriel Keiser, AR

Great buy

I like the size of this one & the cup holder make different kinds of bottle/cups/drinks fit. Or a stuffed animal, daughter often uses them for the "friends" to sit 🙂

Karyn Oak Vale, MS

My 4 1/2 year old daughter loves this booster. …

My 4 1/2 year old daughter loves this booster. I was a little surprised to see all of the turquoise in the pattern. You can’t see it very well from the pictures.

Josefa Sebastian, TX

Easy installation!! 🙂

I like this seat bc of:1.) the colors, 2.) the cup holders and that they’re not sticking out causing less space, 3.) seat seems to have a little cushion.I don’t like it b/c there’s nothing to hold it in place. I didn’t do much research but the seat my husband got for his car, he picked up at Wal-Mart for $10 cheaper. It’s nothing extraordinary. Just red and black. But it does have a hole in the back part of the seat for a strap to go thru to hold it down to the seat. When our son climbs in our SUV’s, the first thing he grabs a hold of is the booster. And when he went from the car seat to a booster seat he did the same thing. Grabbed the seat. I failed to tell him mine wasn’t held in there and he fell right out of the car. But with my husband’s seat he can grab it and pull himself right up bc it’s somewhat secured/held in place. BUT my husbands doesn’t have any cup holders. His is just a plain graco brand.It was actually funny b/c my husband was installing a seat for my baby and at the same time he opened the back car door to "install" this booster seat, tossed it in the backseat and said "There. It’s installed." HA! So installation is a snap!

Shawna Ravena, NY

Great booster seat; easily moved and very safe!

Bought us another car seat booster and liked it so much we decided to buy another one for the other vehicle!

Kellie Rolla, MO

Not for 4-year-olds

A nice, solid seat for ages 8 and up. 6-7, maybe, if the child can sit properly in it 100% of the time, even sleeping.Do not buy for young kids as they are safest harnessed.No side-impact protection on the upper part, since it’s backless. Wouldn’t use in a car without side-curtain airbags.

Jill Lebanon, OR

Great Seat

We bought this for our almost 5 year old daughter. It’ll be great for our son as well, when he reaches the weight and age. Our girl loves this seat…it’s comfortable and we like how there’s a cup holder on each side.

Rosetta Tipton, IN

Not comfortable…

My daughter didn’t like, the bottom is a little hard for long trips. There’s also a strap that’s suppose to keep the seat belt in place but just gets in the way. I guess you get what you paid for.

Queen Turtlepoint, PA