Evenflo BabyGo Glide Baby Carrier Animal Toss

Evenflo BabyGo Glide Baby Carrier Animal Toss

Evenflo BabyGo Glide Baby Carrier Animal TossThe Baby Go High Chair by Evenflo is the perfect high chair to meet your needs without exceeding your budget. Its lightweight frame and revolutionary fold provide a safe high chair solution for your child no matter the occasion or location. The Baby Go High Chair’s easy fold mechanism makes it very compact and it is free standing when folded. The Baby Go High Chair has a 2 position, easy to clean tray, a 3 point restraint system and includes an integrated carry bag.Features include: Light weight soft carrier Three step single side entry buckle Auto fit back straps Two carrying positions Easy clean fabrics

Main features

  • Light weight soft carrier
  • Three step single side entry buckle
  • Auto fit back straps
  • Two carrying positions
  • Easy clean fabrics

Verified reviews


did not like at all……

did not like at all……Evenflo BabyGo Glide Baby Carrier – Animal Toss….waste of money could never recommend buying this one!~

Erica Hidden Valley, PA

Baby Go

Love this carrier!! I purchased the Infantino Sash Mei Tai carrier before I bought this one and I returned it the next day. I did not like that one at all, you had to tie and untie it every time you used it and it was VERY uncomfortable! I then bought this one to replace that one and I love it!! The carrier is very comfortable light weight and after I put my 6 week old Son in it he fell a sleep within minutes.:) Would definitely recommend this one!!

Patty Calipatria, CA

Didnt work for us:(

My daughter is 3 months and weighs about 14 punds. But she is tall and thin. She is too small for it and doesnt like to slumped over. Maybe it will work better when she has head control?

Elinor Clarksdale, MO

Wrap Carrier VS This One

I have a wrap carrier (you know, the 12ft long piece of fabric), but I needed something else considering I’ll be flying soon. Having to tie and untie and tie again a wrap carrier in a crowded airport for security check point and every layover just isn’t a pleasant idea. To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for this before getting it. After getting it, trying it on, and taking a walk in it I was absolutely blown away. It was far more comfortable and sturdier than I thought. I am a bit concerned that I can’t adjust the legholes, but for right now it fits my 9 month old, 21lb 5 oz son just fine. Maybe I wouldn’t be singing quite the same tune if I had gotten it a couple of months ago before my son started standing (he had very chunky legs before he started using them). Also, it doesn’t hold in heat like how the wrap carriers do. A definite plus when I’m flying into the southern California deserts.

Adriana Ayrshire, IA

Small, cheap carrier

It is quite small looking and when I was pregnant (I didn’t think it would really fit a baby). I did end up using this carrier the most in baby’s first 3 months. It is easy to grab and even squeeze into the diaper bag. It is comfortable even for me (I am plus size)… in fact I will wear it around the house or down the street to the mailbox many times because it evenly distributes the weight making it easier then standing and holding him. My baby is large, tall and thin by the way. Born 9.9 and now at 4 months he is 25 in and 15lbs and still fits in it fine.Follow-up: I have owned several carriers and have to say this one was the most flimsy. I gave it my cousin who is a little larger then me and it barely fits her and the baby. The babys legs dangle and it looks very uncomfortable for them. It will not last more then a few months and I would not use it with my next child.Please look for a carrier that is more ergonomic for the baby, where it craddles the butt and thighs. These type are less likely to cause hip problems or cut of circulation. (I now use a Beco Butterfly, I will use my Moby wrap the first few months with the new baby and continue to carry my toddler in the Beco.)

Terra Exeter, ME

Useful, not very practical or comfortable.

Cheap baby carrier. Useful, but isn’t easy to get on you or baby. Doesn’t look or feel the greatest. Spend more on a better baby carrier if you’ll use quite a bit. Does the job, but not with baby or parent in mind.

Odessa Mayo, MD