Evenflo BPA Free 12-Pack Tint Bottle 8 oz.

Evenflo BPA Free 12-Pack Tint Bottle 8 oz.

The Classic Tinted Polypropylene bottles do not contain BPA and are a great alternative to glass bottles. Polypropylene is 100% recyclable which is important to eco-conscious Moms! The bottles are hex shaped to allow for an easy grip.

Main features

  • Colors may vary
  • Sensitive Response nipples with Micro Air Vents promote even flow of liquid
  • Hex shaped
  • Suitable for children 0 Months and up

Verified reviews


Skip the fancy bottles

Our pediatrician turned us onto these bottles after we mentioned not liking some of the pricier bottles we tried. I won’t bash those here but I will tell you these affordable, no frills, Gerber bottles quickly became our favorite style.They are easy to clean and I mean easy. Each individual part is easily scrubbed with a bottle or nipple brush.Ounces and Ml are both clearly marked in raised detail on the bottlesWhen our daughter was a baby we would pre-mix a days worth of feedings and stick them in the fridge. An average dinner fork was always used to fit inside the bottle to stir the formula. If we went out they easily went from fridge to small cooler bag. They never leaked when we used the little quarter size hard plastic inserts. Those inserts worked best when used with the rounded side facing down into the bottle rather than up into the nipple. The caps always stayed snapped in place over the nipple when in a bag or cooler.Skip all the fancier style bottles. Fancy means pricey. Even the slip in style bottles with sleeves still need to be washed after throwing the sleeve away. What’s the point there? We wasted more money on bottles than any other newborn item.The 12 pack is the way to go. Thanks for reading.

Christa Landis, NC


These bottles are great. They are simple and that is what I wanted. I don’t need a bottle with a bunch of pieces. They clean easily and are reasonably priced.

Joann Raymondville, MO

Great price, liked the bottles.

This is a great price, I like the bottles, but I am not a fan of the nipples. I would still recommend these, but my daughter doesn’t really like drinking about of the nipples. But the bottles fit the nipples we already have so that is fine.

Ilene Plessis, NY

Like shape and size.

Like te colors, the size, the shape. The only thing I am concern is that sometimes when you shake the bottle with milk, it drops some of it. I use this product with my teenager now and I love it that’s why I bought this product after 10 years. I though it would be the same product but I think is not. Maybe I got the defected one.

Diana Bartlett, NE

Hard to read numbers

Great basic bottles. These are standard bottles, cheaply made but solid and very inexpensively priced. My only complaint is that it is really tough to see the numbers on the side for measureing. Can’t beat them for the price and I would have no complaints at all if I wasn’t measuring formula.

Rosalie Cement City, MI

No need to buy fad baby bottles; these work GREAT!

I use the classic Evenflo glass bottles at home, but daycare requires plastic-only. I purchased these and they work great! Don’t get caught up in all the marketing for the newer bottles; there’s a reason these have been around forever… they work! Be sure to purchase the Evenflo nipples for medium flow and fast flow so you’ll have them when your baby is ready to move up to higher flow.

Emilia Annandale, MN

Good product

Their bottles. I can’t imagine that it matters unless the baby is gassy, which most babies are at some point for short or long time.

Tammi Concan, TX

A bit leaky, but functional

These bottles are lightweight, which makes them really portable. I had been using the Evenflo glass bottles, which are quite heavy. The plastic bottles have worked fine for the month or two that we’ve been using them. However, the seal is not very tight between the nipple and the lid (you’d think it would fit exactly the same as with the glass bottles, but that’s not the case), so when you’re mixing the formula (shaking it up), liquid leaks out and makes a mess. All in all, they work fine, and they are inexpensive.

Tammi Carlisle, AR

good budget bottles

daycare requires plastic bottles and these are inexpensive, interchangeable and easy to use. Overall, these are a good budget buy.

Olivia Fort Campbell, KY

Better than Advertised

Don’t get too worried with the negative reviews on this product. I bought these because we had been through all the named brand top of the line bottles and my daughter hated each of them. My Nana said "get some basic Evenflo bottles and be done with it." So glad I listened. She took to these bottles instantly. I hand wash, boil, and wash in the dishwasher and they have held up great. Very pleased with the bottles. This 12pk is a great buy at $10! It will last us until she is ready for the sippy cup.

Phyllis Keaau, HI