Evenflo Classic Glass Nurser 4oz

Evenflo Classic Glass Nurser 4oz

The Evenflo Glass Nurser is a standard, no-fuss, glass bottle with easy-to-grip sides. The molded markers let you measure how much your baby has consumed. Each bottle comes with a latex nipple, cap ring, sealing disc, and protective lid. All pieces are top-rack dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Sensitive Response nipples with Micro Air Vents promote an even flow of liquid
  • Includes natural latex nipples that are preferred by some babies
  • See through glass bottle makes it easy to view liquid in the bottle and easy to clean

Verified reviews


Misleading – do not buy this item – get the 3 pack instead

This is very misleading. You only get one 8oz bottle. If you search Amazon.com you can get 3 8oz nursers for $5 instead of one for $7. Amazon should correct this as it seems like they are trying to con their customers into buying the same exact thing in lesser quantity but for more money.

Bettie Joseph, OR

Good product!!!

I really like these bottles. They are glass (which is a must in our house) and they are very inexpensive. I bought a couple of these to accompany a very expensive glass set that I purchased. Though this is a great product, I do wish it was easier to find those SiliSkin (silicon) covers for them. I have found them in a couple colors but they are soo expensive. However, this product is great. Probably the one downside is that the opening is smaller than the formula scoop I use! I do recommend this product though!!

Gilda Littleton, CO

Good price, ounce marks engraved and not painted!!

The smaller nipple works great for my newborn, who seemed to have trouble using the larger nipple on the Philips Avent bottle I originally got her. She switches from bottle to breast without issue, and we like the fact that they are glass and have the ounces built into the bottle instead of painted on, so they can’t wash off. You can’t beat the price either. We like the rubbery sleeves that you can get for these bottles as well. They make it easier to hold and more break-proof, although it makes it hard to see how much is left in the bottle. I would recommend trying these bottles before spending 5 times as much on something else.

Samantha Kamay, TX

Great for storing breast milk!

I use these Evenflo classic mainly for storing breast milk. I wanted something non-plastic and this is the one. Like all the reviews said, these bottles fit Medela pumps and you can pump directly into these glasses and put them in the freezer! These bottles are so thick that I am not worried about breaking them at all when I have to carry them to places. I have both 8oz and 4 oz bottles. I love Evenflo glass bottles!

Mia Washburn, WI

Once you go glass you can’t go back!

I absolutely love these glass bottles. When my daughter was smaller I used the 4oz ones but I had to upgrade when her milk intake went up a lot (I was having to prepare 2-3 bottles just for her nap/bedtime feedings lol). I had tried so many other 8oz+ bottles and she would just end up playing with them and throwing them around making it even harder to put her to bed. Finally I went ahead and got her this bottle and she took it just fine. She’s used to drinking from glass bottles ever since she was a newborn. She might have felt the difference between the weight of the bottles, once plastic bottles have less than half liquid in them they weigh almost nothing.

Christina Villa Ridge, MO

The best bottle ever!

I love that this bottle is glass!! It’s so hard to find anything but plastic! Plastic may be lighter in weight, but I feel much better feeding my baby from a glass bottle that doesn’t contain chemicals that are in plastic! That said, it’s durable, easy to clean, and even easy for our 9 mo old son to hold. I won’t use anything but the Evenflo Classic bottle!! We have 2 and that’s all we need!

Vera Alfred Station, NY

Nice Add On

I got this with my purchase since it was a super cheap add on item. It is a glass bottle, which I do love. Of course if your baby drops it on a hard ground it will shatter. There’s nothing fancy about it, just a glass bottle. It’s not very heavy so babies who can hold their bottle should still be able to do with this kind.

Luisa Tipton, PA

Great quality for the price

Best value in non-plastic bottles I’ve found. We’ve only broken 2 in a year and they’ve dropped many, many times. We use these exclusively. Pros: not plastic, dishwasher safe, fits onto medela breast pump. Cons: heavy, may break. Mine came with the silicone nipple, not rubber as some of the other reviews mention.

Lou Blountville, TN

Great glass bottle

I really like that this bottle is glass, and I REALLY love how cheap it is (< $2). Just wish the neck was wider so it would be easier to get the formula in.

Doris Portland, NY


I wasn’t crazy about the nipples because they are too small. (comparable to the dr. browns or lifefactory). I like a more wide mouth nipple but I use these to pump into (they attach to my medela pump). I LOVE how cheap they are.

Alyson Abrams, WI

Great alternative to plastic bottles!!

I really wanted to buy my infant a glass bottle since I’m worried about the plastics. The only thing I was disapointed in is the nipple stained way too easily!! My baby ate carrots than drank water from the bottle and I can’t get the nipple clear white again, it always looks tinged orange. 🙁 But all in all, it makes me feel better using a glass bottle than a plastic one. But take my advice and buy the rubber covers to avoid breakage!

Annabelle Sabael, NY

Safe bottles for baby

When my baby was first born, he demonstrated a clear distaste for these bottles. A month ago, he was refusing his favorite bottles, so I tried one of these again. Now he likes it!I like that the nipple is made of silicone. It is sturdy and easy to clean. The glass bottle eliminates the BPA worry and makes for a nicer looking bottle. I have never had an issues with breakage. The glass seems pretty thick and shatter resistant. I haven’t ever dropped one or subjected one to rapid temperature change.These are a good price and my only wish is that they were the wide neck bottles so it wouldn’t be so hard to get the powder in the bottle! The ounce markings on the side of the bottle are hard to see, especially at night since they are just raised and not marked but this also eliminates the paint risk so I am okay with it.I would recommend buying one or two to try and see what your baby likes. My baby had colic when he was born and has always had gas issues. These have helped relieve some symptoms.

Rosemarie Leesville, LA

great for freezing breastmilk

I use the glass nursers to store and freeze pumped breastmilk. they work great for that. I haven’t used them as a regular bottle as I have just always used the Tommee Tippee’s for that. Works great for what I need them for. No leaks ever!

Sonja Firth, NE