Evenflo Classic Johnny Jump Up Doorway Jumper – Bug

Evenflo Classic Johnny Jump Up Doorway Jumper – Bug

Toy loops allow you to clip on child’s favorite toy (toys not included) Removable, washable seat pad easily disassembles for quick clean up in the washing machine Portable infant exerciser provides entertainment and exercise for baby without taking up floor space Framed seat fully surrounds child Sturdy door frame clamp provides secure fit to interior doorways at least 3 inches, but no more than 6 inches, thick with firmly affixed door trim at least 1/2 inch wide Fully enclosed spring prevents access to and dirt from collecting in the active spring Fits babies 4 months to walking age (maximum 24 lbs.)

Main features

  • Toy loops allow you to clip on child’s favorite toy (toys not included)
  • Removable, washable seat pad easily disassembles for quick clean up in the washing machine
  • Portable infant exerciser provides entertainment and exercise for baby without taking up floor space
  • Sturdy door frame clamp provides secure fit to interior doorways at least 3 inches, but no more than 6 inches, thick with firmly affixed door trim at least 1/2 inch wide
  • Recommended Age 4 mo to walking age maximum of 24 lbs.

Verified reviews


Johnny Dangle and Spin

The spring was too tight so there is no “jump” in the Johnny Jump Up. My son just hung there pathetically. He bent his knees and just kind of swung. At 4 months, the basket was way too big for him, he could only get one arm over the bar, and the other was tucked inside because he couldn’t reach the other side. He just chewed on the bar, and thats the most entertainment he got out of it. When he did try to jump, if only one of his feet touched the ground, it would spin out of control.

Kathie Appleton City, MO

Nice jumpy toy

This worked as a nice jumpy toy for a home with odd sized door frames. May want to choose an option with more padding if you have a child with very strong legs and greater chance of hitting door frames, but we thought this was perfect for use in a small home with most kids.

Julianne Colmesneil, TX

For $20, good entertainment

We bought this Jenny Jump Up in the hopes to take it with us when visiting people to help entertain my 8 mo. daughter when just adults are around. There are no doorways where people visit in their homes (didn’t think about it before we bought it), but that’s not Evenflo’s problem. This works well in our bedroom when I’m cleaning, or in our bathroom when I haven’t had a shower before the day got started. My daughter enjoys it and can spin around so she can see infront and behind her. Her arms don’t sit up like the girl in the picture, she has long legs but her arms sit awkwardly on the frame, or infront of her in the pouch, but it gives her a little more freedom as she’s frustrated on the floor with not crawling (for the moment). Anything for $20 is worth a different scenery, and change of pace for 20 minutes or so at a time. We went out and bought Fisher Price Jumperoo which is much more user friendly in visiting-type areas (livingroom etc.) But for the price, and the fact that it is sturdy, is great. My daughter has not banged into the sides of the doorway. However the straps that hang from the top of the door do rub against her face and leave her with marks because the straps are sturdy and they are not soft at all (am thinking of buying some thing soft to go around the straps). I’m happy with the purchase, but it’s not the best because you need a doorway to attach it to (easy to attach, and again, very sturdy). For a cheap purchase it was a good buy.

Laurel Shelbyville, IL

Didn’t work for me

My son just isn’t into this. He screamed when I tried to put him in it. Maybe he’s too young at 6 months.

Martina New Hope, PA

AKA the Johnny Sit ‘n’ Dangle

Okay, so I chintzed out and bought the cheaper doorway jumper. I wish I hadn’t: the spring on this thing is so stiff that there’s no way that my baby could make it jump. She just sits there dangling and looking unhappy. If you want to avoid disappointment, definitely buy the more expensive brand.

Madelyn White Plains, NY


I think this jumper will work better when my child is bigger, but it is not designed for babies. The bottom/seat is too wide, so my daughter’s legs were losing circulation and turning purple after a short time. The bar that gives the seat shape is well padded in the front but not the back, which makes it uncomfortable/dangerous.

Addie Grovertown, IN

Boing boing

My daughter loved hers so much I had to purchase as a gift for my nephew. Didn’t ruin my walls or even leave a mark. Provided hours of entertainment!

Dolores Allen, OK

had over a year and still in great/new condition.

had over a year and still in great/new condition and my daughter is "frank the tank" so we’ve nick named her. she is rough, and this has survived 🙂 she uses it all the time and loves it. all tho when she was younger (2.5 now) it would have been nice to have a tray for toys as she seemed to get bored, we did hang some toys from the loops and that helped. great buy, we are happy 🙂

Tanisha Sage, AR

Not a hit with our daughter

Stiff suspension, not bouncy at all. Might be scary for babies who are already mobile and like exploring independently. Our 9mo seemed excited at first but quickly became frightened as she realized she was tethered to a fixed spot. She’s used to cruising and crawling. Wanted to encourage her to bounce by moving it for her, but it’s not springy at all. She’s terrified of it.

Sydney Downsville, LA

Not for my baby

We bought this for my daughter when she turned 4 months old. At first she loved it. Once she got the hang of how to jump she started smashing her face in the doorway. If your baby is just going to sit there and hang out it’s a great product but if your baby wants to jump at all it is not a safe baby product. I can’t use it with my daughter because she gets hurt even with me sitting right there with her.

Lois Philadelphia, PA

It works…

Our son enjoyed the Johnny Jump Up, but I didn’t. I know it’s for safety, but I wished there were other/better ways of attaching toys to it. The clamping jaws could be a little better, as some doorways in newer houses have trim that these jaws just can’t handle.

Shirley Beccaria, PA

Excellent Product

I highly recommend this product. I bought it for my friend’s child. She loves to get in it and jump up and down. There are 2 setbacks of this product. You need a door frame or molding to hold the jumper up and getting the child into and out of the jumper can be difficult when the child is fussy or upset.

Rachel Aviston, IL

Look at your doors before buying!

I was very excited about this jumper when I recieved it for a shower gift. I was disappointed however, when it came time for my daughter to use it. We have an old house so the doorjams are longer than in newer house. Our jumper does not fit on ANY of our doorjams 🙁

Judi Hillsdale, NJ

Up to 24 Pounds

The packaging states that this baby item is for kids 4 months up to 24 pounds. I found that my great nephew was not ready for this jumper until he was six months old. I felt he needed much better head and neck control than what he possessed at four months.We started using this Johnny Jump Up when he was six months old and already nearing 20 pounds. So the window of use will be small – but for the price, it’s worth it.We needed to play with the distance off the floor. It took us a little bit of adjusting up and down to get it right. If their toes only barely touch, they will only twirl and spin. If you set it too low they have a difficult time pushing off and bouncing.The spring is noisy, but it doesn’t bother me or the baby too much.All in all a nice option to distract baby for a little while.

Catherine Yettem, CA

It’s a little awkward…

We received this as a gift because my little guy’s father apparently LOVED his when he was a baby. Well, our little guy does NOT get this thing at all. He really just wants to chew on it and it’s so large for him. He is only 4 months old so I’m just assuming that he’s too young for it right now. Hopefully he’ll enjoy it more in a month or two. We have gotten some adorable pictures of him chewing on the side 😉 I will say that I feel totally confident in the security of it, which I didn’t think I would when first presented with it and I do like that unlike the new “jumparoos” that are so popular these days, when it’s not in use, we just take it down and tuck it away in a drawer!

Sierra Bainbridge, NY


Can this really be classified as a jumper?! The spring might as well be stuck! It doesn’t bounce at all. I can’t believe Evenflo would even attempt to sell this terrible product. Such a waste of money. I’m disappointed!

Mia Drumore, PA

Surprised not more injuries!

I put my 6 month old in this and while she loved jumping and spinning in it, the bucket is so wide and she leans so far forward her head nearly smacked both door frames if I hadn’t been sticking my hand up to block her! I didn’t feel it was really all that jumpy, either, and the spring made an annoying sound. I’ll be returning this for one that has a smaller seat area and a tray or a bumper to keep her from hitting her head. It was also tricky to get her into it, as well. I don’t recommend this at all.

Maria Port Monmouth, NJ

Good value for the price

We got this for our six month old who rolls everywhere. We have an open plan apartment so it’s great to put her in while I do chores. For $20 it does the job. she can’t sit up yet and the part that the baby sits in is quite big so she can slump in it a little. We’re still waiting for her to realize that she can jump in it. But right now she sits in it happily and spins… It wasn’t too tough to put together but it took a bit of fiddling… basically if you’re on a budget this is a simple cheap solution.

Betsy Flushing, OH

Son didn’t like it but cute

My son never really used this he wasn’t a huge fan but it s was of good quality and other babies who came over get enjoyed jt

Carolyn Fountaintown, IN

Evenflo Classic Johnny Jump Up

The idea is sound, but the design is poor.An others have mentioned, the leg holes are too far apart. My 8 month is still too small for it. The leg holds are much too far apart for her body. She falls over to one side (leg hole) or the other, with the other leg then in the air.Maybe she can use it at 12 months.Also, the spring design is terrible. It isn’t adjustable. Frankly speaking, it’s cheap and does not flex (spring) smoothly up and down (the desired effect). For proper function, the spring tension must be adjustable, to adapt to the varying weights of different size children.This is rated up to 24 pounds. So for a girl (my case), I can only use this from 12 months to around 18-21 months. Not even one year. This doesn’t make for an attractive purchase. If the leg holes were closer together so that a 6-8 month toddler could make use of it, I could at least get one year’s use out of it.Children get bored with this, hanging in one location. A walker is much more attractive to the child as they can move about and have lights and other functions to play with, and they’re legs get as much if not more exercise.

Mina Morris Plains, NJ

Our baby loves this!

Our baby girl is 6 months old and we’ve had this item for a couple of months now. She doesn’t jump in it yet, but she does love to swing and twirl around and her favorite time to use this is when I am cooking dinner or cleaning the kitchen. She would much rather be in this and watch me or play with the dog as it runs by, than stuck in her highchair or playing by herself in the living room.The spring is a little stiff, but I think once baby starts jumping, it will loosen up. Regardless, she loves it, so that makes me a happy mama!

Keri Michigan Center, MI


This product has just not worked out for us so far. Maybe my 7 month old will get the hang of it eventually but it is just awkward. Here’s why:1. The straps rub on his head and arms. They should be farther out somehow. I might try another one that has a tray which will make the straps farther to the sides.2. The middle part between his legs is too wide. Its hard for him to get the jumping motion when he basically has to sit or just bear weight on one leg.3. It isn’t very springy. I wish it used bungee cords instead of a spring.I went to a friend’s house and had him try another doorway jumper which addressed all these issues and he was much happier in it. I will try this one for a little longer but it just isn’t working.

Arline Glen Rock, NJ

Worst jumper we tried

Though pink and cute, this thing never seemed to work quite right. The baby wasn’t stable in it — she would flop over forward. Observers wondered if she would fall out. While that never happened, she’d get burn marks on her arms from leaning on its frame & ropes to stabilize herself. Ouch…An annoyance: I had to get help to clamp it into doorways; couldn’t attach & detach it myself.It just didn’t work for us.By way of comparison: our favorite jumper was the Graco Bumper Jumper. Still working very well for us. She bounces much more often and more happily in the Graco than she did in the Evenflo.

Lee Linden, IA