Evenflo Comfort Select Milk Storage Bottles

Evenflo Comfort Select Milk Storage Bottles

Evenflo’s Comfort Select Milk Storage Bottles match the BPA-free 4oz hex storage included in Comfort Select? pumps. With the Evenflo Comfort Select Milk Storage Bottles, mom can feed directly from storage. Better still, Evenflo Comfort Select Milk Storage Bottles are compatible with most standard nipples, including the Comfort Select? Breastfeeding nipple, Classic? nipples and Comfi nipples from Evenflo. BPA free and 100% recyclable for the eco-friendly mom.

Main features

  • Without BPA
  • Hex shape for easy gripping
  • Compatible with most standard nipples

Verified reviews


Great with Ameda Purely Yours

I’m on my third baby, so my Ameda bottles are old and aren’t BPA-free. These bottles not only fit the pump, but they also fit into the bottleholders on the unit (even though they are hex shape and not round THEY STILL FIT). This becomes important when you’re switching out bottles and need a stable place for the one holding milk, particularly when pumping in your bed during the night. The bottle caps for milk storage purposes are a pain, but I buy the Dr. Brown one-piece caps and they fit just fine. These Evenflo bottles really are an exceptional value.

Vilma Clinton, MS

Good cheap bottles for pumping-lids are below average

I bought these for my Medela Freestyle pump and they fit. I don’t like the lids, however, since they have the removeable part in the middle. I ordered some Dr. Brown’s lids since they fit, too. These are cheaper than Medela and for me, are better, since I don’t need all the nipples, etc that come with Medela bottles.

Bridgett North Lakewood, WA


These work really well to store milk in and they connect right to the breast pump so it makes it easier.

Goldie Southern Pines, NC

Great bottle, horrible lid

The bottles are smaller than the Medela bottles, but 1/10th the price, so I say go for it! They fit my PIS Advanced perfectly!The only problems with them are:1. The lids come in two pieces, which means they are not airtight. I think they do this so the ring can be a lid or you can put a nipple in, but I don’t feel comfortable storing my milk in bottles that can let other fridge air in, so I just bought more Medela lids – still cheaper than buying Medela bottles and they fit perfectly.2. They get cloudy from sanitizing with boiling water, but I don’t use them for looks so it doesn’t bother me.3. I find them REALLY HARD to hold on to. If they are empty, they constantly slip out of my hands. It’s almost like the plastic is waxy. I don’t have the problem when they are full though.

Lisa Streeter, ND

They are ok

The bottles themselves are great but I am extremely annoyed with the caps. They come in two pieces and absolutely annoy me as they don’t stay together as well as it does not form a perfect seal when closed.

Lindsay Hermiston, OR

Nice bottle, wierd design

These bottles are very practical for pumping and storage of breast milk. However, as some have noted, the top is in two separate pieces which can be awkward and lead to leaks, missing pieces, etc. I would purchase again because I like the size of the bottle, and I think they’re easier to use than bags. But, would prefer if the lid was a solid piece, instead of two pieces.

Trudy Tajique, NM

great, cheap bottles!

These are great extra milk storage bottles. They are compatible with my Medela Pump in Style, and they have great lids- a collar with a removable insert so you can either store the milk or use the collar with a nipple to feed baby. Excellent, cheap bottles!

Melinda Princeton, ME

Exactly what I needed

I just went back to work and needed some BPA free storage bottles. They work just fine and get the job done.

Lara Calcium, NY

compatible with Medela

I am glad I came across the Evenflo milk storage bottle – significantly cheaper than Medela’s bottle. These bottles are compatible with the Medela personalfit connectors, and the wide ring collars. I use it for collection, storage and feeding

Jeanie Chappells, SC

the cheapest bottles of their kind on the market anywhere

These are GREAT for the price! I only wish that Amazon would allow you to buy more than 3 packs. The threads screw on to any standard pump, and the price is unbeatable.

Amalia Gulf, NC

great for Medela pump users!

I bought these to store breast milk in and was very happy when i found out that they fit with my medela pump! These little bottles are great for pumping and storing.

Evangeline Bigfork, MN