Evenflo Cozy Sleeves – 8 oz – 1 pk, Boy Color

Evenflo Cozy Sleeves – 8 oz – 1 pk, Boy Color

Soft, fashionable TPE material sleeve improves impact resistance of glass and does not contain BPA. Slip resistant material has raised finger holds for easy gripping. Easy on/off loops leave openings to show liquid gradations. Easy to clean – dishwasher safe!

Main features

  • For use with Evenflo glass bottles
  • Works with all Evenflo Classic hex bottles
  • Reduces breakage & improves grip
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Only one sleeve

I included this item on my Amazon Wish List, assuming from the photo in its product description that it was a package of two sleeves. When someone sent it to me as a gift, it turned out to be a single sleeve. The item title is misleading—while it includes the phrase “1 pk”, it also includes the plural word “sleeves.” Hard to know what you’re ordering! Since it was sold by an independent seller, Amazon encouraged me to have the purchaser contact the seller directly. Since the purchaser gave it to me as a gift, this would be awkward. I usually like buying from Amazon, but this transaction makes me wary of buying from sellers. I’m removing the item from my Wish List and won’t buy from this seller again.

Jessica Beech Creek, KY

Just ok

I bought these for the 8oz hexagonal glass bottles we have. Unlike the silicone covers for the 4oz glass bottles, these barely have enough ‘give’ as you pull the 2 openings over the top of the bottles. This results in a super taunt pulling around the mouth of the bottle. Much like a rubber band stretched to its max. This has resulted in one side of the opening of the silicone cases breaking already. Anyway, I can still use it, but essentially, if the other side breaks, this becomes completely useless. If they put just a bit more silicone when making the larger glass bottle covers to allow for a bit more give as you are pulling it over the opening, then this is totally great!

Francis Tula, MS


I have been using Evenflo Glass Bottles with Evenflo Cozy Sleeves for 10 months. The silicone protects the bottles from breakage when accidents happen and also make the bottle easier to hold for me and the baby. I had 2 Cozy Sleeves snap this week, the first ones after almost 11 months of constant use. I am shocked that they held out this long and am happy to buy more. Glass bottles are an excellent alternative to plastic and these sleeves make glass bottles nearly indestructible, my baby has not been gentle on the bottles and we haven’t had a single bottle break yet.

Chrystal West Milford, WV

Good but…

These are very hard to get on and off the bottles. Making washing and sanitizing them a big pain. Ughh.

Flossie Lawndale, CA

This is the sleeve that gets used all the time.

This is the sleeve that gets used all the time. These go in easily and come off easily. They was up well and so far, (3 weeks of use), show no signs of wear.

Rhea Nolanville, TX

Waste of money.

These sleeves are so tight, it is such a hassle to put on. I’m also not sure that they would really help avoid breaks b/c very little is covered the sleeve. I prefer to carry my glass bottles in one of the long neck bottle koozies. They are cheaper, effective, and you can use them for beer once your baby is finished with bottles.

Carole Santa Clara, UT