Evenflo Crosstown Soft Portable Travel Gate

Evenflo Crosstown Soft Portable Travel Gate

Features: -Finish:Grey -Distressed:No -Material:Plastic -Number of Items Included:1. Dimensions: -Overall Height – Top to Bottom:27 -Overall Width – Side to Side:60 -Overall Product Weight:6.42

Main features

  • Pressure mounted gate
  • Quick fold collapsible sides
  • Travel bag included
  • Fits uneven and extra wide openings
  • Perfect portable travel gate

Verified reviews



After spending a frustrating hour or so trying to install this gate, my husband and I quickly decided to return it back to Amazon. We brought it to confine our puppy when we need to leave her alone in the house, and wanting something easy to setup and store away we went for the Evenflo Crosstown Soft Portable Travel Gate, thinking it would be the ideal solution.Firstly, this gate did not fit our standard sized doorways. We’d been hoping that as the gate was advertised as being a travel gate, it would fit both small and wide openings. Not so.Gladly, the gate did fit our hallway, so we decided to set it up there instead. Unfortunately, this soon led us to realize the biggest problems with this product: it is extremely awkard to assemble and put away.The buttons are concealed beneath the thick fabric, which is slippery and difficult to grip. The buttons themselves are awkward to locate and hard to push. The instructions are astonishingly lengthy and were vital in order for us to figure out how to put the gate up. There was no way I could manage to put this up myself (my husband did it for me).It wasn’t very easy to put back into the travel bag either. It took both my husband and I to get it back in there! We heaved a sigh of relief when it was packed back away, and returned it back to Amazon immediately. Not a good product, at all.

Nancy Florence, SD

Works and is Inexpensive.

Our boy is 10-months old. He loves to crawl. He’ll be walking soon. It was time for a few gates in the house. My wife and I looked around and selected the Evenflow Crosstown pressure-mount gate as a start for his bedroom door.When we attempted to put it up, we found that it was too wide for the door. It’s our fault for not measuring first, but keep the dimensions in mind if you purchase. Fortunately, it could be installed from the hall walls outside the door and that worked just as well. It was a real struggle to install the first time. All the controls are under the cloth and are very awkward to use. We had difficulty getting both the top and bottom rails installed with the same pressure. If the top was tight, the bottom was loose and vice versa. Finally, it was installed and works rather well although it is rather awkward stepping over with the baby in our arms. It opens wide enough that we probably can install it several other places in the house and, as he grows, we’ll probably do just that. Fortunately, no screws or anything like that are required. It’s portable so we can take it with us when visiting other houses.I have mixed feelings about this gate. Right at the moment, I wouldn’t buy a second one. However, it serves it’s purpose and it was relatively inexpensive.Gary Peterson

Tessa Wileyville, WV

does not stay up – waste of money

this thing is the worst piece of junk i’ve ever ordered! I’ve put up 4 metal gates throughout the house so far, and needed 2 more, so I figured I would buy this since it’s so much cheaper than the metal gates…turns out, this thing is a piece of junk. I spent over an hour, trying to get it to stay up, but each time I let go the darn thing would fall right off! It simply doesn’t extend tightly against the walls like it supposed to…instructions were vague…I packed it back up and will be returning it for sure.

Tania Fairview, KS

just right and no installation

We purchased this gate after buying a metal one with defects that had to be sent back. We had already owned an older version of this gate for our older kids and decided to go with it again. The new model has more neutral colors (the old model was purple and white) and with a greyish mesh does not show dirt. It also has a more sophisticated opening mechanism (I assume because of changing safety standards). It holds in place well and expands to be used with many different sized openings, a big plus for a military family that moves to a new house every couple years. It also doesn’t need to be installed and doesn’t require any tools or holes in the walls. It’s a great price for a gate that fits a wide space between rooms.The downsides are not deal breakers in any way. Being fabric with a mesh gate area there can be snags that happen, our old one was used for several years and ended up with a handfull of small snags in the fabric over that time. The parts that adjust the size are now more involved and require the instructions be read to understand how to work it, the old one was easy to figure out. It’s tall and must be climbed over. I’m 5’4″ and I can just barely get over it. Our older kids, who are allowed to go in the rooms the gate is blocking off, cannot get over it and must be lifted over it or walk around through another part of the house. The old model had short sides that could be removed so the top bar could be put a couple inches lower but this one has built in locking sides so the height cannot be adjusted. It must be installed above the baseboards, which adds to the height.

Chris Gowen, OK

Does its job

I purchased 2 gates from Amazon, this one from Evenflo, and the Summer Tall Infant Gate. I loved the Summer Tall Deocrative Walk Through Gate, gave it 5 stars, and I also like this one. This one i bought so i can take with me when I go to my parents house. Its pretty easy to set up, it stands firm, and its just as easy to take down and fold right back into the travel bag it comes with. Only downside is that there is no door u can walk through, you have to simply step over it. But if your looking for a gate thats easy to set up, take down, and travel with, this would be the gate for you. And if your looking for a sturdy gate that stays put, ill recommend the Summer walk through gate.

Rosalyn Flat Rock, MI

It’s hard to adjust and I liked the old model much better

I ordered this because I had an older Evenflo gate that I really liked. Well, when I got this one it was different. The changes aren’t good. It’s difficult to adjust and just doesn’t work the way it should. I gave it two stars because it’s getting the job done, but I only use it in me spot because it’s so annoying to adjust.

Olivia Freeport, PA

Perfect for our home!

We were given an Evenflo gate as a hand-me-down and we were pretty impressed with it despite it being several years old (at least 5 – maybe closer to 10). We liked how it was in pretty good condition other than a little bit of wear on the fabric portion from their younger kids holding onto it over the years. However, the one we had wasn’t big enough for the openings that we wanted to block off. When I saw that Evenflo made one that would fit the opening between our living room and dining room (which is the largest opening we have), I was thrilled! We purchased it at a local store and it was installed within 5 minutes of opening it up. We have used it in both of the larger openings that we have in our house and we just love it! And we prefer this color over the navy blue on the older one.

Mary Fountain, MI

works great!

This gate is very sturdy and we are using it almost at its max length. Very easy to install. And it’s even short enough for a shorty like me (5’1″) to step over easily! Highly recommended!

Elma Roopville, GA

Inexpensive and Trendy, but Hard to Work

This gate fits the extra wide space that we purchased it for, but the latches for extending the bars to the walls are under the fabric and hard to latch and unlatch.

Angelica Leominster, MA

Love this gate

This gate is great, the walls are like a pack n play. I just wish it fit smaller openings also.

Aurelia Greenleaf, KS

Great portable gate

I found this gate because I needed a pressure mounted gate for a slightly larger than normal doorway. But it’s so easy to use that I also use it for travel. I’ve had several other gates, and this is by far the best. I’ve noticed some people complain about set up – All gates require some amount of assembly each time they are used. This one at least requires no tools, and once you use it a few times, it’s not hard to adjust and move. The gate itself is a lot like the side of a pack ‘n play. It’s pretty sturdy though. My son frequently jumps on the bottom rail and there have been no issues.

Wanda Everson, PA


This gate is great to block off an area you don’t need to access. I can’t comment on how useful this gate is for travel or portability as we keep it in one place, however I am pleased with this gate. It hasn’t moved even with my 9 month old pushing on the mesh and pulling up on the top. The mesh design is great because my son can’t use it to climb over the gate, and it’s soft enough that it doesn’t hurt when he falls into it. Too bad the gate is too tall to step over, otherwise I’d put more in my house (we currently use this to block off an area that no one goes in).PROS:-Sturdy-Baby can’t use mesh to climb-Too tall for baby to climb-Mesh is soft so it doesn’t hurtCONS:-Too tall to step over (you can’t easily access the other side of the gate)-Not sure how travel-friendly it is

Greta Wakarusa, KS

Dented my wall.

i have an arch way that I used this in. One side is a wall with baseboard heating and the other side is a flat column. The wall has gotten dented because it is sheet rock. My dogs are able to knock it down. My 12 month old son can push the bottom open and crawl out because I can’t get a tight lock on the bottom rail.I do love it because my son generally isnt interested in going into the other room unless someone is out there so it works well just be-careful with your walls.UPDATE. I ended up finding a way to get it tighter BUT the cover/mesh doesnt come off so u can wash it. BIG FAIL! So I got roughly 6 months of use before it got to the point of no return on the dirt scale!

Angelina Blackwell, MO

Okay to block off the area, but not solid

We tried using this gate to block our 1 year old son from the kitchen… but since it’s a fabric gate, he was able to “push” and curve the gate. Ultimately, we didn’t feel safe having this gate, because he kept pushing against the gate, and will eventually be able to make it fall down.We returned the gate. I recommend getting a solid gate instead for blocking off toddlers out of an area of your home.The “Solid” gate we ended up buying was “KidCo G15 Center Gateway with Walk Through Pressure Gate”.

Lucia Ashippun, WI

Stays secure once you get it up

We have a new puppy and want to keep her confined to the kitchen. There is a 5′ wide opening between the kitchen and the living room. I bought this gate because I didn’t want to have to attach hardware permanently to my walls and I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a wood gate that would span 60 inches.It’s a little tricky to put up at first but once I got it up I was impressed with how securely it stayed in place. Once I got the hang of putting it up, I can do it pretty quickly. Once I figured out the ‘secret’ of folding it up (get the vertical bars unhinged before undoing the horizontal bars), taking it down was a snap. I also love that it folds so it can be easily stored out of sight when not in use.For the price, I couldn’t ask for a better product. I’m a bit concerned about my puppy tearing the mesh but so far that hasn’t been a problem. But it’s something to think about if you want it for a pet.

Fern Montrose, AL


We have a very large and uneven wall space that we wanted to keep sectioned off. We tried a few really expensive gates and always returned them. This one is perfect! We couldn’t believe how easy it was to use…no hardware or hassle. We love that it covers such a wide span of space and that it’s portable. Seriously the best baby gate purchase. Our 1 yr. old son leans against it and it’s soft and he can’t knock it down. I do wish we could have found something with a swinging door, but it’s no big deal for us to just step over this (and i’m short…5’2.) We are so happy with this purchase!

Leta Cape Canaveral, FL

Didn’t cut it.

Nearly every one we had must have been defective. The frames bent easily and stayed bent (and yes, I know the sides are supposed to bend and then snap into position but it was more than that…they stayed bent).Also, if you put this up, plan on keeping it up. I would describe this more as a permanent solution rather than an “easy to remove and put up” travel gate. From the reviews here, it is clear that some people love this but it just didn’t work for our lifestyle.Pre-tested before baby came as well as with a friend’s baby. Totally frustrating and we followed the directions perfectly. As others have noted, the directions are not easy to follow and you have to practice to understand how to get this to work. Even so, after extending the top and bottom sides, placing the gate on the floor (a required step according to manufacturer instructions) and then locking it in place, we were extremely…well, grumpy. Further practice didn’t make things any better. I would never use this as a portable baby gate!Uh-uh. Looking for something simpler. I would avoid using this after going through so many steps each time! Again, for a permanent or long-term gate (for crawlers to first walkers), this might work…as a travel gate, nope…not from what I experienced.

Leta Toa Alta, PR

Not Worth the Hassle

I bought this gate because it was so cheap, it covered the space I needed it to, and because my 1 year old likes to bang his head against things (I know, strange phase we’re going through currently). However, the little rubber ends that go on the wall/frame caused the paint to crack or rubbed it off AND the gate won’t stay on the wall! It is constantly slipping down. Plus, this gate is a pain to take on and off. No good! Now I have to re-paint AND buy a new gate.p.s. If you are putting this gate on a framed doorway that would probably be best, I DO NOT recommend on a painted wall!

Lori La Grange, TX

perfect fit and sturdy

great gate. gives a perfect fit to a large, uneven opening like mine. Very sturdy. worth the money and saves your sanity 🙂

Elisa Roaring Spring, PA

Not easy to use..am disappointed

I am using gates for the first time and I find this one extremely difficult to uninstall. The release buttons are hidden from view and I can’t make them work…therefore this is not going to be portable/travel friendly for me. Maybe my husband will have better luck, but I am somewhat disappointed in this product.It does look nice for what it is and does fit wider openings, but it is very awkward for me to use.

Flossie Tylersburg, PA

Does it’s job

Just started using this gate because we have a wide opening at the bottom of our stairs and no other gate was big enough. It’s easy to set up and take down and I also like that fact that it’s easy to travel with because my parents don’t have any child gates. So I am able to pack up this gate to take with us to their house. I would definitely say purchase this gate if you are looking for a wide gate or a gate to travel with when you go places.

Isabelle Saint Joseph, MN

meets expectations

good gate – sturdy & simple to install (though I have yet to figure out the side latch release to make adjustments/uninstall … either something is wrong with mine or it’s a really stiff release button!). But I easily worked around the problem by loosening the top/bottom poles. Not a big deal or deal breaker. It otherwise meets my expectations and serves its purpose well..

Dollie Woodford, WI

Perfect Dog Gate

I know this gate is meant for children but it even does a great job of keeping my dog out of trouble. I bought it specifically because it fit in our super large 54″ doorway. It took us a little while to figure out how it worked properly, but once we got the hang of it the gate worked perfectly. My dog can’t knock it over or jump over it. It also doesn’t leave any marks on the walls. I highly recommend this gate for the price, size, and functionality.

Keisha Choctaw, OK

Awesome Gate!!!

I just received this gate today and had it up withing 10 minutes. It looks good and seems very sturdy! My house has thick/wide baseboards and many gates don’t work, but this one has separate adjustable top and bottom. I’m using it to block off a 40″ entrance to my son’s playroom (aka family room) since there isn’t an actual door. It doesn’t swing open or shut and it takes a few seconds to remove, but the price is good and it is great for the intended purpose. The only con are the directions which are more confusing than the gate itself. I would definitely recommend this to others!

Charlene Regan, ND

Buyer beware!

If there was an option to give this product 0 stars, I totally would. Because it is a fine example of declining quality of seemingly everything these days. Let me explain. I initially considered this gate because of the good reviews it received on the Amazon. Also, a friend of mine had this gate for a year, and it works very well for her. A no-brainer, I thought. Not so! As it turns out, I should have payed closer attention to the dates of the good and bad reviews on this gate. Almost all of the good ones are for prior years, and almost all of the bad ones are for this year, 2011. The “bad” reviews say that this gate broke within weeks or days of use…Guess what? That’s exactly what happened to mine as well! Used it for about two weeks, and one day it just slipped off the wall, and when we tried to put it back, it would not work – the mechanism that controls the desired length of the top rod simply stopped working, and there was no way to fix it. DON’T waste your money – there are better alternatives out there! (hopefully….)

Lizzie Pleasantville, TN

Only good for permanant applications!

UPDATE: We have used this as a permanant gate which has stayed in place for 2 months now. On the 4th time taking it down, the locking mechanism on the top support broke and will no longer lock. This is definitely a defect in this gate as there are so many complaints with the same issue. I do NOT recommend this gate unless you are going to leave it up permanantly and not take it down until you are ready to get rid of it for good. Amazon will replace defective units, however, it is very wasteful and I wish the design defect was corrected.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 MINUTE INSTALLATION:I was hesitant to purchase this based on the numerous negative reviews regarding it’s supposedly difficult setup (taking more than 2 hands, lots of time, etc). I’m VERY happy to report that if you read the VERY short and simple directions {with pictures}, this gate can be installed out of the box in less than 2 MINUTES! Yeah, imagine that…it all goes back to what your teachers told you to do in grade school!VERY STRONG TENSION RODS:It will easily fit uneven surfaces and the tension rods are STRONG (bends wood frames and would likely put a hole in drywall if overtightened)…I will have to update to let you know if the tension mechanisms break on ours like many of the other reviews mention after a few months of use. My older child (~40 lbs) has climbed over this gate a few times now and it has not moved whatsoever…it is VERY stable/sturdy when installed properly!AESTHETICS:The only thing I’m not crazy about is the mesh – it has give to it and can snag versus non-cloth gates. However, it keeps our active toddler in the room and that’s what it’s purpose is! I’ll upload a photo of ours since I don’t think many of the customer images are very flattering (you can make this look decent if you take a few moments to smooth out the wrinkles with your hand – no biggie but makes a huge difference in appearance).RECOMMENDED FOR: Blocking off a doorway for long periods of time (for example, when you have a newly crawling/walking toddler and you need to keep them in one room to prevent them from getting near stairs/doors/cabinets, etc)

Alisha Springfield, PA

Takes forever to put in place!

This gate is sturdy, but takes forever to get in place. I didn’t use this gate for the 1st three months we had it because even with the directions we could not get it firm enough to stay in place. Any odd widths, slightly uneven walls or unparalleled walls (such you would find in an older home) makes this gate a pain! It took me an hour to put it in place the first time and then another hour and a half the second time. I would have returned it if I could in a flash! There are much better designs out there and it’s not worth pinching a few pennies.

Vera Pahala, HI

Works Great

I ended up using this to block our fireplace for child safety. It works great so far.

Dessie Nichols, WI