Evenflo Delux Developmental Activity Center, Circus

Evenflo Delux Developmental Activity Center, Circus

6051649 Features: -Deluxe active learning center.-3-Position height adjustment.-Gross motor skills, fine motor skills, object exploration, cause/effect learning.-Self-awareness, tactile development, visual development, object permanence, hand-eye coordination.-Physical exercise to develop neck, back and leg muscles and improve gross motor skills.-Brings toys closer to baby.-Easy and convenient cleaning.-Baby with secure learn and play environment.-Removable, machine washable seat pad.-Use for 4 months to walking age. Color/Finish: -Color: Circus. Assembly Instructions: -Assembly required.

Main features

  • Secure learn & play environment
  • 44 fun learning activities
  • 2X the bounce as previous models
  • Take with me toys
  • 3-Position Height Adjustment

Verified reviews


Grandson’s Activity Center

Soooo many to choose from; very Nice pick. I finally chose the Evenflo Delux Developmental Activity Center, Citrus after searching over 2 weeks for something for my 3 month old 17 lb 11 oz grandson. Some of the other activity centers, jumperoos, bouncers, etc. are so pricey.Evenflo Delux Developmental Activity Center, Circuswon hands down! I would recommend to anyone looking for something in lieu of a walker for inquisitive little bundles of joy!

Ladonna Bronwood, GA

So far so good.

I bought it for my 4 months old son. I tried exactly the same exersaucer and he seemed to like it.For now I use it with blanket behind his back, so he can sits more comfortable. Our doctor said that exersaucer and jumpers are fine, but walkers not really, as she knows babies that actually broke their legs. She also recommended to keep baby in it for no more than 20-30 minutes.So far our son likes it and I can see that once he will be able to stand by himself it will be more fun (this exersaucer also bounces when kid will use some power when sitting down).I added some toys and plastic links to the exersaucer to keep little one busy, and covered 1 toy with the little sock and he loves to chew on it.The minus-there’s no food tray, but there is space for some little snacks.The activity center by itself it was easy to assemble, instructions are clear. There are 3 levels to adjust to baby’s height. So far I’m happy with the purchase, I was considering also a jumper (looks like fun), but I wanted something more “quiet” for my son, at least for now.It helps to do some choirs, take quick shower, cook etc when my husband is away.UPDATE: I just got Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo and could compare 2 products. The jumperoo’s seat has padded back, seems very comfortable because it’s smaller -and my 6 month old son can rest his arms while playing with toys. Evenflo’s seat is bigger (wider) and baby almost always will lean on the edges. The main differences between these two are (excluding jumping option and price): lights and music on jumperoo (not crazy with option to switch off) versus more toys to chew on exersaucer. If I’d have to choose one it could be hard-jumperoo is more busy and fun because of jumping, exersaucer helps with balance and strengthening muscles better (or different muscles- baby has to go up and down by itself instead of kind of hanging/standing like in jumperoo).The best thing would be to let baby check it out in friends house or some store (like Burlington).UPDATE: My son is 11 months now and the exersaucer is on 3rd level. He doesn’t like to be in the jumper or excesaucer for long periods of time but prefers excersaucer (jumping annoys him for some reason). He also loves to cruise around and under both things and play with attached toys.If someone leans towards the jumper but would love to have both items the playpen can substitute exersaucer with favorite toy or two inside. It’s useful from the birth and after baby can pull itself to standing position will cruise around, which happens when baby start to crawl. My son was 6 months old but some babies might be 8-9 months old, BUT they can easily fall back because there is no support). The playpen is also great when traveling, it’s portable and we use it as a baby bed (when staying in motels, other houses etc).UPDATE 2: My son started to lean forward when inside excersaucer at 13 months, so we weren’t able to leave him unattended. When he leaned he could fall down with the whole thing, and this is dangerous. He still plays with toys though. To compare with jumparoo-it’s impossible to get out for toddler because the sit is deeper, so it can be used for longer periods. But to be honest I don’t fully use it either. My son only plays with the toys walking around.

Holly Stanton, MO

Love this exersaucer!

I bought this for my son when he was 4 months old and he loves it. It can keep him entertained long enough for me to get some stuff done around the house. He loves all of the toys on it and I love that you can swap out the toys for other Fisher Price toys. He was 27" long when we bought it for him and we had it on the lowest setting. His feet were a little short at the time, but now that he’s 28" long it’s perfect.

Estela Melstone, MT

Great Product

For the money this jumper can’t be beat. Theres alot of toys to keep your child occupied. The only "negative" is there arent alot of different heights to adjust it to.

Lynette Nikolai, AK

what a blast!

My twin baby girls love this exersaucer, which is fantastic, because it provides a place for them to play safely and independently. It has done wonders for one of my girls, who loves to be held, but who will sit and bounce and spin in this toy to her heart’s content. Both girls are fascinated by the toys and they have learned to appreciate them in different ways as they have gotten older. This exersaucer is sturdy and easy to clean. It has grown with my girls from the shortest setting at 5 months to the tallest setting at 10 months. I would highly recommend it. It’s a very engaging toy, and the babies can control how stimulating it is by either sitting still and playing with one toy, or jumping and spinning with excitement.

Mary New Lebanon, OH

Good exersaucer for the price

My only "gripe" is that it’s fairly simple, but my five month old doesn’t seem to mind at all. It is, however, really cute.The excersaucer I had with my first baby had more toys, but she ended up getting overstimulated more quickly, or frustrated.So I guess less is more for babies…

Marlene Laurel, IA

Great product!

We bought this for our daughter when she was five months old. We used a towel to help prop her upright at first. This has been a lifesaver to help keep her entertained in one spot! It’s easy to clean and very cute for both boy and girl. She is 10 months old now and it doesn’t amuse her as much, but that’s understandable as she would rather move around! My only complaint is that I wish there was more height adjustments. We have a taller baby and she was already on the highest setting at six months. Still recommend this product though!

Gladys Lawai, HI


My little guy loves this thing! My 4 month old is still a little small for the seat but his legs are long so he touches the bottom and he loves being able to stand without being held! I just tuck a small pillow behind him in the seat and he bounces and turns all around it. it’s great to be able to throw a load of laundry in or go to the bathroom!I was afraid that some of the toys were too close to eyes level for him and have some rough edges, so i just took them off and he’s content- until he’s older they can stay off so that he doesn’t poke himself in the eye!

Nita Cummings, KS

Take awhile for my baby to like it

I think I bought this when my son was about 6 month from WalMart I think. He could sit up pretty well but back then, he doesn’t like it too much. (he was between the middle and high setting). He would play and bite the toys and try to look at himself in the mirror. Recently (he just turned 9 months), he can crawl and stand up by holding on to something. My mom started to play/dance with him and he loves it and jumps in this. So when I bought it, I kind of doubted that this is another waste of money item but now, it works well with my son. But I guess he will out grow it very soon.

Christie Lower Lake, CA

Baby likes it

My granddaughter likes this ExerSaucer and has used it for about 2 months. She is 7 months old now, and I decided to put this up, before she managed to tip it over. She got quite a bit of use out of it, though. I believe it helped develop her muscles, as she was still learning to sit up when I started putting her in it. She loves all the toys and especially loves to chew on the elephant’s ears. My only complaint would be that it is only useful for a short time, before Baby needs to move up to something like a Jumperoo.

Araceli Oxford, MD

Simply Entertaining

I purchased this exersaucer for my almost 4 month old son. I managed to put it together in under 30 minutes and my son really enjoys playing here. He is just mastering reaching for the toys so I can’t speak to how the bouncing or spinning functions work. He likes the new big boy perspective he has from here. I like that this is simply designed without a lot of battery operated nonsense. I can easily pop the toys out to clean them and there is more than enough room to put some of his other toys on the tray so he can move things around. I do wish that there was a simpler way to pop the seat out to wash it. My son already spit up on it and it is a pain to get out. You can easily spot clean it, but to actually remove the seat it is a little bit of work.

Manuela Foxburg, PA

Fun Activity Center

I bought this for my daughter two months ago, she seems to like it a lot and enjoys playing in it.The only complaint I have is that she is able to pull the toys off and throw them onto the floor. Other than that, it’s great.

Helena Elwin, IL

Perfect and compacts well for travel.

This is a great exersaucer. We have tried a few and this is our baby’s favorite by far!! The other great feature is you can buy new toys to pop in and out if you want. Most saucers…once you put the toys in, are impossible to remove for any reason (cleaning, storing). This is so easy. The fact that the legs fold down and it’s still one unit is awesome! I took this to Grandma’s and my best friends house. It’s perfect! The primary colors are great too.

Raquel Oxford, IN

Great activity center for baby!

I bought this activity center for my mom to keep at her house. My son loves it. Can’t beat the price on Amazon. The toys are all brightly colored and keep him entertained when he is sitting in it. Like most activity centers you can adjust the height as the child grows.

Natalie Grassy Butte, ND

Baby Dean Loves This Little Thing!!!!!

My little guy just loves this thing!The more he plays in it, the more I love it.The toy selection on this is really cool… It has a teether, a little mirror, a puffy soft lion toy, a monkey bead spinner, another teether, a little book, a seal toy, a circus tent toy that spins (I’m not really sure what it does, it looks like it’s supposed to make noise but we got ours from a children resale shop and it came broken?) and it also has a little food tray.SO EASY TO CLEAN!!!ALL OF THE TOYS POP RIGHT OUT SO YOU CAN WASH THEM. AWESOME.The part where he sits in is so easy to pop out from underneath, and the cloth just comes right off!!!Clearly, the bottom blue part is very easy to clean.The height on this is great, he’s at the middle notch and it’s perfect right now.Storage isn’t too bad, surprisingly!This has some nifty, easy to use, fold up features to make it so that the blue and red part are completely touching.It’s SO EASY to pull him out when he’s done. It stays grounded and doesn’t try to come along with you. His GRACO swing is SUCH a pain to get him out of.I 100% recommend this to everyone! It will definitely keep them busy!!

Susan Hobart, NY

Good for a change in pace

We have one of these in the church nursery and my daughter uses it when I’m there working. It’s great for when she gets tired of hanging out in the pack in play. It is a little wobbly at times, but I wouldn’t say unstable (another reviewer though it was). I like that the pieces can come off (and cleaned!) and it’s nice that you can spin around and play with different things. She really likes it. Good value for the money.

Bessie Trout Run, PA

Fun times

Our baby loves this exersaucer. He can entertain himself for long stretches and not get bored. The colors are bright and stimulating. It also helps build his leg strength. I’ve noticed that since we bought it, he is able to bear more weight on his legs. He gets a little frustrated when the toys can’t go in his mouth, but other than that, this is a good buy!

Traci La Salle, TX