Evenflo Discovery 5 Infant Car Seat, Confetti Aruba

Evenflo Discovery 5 Infant Car Seat, Confetti Aruba

Side impact teseted Ergonomic carryright Z handle 5 point harness Energy absorbing foam liner Rear facing only, 5-22 pounds The Evenflo Discovery 5 Infant Car Seat provides your child with the comfort they deserve along with great convenience features for parents. This seat, along with all other Evenflo car seats, meets or exceeds all applicable United States Federal safety standards and Evenflo’s side impact test standards. The exclusive carryRight Z handle’s ergonomic shape allows for comfortable carrying. The 5-point harness securely fastens your child, while the stay in car base allows the car seat to easily come in and out of the vehicle. The discovery 5 Infant seat also includes a pivoting canopy, removable and washable pad, two piece chest clip and latch connectors. Evenflo discovery 5 Infant Car can be used rear-facing only for children 5-22 pounds, and at least 19″ in length. Installed correctly, this seat may be used with or without the base.Side impact tesetedErgonomic carryright Z handle5 point harnessEnergy absorbing foam linerRear facing only, 5-22 pounds

Main features

  • Side impact teseted
  • Ergonomic carryright Z handle
  • 5 point harness
  • Energy absorbing foam liner
  • Rear facing only, 5-22 pounds

Verified reviews


Can’t Stand This Seat

I bought the Discovery 5 because it looked bigger than what we had… It is bigger, and even lighter, but it is too hard to snap into the base to start. You have to push the front in first before the back locks (the other one I had just snapped right on top of the base), so it’s quite hard to line up when you’re carrying a heavy baby. Also, the straps on my other one adjusted from the front with a simple latch and pull. This one supposedly you can adjust from behind, but no matter what I do.. pull hard, pull light, pull with the buttons pushed, etc.. I can NOT get the straps to budge.I’ve had the seat get stuck in the base in the front part that you have to snap before locking the whole thing down. It is such a headache, and I hate this seat. I’m considering it $60 wasted, because I’ve had it 2 weeks and I just can’t stand it anymore and I’m going to have to find a new seat.

Harriet Kosrae, FM

Love this seat, but was disappointed soon after

This seat was purchased for us from our registry. I had shopped for seats since finding out we were pregnant. The weight of this seat and the shape of the handle and of course the color sold us. We have used this seat(without the base) once or twice a week for three months. Took it apart to clean spit up and discovered lots of stress marks in the plastic. This is a brand new car seat, but appears that it has been through a lot. I posted pictures and notes. I have always loved the evenflo discovery and was so excited to get this one for MY baby (have used evenflo discovery in the past with nieces and friend’s babies). So disappointed. I guess the quality is not what it used to be.UPDATE 6/23/2011:I wrote the evenflo company and received a response stating that all the white “stress marks” are simply discolorations from uneven temperatures in the plastic and coloring agent during the molding process. I do not believe that ALL of the white spots are simple discolorations, however, I decided to update the review to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Cecilia Jay, FL

Very cute, very sturdy.

This looks sooo cute in person! It also seems really comfortable. We bought a support cushion to put into this car seat to make it more comfortable for baby but it’s already surprisingly cushy! Anyway, aside from comfort and looks, it also seems very sturdy. It seems to be well made and secure with great instructions. So long as you follow the instructions exactly as you are supposed to, it seems to be very secure and solid. The handle is awesome! Definitely a plus if you intend to carry this thing around at all. Also, I was not aware that this item CAME WITH the convenient base! I was considering ordering it so I’m glad I didn’t! What a great deal! The base alone is $20 if purchased separately! One reviewer here complained that the front is too difficult to unlatch from the base and I would just like to say that while it does seem to like to hang onto it a little bit, you just have to tilt it at the right angle to get it off and I would MUCH rather that that front clip do its job a little too well than not hang onto it well enough, y’know?? It’s there for safety, it’s got to have a good latch on it. So I’m happy with that, personally. Seems like you just have to pull it off correctly if you want it to let go. Which, of course, involves tilting the car seat forward to a reasonable degree. Another complaint I’ve read is that the top straps are SO difficult to tighten or loosen from the back. Well, I disagree. There are two lever-like button things in the back right where you pull the straps tighter or loosen them and you HAVE to push on those in order to release the straps for tightening or loosening. If you don’t, yeah, it’s a lot harder to get them to move. But of course it is. That’s why those things are there – to keep the straps secured in place. If you read the directions, it explains all of this very clearly. I had no problem loosening or tightening the straps while using that feature. I also didn’t know that the seat comes with a metal clip if you need one for your particular type of car. It’s snapped into little clips on the seat underneath in case you need it, where the directions are also kept. Another bonus – I didn’t realize that the seat came with a little adjustable, removable awning! Very, very cute! I also love that the cover is removable for easy cleaning and appears to be made from a good material for messy little babies. I couldn’t be happier with this car seat. And I couldn’t imagine thinking that it’s too feminine for a boy, BTW! Or too masculine for a girl, for that matter. It’s an aqua color with little white, blue and green dots. I would consider this seat perfectly unisex and perfectly adorable! 🙂 Highly recommended!

Serena Hamburg, AR


Nice car seat, very lovely color. The only thing that makes me give it 4 stars not 5 is ( it is hard a lil bit to open the fastners ). Maybe some people will think it is safer for the baby, yet it is disturbing somehow especially with a fussy baby who never handles long time touching her belly to open the locks of the belt.

Claudette Gardenville, PA


Very cheap. Sits baby funny. Crappy plastic, hard to carry, and very hard to get in and out with lever. i would not buy this again and i would buy a more expensive one!!

Dolores Strafford, NH

Hate this seat!!!

There is a hook at the foot of the base of this seat, that makes it feel dangerous to get the seat in and out of it. I only leave this seat in the care because of it.

Jillian May, ID

Disappointed in this car seat!

This is our fourth baby out of seven children, so we have used several different infant car seats over the years. When I first opened the box, I noticed how cheap the fabric of this seat is. It is very similar to the feel of chintzy outdoor furniture and is rather stiff. There is almost NO padding in this car seat compared to similar infant car seats. We will have to purchase polyester batting to go under the cover in the back or our baby will continue to be VERY uncomfortable in this seat with her little backbone up against the ultra-hard styrofoam. I don’t understand how one reviewer said that this was a very cushy car seat?? Also, for a 6-pound baby, the straps cut into the sides of her neck, so we’ll be needing some strap covers, which we have never had to purchase for any of our other children.The straps were super-easy to adjust from one set of holes to the next, and also to adjust the length of, but the interval between the holes is just a little bit too long. The lowest setting is too low, even for a small newborn, and the next setting is simply too high, even for an average newborn. I can’t understand why they have the lowest setting where it is, because it’s too low even for our daughter’s 15-inch doll! Our last infant seat had 4 settings, which was perfect. This seat leaves a lot to be desired…The canopy is cute and does the job it is expected to do, the seat is very easy to latch and unlatch out of the base to get it in/out of our 12-passenger van. The handle is basic and easy to carry. The color is adorable and very unique compared to most infant car seats out there, but I really dislike the feel of the cover because of the cheap fabric used. Overall, I would not recommend this car seat to a friend, and I’m on the fence as to whether I should return it or not.UPDATE: Our littlest is now 8 months old and 17 pounds and she is still using this car seat. The handle is comfortable to carry, it’s not heavy at all, and it is easy to get in and out of the base. The straps are still super-easy to adjust and taking the cover off to wash it is a breeze, unlike other car seats we have had. The cover and canopy still look new after all these months of use. I added extra padding to the back but she seems uncomfortable in it now, so we are looking for a new car seat. We are still using strap covers because the straps are just too close to her little neck and would rub her skin if we didn’t have the strap covers on. Her shoulders are at the top of the highest strap slot, so I wouldn’t see this fitting her until she was 22 pounds. She loves to reach above her head and pull the canopy off to play with it… I think she enjoys the rustling sound it makes. This hasn’t posed any hazards, as there is always someone sitting next to her, but if a mother is driving alone with her infant, I could see how this could be a scary situation. We were hoping to use this until she was ready to be rear-facing in a convertible car seat, but it’s time for this one to go now. I still do not think I would recommend this car seat to a friend.

Melissa Eliot, ME

Easy to install and adjust size, light weight for carrying, no head support for newborn

I have this carseat in my car in the Marinara color, and my husband has the Safety First Omega seat which goes all the way to 5 years old www.amazon.com/Safety-Alpha-Omega-Convertible-Lamont/dp/B0043D2A9O/ . That’s the extent of my experience with carseats. So far, this is my experience with the Evenflo Discovery carseat:Easy to install in the car: This was easier to install than the other carseat we’d gotten. It tightens on by connecting to pins that are present in all cars made since 2002 and many cars made before then (my car is older than 2002). Because the base detaches from the seat, it was easy to see what I was doing as I attached the base only, and then tried the seat on and tested that it was tight enough.Easy to adjust for infant’s size: The first time he was in the seat, he needed straps at the middle setting. I was able to easily move straps from the smallest setting to the middle setting using the manual. (The manual is kind of badly written, but it was easy to move the straps once I figured out what the manual was trying to say, so that balanced out.)Easy to strap the baby in: I practiced once on a stuffed animal, and then put the baby in. Strapping him in was intuitive and easy to do.Easy to attach and detach seat from base: It makes a snap sound when the seat is connected to the base. It is also impossible to get that snap in, if I slide the seat in wrong, so I know that the connection is good when the seat snaps to the base. Removing from the base is easy, with a big red lever.Hard to remove and clean cover: To remove the cover, you have to unhook each strap from the base. I put this as easy to do, when I was doing it to adjust to the baby’s size, because the baby is only going to grow through three settings. It’s hard to do, if I have to do it every time I clean the cover, because I would like to do that more often. I also was unable to remove the hood, and I spent way too much time trying and cussing under my breath. As far as removing the straps and cleaning them, forget it. It’s too involved. You will have to get a wet rag and squeeze it along each strap to clean them.OK to carry, not too heavy: I got this primarily because I wanted a baby carrier plus. The only baby carrier I found on the market was the Shelby baby carrier by Dream On Me. It looks like the seat part of this carseat, but weighs only 3 pounds. In contrast, the seat part of this carseat weighs about 7 pounds (base purchased separately is listed with product weight 5 pounds, and product weight is listed as 12.4 pounds). So, I thought, what’s 4 extra pounds? Well, it’s 4 extra pounds you will always have to carry about. This is OK for me with an 8 pound baby, but it’s already much clunkier and hard to maneuver than just the baby by himself. Really this is on the light end of carseat weights, and I know because I went to stores and tried carrying around the seat parts of a variety of carseats to test this out.No neck support for a newborn: There is no neck support to keep a newborn’s head upright. This means the baby’s head flops side to side in an alarming way, since he has weak neck muscles still. Also, unless a neck support comes with the seat, you should not use one, because it won’t have been tested for that use and could be a suffocation risk. So, I can’t improvise and install one myself. If you have a long drive home from the hospital, your baby’s head will be flopping to the sides that whole drive. I don’t know if it’s bad for babies or not, but I’m a little uncomfortable with it. When I take him to pediatrician or to my checkups, I feel bad for him and his flopping head. Oddly enough, the Safety First carseat that goes all the way up to age 5 has a head bumper insert for infants, and fits the newborn much better. It looked far more comfortable and secure for the neck. But then that one was horrible to install and can’t be used as a carrier. If I saw this before hand, I probably would have gotten a carseat with a head bumper or support for newborns.Overall, this is a good carseat for short trips where you will need to be able to carry the baby and set it down. The carrier is lighter than most that I looked at, and easy to install and strap a baby into. I would not use it for longer trips or daily with a newborn, because they don’t have neck muscles and there is no support to prevent the newborn’s head from flopping around.

Jamie Mcadoo, TX

WARNING Don’t buy for the pretty color!

This car seat is a beautiful and different color than most. It has been nothing but a hassle and I don’t feel it’s very safe. It is very wobbly in the base. The straps are HORRIBLE to adjust, be prepared to spend atleast 20 minutes doing so (from day one to last day of me using it, it was just as difficult to adjust). The latch in the front sticks and you have to tilt the car seat all the way up (waking sleeping baby everytime) to get the car seat out of the car. The canopy is very flimsy, my son at 5 months old (while I’m driving) pulls it up and down and the back goes over his face smothering him into the car seat, because of this I just took it off which gives him no sun protection at all (blonde hair blue eyed very fair child). The front harness does not snap securley shut. When my son was 5 months old he would pull it apart himself! VERY upsetting to get out of the car to get him and see that he is not securely in!!! A 5 month old should not be able to do this, SO dangerous! I DO NOT reccommend this car seat.I also want to add that my son is very small, only in the 5th percentile. A baby his size shouldn’t be able to pull the straps apart or get himself stuck in the canopy at 5 months old.**My son is a very curious, busy baby. This just wasn’t a good choice for him. It was okay when he was a newborn but it still was very wobbily, didn’t seem secure and having to tilt him all the way forward to get the seat out would be a pain for any baby of any size considering it will wake them.This is not Amazon’s fault. I am VERY pleased with Amazon and am usually very pleased with the products they sell. I have purchased a different car seat through them.

Bettie Fowlerville, MI