Evenflo ExerSaucer Delux – Wild Thing

Evenflo ExerSaucer Delux – Wild Thing

Baby can rock, bounce, swivel and play, while exploring age-appropriate toys in this stationary play center with a 360 degree rotating seat that locks in 6 different positions and has 3 height adjustments, a wrap-around tray and pushdown feet for secure stability. The encircling, cushioned seat is removable for machine washing. Durable plastic construction. 28 1/2 W. x 30″ D. x 21″ H. For ages 9 months to 30″ tall.”

Main features

  • Helps baby with gross motor skills, fine motor skills, object exploration, cause/effect learning, self-awareness
  • Tactile development, visual development, object permanence, and hand-eye coordination
  • 7 age-appropriate toys
  • Landscaped tray surrounds child and has 3-position height adjustment

Verified reviews


Great Exersaucer, Great Price

I bought this Exersaucer for my 5 month old daughter who is now almost 7 months. I did a lot of research on various activiy centers and I wanted something that would entertain and wasn’t too expensive. The other Evenflo exersaucers that I looked at were nice too, but I really didn’t care for all the bells and whistles. Those cost twice as much and even more than this simple one. I have to say that this is a great buy. My daughter is on the small side so when I put her in it, I wrap a blanket around her for extra support. But she loves it and can happliy spend 40 minutes in it, sometimes even a whole hour. Now that she is getting bigger, she can reach the toys more easily and is beginning to spin herself around. I like that I can get more Switcheroos to change it up but I find that I can attach other toys as well with the Link-a-doos and that works fine. Assembly was pretty easy, except for the legs. It takes a little trick to attach them to the base and you need to make sure that it is firmly attached or the thing can collapse. Other than that, I am happy with this purchase and I am glad that it was available at its reasonable price. This would be a great shower gift too. If you are looking for an affordable exersaucer and do not necessarily want all those bells and whistles, I would highly recommend this.

Lorie White Pine, TN

great product for price

my son loves this exersaucer. we didn’t have enough money to buy him one of the “busier” ones which i felt bad about but there are plenty of activities to keep him busy and he’ll only stay in it for 10-15 minutes. i don’t see a need to spend double the price for something he’ll outgrow so quickly.i’ve had two small problems. my teething son scrapped the paint off of the lady bug. evenflo said the paint is safe but i still don’t want him eating it. was planning on buying a switcher-roo but my son is so intrigued by the hole (took toy out). second problem is with the fish. it gets banged around a lor and now my son can pull it out.i’d still buy the product again.

Mindy Indianola, PA

Great fun for my son!

My 5-month old son started using this toy about a month ago. It took him a few days to figure it out, but now he really enjoys it. He loves the toys on it and gets so excited spinning around in the seat and kicking his legs! My only complaint is that it took a while to assemble. Also, I haven’t be able to get one of the toys on (the one with the bar).

Norma Riverdale, IL

My boy loves this

It was fairly easy to put together, (I did it myself in about half an hour with the baby watching me). It was well worth it for the price and as the weeks have gone on he interacts with the different toys in different ways.

Charity Cuttingsville, VT

So Cute

The price is great and kept my daughter entertained for short periods of time. Easy to buy and change out the little attached toys those are kinda expensive thou. loves to jump in it even at 17 months. easy to clean but hard to take any other place because of its large size.

Melissa Brightwood, VA

Great value

Some of these things go for over a hundred dollars!!! I opted for this one and my daughter loves it. It has plenty to keep her little hands busy. She has used it since she was about 4 months old. It is easy to assemble and the height is easily adjusted. She is now probably 33 inches tall and still is able to use it. It used to entertain her, now it contains her. It is still in like new condition after 8 months of hard use.There is also sufficient room on this for additional toys to be given to the child. It spins easily for them to turn around and the toys are very cute. Now that my daughter walks, she stands next to it and plays with the toys. A great purchase.

Rena Oceana, WV

Hours and hours of fun!

This was a very exciting toy for my daughter and even when she wasn’t sitting in it she was playing with all of the different gadgets or even crawling underneath and playing peek-a-boo through the upturned seat. She was just captivated by all of the colors, sounds and little activities, and she loved to explore all the different parts. She learned to pull herself up to stand next to it in order to play with the toys and, of course, she loved to bounce! This also becomes a very educational tool for your child, as they explore how all of the parts work and that doing “this” will make that thing do something else, etc. Tons of giggles and hours of fun!I used to put my daughter in this when I needed to fold laundry or cook dinner so I didn’t have to worry about her, and she just loved it! I was very confident in the quality and safety of this product and it really helped when I needed my hands free for other things, like cleaning.

Jennifer Mulberry, TN

Great Activity Exersaucer for Infants

Would have rated this five stars, except we feel that the toys attached to the activity table are pretty cheap looking, and its difficult to clean. We have not had problems with it at all, and its very easy to assemble. Held our kids attentions for a long time and its cute to see them bouncing up and down in the seat! I would not pay the asking price on Amazon for it, but since we purchased it almost four years ago we paid about half of what they are asking now!

Louella Waupun, WI

Kind of girly

This item lost one star because of lack of instruction when putting together. If you take some time and think about it though you can get it togehter. The instructions need to be rewritten though. I did buy this for my son and it’s pretty girly but he likes it and the colors are unisex. It’s just flower themed. I would have bought the circus one for him instead if it had been in stock. Otherwise it seems pretty sturdy and once put together moves well.

Catalina Pocahontas, TN

My child outgrew it very quickly

This product is recomended for children 4 months and up, but my child was supporting his own head and upper body fairly well by 3 months, so I gave this a try. It was a gift from a friend who’s baby had outgrown it early as well. I’m glad I didn’t pay for it because only one moth later my child was too tall for it. He was lifting himself right out of the seat. and his feet were firmly planted on the base at the highest setting the unit would go. I do have to say over the month that I let him use it his strength increased considerable and he gained much more control over his body. If your baby is smaller, then I would recomend this product, but if your baby is large like mine (he was 18.5 lbs 27 inches at 4 months) then you might want to consider a product with more options and adjustments. Another benefits for it was that the toys kept my little guy entertained and downright mesmerized for longer stretches than most of the other toys I have gotten him.

Eve Fort Bragg, NC

Great exersaucer

I got this to keep at my parents house and it’s great. Nice price and my boys loved it. Folds up nice too.

Janelle Coram, NY

These sure have changed.

This is our third exersaucer. Our first and second ones were FANTASTIC, nothing fancy about them, our 3 month old kids all used them for a long time and loved them. I regret giving them away. This one however was defective right out of the box. I contacted Evenflo and they insisted it was the legs, I knew it wasn’t but they decided to send out new legs anyway. I called them back and told them it was the base, it was warped, causing the legs not to make complete contact with the floor, no matter which surface and the thing wobbled all over. Anyway, they told me they couldn’t send me a new base because this particular model is being discontinued, BULL! So, they told me to return it to the store. That’s great customer service for ya, grrrr!I always raved about Evenflo and their products, now I will no longer buy or recommend Evenflo products because of this incident. Thankfully my husband was able to rectify the warped base a bit so now it works fine, but for 45 dollars should we have had to tweak it to get it to work as it should have, NO!Over all, if you get a good one, good, you’ll love it as will your baby. The toys are cute, the baby is able to get great exercise and it’s super cute. If you end up with a defective saucer, good luck dealing with Evenflo!

Tammi Waxahachie, TX