Evenflo Exersaucer Smartsteps Jump & Go

Evenflo Exersaucer Smartsteps Jump & Go

The Evenflo SmartSteps Jump-and-Go Jumper is so compact and portable you can take it to Grandma’s. Features a fully enclosed spring, 3-point strap keeper, adjustable straps and a removable, washable seat pad. The jumper’s learning pod is interchangeable with other Evenflo SmartSteps products. Holds children up to 24 lbs. Cotton/polyester seat pad, plastic tray and buckles. Tray wipes clean with soap and water. Seat pad is machine washable. Made in USA. 16Wx5Lx17H”.

Main features

  • “SmartSteps™ Learning Pod keeps child entertained with 8 songs, 6 fun activities and 8 blinking light shows. SmartSteps™ Learning Pod is interchangeable with other Evenflo SmartSteps™ products
  • Wide play tray supports child and protects them from doorframe
  • Removable, washable seat pad easily disassembles for quick clean up in the washing machine

Verified reviews


If you have a child who loves to jump, buy this!

We bought this for our 9 month old son (8 months old when we bought it). He LOVES his “jump and go”. He has jumped in it daily now for about six weeks.Things we love:1. He has never pinched his fingers or bumped his head.2. We found the assembly to be really easy.3. Easy to move around the house. We previously had the Johnny Jump Up which was impossible for me to move. This one is much easier and is also great for taking with us when we visit others. Much less bulky than trying to take along the excersaucer.I would highly recommend this if your child loves to jump!

Antonia Eitzen, MN

My daughter loves it!

I think the product is very safe and of course don’t leave your baby alone playing with this thing. My daughter loves it and I can’t take her away from that jumperoo thing. She jump and jump until she feels tired.My husband is the one who bought it and so far so good, didn’t encounter any problem. My husband also check all the parts and everything to make sure my dear daughter is safe while jumping and it’s all fine. We will not buy toys or things like this if we know that it’s not safe and also the manufacturer will not sell it if they know will not pass the product qualifications.I like it and I’m a very satisfied customer.

Terra Bolivar, TN

Loud and Annoying

This has a loud, annoying squeak and does really bounce all that well. My MIL bought it for a visit and ours (Graco) is much, much better.We’ve had no problems with safety issues.

Vera South Richmond Hill, NY

Hours of giggling fun for my son!!!

We bought this for my son when he was 4 months, and he loved it from day one! He didn’t start jumping in it right away, it took him a week or so to figure out how to jump in it. Maybe because he was too distracted by the super fun toy that’s on the tray. He spent the first week playing with the toy, and has spent months jumping like a monkey! He loves this thing beyond belief, he jumps and laughs for as long as you’ll let him most days.I don’t know why others have had such a bad time with it, my son has never hit his head or his fingers on the door molding. The biggest problem we’ve had with it is getting him out of it! =)

Jami Mohler, WA

Built Much Differently Than Other Jumpers…

I originally wrote a review about this giving it 5 stars, but since my son has learned to jump using his Graco Bumper Jumper at my house, he can’t figure out how to jump on this one at his dad’s house and ends up getting very frustrated. The toy bar is great. He loves it and likes looking at his reflection.It’s built backwards, if you will. Most jumpers have springs that coil together as the child jumps up, and stretch as the child comes back to the ground, allowing him to be pulled back into the air- allowing him to jump and giving him the assistance needed to jump off the ground. This jumper is built backwards. I’m not sure if it’s my jumper or Evenflo built this one funny. As the child is placed into the jumper, the coils come together. The top of the sheath (this holds the straps) over the coils is on top of the coils, which allows the jumper to be built the way it is. So picture this… the child is trying to jump, when usually, he can be pulled into the air. For the child to get started jumping on the Evenflo, in theory, he has to pull himself *down* to get the spring action to jump up. For a baby, this just doesn’t work.I’m giving it two stars because the toy bar is great and my son eventually figured it out. He still LOVES the Graco Bumper Jumper much better, and it even has the pads to prevent him from hurting his fingers. Please consider the Graco instead. Your child will thank you!

Addie Hayesville, IA

My baby loves this Jumper

Before buying a jumper we tried the jumperoo at the store…my baby hated it. It was so bulky that my baby couldn’t do anything but cry. when she tried this jumper her eyes lit up and started jumping like it was second nature. She absolutely loves the toy in the front as well. She uses it when she is not jumping. I absolutely recommend this.

Barbara Ewing, VA

Fun for the child

Like L.Flack posted, my daughter too looks up at the straps but with any toy, you need to always supervise your child (not that L.Flack didn’t by any means). When my daughter does this I puller her attention to her toys and the “handle bar” and she gets to jumping and watching the lights flash. When I see her putting her hands off to the side, where they could be smashed between the door and the bounce I always tell her (though she is only 7 months and doesn’t understand, but someday she will) that she needs to keep her hands inside the ride at all times. I would not reccomnd this toy if you are busy with something else, because you do need to be watching her, like any toy. If you are busying try the ExerSaucer (read my review). But overall this toy is pretty safe if you are there to supervise and well worth the $40 to see you child bouncing away. I like to keep the lights really dim at night so she can see the pretty lights. It is really fun watching her jump around in this. I can see though how it is very possible for fraying to occur, but I think as long as you inspect it with each use and make sure it is secure you will be fine.

Jillian Bristow, OK

No problems with this product

We have used this product in a standard sized door from the time my daughter was four months. She is seven months now and we have had no problems. She loves it!

Carolina Beloit, OH