Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in the Amazon

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in the Amazon

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in The Amazon Your baby will have tons of fun and learn as they rock, spin and bounce! The ExerSaucer Life in the Amazon Triple Fun Saucer offers parents a “safe alternative” to walkers and includes a variety of age-appropriate toys that help your baby achieve important developmental milestones. Rock, spin and bounce actions provide your baby with plenty of exercise to strengthen legs, back and neck muscles. ExerSaucer offers parents extended value with three stages of use and easy conversion, your baby can use this product to learn and play from newborn to 24 months! Playmat: 0-4 months Activity Center: Approximately 4 months to walking age Activity Table: Walking age to 24 months 11 age-appropriate toys and fun music help baby achieve 10 developmental milestones. View larger 3-position height adjustment grows with your baby. The wide surrounding tray on the baby activity center is landscaped to bring toys closer to baby. Our saucers are the only ones that bounce so expect extra giggles as you interact and bond with them. You can be confident that your baby is safe while they explore all the learning activities that will help stimulate their important developmental milestones. Additional Features Playmat, ExerSaucer and Activity Table in one for extended usage as your child grows This baby activity center folds flat for travel and storage 11 age-appropriate toys and fun music help baby achieve 10 developmental milestones such as fine motor skills, object exploration, tactile development and more This ExerSaucer has a carry handle to make traveling a cinch The wide surrounding tray on the baby activity center is landscaped to bring toys closer to baby 3-position height adjustment grows with your baby ExerSaucers feature a machine-washable seat pad Take With Me Toys can be easily removed and used on other Evenflo items Features a fun amazon theme For use with newborns to approximately 24 months; maximum height 30 inches Requires 9 AAA alkaline batteries for learning pods and toy bar (not included) Designed, Engineered, Tested, Molded and Assembled in the USA Cleaning Instructions for Plastic Parts: Wipe surface clean with cloth slightly moistened with mild soap and water. Allow to air dry Cleaning Instructions for Seat Pad: Machine wash separately, cold water – delicate cycle. No chlorine bleach. Tumble dry, 10 – 15 minutes on low heat, remove immediately Playmat Requirements: 0-4 months Activity Center Requirements: Approximately 4 months to walking age Activity Table Requirements: Walking age to 24 months

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Playmat, exersaucer and activity table in one unit provides for extended USAge as your child grows
  • Portability folds significantly smaller that makes travel and storage easy
  • 11 age-appropriate toys and fun music help baby achieve 10 developmental milestones
  • 3-position height adjustment grows with baby seat locks in multiple positions
  • Removable, machine washable pad
  • 11 age-appropriate toys and fun music help baby achieve 10 developmental milestones such as fine motor skills, object exploration, tactile development and more

Verified reviews



My 5 month old daughter was able to remove the toucan attachment within a matter of minutes. In the three minutes it took me to walk from our living room (where we kept the activity center) to the kitchen she has removed the toucan attachment & put the bottom portion of it into her mouth and ripped open the underlining muscle of her tongue. Once the bleeding stopped we were able to ascertain that it was a minor tear (thank god) a hair more and this would have been an ER visit. RUN RUN RUN from this product… DO NOT BUY!!! I took the liberty of taking a video which I will be sending to EVENFLO detailing how in under 4 1/2 minutes my daughter could remove the attachment… My husband returned it tonight… This company is so lucky my daughter didn’t suffer serious damage or I would sue the *** out of them…One pissed off Mamabear

Latasha Cedartown, GA

Child hazard

I got this from a friend; otherwise I would have bought the Fisher one. These are my problems with it: (we started having our kid play this when he was 6mo and he’s now 8mo; I regretted that I didn’t throw this away and get the one I wanted.)1/ all of these are hard material. For a kid not learning yet how to crawl, having a dragonfly or parrot that can pick his eyes are extremely dangerous (I have a tall and really active baby).2/ the wire thing in the front is the next thing to go. My baby jumped around and banged his head. He doesn’t know yet how to move the monkey from one side to another anyway (nor he found it interesting when I showed it to him).3/ recently he got tall enough to hit his head twice tonight and last night from the butterflies. He got a red swollen cheek tonight after being hit by one of that butterflies when it swang back. So we took those out as well.4/ I’m not a big fan of letting the baby hurt himself at this age until he learns his lesson.5/ So now the jumper is left with 3 electronic toys. The lizard and crocodile are both pretty nice and fun for the baby to play with. My baby just recently got interested with the globe. All the other toys are taking up space being garbage on the side.6/ This is a really hard piece to assemble, which is really the least of our problems.

Cara Chesnee, SC

My son really likes it.

I bought this when my son was 4 months old. We needed to use blankets to keep him upright; so we didn’t use it much. By 5 months that all changed and now he loves it. We don’t keep him in it longer than 20 minutes a day, but it is a part of his daily routine. He’s always smiling when he’s in it. I gave it 4 stars because I wish the volume was a little lower on the toys. Even on the lowest volume setting I can hear "Red, Yellow, and Blue!!!" across the house.

Melinda Fairfax Station, VA

Fun Time For Baby = Free Time For Mum

My five month old son loves to stand, however he’s not able to do it on his own (obviously). He can hold on to things and pretty much hold himself up, but we need to be right there with him incase he falls. He wants to do this all day, kind of gets in the way of doing anything and everything. So I bought this and he’s in heaven! He’s able to stand, and he can lean against the side or sit if he starts to get tired. He plays happily for no less than a half hour at a time. Eventually he decides he wants to put something in his mouth and he’ll freak when he can’t pick it up, or escape from his seat, lol. All in all though he’s in love, he plays with everything equally and has even learned to press the buttons and wait to see what they do before pressing another- that’s after just two days with this toy. I’m so happy with this product, it’s great for all around development and he’s so happy.If I were to change anything it would be the height. My son’s really tall and it’s the only reason he’s able to use it. I realize not everyone’s five month old is able to stand or hold themselves up, so he is a bit young to be using it. But what about older, shorter babies? His feet can touch the bottom well and he can sit or stand. But if he were a few inches shorter he wouldn’t be able to anything but dangle and this is on the shortest setting.

Saundra Lewisville, TX

Waste of time – came with missing instructions to assemble

I ordered this exersaucer after a lot of research and comparison with other items available. I must say, it was such a disappointment once we opened the box. First of all there must be at least hundred pieces that needed assembly. Now, we have assembled things/pieces of furniture before, so we gave it a try. We have a four month old baby, and after spending about two hours on the assembly only to realize that the instruction manual had multiple missing pages. I was very angry to having wasting so much time. Those who have small babies know how precious time is and I was very annoyed that this thing wasted at least an entire afternoon for us. Anyhow, we got an alternate saucer – Baby Einstien (it was very easy to put together and our baby loves it). I really want this seller to return my Sunday afternoon hours back. So annoyed on bad quality of this product!

Lily Portage, PA

Hours of Fun for Baby!

I was a little skeptical at first to purchase this product because of the price and colors – My wife and I have a new baby girl (5months old now) and were trying to figure out if this theme really was appropriate for a girl. After receiving the product and assembling it, which only took about 20min, we realized this product could easily be used for a little girl or a little boy. It does take 9 AAA batteries though and these are not included. For the price you would think it came with the batteries or a little tool to aid in assembly, but they do not. Right now the baby is a little overwhelmed with the amount of toys that are actually on the toy, but I’m sure soon enough she’ll learn to love them all.

Maryellen Rupert, GA

Cheapened version of the old model

I was hoping this would be the all in one product for our family. I liked that it could be used three ways. Our twins really didn’t use the laying mat as an activity gym. They really like using it as a stand up bouncer. However we also have an older model of this exact product and we can see that Evenflo has cheapened a few items. The most disappointing change is that the seat is no longer cushy and is now a thin mesh. Not very comfortable. There are less monkeys on the arch. And there are less designs/features on the toy bar. The seat quality isn’t a make or break thing but if given the choice, I’d urge consumers to buy an older model.

Alberta Wartburg, TN

Company cheapened electronic toys

This is a pretty exersaucer and it has a lot of toys, but you will not be using this as anything but an exersaucer. Here’s why: all of the electronic toys only play music. The globe use to do abc’s; the alligator did something with numbers, colors, shapes; and the lizard would sing " red, yellow, and blue". The company did not pay for new dies/tooling so looking at these toys you would expect them to do more than just music and more music. For example: the alligator has shapes, colors, and numbers on his buttons.I wrote to the company to let them know I wasn’t happy with the unexpected changes and they said they discontinued the more educational toys last year.Cute exersaucer and fine for an infant, but this will not "grow" with your child because of the sub par toys, so I don’t feel it is completely worth the higher price.

Gina Sugar Valley, GA

Limited lifespan, mostly another giant hunk of plastic destined for a landfill in a few years.

I’d probably give this a 1 star rating if my son didn’t actually have fun in this, which he does to be fair—for about 15 minutes until he gets over-stimulated or frustrated and I end up taking him out, which is fine by me. But I’m sure he’d have just as much fun, maybe for a little longer, in something with better functional design and quality that isn’t entirely plastic (this was an unsolicited gift). I can also see the novelty of this table wearing off well before my son reaches 1 year old and as soon as it does it’s going on Craig’s List so hopefully it won’t go straight to the dump. There’s just so much cheap plastic produced for children to use for a few months that ends up destined to litter the land and oceans we leave them, and this Exersaucer doesn’t include one single piece that’s likely to biodegrade anytime in the next two hundred years.FUNCTIONALITY: my 5-month-old does like this and nothing has broken irreparably in the few weeks we’ve had it. He can, however, pull the dragonfly stem out of it’s hole and has tried with the perched toucan. I keep an eye on him but the base end of these pieces fits in his mouth (where he puts everything he can) and could hurt his gums and the roof of his mouth.LOOKS/QUALITY: I like the color scheme and animal choices, but beyond that this thing is a giant plastic monstrosity with cheaply constructed toy attachments (there are multiple screw holes visible on everything—could they not find a way to make or mold these things whole or snap them together?). The table, base and legs also all have irregular, textured surfaces owing to the collapsible, reconfigure-able design and the type of plastic and these make for perfect places for grime and baby messes to collect (spit-up is a big issue for us, gets in all the crevices where it’s difficult to clean out).SOUND: Standard battery-operated kid’s toy quality—kind of sounds like the audio is coming out of a can. This can be done better, as any Cloud-B sleep toy will prove. I also just keep the chameleon toy turned off because it’s motion activated so if baby’s in the Exersaucer and the chameleon is on it *constantly* plays. The 3 musical birds also get totally overlooked. The drum doesn’t sound any different than tapping on the other plastic toys, the purple rolling thing held by the middle bird goes unused because even when it rolls baby can’t see that well (there’s no contrast color on it to emphasize movement), and the squeak sound when you press the blue bird’s head is weak and requires sustained firm downward pressure with a quick release to produce sound (this is fine for a toddler but I don’t think most babies are that coordinated).ASSEMBLY: Wow, LOTS of pieces all the way down to tiny springs you have to attach, angle, stretch and connect yourself or else the legs won’t work right. Took a good 60-90 minutes of focused attention to put together and god forbid you don’t squint carefully at each drawing for at least a minute lest you misunderstand precisely how 2 pieces connect, which you might not realize until you’re 2 steps down the line and then have to backtrack. Some pre-assembly must have been possible for this stuff but I suppose that would bump up the price marginally.

Corinne Mc Kee, KY

looks better than it is

This has been a mixed feelings purchase. Some of the toys on it are too bulky. The little one likes it but gets bored quickly since the dangling bugs are what she wants but they are very hard to reach.

Diana Earl Park, IN

Baby loves this

My 6 month old loves this thing! We only put her in it for 15-20minutes a day since these things aren’t great for hip development but it is probably her favorite 15 minutes of the day. She always laughs and surprises herself when she hits the buttons. It was easy to build but took some time to interpret their instructions. I like that it can also be turned into a table for when your kid is standing.

Rosalinda Iowa City, IA

Love !!

The assembly was a harder than expected but once it was put together I was pleased I bought this. My daughter loves this bouncer , needs a lot of batteries but no big deal.

Corine Stillwater, NJ

Great buy

I saw the reviews for this product and was a bit unsure of it when I ordered it for my four month old. There were a lot of complaints about safety and ease of construction. When I received it, I saw the pieces were packed well and the instructions were very easy to understand. It took about 20-30 minutes to assemble. We’ve had this product for four months and my daughter loves it. An iguana plays music and lights up whenever baby rocks or hits it. A globe turns and plays animal sounds and music. An alligator (or is it a crocodile?) plays music. The other pieces are more for movement than noise. The seat turns easily and all items are within easy reach. The dragonfly is great for teethers. My daughter is very skilled at removing the toucan toy and dragonfly toy. I don’t know if the connections wear from baby pulling on then or if it has to do with fabrication, but my husband and I just watch her to ensure she doesn’t hurt herself. I love that the item can be a play mat, saucer or play table to benefit baby’s play at any age. The conversion kits come with the item. The saucer is also very light to be carried or pulled from room to room.

Emilie Gainesville, AL

Very cute and lots to do and learn. Keep him safe too. We don’t leave him alone in any thing.

Very nice, interesting for baby. He can turn ,bounce, stand some , sit . Lots to be interested in. He is smart so learned quick how to use the lights and sounds and other things to learn.

Janna Glen Allen, AL

Definitely worth it

The good: My 5 month old freakin loves this thing. We bought it for him because he absolutely loves standing up but obviously can’t support himself yet. This makes it easy for him to get to stand and swivel around to play with all the toys. He goes crazy for the light-up iguana. It’s fun for me to watch him get excited the more he figures out what the different things do. I also love that this can be used for 3 stages. As a tummy time mat, the exersaucer, and then as an activity table when he can stand. It’s a lot of bang for your buck.The bad: As some others stated, some of the spaces between the toys are just the right size for a small hand to get stuck. But, as you are supposed to be supervising your child at all times when using this product, I noticed it right away and was able to free him and he was back to playing. I don’t think it’s anything that would cause an injury or I would have returned it. Also those darn butterflies fly back and forth whenever he bounces, which is often, and can easily bop him in the head. I just wrapped them up so they don’t hang down anymore. I imagine they will be fine when this converts to a table.The ugly: I really don’t care for green or brown much and those are the dominant colors. But it’s gender neutral and who knows if my next baby will be a girl or boy and I want to be able to use it with my future children.

Erika Fairview, TN

Upgrading from the Jumparoo

EDIT: The kid is now 14 months and still going strong with this Exersaucer! It’s rare he lasts more than 20 minutes these days, but considering how short his attention span is at this stage, that’s still great! We’ve been meaning to graduate it to the final stage so he can cruise around it (still not walking), but haven’t done it because of space considerations (it’s nice that it’s still contained).****We have theFisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo, and it was a lifesaver between months 3.5 and 6.5. After that, it was still a go-to, but the kiddo just wasn’t as excited (read: it was harder to distract him long enough to take a shower or do anything else meaningfully!). We decided to get this exersaucer to keep in the bedroom after reading the reviews, and I’m so glad we did. He spins around and around in it playing with all of the animals. He also bounces up and down like a maniac. It’s hilarious to watch. He sometimes plays happily for 45 minutes, which is an awesome amount of time for which I am completely grateful.You should note that the iguana sings nonstop, seemingly unprompted. I don’t mind it but it drives my husband crazy. You can turn it off. All in all, I don’t find the music to be annoying, but could see how others might find it a little grating.I am looking forward to seeing whether the kiddo can actually grow with this, which was part of the reason we went with this version.

Deloris Watchung, NJ

Very nice

This is very nice to have but not essential. It does buy me some time around the house though keeping my LO entertained for a good bit.

Lina Clio, WV

Absolutely love it

my 5 month old son absolutely loves his jumper vary well made

Kelli Bokchito, OK


My son LOVED LOVED LOVED this….. until he was 7 months old, LOL!!! Aside from this little nugget of personal experience, I would highly recommend this product as it will keep your child entertained so that you may get some tasks done around the house. We got this when he was 4 months old and it was well worth the money.Many people complain that this is difficult to set up at a certain point, but I did not have any such problem. I just followed the instructions and used a bit of logic to accomplish the task.PROS:+ colors are playful and fun (subjective)+ the toys are a good mix of sound, texture, and helps with dexterity, etc. My wife approves since she is a teacher and knows more about what children need, so there!+ the bounce factor is AWESOME! He LOVED it!+ Adjustable legs for the growing babe+ multiple toys+ initial "play mat" setup for very young babes, then converts to the upright bounce center for babes that can hold their heads up+ lots of songs and soundsCONS:- RED! YELLOW! AND BLUUUUUUUUUE!!! You will hear this GD song over and over and over! I have no idea if my child hates it or loves it as he happily bounces away. The Blue Chameleon sings this song over and over and I have no idea how it is supposed to be triggered! You merely bump into the Exersaucer and there it goes again.- magnet for pet fur. What child toy isn’t? But the material it is made of tends to attract dog hair- The useless birds in the back: one is a horn, one is a rattle, and one is supposed to be a drum, but you can’t really drum on it as it doesn’t have a reflexive surface. He ignores these toys.In closing, I would HIGHLY recommend you get this as soon as you have your child so that it could be used to its full potential (play mat to exersaucer). It will keep your little one entertained and quite busy so you can do what you need to around the house. But Caveat Emptor: "Red, Yellow, Blue" will haunt you!Have fun!

Ina Pottstown, PA

Good, lots of music

Baby loves it! Lots of music, would like if it had more ‘educational’ info. Numbers, colors etc. i can tell it will grow with him.

Bobbie Panama, NE

My daughter loves this thing

My daughter loves this thing. There is a lot of bright, patterned, flashy things that play music when she bumps them. She spins from section to section playing with the different pieces just smiling as big as she can.The construction seems very sturdy and I expect this to last quite a while.

Karyn Stratton, OH

Great baby toy

We have a couple of these type of saucers, this one with the movement inside the toy. It keeps him intrigued and occupied, as well as entertained. Built well, good colors, sound, we love this toy.

Melisa Lakemont, NY

So much for my little one to look at!

My little guy received this as a gift for Christmas. He loves it! All the colors and sounds, not to mention it allows him to sit up and see everything. It’s fun for both of us 🙂

Angeline Timewell, IL


Great activity gym. Lots of different items to keep my daughters attention. It will be great when we break it down into the table as well, which allows us to get a lot more use out of it.

Jeannette Rutland, SD

Toys Come Off

I really like this saucer for the reason that the toys come off. So many of them the toys are stuck to the saucer and if you want to have a flat surface to add other toys or even to put something like Cheerios on there for the little one to eat, you can’t do it. With this one it’s easy.

Marguerite Salitpa, AL

Baby took a while to warm up to it

LO got this as an early Christmas present. DH put it together and he recommends a power screwdriver. He said without that, pushing down the springs while trying to manually tighten the screws would have been a two person job. I would suggest making sure not to over tighten when using the power drill. Set up was pretty quick — maybe 30-45 minutes? The toys sit in predetermined niches on the play table area and the extra play mat is separate.LO received this when she was about 3.5 months. So far we have used the tummy time mat and the Excersaucer parts. Review on both:* Play Mat & Overhanging Toys- The mat has little bit of padding to it which is nice if you have hard floor surfaces- The bases for the overhanging toys are not so good if your baby is rolling– they are light weight and move all directions if they are hit. This is true if your baby is strong enough to grab the butterflies and pull. LO did sit under it for a while, but not as interactive as her other two play mat. I would recommend this almost as a travel play mat, but not your primary one– not entertaining enough. We now use the mat for straight floor play and tummy time.- The design is fun and interesting. LO tries to grab at the animal pattern.* Excersaucer- LO did not like her first sit in the excersaucer. I do not think she understood what to do or how the toys worked. I put it in her play routine to acclimate her to it. After about a week she would grab the dragonfly and try to reach for the butterflies.- It took her another two weeks to learn how to swivel, but for some reason, she only swivels to the left (like Zoolander, lol). But she will probably learn the other way soon. Once she figured out to move, she swiveled around to each little station.- The three level changes are easy to adjust. We had her on the second notch when we got it, but she didn’t understand that it was more than just a seat, so we had to lower it. Once we lowered it, she could stand and sit, then move the seat around. She is now on the second level and moves at ease. LO is about 26" and she can stand flat footed on the level 2 notch.- The toys are entertaining enough, but she does get bored with a longer sit. The iguana is motion activated and sometimes will go off if the baby moves too much. I put extra toys in the voids so she has ones she can pick up and put into her mouth.- All the toys have an off switch. Buy batteries. They haven’t died yet (one month in), but three of the toys require them.- The globe toy rotates. We didn’t know this at first, and LO would hit the same gorilla one over and over and over again. Now we turned the earth, and we get to hear the cat over and over again, lol.- The monkeys are okay. LO has not figured out they can go to the other side. She just likes to hit them on the bottom. One note, I had one of the monkeys at the top, and then forgot. LO started batting at the other monkey at the bottom and the top monkey followed the track and squished her little fingers. It was my fault, but I could see once she learns how to slide them this might become an issue.- The parrot on a tree is one of her favorites to spin, however, when she is facing away from the parrot and sometimes jumps back, it has come close to hitting her in the head. Make sure it is pointed to the sides when not playing with it.- The dragonfly just sits there and she loves it. She bends it almost out of the base to try to get it into her mouth.- The butterflies she cannot reach yet. Maybe when she gets taller.- Make sure to take the cardboard collar off from around the blue bird. We did not know that it squeaked when depressed (we just found out this yesterday after owning it for a month).Overall, I would recommend. I was worried at first since she did not warm up to it all that quickly, but now she happily plays in it for about 20 minutes. LO is still too young for the stand-up part, so I cannot review that.

Yesenia Clyman, WI

expensive but okay

I dont know that I would buy this again, but my twins like it. They and my husband and I prefer our jumperoo because it’s much quieter and easier to assemble. The exersaucer is loud, difficult and supposedly collapsible but I can’t figure out how to do it and it still seems bulky.

Noemi Rowdy, KY


I love this and so does my baby! Sturdy, fun, and all around great. The only problem I have is that once the toys are pulled out enough times, they almost never snap in tight again. But for me its no big deal since our son likes to play with the removable toys when he’s having floor time also. Great buy and grows with baby.

Nettie Prentice, WI

Very good exersaucer.

At first I was intimidated by what seemed to be a thousand parts to put together when I opened the box, but it didn’t take as long as I thought it would to put the exersaucer together. There are very cute toys and lots of toys on this exersaucer, my babies are fascinated by the sounds and the wide choice of toys to play with. The only thing is that I wish the seat was foam like a bumbo seat or something. But all in all a very good exersaucer.

Lynnette Cass City, MI

Fun, but could be better

I researched a lot of jumpers, exersaucers and activity centers before finally choosing the Life In The Amazon by Evenflo. I liked the fact that it can grow with your baby for long lasting value. That being said, there are several areas that could have been designed better. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly about this thing.~The Good~There are LOTS of stations for babies to play with, touch and explore here.Two hanging butterflies swing and bang into each other at every swat.Green palm leaves are crinkly and velvety to the touch.Stemmed dragonfly is great for teethers and can be bent into reach.The arched rod has 2 hard plastic monkeys that are fun to slide up and over to the other end. (And we added additional hard plastic rings to make it more complex and interesting for him).Earth globe plays different music and has flashing lights when touched.Parrot on a perch flips around and makes a ratchet sound.Alligator has lift up sections tethered by ribbons and has buttons underneath to push and make sounds.Seat swivels the full 360 degrees and has a simple sling type material that is easily wiped down.Saucer has 3 different height adjustments & 4 "stabilizer" peg feet to steady the saucer portion if you prefer it not rock.The colors are just as pictured and fit right in with the jungle themed room we created.~The Bad~This thing is Extremely complex to put together, so be prepared to spend some quality time with your significant other while reading the instruction booklet and wondering why you just didn’t pick the simple Jumperoo you pased on at Walmart!The 3 birds (shown at the back of the picture) don’t do much, and seem like an afterthought to the whole setup.The parrot on the perch is too easily pulled off and tossed to the floor.None of the music seems appropriate for something called "Life In The Amazon". Most of it is jangly and obnoxious or just sounds like vaguely "world music" or something from a bad Ballywood movie.When baby jumps, the entire apparatus bangs and slams pretty loudly, so expect to have a headache at the end of a 15 minute session of monitoring their playtime.~The Ugly~The Blue Cameleon has 2 volume control levels and you’ll probably use the lower one or turn it off all the time because it’s very annoying to listen to constantly, and that’s how often it goes off when your baby is playing in the saucer. I still can’t determine if it’s faulty and starts playing at random, if it’s a motion sensor controlled or just plays whenever baby looks crossways at it!You’re going to need lots of batteries to make the chameleon, alligator and globe going.There are these odd tray things that snap on underneath that are designated for storage, but I’m not sure what you’re supposed to store in them. Maybe extra batteries? Or the chameleon’s head after you rip it off?Basically, I’m sure most parents/grandparents and caregivers could probably design better activities for children 5-12 months on an activity center, and could definitely install much better musical selections for a jungle/African themed toy. You’re paying a lot for a lot of activities, but I just don’t think I got my money’s worth on this purchase. I recommend trying this item at a friend’s house, church nursery or resale shop before buying.

Elaine Garrison, MO