Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun – Jungle

Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun – Jungle

Active learning center. Includes 11 age apropriate toys. Helps develop babys brain. Includes toys that can be easily removed for fun and learning anywhere. 3 position height adjustments. Removable and machine washable seat pad. Ideal for newborns to 24 months. Maximum height of 30″. Jungle theme. Length: 30. Width: 31.5. Height: 30

Main features

  • Variety of interchangeable toys
  • Playmat, exerSaucer and activity table
  • Removable, machine washable pad
  • Three height adjustments
  • Safer alternative to walkers

Verified reviews


Absolutely wonderful!

When I was looking at entertainment stuff for our new baby, I knew I wanted something similar to what our boys had had. Very few stationary entertainers out there rock and bounce anymore. That was half the fun for my little guys! At one point, T-Rex didn’t even play with the toys – he just liked to jump and spin! Anyway, this entertainer does that – jumps/bounces, has a rotating seat, and has a rocker bottom (you can pull out the feet if you don’t want it to bobble). The toys are brightly colored – not pastel, which has been proven not be as visually stimulating. The toys are very engaging, too. The only con I would add is that it takes 9 AAA batteries to make all the toys work. I was willing to buy it anyway because of all the stages it offers. I liked the play mat for the tiny infant stage, the exersaucer for her current stage (5 months) and the idea of a play table when she’s older. I don’t feel like I spent a bunch of money on something she will only be interested in for a few months. This was super easy to put together, too! I did it alone in about 20 minutes – the part that took longest was the screws, and only because our drill needed to be charged. 🙂 All in all, I would highly recommend this exersaucer! We tried a few others with sitters and at the homes of friends, but none of them quite compared to this bad boy! It’s worth every penny!!

Bridget Jamesville, VA

Both Pros and Cons

As an activity center for the baby to sit in, this is great because the baby can turn around and do all the activities. What’s nice about this product is that you can transform it from a seated center into a standing activity center; however, when you do that, not only is it space consuming, but it is extremely unsturdy. When my baby stands up at it, I have to hold the activity center down because the legs are too far apart to make it sturdy. Also, it’s very easy for the baby to push his or her weight and knock it over.

Clarissa Morgan, GA

Great as a saucer, other stages terrible

We got this a gift and were excited for the various stages. The mat for the infant was very lame. Not much room at all for her move around and the overhang was flimsy. Stage two, the saucer, was a big hit for 4-9 months. Once she was mobile she did not want to be in the saucer. So we moved it to stage three. It is terrible! It is very flimsy, not very tall so she has to bend over the toys and not study. The saucer was great and she enjoyed and it was good place to have her play. If you buy these I would just plan on using it as stage two.

Meredith Coalwood, WV

Horrible to assemble

This product took me 2 plus hours to assemble. I am an intelligent engineer and found the directions and part assembly very frustrating. Not one piece of this product was preassembled, which I find difficult to understand as it has a price tag of over 100 dollars. Parts do not fit well together, are difficult to assemble (hold spring down while attempting to screw top pieces to it), identifiers would be helpful if marked on the pieces as most look very similar. The customer service number listed on the manual is only available Monday through Friday. In addition, each toy that assembles to the top requires 2 triple A batteries. The gecko did not work and is almost impossible to velcro to the top as the instructions have you store an extra piece directly under the velcro holes. When I contacted customer service regarding the non-working gecko, they grilled me about whether I had installed the batteries correctly three times, asked if I had banged the toy, to see if it was user error. Hello! include toys that work. Especially after someone has to go through so much to assemble the thing.

Carmen Arcadia, CA

ExerSaucer is OK

We purchased this as one of several jumpers for our infant triplets and while they did use this one it was definitely not their favorite (that award goes to the Fisherprice Jumperoo). Since the seat relies on springs in the table legs rather than being suspended it was nearly impossible for my kids to actual use it as a jumper. Their body weights were not enough to compress the springs down so they could actual jump.They did like to seat in it and rotate around playing with the various toys. The activities on the table were the best part of the whole item.Once the kids were too big for sitting in the ExerSaucer we converted it to the Activity Table but it was really unstable and we quickly took it down. You should just consider the toy done when your baby is finished with the Jumper.

Emily Bluemont, VA


We gave this to your son for his first Christmas (at three months) this year and he LOVES it! Our precious boy has played with it for a few months now and still it’s one of his favorite activities. This saucer is wonderful because it has so many activities to keep him occupied for a longer period of time without becoming bored. He really enjoys bouncing up and down and adores the iguana that lights and plays music up when there is movement form his bouncing. There is also an alligator toy that comes apart in three pieces and he loves to take it apart and put it back together which has helped to develop his hand eye coordination and motor skills. Also, the dragonfly is fascinating to him and since he has started teething he chews on it constantly. There are parts that fold up in the bottom which allow for a gentle rocking motion which helps improve balance however the majority of the time we keep them down to prevent the rocking or swaying. Many times he enjoys just being able to sit and observe what is happening in the world around him and because the seat spins he is able to change his view point if and when he wants to. He seems very comfortable in it. Over all, we have been very satisfied and the fact this is a three in one toy is a bonus because it is worth the price for the saucer alone to us.

Vicky Macdona, TX

great for my son

I have a walker at home that my son was not tall enough to use yet (26 inches @ 5 month) so we brought him to the store and let him try out all the activity centers/jumparoo/walkers that they had on display. This is the one that he could touch the bottom in and also the only one that didnt make him start crying. I love that it can transform from a playmat to a activity center to an activity table. There are so many thing for him to play with + music and lights. He’ll stay in it for 30-45min at a time, which is long enough to eat, load the dishwasher and fold some laundry.The only things I dont like are (1) the seat is pretty wide so there’s a lot of room for him to flop aroundl, (2)the back/head rest is pretty much just plastic covered with cloth so when he throws his head back there’s no soft cushion. It helps to stabilize him with a small blanket or towel.Also, my husband complained that there were a lot of parts so it took a while to put together.

Natalia Grover, WY

We like it but, watch out…….

We love this but there are two things that I feel are a design flaw. 1) the dragon fly has poked my 7 month old in the eye while he was bouncing because it comes over too far & even though u can spin it around it will eventually be right back again. It doesn’t bother him, he’s learned to hold it if he’s bouncing with it close to his face but I keep spinning it out of the way just in case. You can take it off but I don’t want his finger in the hole- they should have given a cap to cap it off. My second thing is my son loves the butterflies but they are hanging over the birds & because of that he has a hard time reaching them. I’ve wondered a couple of times if his arm could get stuck between the birds but I haven’t seen that as an issue yet. The last thing that hasn’t been an issue but could be for smaller babies is the bird that hold a horn. There are 3 birds & if u move the chair watch and make sure babies arm doesn’t slide under that bird. It seems u can lift the bird set enough so it wont get stuck but I bet it could pinch baby pretty good. If I could go back I probably would not repurchase it. My baby loves it but because of the dragonfly I’m not stoked. I would go buy the baby Einsteins jumparoo my 1st son loved it & I couldn’t find any fault with it. Also if your baby is tall I don’t think this would be a good match, my son is in the 98% percentile & as of 6 months his feet were flat footed on this so he wont be using this for long. My other son was also in the 98% and he used the Einstein jumparoo until he hit the weight limit

Chandra Cantril, IA

okay on floor and as seat, bad for tall kids, worthless as free-standing table

PROS:Great little floor mat- entertained baby from 2-4 months.Okay as chair for a short while, to keep baby entertained and out of the way (if you need to get something done).He loved being able to spin in it and that it bounces.Arch with koala and butterfly and dragon fly are interesting to baby. Parrot is sometimes too.Baby liked to teeth on butterfly, and dragon fly was his favorite. He tried to gum the other items, but obviously these were not super satisfying as they didn’t fit in his mouth as well.Fold into flat disc when you need to put it away (for long term storage. Would be time-consuming for everyday clean up).CONS:We usually had to take the dragon fly out of its perch because he had to pull with all his might to reach it to his mouth.Not for tall children- will outgrow it quickly.Bird trio is pointless. They don’t do anything that baby can do (one’s head bops, but you have to be older to “operate”).World and Chameleon just play LOUD music, even on lowest setting.Alligator not interesting to baby. May become interesting after first birthday, when he’s able assemble the “puzzle”.Chameleon and Globe require batteries and are pointless without. Alligator also requires batteries (though could use without).In third stage it’s RIDICULOUSLY UNSTABLE. It totally wobbles and as soon as baby leaned on it, it toppled over. What a joke.

Lee Gully, MN

It is nice, but our little one likes the jumperoo better

I bought this for our 5 month old son. He will stay in it for about 5 minutes and gets fussy, as the toys there are nice but a little too advanced for him. I think in another month or two he will start liking it more, but for now his jumperoo is much more popular with him.

Letha Woodworth, LA

Little one loves it!

Our child loves this toy, she started using it at 3 months when she had great core control. It is great to keep her occupied and help her learn!

Jayne Loretto, KY

Great buy, but I don’t think he is going to make it to the 3 stage of the toy.

We got this toy for my son when he was 5 months old (almost 9 months now). He would spend about 30-45 minutes in it a day (usually during mealtimes or when I needed to do something around the house). Now that he is more active, he really doesn’t like being in it. He seems to have growth bored with the toys too, so I really don’t see it lasting for as long as the product says it will. We may try to put it away and bring it back out in a month or so, but other than him growing bored with the toys and being somewhat difficult to put together, it’s a great product. Very safe!

Mamie Brookside, AL

Not what we expected

This product isn’t to entertaining to the baby the sounds alone are horrible and my baby would get scared with the weird tropical toys attached. It plays weird music like rave music and the alligators voice sounds evil made my baby cry. This was the company’s idea of educating and entertaining a baby by scaring them and introducing them to rave music? Wow it seems like people just don’t care anymore.

Lorna Fox Lake, IL

Fun ExerSaucer!

My 6 month old daughter loves this ExerSaucer and she can play in it for a long time (30-45 min). She loves to jump, bounce, move around, and play with the toys attached to it. We probably won’t change it to the other setups because it took about an hour for my husband to put it together, but it was worth it!

Chrystal Hamshire, TX

The Best!

It is pretty easy to put together, it has so many cool toys on it, and my son absolutely LOVES it!!!!!!

Myrtle Fort Ogden, FL

4-6 month old loves it!

My son, who was 4 Months when we purchased this product, has such a good time in this exersaucer. There are so many toys and he enjoys the movement.

Sharlene Lake Pleasant, NY



Michele Oceola, OH

Our baby loves this exersaucer

We purchased the Triple Fun Jungle exersaucer for our daughter and she loves it! We already had the ABC Evenflo exersaucer, which she also loves. Our niece and nephew also have the ABC Evenflo exersaucer and they really liked it.The music is so much fun. Most of the toys can easily be wiped clean and there’s not a lot of cloth parts. The ABC exersaucer seems to have a few more parts that are a little harder to clean.The assembly was pretty easy. The Triple Fun and ABC exersaucers collapse to make them a little easier to transport. We take ours on vacation with us because she enjoys them so much.Our daughter started using the Evenflo exersaucer when she was about 4 1/2 months and she’s almost 7 months and is still using them. She’ll be too tall to use them soon, but we’ve gotten plenty of great use out of both of them.I highly recommend the Triple Fun Jungle and ABC exersaucers if you have an active, curious baby.

Bessie Mascoutah, IL

Love the saucer, hate the standing stage

We bought this for my mom’s house to use for the two grandbabies that spent a lot of time there. Both were past the flat-on-the-floor stage, so we never used that. Both kids loved the saucer part – it’s noisy (and annoying for parents…), there’s tons to touch, chew on and yank. A win on that phase. Now that both are crawling and standing, we switched to phase three…and there’s the fail. It’s so unstable that we don’t trust it. Both kids are scared of it and won’t play with it because they have both fallen from it. We bought it specifically because it was multi-stage, so it is pretty disappointing.A good buy for the saucer part, but don’t pay extra thinking it will be good for longer.

Ollie Evergreen Park, IL

good but could be better

This exersaucer is good in the fact that it does not have wheels, but lacks in the baby fun area. My daughter will play wth it for about 5 minutes before getting bored. There really is not very much on here to keep her interest. although it does light up and play songs that she likes there could be more interactive toys. the ones on the exersaucer are essentially boring and dont do much of anything.

Edith Winooski, VT

Entertaining for Baby

I got this exersaucer during Christmas when my son was 3 mos old. I tried using the mat but did not like that the stand was not sturdy. He would move it around and it would fall over. So I just put him in the exersaucer. He loved it from the beginning. I have watched him grow with it. He loves it. He plays with everything on it. I love that it is sturdy and that it entertains him for awhile. When it is time to turn it into the 3rd adaption I have read that it is not too sturdy. I hope I can find a way to make it sturdy because I love the toys on it and so does he.

Guadalupe Cambridge, ID

Fantastic exersaucer for the $

I love that this grows with baby. You can use it as a play mat, an exersaucer (obviously) and then later as a play table type of thing. My 6 month old LOVE it, especially the little chameleon. I like that you can individually control which toys are on and off at what time (There are on/off switches for each toy that makes noise). So if one is really annoying, or, if you don’t want to overstimulate baby, you can pick and choose. The colors on this are very bright, the sounds are clear and my 6 month old is fascinated and entertained by the various toys. Overall, this is a great purchase and I would buy it again.

Britney Plainfield, NH

A must have for your Baby

I truly have to say not only is this exerSaucer entertaining it frees your hands to get things done and be sure your baby is safe at the same time. Lots of non stop fun for my son. So worth it.

Kelsey Chestnut, IL

Love it!

I just bought this for my 4 month old daughter because they started to put her in the Exersaucer at her daycare and she loved it. This one is absolutely wonderful! I look at some others first and found that there were safety concerns posted in some of the reviews, so I decided to go with this one. My daughter absolutely loves it, and the fact that it is a 3-in-1 product is great. Stage 1 is the mat, stage 2 is as pictured, and for stage 3 the bottom comes off and it opens up like a play table! If you’re looking for a good Exersaucer, this is definitely the one!

Kara Cambridge, OH

Grows with your child!!

I wish I had bought this when my son was little! It has grown with him and could have had some good use when he was a a newborn. My son was almost 5 months when I got this. He wasn’t a fan at first but he was getting bored and learning to sit on his own so he needed some activities or as we called them "stations". I used this as one of his stations and would move him to 4 different things throughout the day as his boredom developed. I first put him in this for only a couple of minutes with the red legs out so it didn’t wobble, and he’d cry pretty fast but within a week he was tolerating it and for longer, then he started to realize that it could be fun! Soon, he was staying in it for half hour and I took the red feet for stability off and he could rock it, which helped with his balance too. He loved the iguana that lit up by just moving in it – very little needed for it to start lighting up and singing, so good for a young baby that didn’t understand how to manipulate everything. He then learned of the butterfly thing that I thought would be useless and stupid. He spent hours pulling on it and chewing it. He would knock the lizard pieces out but never really pushed the buttons. He also would play with the parrot. As he got a bit older, he started to play with the "world" and it’s button – 3 of them that are for a, b, and c. The buttons play music and if hit again say a is for ape… Then as he got bigger (7.5 months or so), he learned he could jump in it (has springs) and he would get the hole thing shaking and moving and would scream happiness at it. The hanging animals that seemed useless would swing, the iguana would light up, the "pieces" of the lizard would knock together and it was so noisy and fun for him – he’d smile huge and laugh, and hold on to the world pushign buttons. He even would manage to get it to move a few feet! He finally discovered those hanging animals and started to pull on them and manually push them and pull them and try to eat them (teeth). The koala got a little tear from his pulling but that is his doing. Around 9 months he stopped enjoying it as much but he had just discovered crawling and hates being contained. I still put him in it if I need to do something and he needs to be contained, or if I feed the puppy (baby likes to turn the bowls of food and water over and try to eat the dog food). But the baby loves to watch the dog eat so he gets happy after a couple squirms of protest. So at 10 months he doens’t enjoy it like he used to but it got a good solid 4 months of regular use and now I will take it apart for him to play with as a toy he can stand and use. He pulls himself up constantly and falls and I read this isn’t very sturdy when seperated into it’s third stage so I am just waiting another month or so until he stands a bit more easily without falling and hurting himself.Overall I LOVE this toy and have no complaints – it grew with him and that is great and made the price okay for me to pay. My son loves it too, which was most important. I can’t find anything wrong with it – I guess it could use a coupld of changes to the parrots that sit under the palm tree — they are boring and didn’t get much play time.

Cindy Fair Oaks, CA

My Baby LOVES it!

I bought this exersaucer for my son when he turned 4 months old. It was slightly cumbersome to assemble, but after the assembly, it was all worth it to see my son sit/stand and play with all the different toys. He really loves the toy with the world on it and each time he presses it, it lights up and teaches him letters and words. Each time he shakes the exersaucer, music plays and a toy lights up. There are many different activites to keep him entertained. I looked at alot of other exersaucers and this is by far one of the better ones. It has so many different things for him to touch, see and feel. At 5 months he is playing with it like mad, and I think he prefers this over his rainforest jumperoo.

Esther Wolfeboro, NH


I looked at allot of excersaucers and was on the fence about this one after reading several reviews. Many people complained the the seat got stuck and parents would have to turn their child to play with new toys. I think Evenflo must have changed this because it came all together so its not an issue right now. I think it could have issues in the future when we turn it into the activity table for an older baby and then go back to go back to saucer for a new baby. The saucer is very cute with lots of fun things for baby to do. The songs are annoying but thats how most of them are right? The first stage play gym part is nearly worthless baby swats at the toys and they loop around the bar. As a saucer I wish it had a more bounce. On the plus side baby loves the saucer and provides hours of fun! Amazon had the best price for this.

Beryl Waterville, OH

Great Product

The evenflo compares well with the Baby Einstein Saucer. I love that this saucer grows with the baby and there is 3 stages of growth. Makes this $100+ investment seem worthwhile and if you plan on having more than one baby, it will really come in handy. Overall its a great product.

Kay Maitland, FL

Best ExerSaucer I’ve Seen

We looked at several ExerSaucers before purchasing this one. From the start, my son found so many things he loved on it. There was so much for him to see and do. He mastered turning around very quickly and enjoyed every aspect this toy had to offer. I love the height adjustment on it and it’s easy to adjust. Very impressed with it and would recommend it to others.

Bianca Lawrenceburg, KY

I couldn’t have chosen a better exersaucer!

This exersaucer is easy to assemble and take apart. My 6.5 month old son has loved this since he was a newborn. This is a must on every baby registry! He is safe, comfy, entertained, and so happy whenever he is in this. Each toy stimulates a different sensory aspect and teaches him as well. I personally love the color changing iguana, the song he sings resembles the Beatles. My son’s favorite toy is the iguana, then the bird trio, then the teething dragonfly, the butterfly and koala hanging toys are fun for him as well as the toucan. The monkey ring he is constantly playing with and lastly the crocodile toy keeps him busy for a while as well. I am so happy I received this from my registry! If I had one con, it would be the size which is only because I have a small apartment. I could go on forever about this because my son and I love it that much!

Hallie Christopher, IL