Evenflo In the Garden Walk Around ExerSaucer

Evenflo In the Garden Walk Around ExerSaucer

The ExerSaucer Bounce & Learn Active Learning Center is perfect for your baby because it exercises body and mind, not to mention it’s fun for your little one. The Bounce & Learn is inspired and designed through a new partnership with the Child Development Institute, whose mission is to provide parents like you with comprehensive information that will enable you to support your child during learning and development.

Main features

  • Variety of interchangeable toys
  • Customizable electronic family tree
  • Removable, machine washable pad
  • Three height adjustments
  • A safer alternative to walkers

Verified reviews


Missing Screws

This looks adorable but I was disappointed to find that the screws were missing. -This was suppose to be a gift for my daughter on Christmas but it did not end up that way.

Geri Norway, OR

Great exersaucer- best deal at BRU

Bought this for our almost 6 month old. It’s pleasing to the eye and not tacky as some of the other exersaucers out there. He is a little too small to be able to grab the toys yet. The flower chew toy, the snail, and the flower with the mirror are a little hard to bend for him to chew on or grab but i think this is a good toy that will grow with him. He’ll get more use out of once he sits a little better unsupported and can reach the toys. The best part for us is that we purchased this from Babies R us a couple of weeks ago and they had a “secret markdown” 50 dollars off. I used 2 coupons as well and got this for 38.00 plus tax! If you really want to buy this, I suggest going to BRU and let them ring it up and see if they take 50 dollars off….

Monika Howard, OH

Great exersaucer

Wonderful toy for a young infant. Our baby started using this around 5 months and really liked the toys. It wasn’t until she was a bit older that she could take advantage of all the toys and the walking portion of it (unfortunately, this one doesn’t bounce/jump). It’s fine for very occasional use, like 15 minutes at a time, a couple of times a day while I make her breakfast, tidy up, etc. but can actually hinder some developmental milestones if used too much. Also, on a side note, baby can outgrow this pretty fast, and it can become a hazard for big and/or older babies who are walking sooner, as we’ve found out when our baby moved the entire thing all together.

Lynne Sacaton, AZ

Great Exersaucer Updated Review!!

I bought this exersaucer mostly because I loved the toy selection and color scheme and I certainly wasn’t disappointed!All the toys are great. My daughter loves the bees/birds that go up on the loop. The tree has numbers on it that make noises, count, and also plays great music (almost calipso style, not annoying baby music!)Previous negative reviews stated that the tree had picture frames with labels of “mommy, daddy, and baby” the picture frames still exist but there are no longer family labels. However, if you do pull on the leaves they still do say “Mommy” “Daddy” and “Baby.” I actually owned this exersaucer for 3 months before my daughter pulled on one of the leaves and then I heard it.It is very strudy the stationary leg is fairly weighted down making the ability to walk in a circle easy on the baby. The walker part of this toy does not work well on carpet, but is super easy for my 7 month old (who can pull herself up to a standing position) to push herself back and forth on the tile. I am sure once she is walking that she will have more strength and will be able to make a slower effort on the carpet, but overall it is better on a wood/tile/laminant floor.My only complaint is that the place where baby sits and leans against could be a bit more padded. I would buy it again regardless of this, but that is why it doesn’t get 5 stars from me. I previously owned the Baby Einstein Exersaucer and this one is SO much better in toy selection in my opinion. Plus with the ability for it also to be a walker, it’s a no brainer. Would I buy this again, yes? Would I recommend this to others, yes!

Brittney Grawn, MI

Fun but Flawed

My twin girls have been using this exersaucer for two months now. They seem to enjoy it, although, not as much as their Baby Einstein Jumperoo. The toys on the Garden Exersaucer are moderatly fun and visually stimulating. The tree is the best feature with lots of buttons and ways to interact. The Exersaucer has a few major flaws: The bottom edge of the light green part of the plastic has sharp/rough/unfinished edges. I have scratched myself several times standing up next to it and I’ve very nervous that once my babies start to crawl and want to crawl UNDER this thing that they are going to cut or scratch their little heads. I’m going to get my husband to sand down the edge. Also, as another reviewer stated, the clip for the beehive toy doesn’t work. The toy pops loose whenever the bee is pulled. My babies have hit themselves in the face more than once after pulling the toy to hear it buzz. Not cool. I noticed that the other toys are also getting looser as time goes on. I’m worried they are going to start popping loose soon. And last, the lid for the snack tray comes off. It was this way from Day 1. Really the only reliable toy on this exersaucer is the tree and the bug arch. I probably would buy something else given the chance again.

Tia Fremont, WI

Great Long Lasting ExerSaucer

We bought this when our daughter was about 4.5-5 months old, and she still enjoys it at 9 months+.The great thing about this is she got to walk around (in a limited area) without us worrying that she would run into things, go near stairs, etc. like with the mobile exersaucers. When we started her out in it, she was just barely able to touch on the lowest height setting, and really enjoyed the pullout teethers and the flowers (to bend over). After a while, she was able to start pulling the flowers out of the base, but still enjoyed playing with them quite a bit. Eventually we raised the height to accomadate her as she grew. As she got older, she began getting interested in other toys (the tree with buttons and leaves, the overhead bees/birds, etc.) The toys seem designed to span a wide age range of interest. She has spent a lot of time playing with this in the last 4-4.5 months.As she has gotten older, and is now standing and edging/stepping, she enjoys going up to the ExerSauce outside of it and playing with the toys, as well as using it as a walking aid as she spins it around. It really has been a great toy overall, and has lasted her longer than many of the other toys. I really can’t think of any real complaints.

Margot Clinton, TN

Worthwhile investment

Not much needs to be said. We have it, and our son used it often. Excellent product, easy to use.

Glenda Aumsville, OR

my small, late waker used this for a long long time…

I bought this for my little girl when she was 12 months old. I never used exersausers much with my three older children because they were very mobile very young and crawled/walked around to different pile of toys I had laying around for them. However, Anna wasn’t so mobile, so I got this for her.SHE LOVED IT! I didn’t even ever put any batteries in it. She would play with it for hours and loved all the toys. It really does grow with the child.One bad thing I noticed was that ours came with a food tray that never stayed on right. Plus, who wants food near the exersaucer? Soft food (baby food, etc.) would get smeared all over it; hard food (cheerios, etc.) would get crushed into it and shoved into little crevasses…never did understand the food tray coming with a toy?? I don’t think it was any reason to dock it a star, though.This is a great toy!

Isabella Walshville, IL

My son enjoys it occasionally

It is great and even has 3 spots for photos. Love that feature. It can lower or raise in height. I just worry about the “bow-legged” and u have to put blankets or something around the smaller children so they don’t flop all over.

Latanya Ovando, MT

Baby loves it. Durable

My baby has been using this for 2 months now. She is extremely rough on it. She can “pick” the flower and pull the snail out (they snap back in). I have read in multiple reviews that the stuffing will eventually start to come out of the tree. That has not happened to us yet, but the way she tugs on the tree leaves, I am sure that day will come soon. I did not realize tugging on the leaves made a sound until just the other day. She loves the little bee that you can pull out and it buzzes on it’s way back in. She does not yet seem interested to make it walk in a circle, but she can make the seat spin 360 degrees now. This entertains her anywhere from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes once or twice a day. She is entertained and I can get a load of dishes done or dinner made, it is a great baby gear item.

Roxanne Victoria, VA