Evenflo Jump and Learn Developmental Activity Center, Frog

Evenflo Jump and Learn Developmental Activity Center, Frog

The Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn offers parents a “safe alternative” to walkers. With a variety of age appropriate toys that help your baby achieve important developmental milestones. With rock, spin, and bounce actions that provide your baby with plenty of exercise to strengthen leg, back, and neck muscles.

Main features

  • Essential accessories included: sun shade, foot muff, plastic cup holder, snack tray, and infant carrier security strap
  • Suitable for newborns and toddlers up to 55 pounds
  • Quick release front wheels with one touch auto swivel lock
  • Single push bar for one hand steering
  • Free standing when folded

Verified reviews


Good Toy!

My 6-month-old has had this exersaucer for about a month now, and she really enjoys it. It was a struggle at first; she couldn’t quite figure out what she was supposed to do with all the toys or why I wasn’t holding her. But now she chews on the dragonfly and the wormy apple, she pushes down the animals to make the noises and she’s just recently figured out that she can make it bounce, which she really likes.I just have one thing I wish it did: When you pull on the firefly, his tail lights up, but there’s no sound/music. The same goes for his companion bird. She thinks these guys are really boring. She can pull on them, but when she occassionally does pull on them her expression turns sour and I think it’s because they don’t make a peep. It’s disappointing, hence why I won’t give this item 5 stars.

Zelma El Granada, CA

We love it!

This exersaucer is GREAT! I would have given it 4 1/2 if I could’ve. The reason I took a half star off, is because even on the shortest setting, this exersaucer is pretty tall. Good if you will be using it for an older baby, not great if it is for a younger one. My son is 25% in his height and at 11 months he is still using the shortest setting. To me, if my baby wasn’t able to touch the bottom, it wouldn’t bother me. He would grow into it and there are still a lot of fun things to do without bouncing.Number one, it’s cute! The colors are great, the toys are darling, & it looks nice. The frog/bug theme is fun and the ‘Frog’ seat cover is new & exciting.Two- It is anything BUT boring. There is a wide range of activities for my baby. He loves sucking on the cute little Dragonfly. It bends easily so he has no trouble getting it into his mouth. Now that he is teething, he likes to chew on the textured wings. One of his favorite toys on this exersaucer is the sunflower. It doubles as a mirror, ‘giggle’s’ when moved up & down, and has to other toys that ‘bob’ up and down and make fun little noises. It’s easy for him to play with (even when he was younger, he could figure it out). Some of the toys light up which makes ANY baby happy! There is an arch the has hanging bugs on it and when you pull on them they make apples light up. There are also bugs on the left side of the arch that your baby can slide up and down & spin.Three-It has some major bounce. The springs in the Jump and Learn are bigger than anything I have seen on any other exersaucer. They give my son a lot of movement. If you want it to move a little less, put the ‘stabilizers’ up (on the very bottom) and it won’t move forward or backward. The seat spins a full 360 degrees and there are 3 levels that will provide long lasting fun for your baby.It is more compact than the last Exersaucer we owned. We really love this one! It’s a great buy.

Christine Islandton, SC

Great bounce, compact and not too annoying

My 5 month old likes this bouncer/exersaucer. There is a great variety of activities that isn’t about button pushing and doesn’t have a zillion lights flashing in her face. It is on the tall side and we had to put a 2 books under her feet. She is 25.5 inches and 16 pounds. We wrap a little towel around her so she fits snugly. The sounds are not annoying and they are short in duration 🙂 Excellent bounce. She can spin the seat easily. Comfy bucket seat and just the right amount of back support for the occasional lunge back when looking at the dangling toys or jumping from excitement.

Tabitha Oakley, UT

Just ok

I’m a new mother and my 5.5month old son is very active. I buy a lot of activity centers for him to keep him occupy. This center apparently can accommodate a baby his age -wrong! I have to put it away until he gets older. The seat is so big that he sits in it very uncomfortable and wobbles from side to side. You have to have a very big 5 month old to fit in it. The activities on here aren’t that great either. I guess he’s just gonna have to wait till he gets a little older to use it. I would highly recommend instead buying a rainforest jumpero, it’s great for babies his age and he love it! A lot better than this center!

Sonya Nahcotta, WA

My son loves it!

My son LOVES this bouncy! I put him in this in the middle of the kitchen and he is able to keep himself entertained and keep his eyes on me or look out the patio door since he can spin. If he gets bored with one thing, he just goes to the next. It is perfect.

Adele Mount Shasta, CA

small, cute, good bounce

I gave this exersaucer 3 stars for “average or ordinary”. I had one 6 years ago with my older child and I liked its simplicity. The toys weren’t electronic, but they were fun and simple. The new exersaucers use way too many batteries (12 for this one) for the electronic toys that don’t do much but make buzzing noise or short tunes. They are big bulky chunks of plastic. Anyhow after much research I got this one. The 3-1 wasn’t useful as a play mat nor stable in the stage 3. The ABC-123 was UGLY. The Baby Einsteins also had too many big bulky plastic electronic toys and not enough interactive ones. So I decided on this one. Here is what I think.Pros: It’s smaller then others. It bounces well. It is adorably cute.Cons: Two bulky electronic toys that don’t do much other then buzz and play very short tunes. The arc above the exersaucer doesn’t serve much purpose either – the apples light up, the glow worm bum glows (but who can see it at day light). The way I see it the arc just takes precious room and uses two holes that could be better used for switch-a-roos.Specs: 2 holes for switch-a-roos if you are using the arc (the apple and dragon fly can be taken out), or 4 holes for switch-a-roos if you take the arc out. Frogy electronic toy doesn’t do much – the kid can push his head down and his arms will flap. The second electronic toy has a mouse and a carrot and works as see-saw, when mouse is up, the carrot is down and vice versa. The apple is a rattle. The dragon fly is supposed to be a chewy but it’s not flexible enough and doesn’t droop enough for my baby (4 months) to reach it. Maybe when he’s older. My favorite part is the green froggy seat with spongey back. It makes me feel better to think that baby’s back is protected. I do have to put a blanket around his waste so he’s more comfortable and sits upright, but in a few months that won’t be necessary. I put two pillows underneat his feet because he’s too small.I think it was a good choice for us, but looking back I can’t help but wonder if ABC-123 would have been better choice (does it have real songs rather then short sounds? does it have more toys? does it have more room for switch-a-roos?). It was not too difficult to assemble. You’ll need a philips screwdriver and 30 minutes of your time. It does not fold! It is portable only in a sense that you can put it in the trunk in one piece. The electronic toys are attached with the two clips (unlike other brands that use velcro). They are very stable. This exersaucer has one slot that can be used for snacks (cheerios?) but no cup holder. Since it needs a toy that’s easier to chew/teeth on, I got a fish switch-a-roo. The feet at the bottom make it more stable, and we’re using them now until he’s old enough to do serious bouncing. The bounce is good, almost equal to jumparoos. The electronic toys have off-soft-loud settings and the soft setting is lound enough for baby but not lound enough to annoy a parent. I guess my main problem with the exersaucer is that I find toys bulky, boring and not interactive enough. I would have liked toys that crinkle, droop, are tied to the exersaucer (my old one had a phone that was tied and the butterfly that was chewable). One extra toy we got in this exersaucer was a rattle that looks like a bird nest with eggs inside. It’s cute and fun and I can see it becoming a favorite on this toy.

Megan Hull, TX

Decent product…

One of the hanging birds fell off within the first week and had to be sewn back into the toy….my son is 8 months old and this jumper is still too tall for him. He is just barely able to touch his toes to the bottom on the shortest setting. We’ve had a pillow under his feet for 3 months! The toys seem to keep him entertained but he appears to like the jumper he also has much better…

Jolene Chimayo, NM

It’s ok

Was disappointed with the hanging bugs thought they would play music, something, they don’t…a lot of things that don’t do anything…my son loves the frog and the mirror, but that is about it, he still doesn’t fit height wise and he is pretty tall, he is almost 5 months! You get what you pay for…

Sheryl Smock, PA

Couldnt live without it

Purchased this for my son when he was about six months old. He loves sitting in it. Keeps him entertained and safe.

Tori Naugatuck, WV

My daughter loves this exersaucer and it’s actually quite cute

I really didn’t want to get an exersaucer for my home since they are so large and usually hideous but my daughter loves the one at her daycare and we really needed something that she could stand in as she was getting extremely bored with her bounce chair and swing. After looking at about 30 exersaucers this was the one I chose because it was also a jumper, was the best looking one for the price, and had decent reviews. It was relatively easy to put together and took my husband about twenty minutes to assemble it. I was surprised at how much cuter each of the toys were in person. My daughter loves playing with each and every one of them. As for the negative remarks, here is what I discovered… My daughter is 6 months old and is relatively tall for her age (98th percentile). The lowest setting is perfect for her and I am happy it will have some longevity with the 2 other height settings. She can reach every toy and plays with all of them. The noises and music are not awful and there is an option to put the sound effects on a lower volume setting. The only reason I gave this product a 4 is that I agree with what some other people said about the jumper noise… it does make a loud thumping noise when she jumps, especially when she really starts going! I can see how this could become annoying over time. All in all, I am really happy with this exersaucer and the most important thing is that my daughter loves it!

Mina Bunn, NC

Baby loves it!

I was looking for the most gentle way to ease my 4mo LO into supporting her head better. She will need PT as her head is larger, and this has just enough head support behind her to catch her head when it starts tilting back. VERY EASY assembly and she’s fascinated with the toys.

Robbie Shellsburg, IA

Good bouncer, cute activity center

Just started using this activity center with my 4 month old, he loves the dragonfly already, can really get a good grip on it, he likes the frog which makes different sounds when pressing down on his head. He is a bit short and his little legs dangle quite a bit right now but he seems comfy and watching him kick his legs underneath is quite amusing for me and my husband. He seems happy in it and can spin himself slightly, can’t get fully around by himself yet. My only complaint is that the toys that dangle from the arch are right on top of his head, I wish it was a little taller or spaced more to the side. Otherwise we love this product so far.

Patricia Montclair, CA


My son (now 7 1/2 months old) loves this so much. This is 100% worth it. He jumps like crazy and explores all the various toys attached. Initially, he didn’t seem to like it, but I think he needed to warm up to it, but as soon as he did he loved it. I highly recommend.

Cathryn Ulmer, SC