Evenflo Manual Breast Pump

Evenflo Manual Breast Pump

The Evenflo Manual Breast Pump is a simple way to support breast feeding for your baby. The Evenflo Manual Breast Pump is small, handheld, portable, convenient and diaper-bag ready. Only 8 pieces that can be easily taken apart and assembled back together for thorough cleaning. The pump is fitted with a silicone MemoryFlex fastener that ensures smooth return for effective milk expression. Evenflo pumps have a flange size of 28.5 mm and also come with a soft silicone reducing insert to 24.5 mm if a smaller size is needed. The sleek design feels good to moms and allows for discreet pumping. The Evenflo Manual Breast Pump comes with a 5 ounce bottle size to allow for more milk collection. All components are made without BPA.

Main features

  • Silicone
  • Imported
  • Small, handheld, portable, convenient and diaper bag ready
  • Advanced MemoryFlex fastener that ensures smooth return for effective milk expression
  • Soft silicone insert that is removable to accommodate different breast sizes
  • Comes with a 5 ounce bottle size to allow for more milk collection
  • Easy assembly and cleaning

Verified reviews


Strong pump, eventually hurt wrist too much

Unfortunately I have been feeding my baby by exclusively pumping for the past 6 months…I used this pump for a period of time because it was cheap and the return strap(which lasted about a week pumping 8-10 times a day) could be bought at their website cheaply.Also unfortunately my right hand is more comfortable to use on both breasts, and after 2 months of use my wrist hurt too much to continue use of this pump and I went back to Lansinoh manual, which lasts about 3 months(8-10 pumps a day) which is good but when it wears out it wears out and I have not found cheap replacement parts yet.I have noticed no fatigue or loss of breast milk supply from lack of suction with Lansinoh however it is much slower than this Evenflo model.

Matilda Wheatland, ND

So good, I bought three of them!!!

This pump is by far the best one of all the manual breast pumps out there. Heck, it’s even better than the electric pumps. I exclusively pumped for almost 10 months and tried pretty much every brand of pump they make and this one was awesome. It could drain both of my boobs in less than 7 minutes and pump anywhere from 12-17 oz in each pumping session. I could only get half of that with my fancy pants Medela electric pump and it would take twice as long. Plus this one is so small and convenient, you can take it anywhere. And it comes with a nipple that you can attach directly to the bottle. It’s pretty comfortable to use (well, as comfortable as one can hope for when holding a milk-sucking apparatus to their nipple) and easy to clean. I definitely recommend this pump to anyone who is an occasional pumper as well as those who pump all the time. My only complaint is that over time, the lever would begin to stick, making it a little more difficult to pump. Hence why I ended up buying three of them. But given the amount that I pumped (4-5x a day for 10 months) it’s still a much better bargain buying three of these than buying an inferior, more expensive pump.

Sonya Randolph, KS

No parts available

After using this pump for the first time my milk kept running out of the flange. Then I misplaced theflapper on the valve and that basically ended my use of the pump since it was of no use without the flapper .

Julianne Frontier, WY

Good for awhile

When I first started building up a milk supply I realized quickly I would need a pump, so i got the evenflo one. Unfortunately it was only good for a few weeks, the pump ended up having a lot of issues – even though it was cared for properly. It ended up breaking. It was just too much of a hassle to get another one, and I ended up getting the electric version anyways.

Bette Topsham, ME

Does what its supposed to do!

I had to get this pump in an emergency when I forgot my electric pump at work one day. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how easy it was. Obviously having an electric pump and being hands-free when you have to pump frequently on a daily basis is more ideal, but I was able to get almost the same amount of milk in just a little bit more time with this manual pump (taking into consideration it takes longer to do one side at a time). The insert inside the horn is comfortable too! In fact, more comfortable than the non-lined horns I have with my electric pump.I cannot comment on long-term frequent use, but in a pinch this worked great for me!

Sheree Orion, IL

Didn’t work well for me

I had a very hard time letting down for an electric pump so I thought a manual might be better, but I had even worse success with the manual. I actually found this one pretty uncomfortable and at times painful. I think the insert in the shield was to blame for it being super uncomfortable, but I still didn’t have any more success after removing it. It just didn’t work for me.

Latonya Greenwood, SC

Bought due to an emergency and fell in love! Updated

I bought this for $19.99 when I was in town away from my little one. I ended up not being able to go nurse her and was unprepared as far as a pump or liners for my bra. I was initially drawn to the price tag – I figured if I could just get a couple of ounces out it would be worth it. I think I fell in love as soon as I started using it. It worked just as well as my Medela swing pump.I love that this is compact and easy to carry. It is easy to pump and did not hurt my hand. The suction is much more similar to a baby nursing than the electric pumps I have tried (Tommee Tippy and Medela). It is very easy to disassemble and clean and quiet enough to use around my little one. I got more milk than I do with my electric pump – I was very surprised by this, and in about half the time.If you are looking to a quick and easy pumping solution, this Manual Breast Pump may be your saving grace. It is easy on the pocketbook and works well.Updated: Band on top? Many reviews talk about a band that helps build pressure. I never attached mine and the pump still works fine, in fact I was unsure of what it was there for?

Noemi Elmore, AL

Okay for emergencies

I use an electric pump but sometimes when we’re traveling, for instance, it’s nice to have a small manual pump. It does the job, I prefer to pump in the car since I can’t do anything else(when husband is driving) and then I don’t mind just sitting there and pump.However, it would drive me nuts to use this exclusively. I’ve noticed that as soon as there is a little condensation or milk in the pump part (sometimes just happens, milk squirts everywhere), the pumping gets really difficult and I’d have to push AND pull the lever. I’d have to disassemble and dry the pump part completely before I can continue. Also, I don’t know how anyone can use this multiple times a day everyday without developing carpal tunnel syndrome.When my electric pump needed replacement parts that took over a week for shipment, I had to use this pump. After three days I rushed to the store to get a cheap electric pump to get me through the week.So, overall, I’d say this pump will do the job when you can’t use your electric pump because you’re traveling, it’s great to use every once in a while.

Juliette Detroit, OR

Cheap and it works

First off, my son was tongue tied for the first 6 weeks so I had to pump to keep my milk from drying up due to a poor latch. I had a medela pump in style which would take about 30 minutes to make 1-2 oz on each side on a GOOD session. Normally it was about 1/2 oz each side. I hated it. I tried larger flanges, Pumpin Pals, every conceivable setting of the suction, and could not get more.I bought this cheap pump on a whim because I got tired of carrying around the medela. I can get 1-2 oz in 5 minutes or less every time. I prefer it over the Tommee Tippee manual, the Medela, and the Avent electric. Best 20$ ever.

Katrina Pulaski, IL