Evenflo Milk Collection Bottles,5oz,

Evenflo Milk Collection Bottles,5oz,

Evenflo® Breast Milk Collection Bottles. New! Now with enhanced sealing disc! Made without BPA*. 4 – 5 oz (150ml).

Main features

  • 5 ounce bottle
  • Recyclabe and bpa free
  • Compatible with most standard nipples

Verified reviews


good buy

a great deal for four storage bottles. the bottles are good quality. good for storing and freezing and bottle use!

Mia Charlotte, TN

Extra bottles are a plus…

When travelling and using the mini evenflo battery operated pump, having extra bottles are a plus. Doesn’t hurt to have more.

Mellisa Flora, LA

works great

These bottles work great for extra storage. I’m not a huge fan of the caps though. Since I don’t actually feed out of these bottles, I would prefer the single piece type of lid. Less parts to lose.

Jimmie Fort Apache, AZ

Great Product, Great Price

Compared to the other rediculously priced milk storage bottles, this is a steal. The bottles have been working perfectly. I have 16 bottles in rotation right now. After about two months of use, some of the ink has started to wear off on the outside of the bottle. But, otherwise, they are awesome! And, this definitely beats using disposable storage bags on a daily basis.

Susana New Melle, MO

So far so good.

They have markings for 5oz. so the bottle is over 6 oz. It does attach to my Ameda yours ultra breast pump. It has nice dark easy to read markings which makes late night bottles easy to prep. I have put it into a hot bowl of water w/o losing the ink so far to warm the bottle. I will update if or when I lose the ink markings like others have.

Alice Albany, TX

Weird lid & inaccurate gauge!

The lids were strange – guess they were specifically made for their pumps but awkward to handle and keep leaking from where it attaches to the bottle. I was also amazed that the gauge reading was pretty inaccurate – for example when I measure 2 oz of milk and pour it to this container, it only shows 1 oz and a bit, and so on. Realized that on the bottom of the gauge, it says "approximate" – meaning their gauge was approximate. I simply had never seen a milk bottle that has incorrect capacity reading so rather unimpressed. I mean, how difficult is it to label the gauge accurately? Or why would you even bother to make it different?? With the leakage issues and inaccurate capacity reading, we tossed out the whole set – feeling guilty about creating another plastic waste… Would not recommend.

Courtney Monessen, PA

good size for breast milk, but blue markings wear off

I wash these in the dishwasher, and the blue markings wear off after a couple months. I prefer pumping into them because they hold up to 6oz, an ounce more than my Ameda bottles, but the Ameda markings have stayed on.

Margret Sawyer, OK


I just purchased my 3rd & 4th pack of these bottles, after regretting buying more Ameda bottles. Those are better quality of course, but they only hold 5.5oz – and that’s pushing it almost to the brim. These work perfectly with my Ameda Purely Yours electric breast pump. The numbers do come off in the pump’s base if you place them on the “grips” of the base. Not a big issue considering the value these bottles are in comparison to other brands. Also, maximum capacity that I routinely use is 6oz with no problems of leaking or bottle damage. Measurements, though, are about half an oz off.

Leanna Penns Grove, NJ


As expected. Great item and fits on to the even flo breast pump and convenient for storage. Good price as well

Sonia Belle Rose, LA

Perfect for pumping!

I use a Medela Freestyle, and these fit perfectly on it. I also purchased the Dr. Brown’s lids, which make these easy to transport in my pump bag. I have some of the much more expensive Medela pump bottles, and I prefer these. They seem sturdier to me. Several of my Medela bottles are dented. I took the advice of a previous reviewer and did not directly boil them to sterilize. Instead, I boiled the water and removed from the heat. Worked great! Would give 5 stars if I didn’t have to buy separate lids.

Bonita Lemon Grove, CA

bottle lids aren’t compatible with evenflo glass bottle rings/lids

I bought these to add to my Medela and Evenflo bottle "collection." When I tried to mix and match the lids, none of them will work with these!! I was so disappointed! Even the rings that I have that go with Evenflo glass bottles will not work with these bottles.

Johanna New Haven, WV

Good Size. Sturdy. Ink Comes Off

Overall, I really really really like these bottles. I think they’re quite cute too. They’re less expensive (compared to the other brands of similar size), sturdy, and easy to clean. I was using the Medela 80ml storage bottles until my baby outgrew them; I had to give him two of those bottles per feeding and he’d cry every time I had to switch out the bottle. These 5-oz bottles are the perfect size! They hold more than the typical 4-oz bottles and can hold up to 6 ounces no problem. They are made of sturdy, hard BPA-free plastic. Super easy to clean. I can pop them in the top rack of a dishwasher or boil them to sterilize them.There are only two drawbacks: the disc/ring combo cap and the ink on the bottles. The disc/ring cap is not entirely bad. The nipple ring itself is very sturdy. However, the disc/ring cap is not the best cap if the bottle is not always standing upright, say when you go out and the bottle full of precious breast milk gets shaken up during the drive/walk. Milk will either leak out or pool around the disc and drip out when you unscrew the ring. I kind of wish they make solid caps, but I just used the 50 caps from my old storage bottles. Fits perfectly! On to the second drawback, the ink comes off when you boil the bottles. To minimize that, I wait till the water boils, turn off the stove, and let the bottles sit in the boiling water for 6-10 minutes.

Florence Easton, WA


Love these bottles!! They connect to my medela swing breastpump perfectly. I love that they hold 5 oz, so no matter how much I pump, these bottles work great. I have also frozen and thawed them without any issues. I would buy again for sure. WAY better than spending more on something that holds less.

Sasha Emery, UT

Practical bottles

The size of the bottles (5 oz) is just right. Fits perfectly with SimplyGo electric breast pump. I just wished that the pack would come with 6-8 bottles instead of only 4, but for its price, one can get a couple of packs and still won’t feel he paid a lot.

Geneva Cortaro, AZ

Great price, good quality bottles

I am a working mom and I have to store my milk in many different ways – from fridge to freezer. These bottles have been great because they are cheap (instead of using milk bags, I just freeze the milk in these bottles – a lot more convenient), reliable, and work well with my Medela pump.I’ve also used them as bottles and, while I prefer the VentAir Playtex, these did fine as bottles for feeding too.Here’s what I like in particular:1. Good capacity (5oz) that is easily expanded (fits 6oz no problem)2. Reliable lids (I’ve taken the milk literally everywhere, including the plane, and have never had any leaks)3. Nice design (these are simple and classic, and I like that)4. Price (I’ve not been able to find a better deal)A couple of very minor cons:1. The blue print will peel off if you are sterilizing the bottles2. The lids can be used as lids or as nipple holders, which makes it a little less convenient when you simply want to close the bottle and do not use these as feeding bottles

Kara Packwood, WA


These are WONDERFUL, versatile, and just a joy to use. They are perfect for pumping, storing, and feeding. They really quite useful. I am so excited to own these, and I plan on buying more. They freeze well, they warm up well, and they even travel well. I would definitely suggest them for any mother.

Callie Santa Ynez, CA

work with Medela pump & doctor brown’s standard nipples

I just purchased these because the 2 bottles that came with my medela freestyle were not enough to store a days worth of milk. I needed something to store milk in besides dirtying several doctor brown’s bottles a day. I was able to use these with my medela freestyle and also use my existing dr browns nipples with these bottles. i will be buying another set of these bottles for sure. the lids on these are not one piece, the are a ring cap and a disc like some of the regular bottles out there, not a one piece lid like the medela storage bottles.

Emily Paris, VA

Great Pumping Bottles!

These bottles get the job done and attach to the Medela flanges perfectly for half the price of other bottles. I only gave 4 stars because like other reviewers, some of the volume markings on the bottles are coming off in the dishwasher. Otherwise, they give you what you need without paying a lot.

Dona Mellenville, NY


I like these bottles because when I pump I can attach these to my Medela and then throw them in the fridge. My husband thinks they leak too much when you shake them to loosen up the breast milk. I think he is being too picky or maybe a violent shaker lol. Overall these are the best reusable breast milk containers I have found.

Evelyn Peru, IN

Hate the lids, love the bottles.

Haaaaaaaaaaaate the stupid 2 part lids. But I love love love the bottles, so I buy them, and then buy spare Dr. Brown’s lids that are one piece to go with. Really nice volume markings on the side, and I like that they are a little taller and skinnier than the Medela bottles.

Gilda Arcola, MS

Great deal – works with both pumps!

I have both a Medela Pump In Style Advanced and the Dr. Brown’s Double Electric Pump. These bottles fit them both well and there are no leaks. Great value since the name brand bottles for these pumps are so pricey! And for the previous posters that mentioned they don’t have "real lids" – the lids are a two piece lid that still seal the bottle completely and have not leaked, even with being rattled around in my diaper bag.

Ingrid Cave Creek, AZ


the smaller size makes it easy for my daughter to carry while going out, and not having to stay long, just enough for him to drink before getting home.

Savannah Riverside, RI