Evenflo Portable Babysuite 100 Playard, Covington

Evenflo Portable Babysuite 100 Playard, Covington

The evenflo portable baby suite 100 offers parents convenient space for baby care and play. The new fashions and amenities keep baby comfortable and look great doing it. The rotate-to-store changer keEPS baby’s space convenient. The padded floor mat converts to playtime playmat with detachable toy bar to create a clean, safe play space for your baby. And when portability is necessary, the baby suite 100 quickly folds and goes into the matching carry bag to make your travel a breeze.

Main features

  • New playtime playmat – floor mat converts to playtime playmat with toys to create a clean, safe play space for baby
  • Convenience – rotate-to-store changer rotates to the side when not in use
  • Toys – detachable toy bar with 2 toys keep baby entertained

Verified reviews


Nice item

It’s cute and functional. I like that it is easy to put together and then pack up. I’ve had the toy bar fall down, but other than that, it seems very sturdy. My little one seems to sleep comfortably in it.

Meghan Olney, IL

Okay as a bassinet, not a play yard

We loved this play yard as a bassinet! It was so convenient and looks nice too. Until we stared using it as a play yard since baby reached the recommended weight limit. The issue is that the floor surface of the play yard is very uneven. She is definitely not comfortable laying in it! The center foot created a bump in the center. To try and solve the issue I added a couple thick quilts, which made the surface a bit more even, but still the problem remains. Sadly, this is the main reason why I purchased this play yard, but now we really can’t use it as planned.I would recommend getting a play yard with a floor that sits directly ON the floor to avoid this problem.

Jennifer Curtisville, PA

Perfect size

This playard fits perfectly in our small bedroom. Baby outgrew the bassinet so this was the next step up before the crib. My only complaint is that the bassinet part is not very sturdy and when laying in it she leans a lot to one side and can roll quite easily. Love the colors too!

Leonor Austwell, TX

Great product for the price

Smaller than our last pack n play, but lightweight and convenient. Great product for the price.

Erika Plainsboro, NJ

Super easy

This is the second play yard I bought, one for my house, one for grandma’s house. This one definitely stays at my house! This play yard is much bigger, softer, and super easy to put up and down. I love the way the mat at the bottom secures with Velcro instead of just sitting there loose. I am so glad I bought it!

Angelique University, MS