Evenflo Portable Ultrasaucer

Evenflo Portable Ultrasaucer

Entertainment and exercise are important for little ones, and they get just that with the Evenflo Portable Ultrasaucer. This cheery entertainment center is bursting with bright color and fun toys to stimulate little ones from 4 months to walking age. The argyle-patterned spinning seat features turquoise, red, orange, yellow, green, purple, black and white. More than spinning, little ones can bounce, rock and play with 14 toys securely mounted to the purple ring surrounding the seat. Crinkly parts, lights and music—plus spinning balls, mirrors and cheerful characters to grab—ensure they’ll stay stimulated and engaged. The Ultrasaucer base is bright red, adjusts to 3 different heights, has flip-down feet for stationary positions and folds to 40% less its size for easy carrying. The pad is removable and machine washable. Made in USA. 25Hx26″ dia.

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I LOVE This!

I wasn’t sure about which saucer to get but finally decided on this one and I’m so glad I did. When my daughter was 4 months old, we had to prop her up with a blanket. She didn’t like the saucer very much and preferred her swing. But when she got a few weeks older, she really started to enjoy it. Now she likes all the toys and has a great time bouncing around. It’s also helped her learn to sit up and, at seven months, her legs are strong. No matter what direction she’s facing as soon as the music starts she whips around and kisses the king.Our only problem thus far is that when we’re transporting the saucer the castle sometimes falls out. But not a big deal.We accidentally left the saucer at my parents for two days and my daughter was just not the same. She really loves this toy. And I love that I can put her in it and move around the house to do my chores.I would definitely, definitely, definitely recommend this saucer! Don’t be discouraged if your child doesn’t take to it at the minimum age (4 months I think). A few weeks may make all the difference!

Erica Six Mile, SC


I purchased the ExerSaucer that was one step up from the Ultra. It is exactly the same, except it has additional toys. I was a nightmare to put together!! But in the end, it made my little girl very happy! She is 6 months and weights 13lb. She is very pettite, but still fits in this item well. She gets a little overwhelmed with all the toys around her, so I remove a few of them and switch them out! I will keep her entertained for quite awhile!!

Edythe Canyonville, OR

Good toy but not worth quite that much money

My son started using this toy at about 5 months and he loves to bounce, spin and play with the various toys. The cloth seat is easy to take off and wash which is a big plus with us since my son throws up a lot. And maybe I’m just cheap but I think it’s a bit too pricey for what it is. And one major downfall for this product is that there are two toys on it that play music (my son loves these and they thankfully still work) but the batteries CANNOT be replaced. What’s the point in having a music and light toy if you can’t replace the batteries, which ultimately means that one day it will just be trash because it doesn’t work anymore. That is my main reason for giving this toy 3 stars, excluding that part I think it deserved a 5.

Chelsey Angela, MT

Can’t live without it!

This exersaucer is my duaghter’s favorite, and I couldn’t live without it!! She is always, and constantly, entertained by it. We began using it when she was 4 months old and she is now almost 7 months and she uses it all day long! There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t play in it! The toys are very safe, she pulls and tugs and chews on them, without any problems. I’ve even washed the cloth flag and frog because she saturates them, and they wash easily and hold up beautifully. Cant’ say enough about it!

Dana Angier, NC

Our baby loves it

We got this for our baby at about 5 months and he has loved it ever since (almost 9 months old now). Toys come out easily to be de-slimed, lots of things to look at and chew on. He absolutely loves jumping up and down in it, especially to attract our attention (or that of our dog). Songs are not annoying. Takes a little patience to assemble, but overall an excellent toy. Theme is cute as well.

Bobbi Newport, ME

The BEST of the best

I was really deciding between this one and the Baby Einstien for my now 4 month old son. His 20 month old twin brothers just had an older hand-me down model, but I thought we should get a new one. I really love this exersaucer. At BRU we tried ALL of them. And we really liked this one, and the B.E. When Zach was in this one though, he was the most excited but in the B.E he didnt really like the toys as much. Its super easy to adjust hieght settings, and it was REALLY easy to put together, everything really snaps in place. Its easy to spin the seat and everythings really colorful and always catches his attention. He likes it when we take the pegs off and rock it for him. The toys are all VERY safe, and I just adore the castle theme (my son seems fond of the green frog prince since hes plush and can easily fit part of him in his mouth). The music is really cute, yet not overly annoying. There is room of the “tray” for maybe some cheerios and maybe for my son to hold his favorite plushy. The seat is a very cute pattern and doesnt show stains too much. My son really really loves this, I dont see how anyone could possibly resist this cute and durable, (my 20 month old twins are FOREVER climbing on it) exersaucer!

Terrie Keego Harbor, MI

Money is better put into MegaSaucer

Two things we didn’t like about this incarnation of Evenflo’s saucer:1) It has WAY TOO MANY toys surrounding the baby. No wonder you can read here about many experiences of toys to be wary of.2) For a piece of baby gear that will only last your baby until he/she is 12 months, it’s too expensive.We compared it side by side with the MegaSaucer (also by Evenflo) at our local Babies ‘R Us and settled for the second one, which offers a few more toy options and costs $20 less, while it still keeps our baby very entertained and gives us a little bit of time to get on with breakfast and other 15-20 minute activities without having to hold him all the time.So, while I wouldn’t ditch the ExerSaucer – Ultra altogether, I’d encourage you to visit the store and take a hard look at it against the MegaSaucer. I think you will agree, and save yourself $20 and some worries in later months. 😉

Jasmin Marcus, WA

5 month old loves this!

My daughter has been playing in this since she was 4 months. Most toys don’t hold her attention very long, but she will play in this for 30 min’s at the time! It has been a real life saver! My husband is away with the military and I have practicaly been a single mom since she was born. This toy allows me to get household things done. Thank you Evenflo!***do watch the jester though… she has scratched her forehead with it more than once by putting it in her mouth, then letting go… it even got stuck in her mouth one time, lucky i was there to get it out… BUT, if you find a toy dangerous on this… you can always just take it off!!! I only wish that there were spare toys to order, so I could change them out every once in a while, when she gets bored with one!

Margery Jeddo, MI

The best saucer out there!

I had this saucer on my registry and got it at my baby shower. I absolutly loved it. I couldn’t wait for my son to be old enough to use it (4 months). He is 10 months now and still plays in it for hours. It adjusted to his height as he grew. It’s made very sturdy, I’ve had no problems with it. It is easy to clean and keep clean. My son is very strong and active and has never been able to tip it over or break any of the toys on it. I would recommend this product to anyone!

Bobbie Penryn, PA

Great for Travel or for at Home

We put this on our registry thinking if we get it great, if not oh well. We LOVE this entertainer. It’s light and portable to go to our family’s house and great for our house also. It keeps our son busy for just enough time to do the dishes or get a shower. We have a family dinner at my husband’s grandma’s house every other Sunday and we take either this, our Deluxe Take Along Swing, or our Bumper Jumper with us every time and it keeps him and his cousin busy long enough for everyone to eat and then pick them up again. We give this saucer an A+

Eve Haskell, OK