Evenflo Rotary Bottle Brush

Evenflo Rotary Bottle Brush

Safe, durable, and effective! The Evenflo Rotary Bottle Brush makes cleaning easier. It’s safe to use with glass, plastic and decorated nursers. Features: Sturdy, dishwasher-safe construction Brush has a handle that rotates when cleaning bottles Soft, flexible and durable foam end. Item # 5015311

Main features

  • Handle rotates when cleaning bottles
  • Soft, flexible, and durable foam end
  • Durable, dishwasher-safe construction

Verified reviews


I tried so hard to like it

I’ve owned 4 of these brushes. The first 2 were when my son was born, and then the next 2 were for my twins. I LOVED how it was so easy to spin the brush in the bottle for cleaning, and the sponge at the bottom was a fabulous tool for getting the bottle really clean. But the sponge starts to come apart and then tear off completely and then you’re left with just the bristles. It also does not work for cleaning small part of any breast pump accessories, because that further destroys the sponge and the brush part is actually very easy to bend – and then break. The reason I went through 4 is because I was sure I was using it too hard, and then I thought I wouldn’t use it for the breast pump accessories since they were probably just too much stress on the brush and it wasn’t made for those. I bought it when my twins were born hoping that Evenflo had redesigned it and it was going to be a fabulous cleaning tool. But even just using it on bottles seems to be too much for the sponge. I think if they would reinforce the materials used to hold the bristles and then make the sponge a much heavier type, it might work. But as it is, I’m afraid it’s not worth it.

Shari Lucerne Valley, CA

Pretty good but quality is not always consistent

As a mom that washes bottles by hand, I really like these because of the spinning handle. Overall the quality is decent, but it doesn’t always appear to be consistent. I had one that lasted almost a month, but we also got one that only lasted a week on the sponge part. Would be nice if they could come out with one without the sponge part since that’s what always falls apart the fastest because the bristles work just as well as the sponge part at cleaning.

Lindsey Le Grand, IA

good brush and not expensive

I really like this brush much better then my previous one, I only wish there were more bristles like my OXO bottle brush.

Ava Weimar, CA

Fell Apart

This brush fell apart after only using it for two weeks. The sponge at the very top of the brush completely came off and is now useless to clean the bottom of the bottle. Don’t waste your money on this one….it won’t last.

Nadia Green Creek, NJ

Good replacement for the munchkin rotary brush

This is a great bottle brush for any mom. I used to buy the munchkin rotary brushes from target and they stopped making them so I was in search of a new one. This one is almost better. With the crank handle, it cleans so much faster and doesn’t spray you with water when you pull it out of the bottle. It also works great for sippy cups and tall glasses. The only think I don’t like about it is eventually the little sponges at the top fall off. I have replaced it now just one time but I will probably keep buying it.

Evangelina Canoga Park, CA

Doesn’t cut it for me

I was looking for a replacement of the old Born Free rotating bottle brush which I loved, but this one just doesn’t equal it. The sponge part is flimsy and not very thick and the bristles are so soft you don’t feel like they do the job they are supposed to.

Tasha Beemer, NE