Evenflo SimpleStep Pressure Gate Taupe

Evenflo SimpleStep Pressure Gate Taupe

SimpleStep Metal Pressure Gate is safety at the tip of your fingers. Features: Pressure mounted Red/Green lock indicator Slide-Loctm Slam latch close Benefits: Easy to install, requires no hardware, won’t damage door frames and is easily movable See at a glance whether gate is shut One hand operation to open the gate A gentle push locks the gate

Main features

  • One-hand Slide-Loc mechanism: Simply squeeze the handle and slide back to open
  • Red/Green indicator shows whether gate is properly locked. Close gate with a gentle push.
  • Door swings open for easy walk-thru
  • 30” tall, expands from 29” – 39.5” with 1 included extension panel
  • Please note that pressure mounted gates may seem defective in first glance, but they will work fine if they are installed correctly as per the printed instructions.

Verified reviews


The best gate ever!

I have tried every type of gate out there, and this one is by far the best. It is more secure and stable than ones that actually screw into the wall/banister. It says that it should not be in a place against drywall, but I have two (one at the top of the stairs, one at the bottom), and they are both secured against drywall and it’s just fine. The gates look good too, most gates are an eye sore. My two year old could get past all other gates, but not this one, this would also be great for pet owners who have small to medium sized dogs. Highly recommended!

Patrica Knox Dale, PA

Hard to open but works great

My only complaint is that this gate is somewhat hard to slide open (I need two hands) this is great if you have a child who is trying to get through but right now we are using it for our dog until our baby comes. We just didn’t want to continue to step over the other baby gates so this works well- I also think it becomes easier to open the more you use it (maybe something loosens up). Otherwise 5 stars for quality- this is heavy duty metal and can stay up semi permanently without having to bolt it into your wall. The price is definitely right, we ordered two and I would order more if I find a need for more gates.

Priscilla Willow Creek, MT

My Pet Gate

Let me start by saying that we bought this gate to keep dogs on one side of the house, not for use with children.We have small breed dogs and the openings are too large, our chihuahuas fit right through them! We ended up having to put50 or 60 zip ties up and down each side where the largest openings are in order to keep the dogs from slipping through.It is durable, we have been using the same gate in what I would call a very high traffic doorway for several years and it’s stillworking great. It’s very easy open and swing shut. Except for the large holes it’s a great gate.

Jennie Thornburg, VA

Easy to install

Easy to install and works great for the price. Keeps my dogs at bay and my baby safe. I hate the bar on the bottom though and the opening is pretty skinny.

Delia Istachatta, FL

Should have gotten these from the beginning

I wish I would have gotten these from the beginning because all the others without the pressure buttons are easy for toddlers to open. This one has two pressure buttons, one on each side so the child can’t see both and know to press them both at the same time PLUS push back.

Jasmine Mountainhome, PA

Awesome! Although, I would check your local stores for a better price!

I have 0 complaints about this gate! I purchased it from our local W*l-Mart for 34.97, and didn’t have to wait for it to be shipped to me. I would suggest checking at your local store before waiting for it to be shipped. (Super-saver shipping takes forever) We use this gate to keep our Sheltie in the kitchen when she is eating, and to keep our 4 year old and our 13 month olds out of the kitchen. We love it! Perfect all around! Our 13 month old uses it to balance when watching me cook, and she shakes the door, hard, and it is just as sturdy as it could be! Opening it and closing it is very simple, and it has the “slam shut” feature, so you don’t have to push the button and pull back the handle to shut it, that would be a pain. We will get many years of use out of this, considering it can keep our 4 year old out! It is just great!

Celia Bayside, NY

Not worth the money!!!!

I just purchased this gate for my son to keep him away from my basement steps. First of all the gate was not that simple to install, I had to go online to watch the video. I dislike that the screws are not better constructed into the gate and the plastic that is used to extend them is not that strong, mine stripped under the presser. The latch is not easy to open you have to use two hands which defeats the purpose of the latch being one hand slide. I would suggest that you save your money and get a much better gate. I plan on returning mine and getting the one that I really wanted but didn’t want to spend the extra money on, I will know better next time.

Barbra Salisbury, MO