Evenflo Snugli Front & Back Pack Carrier

Evenflo Snugli Front & Back Pack Carrier

No matter how they like to ride you can tote your tot in comfort and style with the Evenflo Front and Back Carrier. Baby can ride comfortably 3 different ways: on back facing forward, in front facing forward or in front facing backward. A dual side entry buckle makes loading and unloading your precious cargo easy. The padded backrest and head support and seat height adjustment make Baby’s ride comfortable. Bring necessities in the removable storage pocket. For babies from 7–26 lbs. Fabric is cotton/polyester blend. Foam padding and plastic buckles. Wipe clean with damp cloth. Made in USA. 12Hx10Wx3-3/4D”.

Main features

  • New dual side entry buckles with one handed design makes it easy to get baby in and out
  • Three carrying positions – Face-in, Face-out and Backpack
  • Seat height adjustment provides 2 fixed positions making it easier for parent to adjust seat to fit baby best

Verified reviews


don’t waste money on more expensive carriers

This one works great. Easy on and off. Comfortable. No need to spend $100- this is a great carrier.

Merle Cairo, IL

Not for us

This carrier was not for us. It was awkward and difficult to use. My son was not comfortable in the carrier either. I exchanged it for the model below and love it! It’s super easy to use and my son loves it!

Marcie Bellingham, WA

This carrier was not for us

We received this carrier as a gift, so we didn’t have much input on the selection. We liked the idea of it being a front or back carrier, however it just doesn’t seem to work with our bodies. Our daughter seemed to be carried with her head by my ear when I tried it as a front pack. The plastic side buckles to hold the child in place were not that secure, so when we used it we still held her for fear of them opening up – defeats the purpose of having your hands free! We much rather use our FABULOUS Quattro tour system than this!!!

Colette Gentry, AR

Not So Good

I bought this second hand thinking it would be a lifesaver. I used it from the time my daughter was 2 weeks, and it never worked properly. The straps are hard to adjust, especially since her father likes carrying her. Her body also did not seem to be comfortable in it. It could be an older model that I have, but I was unhappy with it. I bought a Baby Bjorn second hand (for much less than $90) and I’m thrilled with that. I also bought a handmade sling and she absolutely loves being in that to nap. It will also last much longer, as the Snugli is only good up until 25 lbs and a sling can be used as a back carrier.

Shana Hudson, MA

Easy to use

My husband likes to go for walks in the mall with our 3 month old and loves to use this carrier! It is comfortable for both baby and Dad, and he has no problem getting her in and out of it by himself.

Cortney Indian Mound, TN

difficult to put on

I got Snuggli and Bjorn for my baby shower. I was planning on returning Bjorn to get my big $$$ back. But Snuggli was so difficult to use with all those straps and belts that my impatient baby had a fit every time. Baby Bjorn worked better.

Cathy Perry, OK

Necessary for every parent!

This is an item that every parent should have! When our guy was an infant, he wanted to be held constantly. And, as a new mother, I didn’t want to put him down. This item was a lifesaver!We have two dogs and it is so much easier to put him in this carrier and walk both dogs on leash than to try to mess with a stroller. My neighbors laugh at me with my son kicking away in the carrier, strapped to me, while I have a leash in each hand. He loves it!The waist belt allows you to not have the weight of your baby on your shoulders or middle – just like a true hiker’s back pack. As a result, you could carry your child for hours without worrying about your back.Unlike some of the packs that have a metal frame, this one packs easily. I keep it most of the time under the seat of the car. Then if we’re somewhere that isn’t convenient to get the stroller out, it’s right there. It easily mashes into suitcases as well for vacationing.The price is wonderful as well! There is absolutely no need to pay more for a “higher end” item. This is all you need!

Virginia Roselle, IL

Hated this with my newborn.

This was not usable at all for me with my newborn. It is complicated to put on and adjust, and my tiny baby was completely enveloped by it, and I did not feel she was very secure in it. I’m sure this would be great for an older child, for travel, or being out and about, but for trying to hold a small baby while doing chores around the house (or anything else, for that matter), this one’s a no-go.

Colleen Plainville, MA

This was a Must Have for us!!

We adopted our son at 5 months in Guatemala – this was an absolute life (and arm!) saver. Some people mention that this is too big for newborns, I can’t address that as I didn’t try it. Our son was big enough to be outward-facing on the front and he loved it. He loves being carried, held and walked around, and this saved our arms from falling off. He loves watching everything that is going on around him and he hated being strapped into a stroller or car seat, so I used this and walked as much as possible.Now he’s big enough to be on my back – and it’s even more comfortable and convenient for me. The one downside is that I can’t see him when he’s on my back, but that’s what mirrors are for (or store windows, or car windows,etc.). With him safely behind me, I can even cook dinner without having to put him down.It did take a few tries to get the hang of putting it on by myself, but it’s possible and really not difficult. I loved this thing and can’t imagine what we would have done without it.UPDATE: My son is now 10-months and I still use this regularly. Having him in the backpack is great for getting stuff done, and having him on the front facing in is fantastic for getting him to take naps when he is fussy or there is a lot going on.

Kristi Sugarcreek, OH

Great Carrier

A friend bought this for me when my daughter was a month old. At first I was nervous about putting her in it. She seemed to look lost in it. Then I realized it had snaps on it to make it different sizes. Once I adjusted it properly, my daughter loved it. I love it too. She is now 2 months old and I can put her in it while I am cleaning the house, washing dishes, doing laundry. Anytime I have work to do and she wants to be held, I reach for the carrier. I have used it in the mall too. When she fusses in her carriage, I throw the carrier on and she faces me and usually falls asleep. It does have a lot of hooks. It took me a couple of times around the house to get used to how to use it. But once I got the hang of it, I can now put it on and get her in more quickly. My daughter weighs 11 pounds now and I am only 5’2″, it doesn’t hurt my shoulders or back at all.

Dale Mayslick, KY

Bjorn and Maya Wrap still have their advantages

A great idea to make it a front and back carrier, but the Baby Bjorn is still easier to put on and take off, which we also have. I didn’t like the multiple straps to have to adjust each time my husband and I took turns with it. It’s a fine carrier if you don’t have to adjust it a lot for another person. In addition, this carrier wasn’t comfortable on my short and petite frame. The waist belt was too wide and the straps had a “luggage” feel to them unlike the cloth straps of the Bjorn. The straps of this Snugli were also too long for my frame. HOWEVER, this Snugli allowed my baby to have a better field of vision when she was positioned in the front and facing me. I also liked the vent. I do think that the Bjorn is exorbitantly priced (although an excellent product) and if you plan to use a carrier often, a Snugli Comfort Vent is easier to take on and off than the Snugli Front and Back Pack carrier and much more reasonably priced than the Baby Bjorn if you don’t need the back carrier function. Above all, I preferred the Maya Wrap for even greater versatility and ease to pack for travelling.

Pam Johnson Creek, WI

Great Carrier and much easier on the wallet

This is a great carrier! It is half the price of the Baby Bjorn and it is so conveniant. I read a lot of the other reviews and read how other buyers complained about the straps but really, there aren’t that many and it’s super easy to adjust. The other great part is that it’s a one size fits all so you and your partner can use it without having to buy two that are different sizes or worry that you bought the wrong size. My only complaint is that the front doesn’t fold down. My little girl is 3 months and she is really curious and likes to face out but she can’t because she’s not tall enough. The front comes up to the middle of her face. She is little for her age. (She’s only in the 15% for her height) but if it folded down like a lot of the others she would be able to. That’s it though. Don’t spend the extra money, buy this one and save. Don’t be scared by other reviews saying it’s complicated to use because it’s not. We didn’t even look at the directions and we figured it out!

Johnnie Thornburg, VA

Shoulder Strap Problem

This carrier has been nice to use when I walk my dog or go shopping instead of bringing a stroller. The shoulder padding tends to slide around since they are not attached to the straps. When this does happen, the straps dig into my shoulder. Also, it took quite some time before my son was able to face forward. He could hold his head well enough long before he was tall enough to face forward, but my baby didn’t mind facing me. Some similar carriers fold down by the babies face so they can face forward easier.

Margie Acme, WA

great for dad to use

This carrier has been in use in our household daily for 8 weeks. We’ve been carrying our son in it since he was about a week old and he is so content in it. It never fails to calm him down when he’s fussy and he really enjoys being so close to his daddy. I am unable to use very often it because I’m nursing and when my son gets that close to my chest it fustrates him because he wants to nurse.My husband says that he finds it very comfortable, we take a 2 mile walk daily and he’s never sore or uncomfortable. It did take several tries to be confident putting the baby in and out, but now he’s a pro! We were wondering why on earth you’d need the pocket on the front, but it’s great for an emergency binky.

Rhea Mason, IL


I got this as a shower gift and returned it! My little girl hated it! She screamed when I put her in it. I think it squeezed her. It was really hard to get on and off and not comfortable for her or for me. Her head was right in front of my chin too. Even if she had liked it, I would have worried that I would hurt her head with my chin. I don’t think this carrier works well for short women with big babies (she was 8lbs. at birth and we tried it then.)

Kathrine Holloway, MN

Not a good carrier at all!

This product is terrible. I tried it on once. My baby slid to the bottom and her face was completely covered. There are too many snaps and buckles. I got a sling from Hotslings instead. It works great and is MUCH LESS COMPLICATED. I found that when having a baby, keep it simple and LESS IS MORE. If you want a less complex way to carry your baby, go to […] and check them out.

James Fairview, WY

It’s nice, great price

I have this carrier and the maclaren one. This one has the back support strap (which makes a difference), but the clips to hook the baby in is a little trickier than the maclaren which just snaps together. for the price though, this carrier is great!UPDATE:This carrier is AWESOME!!!! I’ve been reading other people’s reviews of this carrier… and I think they aren’t using this carrier properly. one complaint I have seen is that the leg holes are too small and that the baby is up too high. When the baby gets bigger, there is an adjustment that drops the bottom of the seat down which does two things… 1) it makes the baby sit lower and out of your face! and 2) makes the leg holes bigger. Imagine that!!! Another complaint I have seen is that the front doesn’t fold down and when the baby is front facing, the carrier is in their face. There is also an adjustment for this!!! The front “vent” folds down inside the carrier. You have to read the manual… it took me a few minutes to figure it out, but voila… the baby can see! I also have a much more expensive Maclaren carrier that was given to me as a gift, and I like the snugli MUCH better!!!!!!! 5 stars!!!!!!!!

Ina Shickley, NE

Didnt work for us

it was too big on my small frame and my son’s head wasnt well supported. It was akward to put on and I couldnt see over it! I am not that small, 5’6″ and 120lbs… I dont like it.. I ended up getting a Infantino Spft Carrier instead.

Charlene Suwanee, GA

So useful

I don’t know what I’d do without the Snugli. Baby has ridden very comfortably in it since we came home from the hospital- he’s now 4 months and 17 pounds and it works better than ever. We’ve used the facing in and out positions, but have not yet tried out the backpack style, so I can’t speak to that. My son always slept soundly when riding in the facing in position. Now he loves facing out so he can see everything around him.The waist and back bands do a lot to help support the baby’s weight evenly, and I’ve never had trouble with back ache or strain as long as I have adjusted the straps correctly (I’ve needed to move them a couple of times as he’s grown). Initially it was a little awkward to get all the buckles and snaps figured out, but after a couple practice runs I had no difficulty at all. The instruction manual was clear and helpful. Also important- the Snugli is machine washable and has laundered remarkably well.I’d have given 5 stars except that the carrier has proved a bit too small for practical use by my 6’4 husband. Even with the straps let out and adjusted to the biggest size it doesn’t quite cut it.

Saundra Byron, MI


This product is a life saver. Our newborn daughter loves to be carried and within minutes of placing her in this carrier (and walking around) she falls right to sleep. Once you take a few minutes to become familiar with this product (as with any product) and adjust it to fit comfortably, this carrier becomes as easy to put on as slipping it over your head, placing baby in it and buckling the straps. Granted there are quite a few straps to deal with, but once a few are adjusted for fit, you won’t even need to deal with them after the first time.As seen in the pictures there are 4 buckles in the back. 2 that are below each arm and one in the back just below the shoulder blades. These are the ones you won’t have to touch after you adjust them to fit properly. Just leave them alone and slip the whole carrier over your head with your arms through the buckles and it’s resting on your shoulders. The 4th strap is the waist strap which you DO have to snap on and off whenever you use it. I especially like this strap because it makes the whole carrier more comfortable to use and less strain on the back.Nows the tricky part. Once all the straps are on, you will need to remove the front part to put baby in. This has 2 adjustable leg hole sizes as well. There are 2 buckles and 2 slide/lock clasps to deal with. So once you place baby in the carrier (while you’re sitting down) lift the baby to your chest and then slide the clasps into place and strap the 2 buckles above your shoulders and your done! The Clasps have a little lip that you pull towards you and slide up to release. The weight of the baby pulls the lip away from you which locks the clasps in place. It can be a little tight and tricky to hold the baby and put the clasps in, but it’s not a big deal.The only thing I noticed in comparison to an old soft carrier that I had is that with my old carrier you can remove the carrier with baby still in it and lay baby down while she’s still sleeping. With this one it does require you to remove baby in order to take the carrier off which can be a little disturbing to a sleeping baby so sometimes my newborn wakes up when I try to put her down to sleep.This is by far one of the better carriers for the price! I hope this helps!

Trisha Jasper, OH