Evenflo Soft And Wide Gate Taupe & Chocolate

Evenflo Soft And Wide Gate Taupe & Chocolate

“Extra-Wide Soft Gate Easy to install pressure mounted, requires no hardware Easy to move – won’t damage door frames Steel tubes with nylon and soft but strong mesh panel 27″” tall, expands from 38″” to 60″” wide – fits uneven openings and baseboards Model #526335 For use with children 6 to 24 months “

Main features

  • Gate expands from 38 to 60 inches, fitting into large openings.
  • Individual adjustments on all four bumpers allow gate to fit uneven entryways.
  • Easy to install, pressure-mounted, requires no hardware.
  • Easy to move – won’t damage door frames.
  • Lightweight steel tubes with nylon and soft but strong mesh panel.

Verified reviews


Flimsy and more of a Hassle than anything.

I do not advise getting this gate if you plan on putting it up and taking it down often. It’s a hassle to secure in place, and most times it is pretty flimsy if you can’t get it’s “spring locks” to lock into place. It’s also difficult to get a good grip on the smooth, teeny handles that you need to twist to lock/set it. And sometimes it’s almost impossible to “unlock” it to take it down, and you just have to pull it out from the doorway.Only really good for rolling/crawling children; Definitely AVOID this gate if your child is starting to pull up onto things, or is up walking around. It would probably give way if a child tried climbing, leaning, or pulling on it.Not very good at all; definitely not worth the price. You could find something much better for around the same cost.

Jimmie Bruneau, ID

its a great soft gate very pleased!!

this gate…was a ER buy because my nephew (1 yr old) keep running/craweling away into the kitchen/dining room area… and we have 2 half walls and a opening to the kitchen area and we need something to block this area safely and keep him well protected overall its a good gate! and he has learned that we can’t keep chasing him and yet he is mad at his mother and i for putting up this gate to protect him.(he hates being tapped into the family room but its the only safe place for him to play safely)its a good gate but a pain for his granny to climb over!

Gertrude Washington, NE

Not made for climbers

It’s ironic that my son would break his arm over something I bought to help protect him. He was 2 years old. I wanted a gate that was wide, could expand to a wider width on top than on bottom to accommodate the baseboards. I didn’t want anything with footholds that he could use for climbing. This gate fit the bill nicely.What happened? My son tried to climb the gate anyway. He was able to get his leg over the top bar and when he did, the material on the top bar slid over and around the bar. He couldn’t grip the bar and slid right over the top, breaking his arm. Try gripping a metal bar with a loose padded nylon sleeve and you will see how difficult it is to grip the bar. Is this just a freak accident? Probably, but I can’t see myself giving 5 stars for a safety product that my child defeated.Pros:+expands to a wide width up to 60 inches+can make the top and bottom different widths to accommodate baseboards+easy to expand via a twisting motion+does not mar doorways+pressure mounted, is portable+mesh panel has no footholdsCons:-no door-cannot be used at top of the stairs because it is pressure mounted-if the kid gets over the top, he will fall right over!______________________________UPDATE:So it’s been a few years and I’m no longer afraid my son would fall over the gate. I have a dog and was trying to prevent the dog from going into the dining room from the kitchen. Out comes this gate. My son was 7 and my daughter 4. The kids never went through that door per my instructions. Well, you know kids. This time, it was my daughter who tried to climb the gate. She also had the problem of not being able to get a grip on the top bar. She slid over the top and fell smack right on her face.Thought it was a fluke the first time. This gate really isn’t made for climbers.

Billie Vassar, MI

Great GREAT for walls that are not even or have molding

I live in an apartment, the walls are not straight up/down so all those other expansion gates would never get tight at all 4 points. My daughter, 9 months at the time of purchase had mastered up stairs. I needed something for the bottom of the stairwell. This gate was the best solution for everything out there. I wanted one I could use pressurized at the bottom so when I didnt need the gate (like during naps/nightime) I could go about my way without having to open the gate and then close it behind me (so it didnt slam and wake her up!) if it had been a permanent gate.PROS: This gate can extend at the top bar and the bottom bar separately. SUPER! solution to walls that arent perfectly straight! It does have the nice rubber ends that are supposed to be easy on your walls and not leave any marks (they are certainly more forgiving than many of the other pressurized gates I checked out). The gate also expands much, much wider than many other gates for comparably the same price. It is made of a soft mesh that has padding around the bars, albeit very light padding.******** Also, since it can expand at the top and the bottom separately, it makes for a grand gate to use where you have moldings- mine stick out nearly 2 inches from the wall and the gate still fits so flush with the wall that when my 90 lb lab jumps up on it with her front legs she cant knock it down.CONS Although the gate is not supposed to leave marks on your walls from the rubber pads, it has on mine. It made it chip but that very well may be because apartments use very cheap paints! The way you avoid this and the way the gate is intended to be removed is by unscrewing thus making the gate shorter and releases itself from the wall. This is very, VERY difficult. I get the gate so tight against the wall that its nearly impossible. What I now do, I keep the bottom of the gate always screwed at the lenght the gate needs to be, push it in at an angle then follow the other bottom side until both bottoms are straight across from one another, I then screw the top bar the length I need it to be and push it into the wall the way I did the bottom.

Margot San Jose, IL

good gate for wide openings

I really liked this gate. It goes to 60″, no more. It took a little while to put up, and like all pressure mounts can do, it fell once. Other than that, it does what it should and I like the mesh; it’s harder to climb.

Lila Millstadt, IL

As described!

This product is just as described. It’s really easy to put together, and easy to take apart and wash the fabric part. We got ours to keep our toddler out of the kitchen, where there is an extra wide entryway. It’s been doing its job very well for the past 10 months. I hope they bring these back – or make more that are like this.

Mindy Hampton, GA

Great Gate!

Love it! it fits almost anywhere you put it! plus it’s soft so if the baby was to fall on it they will not get hurt by sharp edges.

Brandi Hooks, TX

Solved a tricky problem for us……

I purchased this gate to go in fromt of our fireplace. Our 10 month old kept trying to put his hands in our fireplace screen and was getting soot on his fingers,(we don’t have the glass doors on it), just the screening. I bought this gate and attached it to the molding on either side and it works perfectly. My baby can’t get into the fireplace and it blends in well with our color of marble on our fireplace. We did not want to put a big, bulky gate around the fireplace and this turned out to be the perfect solution!

Naomi North Palm Beach, FL

Simple, elegant engineering that works

I needed a gate that could fit the wide hall space between 2 rooms. This item worked perfectly. The best part was that it required no tools and minimal intelligence to build. Parts are symmetrical, so that it only works the way it is meant to. Also, it does not require any installation into the wall, since it is a pressure fit. Bravo.

Aline Natalia, TX

Don’t kill yourself climbing over it!

The best thing about this gate is seeing my baby sisters’ faces pressed up against the mesh like they are pod people. The worst part about it is that because it’s fabric it catches on other fabric, so if you are climbing over and your sock touches it, it will grab it and you will fall. So it’s probably better you only use this gate in areas that you don’t need to get in or out of.

Nina Buttonwillow, CA

Perfect for light traffic areas.

This gate is a pressure-mounted gate designed specifically for “light traffic” (that’s what it says on the box!). It’s not meant for the top of stairs. It doesn’t have a latch or door that you can open and close. But it’s a great gate to block off an area that has a wide opening. There are no other pressure mounted gates on the market that fit this wide of a space (up to 60 inches). The next widest pressure mounted gate covers just under 48 inches and that one was difficult to install. This one I had installed in less than 5 minutes, and it’s quite secure. The gate is low enough that an average height Mom or Dad can step right over it, so the lack of a door doesn’t bother me at all. (I’m 5’4″ and have no problems swinging my leg over it). And to top it off, the price is reasonable.If you have a narrower space and want a pressure-mounted gate with a door/latch, I recommend the Hands-Free Gate for The First Years. I’ve had it for over 3 years now and use it mulitple times a day without any problems. It’s maximum width is 34 inches.

Diane Whitmore Lake, MI

Its a good buy

I think for the price this is a great buy. We have it out almost as far as it will go and it holds tight. It is pretty easy to install, but does take some strength. Its not hard at all to put together. Mine was shipped in a huge box even though the products box is just a bit bigger than the product itself. If you have a child that pulls up and puts a foot or leg over a gate then this isn’t for you. They can easily pull themselves up and put a leg over this. They would not be able to get a foothold on it though. My husband has tripped over it a few times and did finally fall hard and bend the top bar. We are moving soon so I didn’t order a replacement, but if we were not moving I would have. I think it was his fault not the product. It did hold up when he fell over it though. Overall a great buy and even though I have read reviews saying it doesn’t do well fully extended ours did.

Roseann Oberlin, OH