Evenflo Splash Mega Exersaucer

Evenflo Splash Mega Exersaucer

6161948 Features: -Activity center.-Provides baby with a beach-themed learn and play experience.-Help babies develop motor skills, object exploration, cause / effect learning, self-awareness and hand-eye coordination.-Provides baby with the benefits of stationary exercise with rock, spin and bounce capabilities.-Three height adjustments accommodate the growing baby.-Rock, spin and bounce actions provide baby with plenty of exercise to strengthen legs, back and neck.-Allows babies to exercise without the dangers of walkers.-Mega splash tabletop toys provide a variety of entertaining play functions to keep baby interested.-4 Months to walking age, maximum height 30”.-Removable, machine washable seat pad provides for easy cleaning.-Machine washable seat pad with bubbles create a fun, beach play experience for baby that’s also easy to clean. Assembly Instructions: -No tools required for quick and easy assembly.

Main features

  • Variety of interchangeable toys
  • Rocks, spins and bounces
  • Removable, machine washable pad
  • 3 height adjustments
  • Safer alternative to walkers

Verified reviews


So many toys!!!

Concetta Peru, VT

He loves it… and there are no batteries needed!

My sister insisted on buying this exersaucer for my 4 month old son even after I had purchased a jumparoo for him. She said I’d hate the jumparoo (which I don’t… we do like it) but he loves this toy too. It’s a nice change because now that he is 6 months old I have this saucer upstairs in his bedroom so some mornings if he wakes up earlier than we do, I can put him in his saucer to play. It keeps him happy and occupied for some time so I can catch a few more “z’s”. The older kids like showing him all the new toys and it allows him to interact with them face to face so he can feel like a big boy. His favorite toy is the one with the smiley face. I was iffy about this toy, but I’m *so* glad we have it! I am also fascinated that it is one of the few toys now a days that don’t have any battery necessary parts yet it still is VERY amusing!

Melody Belhaven, NC

Good supervised fun but no chance my guy will fit in it for long

The good: My 6 month old baby boy loves to rock out in here. I’m very glad I didn’t get one with MORE “bells and whistles” because the stuff on this one is plenty, in fact i don’t even use all the attachments at once because he gets overwhelmed. I can’t imagine the overload from one of the crazy ones that costs more. This thing is plenty entertaining and it totally wears him out.The bad: At 6 months old and only 70 percentile in height, he is (according to the instructions) already supposed to be on the highest height setting so that he’s on tippytoe not flat footed. So that seems rediculous, he would outgrow on height almost immediately. Also, because he’s still pretty lightweight it seems top-heavy if I put it on the highest setting AND it also seems uncomfortable because then he is “hanging” from his hips too much and not actually practicing standing — so actually i put it on the middle setting and just sit right next to it and watch very very carefully to avoid any chance of him accidental flipping it. (He can definitely really get it rocking and rolling!)

Ma Riverview, FL

No regrets

PROS: Reasonably priced, doesn’t require batteries, higher weight limit than most jumpers, interesting toys that can snap out and be exchanged.CONS: Springs in the legs sometimes snap out of place (easy to fix, but annoying), no ‘kickstand’ to stop the Exersaucer from wobbling aroundBEST USE: Around 6 months in age4 MONTHS: We bought this when our son was 4 months old, it took him another month to really grow into it. Had it come with some stoppers (old school exersaucers used to have them) it could have stayed still and been less scary, though he adjusted quickly.6 MONTHS: Ideal age, able to interact with toys, but because child is not really mobile – wouldn’t object much to hanging out and playing. Would play for 30 minute clips easily.8 MONTHS: Nearly obsolete. While my son was still within the weight limit, he really didn’t like to sit still. He might hang in there for 5-10 minutes, but no longer.12 MONTHS: Gave it away.RECOMMENDATION: Worth the investment. It provided a safe, entertaining place for my son to play if I had to run to the bathroom or couldn’t closely monitor his playtime because I was preparing dinner or answering the phone. My son loved jumping up and down in it and it was his favorite toy for a while. Once he started standing and walking, he didn’t want to be restricted and would fight me as I’d try to put him into the walker (however, he liked to stand and play with it – I used it as a blockade between a wall and sofa).

Tabatha East Andover, NH

Converted skeptic

My mother in law continually told me I needed some kind of Exersaucer or jumper or walker for our baby. I resisted because something about giant plastic toys that claim to help develop your child physically makes me uneasy and smacks of commercialism. The little toys all around the Exersaucer looked so overwhelming to me that I thought they’d cause ADHD. I finally bought this, though, to give my MIL a ‘win’ since I have a very different parenting ethos, and after some moms I respected mentioned how much their kids loved their Exersaucers.I must admit, my daughter LOVES this toy. She’s a large baby and is having trouble rolling over even now at 6 months old despite tons of floor time and ‘exercise’. We bought this around 4.5 months, and I think the Exersaucer gave her a taste of physical freedom that she hasn’t been able to enjoy on the floor, and reinvigorated her sense of excitement about using her body. She is very good at standing up and bouncing, even if she can’t roll yet. She smiles for joy every time we put her in, and mischievously bounces to her hearts content. She loves the little doo-dads all around the edges and turns and reaches for them. I’ve seen her really start thriving physically since buying this. The first time we put her in she only lasted 5 minutes, and rarely lasts more than 15-20, but she really loves every minute she’s in there.It’s huge and takes up tons of space in our little condo, but it is worth it. I am a hippie mom, and an Exersaucer convert. Let your child have this guilty pleasure if you’re like me and on the fence!

Jeannette South Beloit, IL

Looks great, but its a bad product.

I bought this product for my 5 month old son because it looked really nice in the pictures and my son loves playing with toys and jumping. When I received it, we set it up and it worked well for maybe about a month and then my son starting jumping in it and one of the blue caps popped out went down, and its NOT safe for your baby to be in if there is a older child around that likes to mess with things and who are curious about pushing buttons. My niece was curious about it and pushed it, and went down easily. I prefer something that is child proof. Also one of the springs came off. Also when he was playing in it, I noticed that he tore one of the paper labels and was chewing on it, I took it away. I think they really fix stuff on here especially the legging and the paper labels. I think its better of buying something else more expensive then buying this product because your baby could get hurt or swallow one of the paper labels.

Annmarie Daufuskie Island, SC


My daughter absolutely loves this toy. I was a little worried about her being able to pull the toys out of their sockets, but so far that hasn’t been a problem. She’s 6 months old, but very short for her age (20% percentile), so she can barely even touch her toes to the saucer. But she still loves to bounce up and down and she loves that she can spin. She’s always craning her neck to try and see everything at once, now she doesn’t have to! Another concern I had was the spinning bubble with the fish inside… I thought she might get her fingers caught underneath it. But there is a plastic ridge that’s just allows the bubble to spin, no way a finger could get in there. It was very easy to put together and so far it’s very stable. Love that the toys are interchangable, so if she gets tired of them, we can get new ones. I can see how the legs could collapse especially if the baby is very energetic and the legs are on the highest setting. We’re using the lowest right now, so no problems there. The leg holes are a bit small, but my super-chunky baby has no problem fitting in there. The seat is huge in my opinion. Overall, excellent purchase and we’re very happy with it.

Ebony Clines Corners, NM

Baby Girl LOVES this!

We originally ordered this when our baby girl was 4 months old. She was getting too big to carry around ALL the time and she no longer was content with laying in her crib/playpen when we needed a moment. She loved it immediately! She was still a bit young to really play with the toys at 4 months, but she liked touching them and looking at them. When she was that small, we’d just put her in for 5-10 minutes or so here and there. Now, she’s now almost 6 months and loves playing with the toys. She beats and chews on them and the exersaucer holds up beautifully to her abuse! She can hang out happily in it for 20 minutes. We also love that we can remove the toys (and the seat) to wash them. The fact that the exersaucer can be adjusted in height is a great feature. She still has some room to grow into this more a bit, we think. Excellent product!!!!!

Lara Montrose, WV

Lots of toys, right height, easy rotating seat

I purchased this exersaucer after having a bad experience with the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo; baby hated it and it was enormous! I didn’t want to get this one at first because it’s so big, blue, and plastic looking. However, after having my baby play on it, it is totally worth having this ugly plastic thing in the house. My baby is 6 months and his feet can touch the bottom easily at lowest setting (not so on the F-P jumperoo) and will grow with my baby. There are plenty of toys and a lot of fun for the baby (not so on the F-P jumperoo). I love the orange tray to put in other little toys for him to find and pick out on his own. The seat rests on smooth rolling wheels so it makes it easy for baby to turn and play with the toy he wants (not so on the F-P jumperoo; very sticky seat). I considered the more expensive triple fun Evenflo exersaucer but opted for the cheaper one and I’m glad I did. There is still plenty of fun to be had by the baby and there isn’t as much height from the simpler exersaucer. And it’s more affordable than the F-P Luv U Zoo Jumperoo. I also love that you can purchase other toys and they are easy to pull out and change (not so on the F-P Jumperoo).Overall the great baby toy purchase, a must-have.

Lynette Fultondale, AL

lots of fun!

I felt a little guilty buying DS the one of the cheaper exersaucers that didn’t have dangly things overhead and took 12 batteries, but he indeed has tons of fun. At 6 mos, he’s discovered the rocking and bouncing part and has a blast, not to mention refining motor skills with all the little toys. Also, I’m definitely a proponent of buying things used, but once I saw how most of the toys are within ‘mouthing’ distance, I was very happy that we got this new.

Belinda Rosalie, NE

Very entertaining!

My 5 month old is a very busy boy. As soon as we stuck him in this, he LOVED it. There are a lot of steps to putting it together, but it took about ten minutes. There are three height adjustments. My 5 month old is 50th percentile and already needs to be on the second setting. So, if you have a taller baby, he might grow out of it.

Marjorie North Montpelier, VT

Glad I didn’t spend $100 on a “fancy” one!

I researched exersaucers for over a month. I agonized over which one to buy for our 4 month old. Our baby legitimately has everything and it was hard to justify buying another thing, but I wanted something I could easily move from room to room and outside during nice weather without lying the baby down in a pack n play or in a bouncy seat. I wanted him to be able to play. I also didn’t want to spend $100 because his jumperoo was $120 and the idea is the same. Enter the Evenflo Splash Mega Exersaucer. It’s exactly what I was looking for. No batteries/sound (I didn’t want anything else that made noise), but lots of toys and baby is very entertained with the bright colors. He is 25″ tall and on the lowest setting his feet touch which I know he loves. The price was fantastic, I believe I paid $45, and it was very easy to put together. I think it’s pretty sturdy and it doesn’t have the “feet” that people are talking about. It rocks a little, but nothing that would give our baby a problem. He also sits up pretty straight in it (he’s 15 lbs)and doesn’t lean forward like other reviewers have said. The exersaucer even has a small handle so I can carry it outside and plop it on the grass. We’ve had it a week and already gotten so much use out of it! Outside, in the kitchen, dining room, front porch, etc. Even my husband who protested another baby purchase is really happy with this. Extremely satisfied with this purchase!

Cassie Flatonia, TX


We love this saucer! We love it because our daughter loves it! She is very big and strong for her age…we bought this for her and started using it at a little over 4 months! She has been using it for over 3 months and has lots of fun in in.SUGGESTIONS: We read this from another review…if your child is young…all EVENFLO and ask them to send you the “stabilizers” that attach to the bottom of this…it will help it rock and roll a lot less when your baby is younger! Also, they will try to get you to pay for them OR convince you they are not needed…THAT’S TERRIBLE! Great product BUT that part isn’t great! The parts probably cost them about 50 cents IF THAT! Just call and say I Need you to send me the stabilizers to make this product safe…they will!!!

Magdalena Lewis, IA

good toy

It was pretty easy to assemble and it occupies baby. It has enough toys – I can’t say it has many bells and whistles, but babies get used to everything pretty fast. So i’ve ordered more evenflo toys for the saucer and just change them from time to time to keep her interested (one of the toys has lights and music which is nice since none of the original toys have it). The seat is pretty big for my 5,5 months old so I’m wrapping towel around her. The one thing she can care less is the mirror. Overall baby is happy, we are happy!

Doris Elm Springs, AR

Fun and durable !

I am now using this with my 2nd child and it is still a hit in our household. All the activities really keep the child busy. Both of my children especially love the little green cup with the two chew toys hanging off of them for some reason. Also the color is nice and neutral for any gender which is a big reason why I got it as well. The leg adjustment is a great feature and it rocks a little to give the child some extra fun and the toys snap out so you can take them out to wash which is awesome. This is a great activity to keep child occupied for small bits of time when you are getting dinner going or something like that.

Trina Pulaski, MS

Great product

I bought this for my 4 mo daughter for Christmas. She’s still a bit small for it, but she is having fun with it anyways. It was pretty easy to put together too.

Esmeralda Shamrock, OK


I bought this for my three month old son. He was starting to sit in a bouncy seat at daycare, so I searched for a high rated one for home. So far it seems great! He really enjoys the toys. The shipping was incredibly fast and it was very easy to put together. It seems like a good quality product.

Leonor Hatchechubbee, AL

Must buy!

This is so much fun for my baby girl! She immediately loved it (at 5.5 months) and can spend an hour in here totally entertained. I love that it doesn’t have any lights or sounds – pretty simple. Easy to put together without any tools and easy to clean and adjust as she grows. It’s much cheaper from walmart.com

Freda Roseland, NE

Love the toys, but the seat is too big

I have twins so rather than get 2 things the same, I got this and a Jumperoo. The toys on this are better and my girls prefer to play with them, but the seat unit is so big that they are very unstable in it (including my bigger girl), so I have to put them in there with a baby boppy or towels and cushions etc which is a pain. I think they’ll be too tall by the time the seat is a good fit which makes the Jumperoo my favorite.

Geraldine Radersburg, MT

Great exersaucer

This was so easy to put together and my son loves all the toys that come with it. He’s still a little big for it, but that’s easily fixed by putting a rolled up blanket in the seat with him.

Alexis Swarthmore, PA

Totally worth the $$$$

Great product, perfect price, better quality than other models. Like previous reviewers there is almost to many toys to play with its awesome!

Shannon Saint Johnsbury Center, VT

just okay for my 7-month-old daughter

I originally wanted the baby einstein exersaucer for my 7-month-old daughter but I settled for this one and got a few extra toys for it to interchange, which I haven’t tried yet since I just got this today and so far, it’s just okay. the design is really cute & my daughter likes it, however, I have the baby einstein 4-in-1 musical motion activity jumper and the chicco flower power dance walker for her, so she’s kinda used to things that light up & play music and I think that this kinda bores her just a bit since it doesn’t have any sound buttons or lights but she does get a kick out of it, she just doesn’t like it as much as the walker or jumper. I actually ordered this before the jumper and got the jumper first, so I think that if I would’ve gotten this first, she would’ve liked it a lot better. the price is really good for everything that you get, although, compared to baby einstein, the seat fabric is a lot thinner and I noticed that right away. another thing is that it’s very frustrating to get the legs into the base and then to get them just right with the springs & everything, so I worry about the springs, especially because when I pushed down on the entire exersaucer, just to make sure that I had everything secure & correct before I put my daughter in it, I could hear the springs. I really do like that the seat has a 360 degree swivel & it’s easy for my daughter to turn in it. all in all, this isn’t bad. given the same situation, knowing what I know now, I’d buy it again.

Valeria Swan River, MN

Nice exersaucer!

We also have the evenflo busy bee exersaucer so we could have one in each end of the house without dragging on back and forth. This mega splash one has ALOT more jump that the busy bee. It is easier to maneuver around for my son. The busy bee has kickstands which I kinda like but really don’t use them a whole lot. There are nice toys and you can switch them around. The only complaint I have is that you can’t hardly find any replacement toys that don’t cost you an arm and leg.

Juliet Saint Meinrad, IN

Great Exersaucer – inexpensive and no batteries needed

My 5 month old twins love this exersaucer. They will both play in it for 30-45 minutes at a time, giving me a chance to get a few things done. At 4 months, they didn’t bounce in it, but at 5 months my son is starting to enjoy that feature. If you follow the instructions, it is easy to put together. I did replace two toys with Switch A Roos. We now have an Apple Book and a Chewy Fish – I’d hightly recommend both these items.I purchased this exersaucer because of good reviews, the price and the fact that it requires no batteries. We’re saving a bit of money on this toy and both babies love it!

Neva Mc Bee, SC

Great fun!

My four month old son loves his exersaucer! He’s not able to sit up on his own yet but has great head control so he’s very comfortable propping himself against the front of the seat and playing with the toys. I think he just loves sitting in it and babbling away and seeing the world from an upright position more often. The spinning and twirling toys really catch his attention and he’s very capable of moving the pieces around. My husband said it was a bit of a pain to put together but nothing too intense or time-consuming. My only worry is that it won’t last us too long. He’s already 25″ tall and we’ve had to raise the setting up to the middle height since he’s on his flat feet with the lowest setting. I hope he doesn’t grow out of it too quickly!

Donna Binford, ND

Need some time to Clean the house w/out the guilt?

I read a few reviews, some obviously mixed. I am always hesitant when I see one or two bad ones. But I was desperate to put him in something that he would enjoy and of course help strenthen his legs. Alright,…honestly…so I can clean my house without him giving me the puppy eyes to pick him up all the time. In any case, he LOVES it!!! The product was easy to assemble and so far that I see, we have had no accidents or hazards occur. Whether or not it strenthens his legs…well I am not doctor. But does it give me a little break without the guilt…absolutely. We’re both happy:) Oh, he’s 4 months just in case you were wondering for your little ones. (Obviously, having him in the same room supervised is best.)

Shelia Larue, TX

This product has been Great!

We’ve been using this with our daughter for the past three months and it has been invaluable. We have limited space so the walker has to be our go to item to keep her occupied. She is just 7-months now and has almost outgrown it, but for the past three months it has been invaluable.I chose this one because it is fairly simple and was the least expensive of the “walkers” I looked at from Evenflo. Just the right amount of toys and you can detach and take them with you. I believe it accelerated her hand-eye coordination and strength (per the doctor’s suggestion that is what prompted the purchase).Relatively easy to assemble and the adjustable height is nice. Our daughter is on the tall size, so she started on the middle setting (for height) and quickly graduate to the top setting. As I mentioned, we will most likely retire this toy in another month or so, as she will be too big for it.

Katie Manchester, NY

Exceeds expectations

My almost 6 month old is really enjoying this exersaucer. He wasn’t sure what to do with it the first couple of tries, but his fine motor skills have really improved and he’s figured out how to play with all the toys a short 3-4 weeks later! Very happy with this!

Minnie Bolivar, MO

My son loves it!

I originally bought this as a Christmas present for my son who would be 5 months by then. However with how much he likes to sit up I broke down and put it together when he turned 4 months. Assembly is very easy to do, which I had to do it while my son sat on one of my legs and was held. I put it together and put him in it while I snapped in the toys and let the fun begin! It does wobble a great deal when they start bounce and rocking around in it so do make sure you’re child has good neck/head control. There are times I will put my foot on it to stop it from rocking so much but then my son gets mad because he LOVES the rocking of it. He loves all of the toys on it, especially the fish (he looks at it like he’s going to eat it sometimes!) I love the fact that you can interchange the toys to give them a variety to play with. So far at about 2 weeks of it being up and together my son plays in it at least three times a day and at about 30+ minute intervals. Overall definitely was worth the money and I got it when Amazon had marked it down at one point.

Young Monte Vista, CO

meh– there are better exersaucer/bouncer style toys out there…

i had a similar exersaucer for my first son, who is seven years old, so with my newest arrival, i decided to purchase a new one… unfortunately, the quality of this exersaucer is less than the quality of the one we previously owned.positive points:some of the toys did seem to keep my little boy entertained, between when he was five months old to when he was eleven months old or so.the seat is generally well supported and sufficiently comfortablethe price was less than some of the other similar baby items…negative points:it’s a pain to assemble correctly, and in assembly, it seems clear that it is not as sturdy as a parent might hope…the parent has to make sure the legs are rotated appropriately. they can shift as the child plays, and can collapse if they are not appropriately turned. this is not a task anyone but me did regularly, and subsequently, the springs fell out a few times. no injuries, but a totally unnecessary issue.unlike the previous model, this can not collapse for easy storage.this toy is LOUD. when my son bounced, you could hear him bouncing around our home.the snack tray is pointless. who is going to give their child a snack when they are playing in a bouncy toy?this toy takes up more room than other options, if space is a concern…overall perspective—this isn’t a dumb purchase, but it isn’t the best option available in my opinion. i’m thinking of selling mine or giving it away and purchasing a different style bouncer for our little girl due this summer….

Lela Millville, DE