Evenflo Summit Pressure Mounted Metal Gate

Evenflo Summit Pressure Mounted Metal Gate

This gate features a one-hand slide-loc mechanism, simply squeeze the handle and slide back to open the gate. There is a red/green indicator that shows whether the gate is properly locked. The door swings open for easy walk-thru and closes with a gentle push. The neutral styling and color blends with most home decors. This simple to install metal pressure gate is 30″ tall and expands from 30.5″-39.5″ with one extension panel which is included. Product dimensions are 30″H x 30.5″ (39.5″ w/exxtension)W x 1.1″D.

Main features

  • Metal
  • Childproof, one hand release handle
  • Red green lock indicator
  • Door swing open in both directions
  • Locks with a gentle push
  • 30″ tall, expands from 29″ to 39.5″

Verified reviews


This gate is not a good choice

It works but any time someone would be over they would not be able to figure out how to open it. I would try and teach them but nobody can get this right without ample practice. It requires so much pressure that it even keeps adults from getting through. I do not think this is a good choice.

Nadine Watson, LA

Eh, its ok for the price..

This gate was priced just right for me, which is why I bought it in the first place. Upon opening it, I could tell that it was made with minimal materials and rather thin overall. I installed it right away in my 39″ opening which divides my living room from my hallway (which has stairs I wish to keep my 6 month old away from). The installation went rather smoothly, up and functional in less than 5 minutes. The big drawbacks for me (once installed) are: 1. The gate opening is rather skinny. Seems difficult to navigate with a 6 month old squirmy baby in your arms. 2. The opening mechanism is somewhat of a two handed job sometimes – seems to stick slightly, despite adjusting per the instructions. 3. The pins that hold/create the tension against the wall are really thin and wobbly. They seem like one good slam would pop them loose.For now, it will work just fine for our 6 month old who is rolling and pushing himself rather close to our stairs. This gate will probably be moved to a less crucial spot once he’s old enough to stand and another will be purchased that can withstand a child. This gate would make an excellent pet gate, but not really designed for children. Bummer..

Ola Westfield, IN

Beautiful, tall gate

Difficult for children and adults to use, but that’s what makes it impossible for toddlers to open it. I need it when 16m grandson is here to keep him and our cat separate. The bars widest width opening is 2-1/8 inches. First time set up without original packaging strap was 3-5 minutes. I like the red and green indicator to show the gate is set up and locked securely.OPTIONAL: Use a zip-tie strap, etc. to secure the gate before removing to temporary storage. Can ease reinstall, but not necessary.NOTE: I lay a small rug over the lower bar once set up as a visual reminder to step over the lower bar. Necessary if I go barefoot and want to spare my toes.February 2, 201018 mos. old is tall and strong. He was standing and hanging on it today, yet it remained secure.

Estela Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

Almost perfect

I reviewed this gate when I first bought it. We had for about 6 months and I reviewed it again. This time we’ve had it for almost 2 years and I’m reviewing it one more (and marking it down to 3 stars).Installation went pretty smoothly and I successfully installed the gate with 100% of its intended functionality and no difficulty. (That is MUCH more than I can say for the Dreambaby or Regalo gates that I tried prior to ordering this gate).I installed it above the baseboards and it is VERY secure. I also like that it doesn’t swing closed on its own. We really don’t need to have it closed all that often, so the fact that it stays open without needing to block the hallway with something to prop it open is a plus for me. The ‘one-handed’ operation is quirky and never really got any easier to use. I can do it one-handed with my left hand, but not my right. Fortunately, we don’t close it all that often anymore so it’s not a huge concern. We mostly just use it to contain dogs when needed.Eventually, after our very secure installation lasting for probably 6-9 months, it somehow punched a hole in the wall. Obviously if we had a stud to install it against it wouldn’t have been a problem. And maybe I was just too enthusiastic in my feeling of what was sturdy enough and what wasn’t. But either way, it punched through the wall in a BIG way. We patched that up and put the gate away for a long time since we really didn’t need it anymore.Now we’d like to use it again and I just brought it in from the garage and installed it. It went pretty smoothly again and everything seemed fine. Except that when I finally had it all installed and all of the green circle showing and the gate closed, it won’t open. Squeezing the little trigger buttons and pressing the handle down is doing absolutely nothing. I’ve been digging around for the directions and can’t find them and of course Evenflo doesn’t have them online. Figures. So until I find them I don’t know how to even start to troubleshoot. Even with the gate completely open, the buttons/handle are useless. So I rated it down 1 star because it suddenly isn’t working for no apparent reason, even though I’m pretty sure it’s installed correctly.Overall, I was basically happy with the gate and gave it 4 stars because of the quirky opening, but after trying to use it again and having it seemingly broken, I’m going down to 3 stars.

Tameka Duncanville, TX

Good sturdy gate

I had no trouble setting up this gate. There are no tools required. It’s a pretty self explanatory process (I didn’t even need to glance at the directions). I really like that this gate does not automatically close. It took me a minute to figure out how to open it but once I figured it out it was easy. I can do it with one hand while holding something with my other hand. It’s sturdy. You can put quite a bit of pressure on the gate and it doesn’t budge. Overall, a great buy.

Johanna Ohiopyle, PA

The best dog gate I’ve ever owned!~

The best dog gate I’ve ever owned!~Evenflo Summit Pressure Mounted Metal Gate…have them on all three bedrooms….they are very sturdy and will last for ever…Just push the button and open to walk through!~

Faye Monticello, MN

Awful gate!

I bought this yesterday and will be returning it today, it is awful! I have installed it exactly as specified by Evenflo and no matter how I adjust it the gate seems to have 2 settings: 1) No possible way to open it or 2) opens if my baby leans on it. The mechanism to secure it is very shoddy and it takes herculean force to open it even with two hands when ‘secure’. Steer clear, my friends.

Rochelle Newmarket, NH

Great gate but…

We bought this gate a little less than two years ago and it worked quite well, up until recently, in keeping my now 2.5 year old out of the kitchen (and the garbage, refrigerator, etc). Unfortunately, he’s either really strong or the gate just wears down after awhile, but it’s now very easy to open simply by pushing or pulling it without much force at all.I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again for a new baby, but since he’s already figured it out, I can’t buy a new one as he’d destroy that gate as well.

Allison Cape Porpoise, ME

I already hate this gate.

We installed this at the bottom of our open staircase – I wish we hadn’t bought the Evenflo. It gets the job done, but the opening is so narrow, I have to step carefully through the gate and hope I don’t tear my clothes on the edge or trip while holding the baby. I am not a big or wide person, either.The handle is stiff and tricky to use — basically annoying. Even when used correctly, the plastic knobs on the latch don’t depress well — they feel misaligned and very cheap. I expect the knobs to break quickly. I wish we’d bought a KidCo gate for stairs instead.

Margarita Bakersfield, VT

Great gate for a great price!

Easy to install, easy to get the hang of. Fits great at the entry way to our kitchen. Very pleased with my purchase, especially after reading lots of reviews of other gates. I’m very happy with this one.

Martina Versailles, IN

Works great!

I have 2 of these gates to protect my baby girl. My husband and I love them. Easy setup and easy to use. Our daughter shakes the gates with all her strength and they stay put. They also help keep our dog back too. It may take a couple of tries getting use to opening and closing the gate. Overall great product. If you are on the fence about buying it just get it, you wont regret it (especially for the price).

Linda Watertown, MA

good gate for the price

This gate was difficult to install. OK, part of the reason could be because I cut off the zip tie holding the gate closed before I had the gate completely installed. The instructions tell you not to cut it off until everything is installed…I thought I had it installed to my liking, but later decided to shift it a bit. Once you cut off the zip tie it’s very difficult to install. This means if you later want to install it on a different doorway, because the zip tie has already been cut off, it’ll be difficult to install – definitely a two person job.Once we were able to get it properly installed it worked great. This gate is VERY sturdy (note: we did NOT use the extension…some gates become less sturdy once you use the extension). It’s very easy to open with just one hand. Some people mentioned they had trouble opening the gate. There are two tricks: 1) make sure the tension on each of the screws is properly adjusted – the indicator dot will be completely green when the tension is adjusted correctly; 2) to open the gate, pinch the two buttons with your fingers while using the heel of your hand to push down on the end of the handle that’s on the OPPOSITE side from the two buttons (don’t try to push down on the handle where the buttons are – it won’t work). Once you learn how to open the gate, it’s easy!

Tina Ellsworth, OH

Best pressure mount gate I have found so far

I have gone through more swing door pressure mount gates that I care to admit to but this one has worked the best for us. The opening to walk through is wider than the other ones I have making it less likely for me to bump and bruise my hips in my early morning clumsiness. The doorway I have is 36″ so I had to use the extension. Some of the other ones I used that had extensions would fold in where the gate and extension meet and usually it was my little one “busting through” who would discover the gate’s weak point. Not this gate though. He pulls and tugs on it at times but still can’t get it to pop out of place. A downside to this gate is that it does require a two handed operation half the time. I don’t know if it is my gate that has this quirk since I only have one of this brand, but I have an easy time opening the gate one-handed in one direction but need to use both hands when coming from the other side. Lastly, the gate itself is narrow without any parts that stick out allowing me to close door and keep the gate in the same doorway unlike the The First Years Hands Free Gate.

Brandi Reston, VA

Difficult to open

While this gate does look nicer than the Regalo gates, it is really difficult to open. Supposedly a one-handed operation – you squeeze the two buttons on either side of the grip and push down with the heel of your hand – it has been notoriously difficult to operate. Aftet having to open it for yet another houseguest, I finally took it down today. It had been relegated to our not-often-used back stairwell but I just couldn’t stand it anyhmore. Save your money and patience and purchase the Regalo Easy Step. I have two and they work perfectly.

Kaitlyn Appalachia, VA

Great gate for baby

I’ve had this gate for a few weeks and am very pleased. I put off buying a gate for awhile because I wanted one with a “door” and found them to be very pricey. When I saw this gate at such a reasonable price I quickly bought it and have been very happy with my purchase. Once I figured out how to mount it installation was very easy, and I can still close my door with it installed if necessary (as a sound barrier when my son is sleeping). All four mounts adjust independently which is helpful for doorways with trim at the bottom. It opens easily with one hand and the vertical bars make it impossible for my eleven month old son to climb. He jiggles on the door frequently and it has remained very secure. I was a bit surprised that the gate was taupe, I expected it to be white, but it is a very nice color. I am here to buy two more. As a side note, this gate also successfully restrains my 120 Great Dane when necessary.

Renae Rock Glen, PA

Not a fan of this style

I bought this gate because my sister has the same and hers seemed to work great. When this one arrive and I installed it, I guess Evenflo changed how the handle opens the gate because it didn’t work the same. To me it seemed more difficult and would sometimes get stuck. Plus, as far as baby gates go, it wasn’t that appealing. I ended up selling this one and going with the Dreambaby pressure mounted gate. That particular gate is much more appealing visually and much easier to open than the Evenflo. The one thing I like about the Dreambaby vs the Evenflo is that it automatically closes behind you, so there is no worrying if the gate is closed.

Geneva Waymart, PA

Tough to Open

If it weren’t for the fact that this gate is hard to open (I have to use my thumb and index finger to slide the stopper) then I’d give this gate 5 stars. The gate is of sturdy construction, and fits snugly between walls, creating a strong bond, so one doesn’t have to worry about toddlers yanking it out. But for some reason, this gate won’t open correctly. One is supposed to be able to push the buttons and pull down to open it, but this doesn’t work, thereby making it adult-proof as well as child-proof. This creates a lot of frustration when I’m carrying something and need to open the gate; I wind up setting the object down so I can use both hands to undo the stopper. This is a big inconvenience. I don’t generally recommend this gate unless the manufacturer improves the functionality of the lock.

Marylou Glen Alpine, NC