Evenflo Switch A Roo, Apple Book

Evenflo Switch A Roo, Apple Book

Evenflo switch a roos are designed to help children achieve developmental milestones and are compatible across all evenflo exersaucer models.

Main features

  • Mirror promotes self awareness
  • Book with flip page helps develop hand-eye coordination
  • Bright colors help with visual development

Verified reviews


great add on to exersaucer

Bought this as an add on to my child’s Evenflow exersaucer. The apple is made up of “pages” that the baby is able to turn. On the pages are actual pictures of fruits and on the other side is a child safe mirror. The baby loved playing with it. The only down side was the pictures are actually on stickers so when I would clean it when my baby would teeth on it started to peel off. This item would be hard to disinfect due to the peeling paper. Eventually I scrubbed all the peeling stickers off and was left with a mirror apple. I would buy again even with that fault because it allowed me to make my exersaucer interesting to the baby by switching out the toys.

Stacy Charlottesville, IN

Evenflo should make more of these!

Switch a Roos would make my now crawling 8 month old so much more containable! She’s bored with the toys with our current exersaucer and I’m glad they made these so we can get more usage out of it!

Jacquelyn Howells, NY

Bells and Crinkles!! Oh, and chewys.

My 5 month old twins absolutely love this toy. They play with it more than any other toy that originally came with theirEvenflo Splash Mega Exersaucer. Change out is super easy. I’m not sure if the description mentions it or not, but this also has a little bell inside it (don’t worry, it isn’t anywhere that the baby can pry it out and swallow it). The tail is crinkly, which my kids seem to like. This is easy to get in their mouth, and unlike the other toys that came with their exersaucer, it bends easily so they can maneuver it into their mouths. My kids actually like to pin it down and gnaw on the seaweed more than the fish, but I have a sneaking suspicion that’s just because that’s easier for them to get in their mouths.The whole thing is about 16″ tall, by the way. I was a little surprised by how tall it was. That’s a pro, though, since there’s more room to pull it down and chew on it.If you’d like to see it in action, I’ve posted a video review of theEvenflo Splash Mega Exersaucer, in which I have the chewy fish installed.If you think my review was helpful, please let Amazon know below!

Molly Tea, SD

Great addition to the exersaucer!

My little boy pretty much liked all the toys on the exersaucer but I still got this one so he could chew on it since he’s teething. He plays with it all the time. I even carry it around with us in his carseat sometimes so he can play with it in the car.

Jenna Hutchins, TX


My Grandson lives in our home and we were given a used Excersaucer by Evenflo. When I found out that there were replacements for the current worn out toys on the exersaucer, I was thrilled. I purchased all 5 of the Switch-a Roos available and the only one that my Grandson did not like was the fish. The rest were very fun and motivational for my Grandson and I am thrilled that I can change out his toys to keep him from getting bored.

Cathy Bellingham, MN

Yum…crinkly tail

After reading the reviews for this toy, I almost didn’t buy it. We have an Evenflo exersaucer that we bought second-hand (made in 2005), and others have commented that the toys didn’t fit in their older exersaucers. However, some of the toys weren’t in the best shape, and I decided it would be worth a few bucks to try one of the switch a roos. I am SO glad I gave it a try! Not only does it fit in the exersaucer, it is one of my daughter’s favorite toys. She particularly loves to chew on the crinkly tail (it was actually dripping wet when I took her out this morning!). As another reviewer noted, it is a bit top heavy and the long stalk makes it bend a little, but that doesn’t keep my little girl from grabbing at it.

Magdalena Darien, WI

Excellent Toy

I have 5 month old twins and they both enjoy chewing on “Chewy Fish”.. Sometimes they enjoy the crinkly fins and sometimes they like the chewy fish nose. The “stem” is a good material too, it is easy for them to pull the toy down to their mouth. Great purchase.

Delores Camuy, PR

it’s alright

It plays fun music and also sounds like a bubbling teapot. The baby’s favorite part is the teacup chewy that’s attached. Not the best toy on the exersaucer but not the worst either!

Sophie Spring House, PA

Spinny Fish

This toy is a favorite around here. The baby just loves it. I would definitely recommend it.

Bobbie Lake Hubert, MN

Evenflo Switcharoo Apple Book

Daughter loves this, both the book and the mirror side. I wish they made more switcharoo products because it’s nice to made her exersaucer or jumper “new again”.

Becky Palmer, IL

Loves her little Teapot

This may be my daughters favorite Switch-A-Roo. She loves lights and music. We also bought the Spiny Fish and Chewy Fish.

Tanya Slatyfork, WV

Love it!

My son loves it. He can easily chew on this fish because it is extra tall and flexible. He has started banging it on the near by switch a roos. Awesome add on.

Melissa Lebanon, PA


Nice addition to my son’s excersaucer. It was nice to find a toy to interchange. He really loves this apple with the pages to turn and the mirror to look in!

Terrie White Earth, ND

Great way to change out the toys!

Our daughter loves her excersaucer but seemed to become bored with the toys. I purchased the four switch a roos that they had available and gave her excersaucer a “fresh look”! She loves playing witht he new toys and when she gets bored with them I will change them back to the old ones again. I only wish there were more available.

Clarissa Hoquiam, WA

Great addition to our exersaucer

This fish is great. It has it all! It has a teether part and a rattle. The fish tail crinkles and is also good to chew on. There is also a prominent tag attached to the fish tail, which my daughter loves. I would definitely buy this again!

Amanda Mcadoo, PA

Great Addition to ExerSaucer!

The “Chewy Fish” is possibly my child’s favorite of his ExerSaucer, even more than all the existing toys on theEvenflo ExerSaucer Mega – Day at the Beach. The seaweed stem is very flexible, so he can easily pull it towards his mouth to chew on the teether part. This might be a negative for some people, as it could snap back at a child if they pull it down too far, but my son laughs when it wobbles. The fins are that kind of crinkly material and the mouth of the fish is the kind of soft plastic typical of a teether with liquid inside (my child will chew on both the fin and teether parts).

Karla Grimstead, VA

would’ve been perfect if it had fit

We have an older excersaucer that my sister gave me that she used with her kids. It was missing a toy or two so I thought I’d be able to order this and plug it right in but it didn’t work with our older saucer. It looks like our baby would have enjoyed it if it had.

Glenda Tolar, TX

Great with the Tea for me Excersaucer.

This is the sole musical toy on my daughters excersaucer. It it a pleasant song that does not go on and on. Perfect!

Arline Shermans Dale, PA

Just the right fit

We have an evenflo exersaucer from 2005 is in great shape but was missing one toy. The fitting for this was perfect and fun to play with.

Rocio Dalton, PA

Fun and cute!

My 5 month old love chewing on the pink tea cup and sometimes she is able to hit the lid to make it make noise. I’m sure she’ll be better at it as she ages. The lights aren’t that noticeable. I bought an excersaucer with no noise making features so it is nice to have a musical switch a roo to distract her when she is getting bored. More musical switch a roos please!

Margo Roosevelt, NJ

Great addition but FYI the print is stickers

Our son loves playing with this switch a roo but I did not peak his interest until he was about 7 months old. It is short so baby will not be able to reach it until they are maneuver well in the seat. The apple has a slice that folds back and forth and it really is a neat concept to help introduce cause and effect and hand and eye coordination.The only set back would be the details on the apple are not painted on… they are stickers. Our apple did last a while but once our little teething monster got his mouth on it, the stickers then peeled off within days.

Lacey Otter Rock, OR