Evenflo Top-of-Stair Gate, Wood, Xtra Tall

Evenflo Top-of-Stair Gate, Wood, Xtra Tall

The Top of Stair Plus Gate/Extra Tall gate helps parents keep their children safe from common household dangers, especially around the stairs. The four point hardware mount combined with swing control provides a secure top of stair mounting that is easy to install with minimum tools required. For your convenience, the gate will swing in one or both directions depending on how you set the swing control. A one-handed release handle will allow you to pass-through the gate quickly and easily, but the two motions to unlock the gate will be too difficult for baby. If your space is limited, don’t worry, because this gate will also retract as you open it.

Main features

  • Wood
  • Imported
  • One-hand release swing gate
  • Removeable swing control
  • 32″ Tall- Can be installed up to 3″ from ground for 35″ of protection
  • Expands from 30″ to 48 ” wide
  • Four-point hardware mounting

Verified reviews


Not for houses with baseboard moulding

I order this because I wanted an inexpensive, basic gate for the top of our stairs. Unfortunately I had to return it because where it had to be mounted interfered with our baseboards. Our house if a standard builder-grade house so I was surprised that it would not work. We ended up gettingRegalo Extra Tall Top of Stair Gate, Whitewhich was almost twice the price. I am not crazy about the latching mechanism on the Regalo gate. I wish the Evenflo gate would have worked for our house, but it did not.

Judy Wascott, WI

well made, solid, easy to install

while this didn’t work for us, it is a well made gate that I think I will send along to my parents.NOTE: If you have molding/baseboards you cannot use this gate! I didn’t realize this and we have baseboard at the top of our stairs. We tried to use withStairway Gate Installation Kit (K12) by KidCo, and could not get this particular gate to work due to the baseboard. BUT, if you are doing an easy stairway install where both sides are the same and there’s no trim, it would be perfect. We wound up going with theMunchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate, Whitewith great results (we did the hardware install since it is at the top of the stairs. I deducted two stars because while this is solid in construction, the handle/opener part is just not as user friendly or smooth as the munchkin gate. BUT, for the price, this will be great for grandma and grandpa’s house.

Esther Finlayson, MN

Tricky installation, but good gate

I am generally happy with this gate. It is attractive and sturdy. My one year old runs at it full steam, and the gate handles it well. The locking mechanism can be a bit tricky to open and close until you get the hang of it, but once unlocked, it slides smoothly and swings completely out of the way so you have a nice, wide opening to walk through. We did have some difficulty with the installation because the baseboards at the top of our stairs are 4″ tall, and this gate must be installed between 2″ and 3″ off the ground for safety reasons. To resolve this issue we used two small pieces of wood as spacers and then installed a board parallel to the wall, over the baseboard (we had to do this on both sides of the gate). It’s a little difficult to explain, so I’ve put some pictures in the gallery to illustrate. With this fix, the gate works perfectly and is very secure.

Deena Minneapolis, KS

Very nice gate for smaller width stairs

Very nice design and workmanship. This is not the easiest to install but not the hardest, either…somewhere in the middle. Nice light solid wood (seems like pine). Does the job well, especially if you have narrow stairs. If your stairs are over standard size, then this may not do the job as well.We have a few of these at home, so far no major issues. You can easily paint it to suit your stairs colors.

Leticia Sewell, NJ

Tricky to open

Got this as the previous incumbent in our new home had installed the hardware. It’s good for awkward spots where there aren’t two parallel walls, but it takes a calm patient hand to open it, and I’m an expert with these things!!!!

Nell Bremo Bluff, VA

These are easy to use and install

We use only these gates because I can open and close them easily even with wrist problems. We installed these gates 8 months ago to create pet free and baby safe areas. They are still working great. Although I did screw in a small block of wood above the lower hinge so that if someone opens the gate while pulling up the entire gate no longer comes off in your hand. That was the only drawback but was easily solved with a small piece of wood or even shim to keep that from happening. I still can’t find anyother gate I can open and close easily bc of hand and wrist problems. This was definetly worth the bit of extra effort to make sure gate stays in place.

Sallie Hartley, IA

Inexpensive and does the job

I bought 3 of these to install in our new house. I attached one side to the banister using a kit for the kidco brand gate. It worked well. Strong, and tall enough to deter my little climber from trying to scale it. You can remove it and leave the hardware if you are so inclined.

Juana Estancia, NM

Great product

The install is easy. They provide a template for placement, and it took my husband and I about 15 minutes to install it. We did it together, but it could easily be installed by one person. I love that it is extra tall. My children are very tall for their age, and the youngest is a climber, but he is unable to conquer the heights of this gate. I am still able to step over it, but barely, and I am 5’11" tall. The mechanism for opening and closing the gate is pretty simple. It took a little getting used to, but now I open and close the gate without thought. You have to squeeze the handle pretty firmly to open it. My four year old doesn’t have the strength to get it open. I like that the gate can easily be lifted up off of its hinges if you want to remove it and have it out of the way temporarily. I have put my full weight against the gate to see if it felt weak in any way, and it didn’t even bend. I am very confident that this is keeping my kiddos safe, and I would recommend this product.

Hester Waveland, MS

Instructions may as well be in another language

I thought this would be the perfect solution for the top of the stairs. When it came to installing the gate I read and reread the instructions, and still didn’t get it. I finally had to get all the pieces out and try to make them fit like a puzzle because nothing was labeled as to which piece was which. After I figured it out, I installed the gate incorrectly because of the height of our baseboards. It specifically said do not install lower than 2″ from the floor or higher than 3″. It is currently installed 3 1/2″ above the floor because that it as low as I could install it due to the baseboards. Which by the way it specifically says not to mount on the baseboards. The bottom catch for the gate only has one screw in it, because of the fact that it is larger than the installation pieces for the hinge side.It seems cumbersome to open as you have to slide the gate to a smaller width. And as other reviewers and the instructions say, make sure you install into a stud. It is very easy to shake and I can see a stronger/older child pulling it right out of the wall.In conclusion, make sure there are no baseboards where you wish to install the gate, and there is a secure place to mount. Otherwise, a good price for the quality.

Sherri Lampe, MO

Great gate, easy install

This is a great gate. I actually didn’t mess up any holes during installation which was great. It’s very sturdy and an attractive wood that doesn’t seem to be finished but it very smooth. Slides nicely and my favorite part is, if you want to remove the gate, it just lifts out of the hinges. You don’t have to unscrew it or remove the hardware. And then when you want to put it back, it just slides back in. No complaints here. Swings both ways which is good, and it’s help up to my 20month old banging it into the door, so I’d say it’s sturdy

Ellen Sciota, PA

Best baby gate in my opinion

We love this gate!!! We searched all over for this particular gate after we bought our new home because we had the same one over at the grandparents house an were so impressed with it. I have even fell down the steps and through the gate and my husband was able to fix this gate- it’s phenomenal. Very much recommend- it is way worth the money and one that has stayed reliable while all these other types have been recalled, etcetera.

Sallie El Sobrante, CA

Great gate

This gate is sturdy, relatively easy to install, and is unfinnished wood so it would be easy to paint or stain to better match it’s surroundings. We initially bought one, but now have a total of Three in our home- it’s great for our toddler and tall enough that our animals can’t jump over it.

Pamala Dulzura, CA

Very please

Loved these gates. I bought 2 for my house and they were easy to install and I love that they are the "tall" ones too

Terra Hurley, WI

screw broke while installing, stuck into stair rail and we needed that EXACT!

My husband is a pro at installing and building things, and this gate comes with the CHEAPEST hardware possible! NEVER have we had a screw head break off while the rest of it was stuck right in exact place we needed to install this gate. Worse, it is in a wooden stair post, not dry wall, so much harder to repair. Luckily my husband knew how to remedy the situation but it did make the whole process much more frustrating!EVENFLO! Spend a few extra pennies on decent hardware please! I am writing them a strongly worded letter.Otherwise, for you what you pay it is sturdy and smooth. We ended up using our OWN hardware.PROS:For the $$ sturdy and smoothCONS:CHEAP TERRIBLE hardware

Felicia Westbury, NY

Solid, simple, easy to use.

This is a great gate for the top of our stairway. My husband is an engineer and did make a change to the bottom metal thing because we wouldn’t have been able to screw it in 3 inches or less from the floor without this adjustment due to the baseboard molding. He drilled another hole into the side of the metal thing and attached another piece of metal to the middle so that he could slide the tab behind the wood of the floor molding and screw it in higher (sorry it’s hard to describe.) Without this adjustment, we wouldn’t have been able to attach the bottom part of it and I don’t think it would have been secure enough to use. Basically, it just allowed us to use the gate without having to buy a separate $22KidCo Gate Installation Kit For Any Brand Gatesor get extra parts from the hardware store to line it up to the wall.The gate is fairly easy to close with one hand. It’s easy to open with one hand. We have a very tall baby so I love that it’s an extra tall gate.

Charlotte Fort Huachuca, AZ