Evenflo Top of Stair Gate

Evenflo Top of Stair Gate

Long-lasting steel hardware, durable wood construction and secure screw mounting make this Evenflo Walkthru gate extra safe for stairs and other precarious locations in your house. An exclusive hinge lets you control swing direction. One-handed opening latch features childproof lock. Fits 28-42″ openings. Nontoxic finish wipes clean. Phillips screwdriver and electric drill with 1/8″ drill bit required for installation. No. 1050. Made in USA. 30-1/2Hx28-5/8Wx1-7/8D”.

Main features

  • Wood
  • One-hand, childproof release swing gate is convenient for high traffic areas.
  • Removable swing control setting will not allow gate to swing out over stairs.
  • Four-point hardware mounting–highly secure for stairs or other entryways.
  • Installed height 32 inches tall and expands from 30 to 48 inches wide.
  • Approved for TOP OF STAIRS use.

Verified reviews



I hate this gate and quality is typical of evenflo. If I had noticed it was evenflo, I wouuld not have wasted my time. It was a pain to install. Total PAIN. Then, when it’s unlocked, it slides for adjustment. The thing is, there is no way to stop it so baby sticks his arm through slates as you open and then you have a broken or badly bruised arm. We put a screw into the wood so it would slide just a little to help prevent that. IF we had known about the second risk, we would have just taken it down then. THe next morning, it was kid tested. Yeah, all the kid has to do is push the bottom and it comes out of the bracket causing the gate bend foreward. So far, I have seen my kids push it more than a foot out of position. MAJOR STRANGLATION HAZARD. Not to mention broken bones. The wood is so flimsy it just twist every which way.As far as function goes, when you go to unlock it, sometimes it will not unhook out of the slot. I have had to pratically hang on it to get it open. Also, the gate now leans. When opened, it leans to where a ball would roll for the from to the end of the gate. Not sure how that came about. We have had this gate for a couple of months. My son has been able to push it out since he started crawling. My 2 yrold can almost squeeze out by pushing on it which has lead to her getting stuck when I made a bathroom break. Not a good gate at all. Evenflo just needs to stop. Every product I have had has been crap. I am afraid to buy their carseats. If they can’t make a good simple baby gate, I wouldn’t trust my child’s life to their carseats. We plan to replace within the next couple of paychecks.

Alyssa Bradley, AR

VERY GOOD gate! Excellent VALUE!

This gate could have easily been 5 stars, but there are a few points that need mention, where the gate needs some improvement. If ‘Evenflo’ addresses these, this gate will easily merit a top score. Let me start with the positives. The gate itself is made of sturdy and aesthetically appealing wood. It works well and looks great, IF the install goes well, and as EXACTLY specified (included paper template is great). The mechanical ‘lock latch’ inspires confidence in that you can actually feel and hear it ‘click into place’, which gives one peace of mind. Of course, one hopes that ‘Evenflo’ has determined this type of latch to be one that is not ‘easily defeated’ by the age group that it was manufactured/intended for (6 months to 2 years)! Thankfully, it does seem like it is up to the task. I also like the fact that the bottom latch receptacle allows for the gate to slide into, thus adding reinforcement to BOTH the top and bottom portions of this gate. Way to go ‘Evenflo’! The negatives about the gate are as follows. In many typical installations, there will be baseboard molding/trim that may get in the way of installing the bottom-most latch receptacle. It did in my case, even after carefully measuring the proper clearance from the floor, as specified in the assembly directions. Thus, I wasn’t able to get the latch receptacle to clear the molding in order to screw in the bottom screw. I had to thus cut (with a hacksaw) that portion of the latch receptacle, and ‘modify’ it for my installation. I then was only able to use 1 screw (although a larger and longer one than provided), instead of 2, to install the bottom latch receptacle. Thankfully, even just the modified 1 screw installation was very tight and secure going into the door jam wood. ‘Evenflo’ should provide the consumer with at least another type of bottom latch receptacle that allows for better clearance of molding near the floor. Besides, MOST typical homes DO have some kind of baseboard molding, and mine was only 1/1/2″ high, hardly anything large. Lastly, the assembly directions did not make clear which latch receptacle to use on the top, and which on the bottom. They are NOT the same dimensions, as one is thicker than the other (top latch receptacle is thinner than the thicker bottom one). Of course, the aforementioned ‘latch receptacle’ install challenge may not even apply to you for your installation, especially if you don’t have floor baseboard molding. In summation, this gate is STURDY and EXCELLENT, and a good value. PLEASE, just make sure you do install it correctly (as per the instructions), and NEVER leave your baby alone unsupervised. These gates are meant to be used WITH proper supervision, and never as a replacement for.

Hannah Carriere, MS

Versatile and Sturdy

We love this gate! We purchased two, one for the top of the stairs and one for downstairs. Let me tell you a few reasons why this will be the only baby gate we will buy.1. You can take the gate part off when not needed, yet it is safe enough for the top of the stairs.2. Even 5 year olds still cannot open it. All other baby gates become useless as soon as the kids figure out how it works.3. You can buy extra sets of hardware to move the gate around depending on the circumstances.4. It’s so cheap!These are just the top few reasons why we love this gate. Give it a try.

Shanna Adrian, MN

Dangerous – Pinches skin badly!!

Update: 6-months later – the sliding mechanism has loosened up considerably with use. It now slides smoothly without pinching our hands. I’ve found the gate to be strong and secure – it has never weakened or popped out when my son tries to stand on it. So, if you buy it, try rubbing some wax, or something, on it to help in the beginning, because it was pretty dangerous at first. And also be aware that little hands can still get pinched in between the actual rungs when you’re opening it. That will happen with any slotted, sliding gate. Some further negatives I found is that the latch is loud, and it’s also difficult for grandma to open and close because she has arthritis in her hands. And with it being difficult for her to do, she tries repeatedly and the noise is very loud and annoying. I’m always afraid she’s going to wake the kids. So, if you have your mom at your house a lot, get something easier. It will save a lot of frustration – for both of you!—–I’ve had this installed for a little over a week and have seriously pinched my skin twice on it. What happens is when you unlatch it, you first have to slide the gate in, then swing it out. There are metal brackets that hold the two halves of the gate together, and in which the horizontal wooden bars slide along to extend and contract (look at the photo – you’ll see what I mean). The sliding movement is quite stiff and hard to do. I’m sure with use it will loosen, or perhaps I can put some wax on there. But when you’re opening the gate in a rush, as I did today when we were hit with a sudden downpour and I needed to run upstairs to shut the windows, I put too much muscle into getting the darn thing to slide, and the outside of my hand got pinched beneath the metal bracket. The first time I did this last week my older son woke up yelling for me and I wanted to get upstairs quickly before he woke the baby. My hand got pinched under that metal part and I thought to myself that I need to be more careful. But busy parents like us don’t have the time to stop and think about being careful when opening a gate. When we’ve got screaming kids and rain coming through the windows, the last thing we should have to worry about is hurting ourselves on a SAFETY gate!! I dont’ mean to beat a dead horse, but seriously, that’s not good. The pinch I got today was major painful – I’ve got a blood blister that’s almost half an inch long!

Marta North Webster, IN


Our house is a front to back split. We have a lot of stairs. 5 openings to stairs! These gates have been great for my sanity. At first we bought a big playard gate that we opened up to cover two sets of stairs. I had to climb over that at least 100 times a day! Now we have these walk-through stair gates which are easy to use when holding the baby. Before we also had a gate that just expanded to fit the door way and was attached to walls. I was always concerned my daughter would fall down the steps if the gate gave way because she would pull herself up on it. These gates I know they are locked and they are much sturdier. I like that they slide back and forth; it’s easier to get through entries.We used wood that matched our stair case so that we didn’t have to drill into the post of our railing. I highly recommend this gate.

Earnestine Upton, KY


This gate was a replacement for the crappy Swing ‘N Lock. This gate is so easy to install. The only problem was we have baseboards and couldn’t use the template. SO I simply measure 3 inches off the floor and then marked the holes to drill and folded the template to get the upper holes marked. We did however have a lot of wall damage due to the fact that this was installed on the metal corner protectors under the drywall and a lot of the joint compound fell off due to disturbing it. I will not fix it now since I’m sure I’ll have more to fix later. I like this gate because it has two point of contact in the locked and closed position. Both rails the upper and lower fit about 1 1/2 inch into a metal seat. This makes it so secure. I don’t agree w/ the other reviewers that said the lower rail pops out, I’m sure if it was installed WRONG. Just make sure to measure properly and make sure things are even, level and line up and there is NO way the rail is going to pop out! I did pinch myself a few times opening this the first few times. You have to slide the rail in a bit to swing it and there’s a metal piece on the top rail that supports the two gates, ouch. Will remember not to do that!

Adelaide Hartsburg, MO

Luv this gate

We purchased this gate almost 2 years ago when my daughter started crawling. She’s now 2 1/2 years old. I’ve been meaning to write a review on this gate since it is one of the best gates for the stairs. We have mounted it at the top of the stair. My husband used small pieces of 2×4’s for extra security to mount it on the side of the stairs that has plaster (as opposed to a wooden post). This gate is very strong and is holding up very well (minus the fingerprints :). A few times, I have caught my daughter standing at it shaking it or trying to stand on it, which I make her stop. Fortunately, there are no vertical bars, just horizontal, so climbing it would be a little difficult. I’d done quite a bit of research on baby gates before purchasing this one at Babies R Us, but in trying to save a few dollars, I first went to Wal-Mart and bought a metal top-of-the-stairs gate, but I decided to take it back since it had a raised “platform” (for lack of a better word) piece at the bottom. I think that platform was meant for extra sturdiness, but I saw it as an accident waiting to happen. I returned that gate before we even installed it. This gate doesn’t have that “platform” and it is still very sturdy. Another nice feature about this is that you can just slip the gate out of its brackets to remove it if you are having a party or have to run up and down the stairs without needing to swing the gate out of your way. And when you are ready to put it back, just line the gate up with the brackets and slide it in place. Really nice feature for us when we were moving our daughter’s furniture from one room to the other and downstairs, we didn’t have the gate in our way since we removed the swing arm. Overall, we are very pleased and would buy this gate again if we had to.

Karen Satsuma, FL

Very safe and simple

My 18 month old cannot break this no matter how hard she tries. And she has broken pretty much everything else that she can get her hands on. It was very easy to install. I drilled mine to the door posts because I didn’t want to take any chances with my little one. My 7 year old niece couldn’t figure out how to open this gate, much less the baby. Peace of mind without breaking the bank is what this provides you.

Kelly New Brunswick, NJ

Great gate!

We have this gate at the entry to the hallway, which is at an angle. It keeps our 100 lb dog out of the cat litter, and it will keep our 6 mo old boy out, too, once he can crawl and walk. It was easy to install, and it serves it’s purpose perfectly!

Meredith Auburn, ME

Wonderful Gate

We have two of these gates and we couldn’t be more pleased with them. They took a little time to install (it was a snap the second time around), and they are as sturdy and secure as you can get. We don’t feel the slightest twinge of concern when our 1 year old leans against this gate at the top of the steps. We know it’s not going anywhere. The gate is so simple to open and close. A small child would not be able to do it on his or her own though. The gate’s design ensures that little climbers will not be able to get a lift. We’ve tried lots of gates and this one is our favorite.

Jana Madison, MD

Couldn’t ask for better security at the top of the stairs!

I have four different gates in my house, and this, by far, is the most secure and stable. Therefore, it’s at the top of my stairs… the most important place. I feel like I could even sit on that gate, and it’s no going to budge.When we have guests over, they have trouble opening it, because you have to squeeze really hard, but I like that I have to squeeze really hard… it keeps my child who is now a clever 3.5 year old from being able to open it do this day.

Mae Nelson, NH

Great gate for the BOTTOM of the stairs! It’s REMOVEABLE!

I actually love having this gate at the BOTTOM of our stairs! My 15 month old daughter rarely climbs the stairs now, but we often have other children over that do. With hard tile at the bottom of the stairs, a tumble would be bad. I wanted a gate at the bottom of the stairs, but not an eyesore that was in the way all the time when not in use.We tried the soft and wide gate and another pressure-mounted gate, but those are a pain… it takes a lot of time to get them in place securely (kids are rough and can knock or pull them down easily) and then if you want to go up the stairs once you have it in place, you have to climb over it all the time! Not practical…What I love about this gate is that it slides right off of the hinges and stores away in the closet when not in use! The wall-mounted parts are very small and hardly noticeable when the gate is stored away. Then, when I need the gate, it takes less than a minute to get it out and slide it back into place.This gate is a life-saver for play group days! I highly recommend this gate.

Lola Moffett, OK

13 month old broke this gate TWICE!!

We recently moved into a new house and bought and installed 3 of these gates. Within one week, our 13 month old broke two of the gates. Once by holding onto the rungs and shaking the gate the other time by grabbing one of the rungs when he tripped.Both times the rung popped right out breaking at the top and bottom. This left a gap in the rungs wide enough for our son to stick his head through which means he could get past the gate if we kept it up (which of course we didn’t.)

Gena Monroe, NE

Good value for the money

The Walk-Through Stair Gate is one of the less expensive gates I found when searching for a stair gate. I have been satisfied with the results, but it isn’t the greatest quality. Installation was quite simple, and once the gate locks in it is quite secure. However, the unlatching mechanism for the gate can be tricky at times. My whole family has had problems opening the gate at one point or the other. Sometimes when it unlatches, it can pinch your fingers, and you have to get both the top and bottom of the gate in the correct angle, or else it won’t open. The same problem arises when closing. You have to make sure the two openings are aligned, or else the gate won’t lock properly. I find myself double checking constantly to make sure the top and bottom have both “clicked” into their respective spot because it doesn’t always on first try. We purchased the First Years Hands Free gate for a different room (not a stairway) and it works GREAT. So simple, easy to install, and very secure. I have found that the metal gates work much better than the wood ones, not only from experience at my house, but at other friends as well. It is worth the money to invest in a better quality gate if you can afford it.

Beatrice Hanlontown, IA


We currently live in housing on base in Germany and the stairs are very wide and unusual. I got this gate since it is made for the top of the stairs and was wide enough for our staircase. It works great! I love that it slides to the side as well as opens. Was a breeze to install and I feel really safe with the fact that it is a really great hardware mount. No complaints here my son is 10 months and pulls up on everything so it is nice to know he is safe! The one hand open is really simple and I like it more than any gate I have seen at friends houses.

Maggie Belle Haven, VA